What is WebTalk About? -The Infamous Facebook Alternative.

webtalk reviewed by My Internet Quest

Business name: Webtalk

Website: www.webtalk.co

Type of business: Social Media MLM

Price: Free to $400 a year.

Owner: RJ Garbowicz (Founder, Chairman, and CEO)

My rating: 3 out of 5 (Legit) ⭐⭐⭐

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I was messaged by someone random about a new business opportunity he wanted to preach about.

Naturally, I’d reject straight away because most of the offers I tend to get from these types of people are mostly scams.

However, this one’s different.

Someone is actually starting another Facebook (Believe it or not) and has amassed over 1milion users already in just several months’ time so without much thought, I was hooked and wanted to know more about this WebTalk thing I keep hearing of.

There are many interesting claims they’ve mentioned but the most interesting one I’ve heard so far has got be the part where each and every one of the Webtalkers is promised a percentage of the company’s share.

I was instantly hooked not because of that share, but rather of how everything the company claims is true, or not.

Why would a company give a percentage of its share to its members? And not just any member, all the members mind you.

Wouldn’t this affect the company’s profitability?

If you’re just as hooked as me about how everything pans out, read on as I unveil my full WebTalk review….


Pros & Cons


  • Free to get started.
  • You are promised a percentage of the company’s share (We’ll find out after Beta)
  • The founder is quite active online as it is still new.
  • You can follow RJ (The owner) on social media, he’s quite transparent which is good.
  • MLM downlines go way down up to 5 levels.


  • It is still in BETA mode which may raise some doubts.
  • You can only earn after your 1 millionth affiliate.
  • May be a bit confusing as the affiliate referral section is governed by a different engine called the SocialCPX.
  • You can’t register by yourself as you need to join under someone.
  • They’re not accredited with the BBB.
  • We do not even know if there are any criteria when it comes to withdrawing our hard-earned money.
  • Before Webtalk there was YourNight which failed miserably.
  • High risk of failure if they plan to overtake Facebook.
  • Malicious link every time you log in.

Jeepers, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is WebTalk About? -The Facebook Alternative.

Webtalk members area

Ever wondered how you can earn by Facebooking? Now, You can.

Except that you won’t be doing it through Facebook though, you’ll instead be doing it through a whole different social media platform called WebTalk which is basically a rehash of Facebook with a hint of Linkedin.

It is started by RJ Garbowicz of First Round Capital and previously, he also started a similar Social Network MLM called YourNight back in 2010 and also BizOppers which didn’t quite make it.

RJ Garbowicz webtalk photo

RJ Garbowicz, Webtalk CEO & Owner.

WebTalk’s office is located in St Petersburg, Florida and if you wish to join as a member, you can’t do it directly by yourself.

Instead, you’ll need to register through someone else’s affiliate link.

YourNight did get traction with over 50 million users and I find it quite interesting too but due to its instability, they had to shut it down.

Knowing that that company was of the same owner and had a very similar concept with the one applied today, one cannot help but wonder whether or not WebTalk is going to do better than its predecessor.

WebTalk plays with the promise of giving each and every one of its members a share from the company’s earnings which sounds too good to be true but definitely an exciting one if it comes true.

It’s not clear how this will go about and one cannot help but wonder that if WebTalk has 100 million users, how are they going to divide shares to all those 100 million people? Will we get a good percentage of that, or will they put tests for us members to achieve before we even qualify for that.

Regardless, they are still in the Beta stage and because of that, earnings are not yet available to be withdrawn until its official launching so if there’s any a time to start testing with their platform, now would be a good time.

Now, onwards to a more interesting part…


WebTalk Compensation Plan – How do You Earn?

Webtalk compensation plan

There are different ways of how one can earn through WebTalk.

One way is through the MLM way of referring people, and another is by commissions which I’ll explain later on.

Like any MLM schemes, you can earn not only by referring people, but also through the people referred by your referral, and further down the line.

a typical Unilevel structure in MLM

For WebTalk, it goes down to 5 levels.

You don’t earn anything if you’re in the free account and for the earning part, you would have to pay monthly to be eligible for it.

When you reach 500 contacts within your database, the fees go up.

