The legits

Nowadays it’s hard to find the right program without spending a lot of money and getting ourselves ripped off.

These are programs that I’ve currently reviewed and are safe for us consumers to have a go at – Greenlight baby!

As you can see, there aren’t many of them as compared to the scams I’ve reviewed but it’s pretty self-explanatory knowing that on the internet, many more people want to take the easy route in life by scamming instead of doing things the hard way legitimately.

Work From Home Programs

  1. Wealthy Affiliate (5 out of 5 rating)
  2. A1 Revenue (3 out of 5 rating)
  3. Chris Farrell Membership (3 out of 5 rating)
  4. ClickBank University 1.0 (3 out of 5 rating)
  5. Work From No Home (2 out of 5 rating) – Expired
  6. Affilorama (2 out of 5 rating) – Expired
  7. Bring The Fresh (2 out of 5 rating) – Expired


  1. PaidViewPoint (4 out of 5 rating)
  2. MobRog (4 out of 5 rating)
  3. Branded Surveys (4 out of 5 rating)
  4. SpiderMetrix (3 out of 5 rating)
  5. ClearVoice Surveys (2 out of 5 rating)
  6. Brand Institute Surveys (3 out of 5 rating) – Expired


  1. doTERRA (3 out of 5 rating)
  2. WebTalk (3 out of 5 rating)
  3. Zukul (1 out of 5 rating)


  1. Jon Morrow’s Big Black Book (4 out of 5 rating)
  2. Free Traffic Jackpots (1 out of 5 rating) – Expired

Website Builders

  1. SiteRubix (5 out of 5 rating)

Keywords Research Tools

  1. Jaaxy (5 out of 5 rating)

Email Marketing Software

  1. MailerLite (5 out of 5 rating)


  1. Uber (4 out of 5 rating)


  1. Niche Revealer (1 out of 5 rating) – Expired

P/S – I rate my reviews according to a list of criteria I made in order to protect both our interests so all my review ratings are actually standardized and not biased.

25 comments to “The legits”
    • Hey Stanley,
      Powerhouseaffiliate looks fishy with their tier earning system, I can’t really give a verdict on it now but I’ll definitely review it this week my friend. Sorry for the late reply, I was away on a trip to Singapore and I just got back for work now.

    • Powerhouse Affiliate is actually one of the few sources of high-quality training with tier earning system. It teaches you how to leverage paid traffic and drive it to your promotional pages. This is actually the other spectrum of making money online and according to this review,

      it’s not for beginners as it can be risky for inexperienced people to dabble with paid ads. A much better alternative would be Wealthy Affiliate, where you learn all about free traffic sources. I hope that helps..

  1. Hi there. Thanks for leaving info on here about Wealthy Affiliate and Paid Social Media Jobs. I’m a member of the lattter and since Idk how to get a refund, I’l llikely be leaving it as is.

    I’m about to look at Wealthy Affiliate in a second but what would you say about the sites upwork and fiverr?

    • Hey James!
      Anytime man, glad to know I was able to help you out. Wealthy Affiliate will definitely help you out in starting your online business as you can monetize any of your passions whatever it may be. Upwork and Fiverr are both legit sites and I use them too for as a freelance during my time back then so you can definitely check it out. Wealthy Affiliate also teaches you on how you can leverage sites like Fiverr and Upwork so you’ll have a better understanding of the whole idea. Hope that helps! cheers

  2. Hey Man,
    please i am deciding between joining Clickbank University program and Wealthy Affiliate. I need your advice please. Thanks

    • Check out the review, Arthur. MailerLite’s ability is more to MailChimp than Aweber. Aweber and Get Response allows affiliate marketing and anything from the make money online niche.

      MailerLite and MailChimp on the other hand, doesn’t allow which is why they are so affordable. There’s alsop a way to go around which I explainedi n the review.

    • Hey Tran,
      My schedule is quite packed but I would definitely review it in the future! However, I do I know John from Forbes and Inc and he has definitely put in a lot of effort into making this a reality so I say go for it 🙂

    • Hey Tran,
      I’ve actually purchased Internet Jetset. It’s a good system but lacks some clearity that other services still provide. Also I found that the weekly webinars are pretty much just a way to sell you something. I would still suggest wealthy affiliate.

  3. i boughed cb passive income. But I think i will get refund after i read about it bad things, it’s all over the web and this Patric Chan guy pays cyber bullies it seems.

    • Hey Jr Marable,
      You can work the business anywhere as long as you have an internet connection as you’ll be online a lot. Android is good but I would advise something bigger like a laptop. If not, iPad or tablet works fine too.

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