Here’s a list of prices for WebTalk’s membership…

  • Free version – You don’t earn anything, and can have up to 50 contacts.
  • Pro version — Costs $20 monthly or $200 yearly for 500 contacts, you’ll get 5 messages each month to non-WebTalk members, 5 emails, you’ll get to see who looks at your profile, and you can get rid of banner ads which are better than the free version.
  • Pro Plus — Costs $30 monthly or $300 yearly for 1000 contacts, you can have 10 messages each month to non-WebTalk members and 10 emails.
  • Pro Platinum — Costs $40 monthly or $400 yearly to view profiles without other people knowing, you can search through members based on gender as well as age, you’ll get access to unlimited contacts, you can have 20 messages each month to non-WebTalk members, and 20 emails.

The messaging part is crucial for you to communicate between your referrals because it allows you to send messages in bulk to all which is really cool but what you’d have to bear in mind that it’s also limited because you’d have to pay more for Pro Plus and then Pro Platinum as your referrals grow.

What’s interesting is the part where it doesn’t cost more than $400 a year for the highest package which compared to other MLM companies, would have their prices skyrocketed to tens of thousands just to squeeze more money from their highest earners.

Some companies like MOBE even charge up to $9k for high-level members which to me is ridiculous!

With that amount of money monthly, we might as well open up a McDonald’s franchise, sit back, and relax.

WebTalk has the right approach of helping people as they charge reasonably to begin with, and the prices go up as you earn more gradually which I think is a good idea.

On top of MLM referral sales, WebTalk offers you other ways on how you can earn…

Commission #1 – 10% off your referral’s monthly subscription fee.

Commission #2 – 10% from any WebTalk ad spending made by your referral.

Commission #3 – 10% from any advertised local services in WebTalk that are purchased by any WebTalk members.

Commission #4 – 2% to 9% from any products posted within the WebTalk News Feed which is purchased by any members.

Commission #5 – 5% from all app subscriptions sold via the internal app store (Coming soon).

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Red Flags – Is WebTalk Worth the Risk?

Despite all those tempting claims, there are some pointers that you need to be aware of before joining…

#1 – The Owner Had Two Previous MLMs that Failed.

RJ Garbowicz the founder of YourNight

Wait, did you say two? Yes!

Before WebTalk, there was YourNight which failed terribly in less than a year despite having 50 million members, and there was also BizOppers which today, has ceased to exist.

If you’ve never heard of YourNight, it is basically a dating app cum MLM.

YourNight was moving at a very fast pace and people joined with high hopes of making serious money as claimed in their sales promo.

Being humans, it is only natural to want to explore some love in our lives and meet someone we can be ourselves with and grow old with so it’s not a surprise that the business boomed when it was first introduced.

I admit, I would have jumped at that opportunity.

It would even be an impressive way to make money with that MLM arm of theirs especially in college since teens would be a great market who would be interested in these forms of venture, I mean who wouldn’t right?

However, many didn’t achieve that and even worse, there are also people who didn’t make a single cent out of it so because of that, they decided to quit YourNight after a short while to focus on something better.

It’s great that RJ has the iron will to keep on pushing to make the business work as it’s a commendable entrepreneurship trait that will certainly make or break a business but it’s also wise to keep our guards up on Webtalk as we’ll never know how the end result will be or how long they’ll last.

#2 – SocialCPX Confusion.

social cpx part of webtalk

For anything related to money, WebTalk has a whole different section for that.

It’s called SocialCPX and it’s actually another platform that handles all of the commission-based revenues as well as the referral earnings you’ll get in WebTalk.

I haven’t even explained what’s inside of it yet and it already sounds complicated, because normally, handing everything at the dashboard should have been enough.

But it’s a good thing I’m going there because since WebTalk is in Beta, SocialCPX is still disabled which means – no means of earning through WebTalk.

It sounds pretty confusing especially for beginners who are new to the whole online thing and I think WebTalk should make it simpler to get a faster return.

#3 – The Risk of Earnings Withdrawal.

social cpx dashboard disabled

I dread this part the most.

Not because I’m doubtful (Okay I do worry a bit), but because I had a terrible experience with a similar program called Bubblews.

Back then there was this program called Bubblews which is like a writing platform where you write daily and get money from the number of viewers and commenters you get.

I was super excited when I joined and for the first month, I managed to get $100 which I was able to withdraw safely.

After seeing that I could actually put in all my time in it, I started becoming even more consistent and wrote articles there every single day and for the second month, I managed to get $500.

That’s when the problem occurred, I actually didn’t get the $500.

Bubblews tricked me and the month after too until I gave up and did some digging.

I have a friend who was working in their HR and from there, I later found out that Bubblews was having problems with money – Their spending is more than their earnings!

And guess what they did to rectify that? They stopped paying some members.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s a dirty tactic but it’s actually happening in many big corporate companies today like Grab (Biggest e-Hailing app in South East Asia) and we can do nothing about it as we are not full-time staff and to them, we’re always seen as ‘dispensable’.

Of course not all corporate companies do this because Tamago (which used to be the biggest Streaming platform in South East Asia) went through the same thing and instead of stealing their streamers’ money, they returned them back and closed their company properly.

I remember how cheated I felt that time and although WebTalk is still new, I can’t help but to feel a bit worried if this case were to happen all over again.

#4 – You Need to Know Somebody to Be Somebody.

you need to know a member in order to join

It sounds like something small but this one’s tedious.

For those of you who already have a contact who might have invited you to join, then you don’t have to worry.

But if you’re new and you’ve stumbled into WebTalk from somewhere and somehow got interested to join, you would have to waste time looking for other members to vouch for you which would make you look petty.

Imagine making an announcement, “Hi everyone! I would like to join WebTalk, can someone please give me their link?”

And if there’s still nobody who can help, you’ll end up asking again and again on Facebook, or making announcements on Twitter until someone replies.

It’s very sad to see that regular people cannot join as easily.

Call me old school but I think WebTalk shouldn’t put newcomers through this ordeal if they want to quickly grow their numbers.

I was lucky to have met a referrer but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to look for one just to join something that’s still in Beta.

#5 – Not accredited with the BBB

BBB result for WebTalk

When doing your due diligence, the BBB is seldom unlooked.

This is a big thing, especially in the USA because many people rely on the Better Business Bureau to check up on whether or not that particular company can be trusted or not as the BBB team themselves protect consumers by working with authorities like the FDA and FTC to shut down scams to make the internet safe for consumers.

Whilst there are many issues regarding BBB itself, it is still regardless the number one consumer welfare site in the region and being on BBB’s good side will definitely help any company shine as in order to get their approval, a company needs to be extra transparent to get good ratings.

WebTalk has been around since 2018 and by now, they should have at least applied to BBB to get their company evaluated.

#6 – Anything Can Happen When in Beta

With all the excitement, one must not forget that WebTalk’s still in Beta.

In many cases, new companies that come out of Beta tend to either have problems, or they never come out of Beta at all.

WebTalk seems really interesting and I really hope that they will push this through as RJ seems like a likable guy which shares everything throughout his journey.

That transparency is important and that commitment differentiates a business from the rest.

We’re all looking forward to the official launching but I’d like to remind you to have a backup plan at least if WebTalk doesn’t come to be.

#7 – Near Impossible to Overtake Facebook.

Webtalk wants to be the next facebook

Is it possible to take down a Giant?

One can only wonder.

I know I’m being negative but I’m also being realistic.

Being a new company, you’d be lucky if you can survive the first year but overtaking Facebook seems like a very long shot because even big companies like Amazon, Facebook, or even Alibaba took their time before being the giants that they are today.

I admit, I was attracted when I first found out about WebTalk’s goal of overtaking the social media giant itself but after finding out that they haven’t even launched, I quickly changed my mind.

What’s more interesting is that they not only plan to overtake Facebook, but also LinkedIn and all the other social media out there with the tagline social and business.

Facebook has been around for many years and they’ve embedded themselves in almost everyone’s minds so changing people’s perspectives can be a real challenge.


Do I Recommend WebTalk?

No, I don’t.

Compared to other MLMs I’ve reviewed, I think WebTalk seems pretty promising – You can join for free, you don’t have annoying uplines pushing you, and the community seems decent.

I’ve joined enough MLM companies to know that you don’t see that every day because most MLMs can have a very pushy environment.

Maybe it’s because it’s still new and that it’s still in the beta phase but still, that fact itself is what makes it unpredictable.

Since it’s new, you can’t know for sure if this program is really going to explode and give you the revenue you desire as they promised, or whether or not it will actually survive through the first year to begin with.

Even if you do get through those red flags, there is still a possibility of payment withdrawal as we’re not yet sure if it’s going to be smooth or if the WebTalk would make it hard for you by putting hidden criteria the moment you click on that withdraw button.

Trust me when I say that happens.

There are many programs out there that would go to the ends of the earth to try and make sure you won’t get your hard-earned money.

I’ve seen that before during my time with Bubblews where I can see that the total revenue I’ve collected was $500 but the moment I clicked on withdraw, it disappeared and they didn’t even reply to me when I complained.

Apart from that, there’s also the fact that it’s an MLM.

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

Despite all the viral picture of owners driving Ferraris, did you know that less than 1% of people actually succeed in MLM?

Scary but true.

I’ve been in enough MLM companies to know that selling an MLM program is hard when it already has a bad reputation.

People are generally unforgiving when they are asked to join these kinds of programs as MLMs tend to give off a bad vide what with many companies being shut down by the FTC and other related bodies all over the world.

Still, WebTalk is different in a way because although it is an MLM, it is also a social media platform that differs a bit from its direct selling counterparts.

MLM isn’t for everyone.

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With the skills you can learn from WA, you can also boost existing businesses, including WebTalk if you’re keen on making it work.

Here’s a breakdown to help you see from an overview…



Final Word

Webtalk looks amazing.

There aren’t many things that would have otherwise triggered my scam sensor as it is not a scam and also mainly because there are not many flaws to begin with.

However because it is still fairly new and that we’re still not sure how the company share system works as it will only be informed after Beta, I would have to give it a rating of 3 out of 5 until time proves otherwise.

If you’d like a better business opportunity away from MLMs, check out my #1 recommendation here.

Thanks for reading, if you’re a WebTalk user, I’d appreciate it if you could share your experiences below so we’d all know your progress 🙂


Riaz Shah

198 comments to “What is WebTalk About? -The Infamous Facebook Alternative.”
  1. Another one is MLM?  That’s surprise.  Sound like scam to me.  I agree with you that MLM is not very helpful.   You mentioned that the man tried 2 different MLM or soical media or whatever and failed 2 times.  I’m sure that this webiste is very sticky one.  Best recommend is Wealthy Affiliate that has tutorial video and help many who made successful.

  2. A really good review of WebTalk, which I’d heard of but hadn’t realised it was the same guy who failed with Your Night, nor that it is an MLM. I love your table about the success rate in MLMs. Basically almost nothing. I got sucked into one a few years ago but managed to get out before I lost too much money. You’re right, affiliate marketing is a much better way to go about making money, and Wealthy Affiliate is a brilliant place to learn to do that, and for ongoing help and support. Thanks for such an honest and helpful review.

    • Definitely right on that the almost nothing part, it’s fairly difficult to succeed in the network marketing industry. Appreciate the feedback!

  3. This is interesting, I didn’t know anything about WebTalk. I’ll have to go check it out. I have one question though, what do you mean by “You can only earn after your 1 millionth affiliate.” i am not sure what 1 millionth affiliate means. I think WebTalk is going to blow p and might get as big as Facebook one day.

    • It means that we can earn after our 1 millionth affiliate as WebTalk claims that it’s so easy to get people to join, very much like how we get friends on Facebook. But whether or not you will get paid, that is a mystery I have yet to solve.

  4. I think it would be really hard for WebTalk to overtake Facebook. The site seems promising but I probably wouldn’t bother with it myself. Especially because of the previous failed ventures of creator. However it is good of them not to charge an arm and a leg just to get started. I’m a little confused though, are they really saying you don’t earn until after you refer 1 million people? Or am I reading that wrong? Thanks for your thorough review.

    • Apparently it’s true. What’s worse is that it’s 18 September already and they’re still in Beta which means nobody can still earn yet.

  5. Hi Riaz, one of the better site reviews I have read in some time. Yes, I tried this because it was a ground floor entry and early adopter money but am now trying to exit gracefully.
    It is almost a Pyramid in marketing as you grow by introducing people with nothing to do with the product.
    I tried MOBE as did so many others and in fact, the top entrants were paying over $20,000 to get a position. A place that ended up with the USA Feds.
    I lost $49 to MOBE but it was worth it for a lesson in marketing.

    I spent nothing with WebTalk except a few wasted hours.

    Kind regards

    Peter H

  6. Great in-depth review! I agree, they’re going to have a hard time overtaking Facebook if it’s this difficult to join! I’m also not sure what the draw of the free account is – if you’re not earning money, they need to have something to make it fun and interesting to engage. After all, Facebook is only successful because so many people are spending so much time on it every day. I don’t think this is a scam, but I do think that the business model needs a lot more fleshing out.

  7. I learned something very new today on this post. Overtake Facebook? That is quite a tall order. Impossible? Not at all. Look at Myspace. So it can be done. I love the pro of it being free to get started. I think once they work out some more kinks in the plan, if they stick with it they can be successful. I am glad I ran across this one. I will be keeping an eye on it and reading more about it again to see where it goes! Thanks!

  8. Hello Riaz, thanks for the review. I am one who is usually scared of B2B platforms that deals with referrals…I have checked some of them out online before and their reviews are not always good. I think that those who think this can be a success should sit and observe the platform like I plane to do, I mean, he has had two failures there’s no guarantee this will be anything less…If the official platform is launched then I’ll look into trying it out…It’s good to see that it’s not too expensive though, it’s something I can opt for…Thanks again for the review 

  9. I’ve stumbled upon WebTalk a few months ago when it was first released and immediately started looking for reviews on it as it was marketed as the #1 social media network which is going to trump Facebook.

    My question is this…

    Why even bother going through all that trouble to join WebTalk not to mention pay for it when you can socialize through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, all for free?

  10. I don’t like programs like this that might leave you hanging and on your own. People need a program they can trust in because money is being invested as well. 

    For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the best and I have no problems. 

    But overall, thank you for the article and all the best.


  11. This website is very informative, and thoroughly explains the pros and cons of WebTalk. Obviously, the risk factor is very high.

    I have never heard of it before, but would not consider joining it. Too many issues/cons. The content here makes it clear that it is not a good choice for a business. The owner has little credibility.

    I appreciate all the research that it took for this review of WebTalk.

  12. I think webtolk is a great idea and can even be a good platform to buy ads and get more exposure for your online business. But, because it is still in the Beta testing stage, I will agree with you that it is not good. maybe after a year with loads of testimonies of members stating how easy it was to withraw their cash, I could give it a chance.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow! The 1 millionth affiliate just threw me off. I have a membership with WebTalk. Haven’t really done anything with it. 

    I had no idea that you have to send so many affiliates before you can make anything. I remember Jay or Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate talking about them. They were not too sure of the longevity. 

    But I guess I will start getting a bit more involved in case they take off. Great review. Learned some new stuff. 

  14. Investing in any MLM company is very risky. MLM company did not offer assurance of pay out or return of investment. 

    This company enticing people a multiple ways to earn money the easy way but the truth is you need to beg somebody to join in order to have your money back.

    On this type of investment scheme, your earnings or profit will depend on your aggression in inviting ang convincing power. In MLM scheme, only the grand upline, and the owner or CEO could harvest all of the benefits.

    • Well said Joemer, I know exactly how that feels! The first time I wasted money on joining, I had to work hard to get more people under me to recoup my losses as the MLM company did not refund my money. Never again.

  15. I don’t think WebTalk’s gonna work for me, not that I’m interested in joining. The whole process seems complicated and as I was reading your article I thought to myself that they’re still in Beta, yet none of what their system’s offering looked appealing to risk time and money.

    The owner should’ve thought of something different from his first MLM flop. That sticky situation itself could ruin the reputation of his newly founded business. Thanks again for another relevant and timely article!

  16. Hi Riaz

    Thank you for writing such a detailed review  about WebTalk, something which I am totally unaware. It seems that it wants to take on the giants but I can see them getting badly burn. I cannot believe the programme is still in the beta version ,which does not give me any confidence, along with the bad track record of the director, are all warning signs to stay away.

    I am not fond of MLMs as they are only good for those at the top, whilst those at the bottom only get some bread crumbs. Not exactly something you would like to work for.

    Are there any MLMs which do work, as I always keen to find out more?



    • There are a few that are legitimate, you can check out my list here but in my opinion, MLM is an industry that is slowly going down as more and more people are realizing the same old tricks being used.

  17. It seemed like a good opportunity in the beginning, but I don’t like that you have to join through someone else’s affiliate link. I guess this motivated people to start promoting webtalk and make sure they won’t lose their commissions, though.

    Plus, you need to pay before starting to make money, and you have to pay monthly or yearly? It seems to me that this will go down as his two previous failures. 

  18. I have never heard of this before now. It’s intriguing but I don’t understand how this person thinks it can replace a giant like Facebook who is FREE for a paid social media site basically? Yea theres a free version but only can have 50 contacts. Does it have all the features of Facebook??

    • It claims to Sherry, but a lot of Facebook’s features can never be replicated by cheap knockoffs like WebTalk. For instance, Facebook pays each streamer (With lots of viewers) thousands a month for their game video streams, do you think WebTalk would be generous enough to do that if joining alone is also a cost?

  19. Webtalk would have been another social media platform where can one earn at the same time catch fun, if not because of some condition that surrounded it. When it get to service and payment, I am more sensitive on that. This is because, I can’t imagine myself after so much dedication in order to render my service,am unable to get my entitlement at the end. This can pain me to my bone marrow. They are still very much new and who can tell how their claim is gonna be possible (everyone entitle to share).

  20. I have heard of Web Talk before.  I have had several people try to get me to join.  I am still unclear as to exactly what it is and if they plan to try and take over the giant Facebook, good luck with that LOL.  Also, not getting paid until your millionth affiliate, WOW!  I would never get there LOL.  I am horrible at sales and at referrals, so this does not seem like a good fit for me.  I can see that it is not a scam, but I’d have a hard time getting anywhere with it.

    • Same as me, I would like to meet people at my own pace and not at all being pressured to make friends because of some goal people set for me.

  21. I really appreciate the thoroughness of this Webtalk review. It truly helped to get a better idea of this whole buzz. In that sense, I do though believe that it will never leave Beta and eventually die out. 

    On that same note, it’s hard not to admit that this Garbowicz guy probably has a pretty good shot at this as he has failed two times previously and might have learned his mistakes. But who knows, there just might be another one failed attempt. Time will tell.

    What I hugely disliked about the whole social network/MLM system, is the fact that you have to pay for something to make something. Typical MLM as far as I can tell but I don’t like it. Or did I not get it correctly?

    Be it as it may, this one’s not looking hot for me.

    Have a Wonderful Day, Riaz!


  22. I feel that all those talks about overtaking Facebook are just to create some kind of urgency among people for them to seek out the novel and thus, find a link donor to join the network. But other than that, just imagine, this from Facebook’s perspective. They’re probably having a blast and the most intense belly laugh possible.

    Overall, I really like the idea that we would have a Facebook equal counterpart that wouldn’t be so aggressive (or none at all) in terms of selling their user’s privacy data. But in my own opinion, Webtalk will probably not be the one. Though an interesting concept indeed.

    Either way, I appreciate all the insights shared!

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


  23. I haven’t heard about Webtalk before reading your article. Their claim about overtaking Facebook is too exaggerated. How could you make more than 2 billion users come to your website? That is insane! The only way they could achieve that may be to take care of privacy stuff at which Facebook is struggling now. Maybe, in this case, Webtalk can gain more users.From what I read from you, Webtalk is more feasible than MOBE in terms of the membership price.

    I’ve also heard that MOBE mostly scammed people starting with 49 dollars joining fees and going up to 2000 dollars high-ticket offers and Wealthy Affiliate was engaged in a gigantic legal battle with MOBE when it was still around. Luckily, WA won and MOBE was shut down by FTC.

    It remains to be seen if Webtalk can remain a viable option for the future.

  24. I was offered to join Webtalk as a downline from my friend. After checking your review here, I don’t think that I want to join it. The MLM scheme doesn’t really resonate with me, and you are right that only less than 1 % people really succeed in MLM. The history of the founder also make me worried. Does people really use it as social media with many real interaction? 

  25. Thanks for this informative post. Firstly,  I got to know about this webtalk through an invitation from a colleague on WhatsApp but I was never really interested in it owing to my inability to manage multiple social media platforms but getting to know right now that its a MLM program coupled with the fact that registration could stretch to $400 is a big turn off. I don’t think I would be willing to get myself into this kind of program. Maybe in your coming reviews on its development, if I’m convinced about it, then I will but for now.. Webtalk is not for me.

  26. This is the first time that I have heard about this program and it is so amazing how programs are being developed on a daily basis it seems where it promises to help people to be able to increase their social following and to be able to make money online. The cons with this program outweigh the pros and it seems to be a bit technical but I guess it is worth a try because it just might work for you

  27. I had never heard of webtalk before reading this review, It is not one I feel I want to join. 

    As you have pointed out the cons are all too risky for my liking. If the owner has had other social media sites that haven’t been that successful I wonder why people still feel it is a trustworthy site. Not many make any money from it. Only the owner makes money in most cases.

  28. I don’t think I’ll be joining Webtalk any time soon!! It is almost impossible to imagine that they will be able to replace Facebook etc. As you say, there are far too many Cons and red flags! And I would thInk that Facebook Is very capable of seeIng off any competItion.

    And their MLM plan does not look too good to me either. On the whole, I share your opinion of MLMs, but I have to say that just recently I have come across one that is completely different from the norm, in that it is completely free to join and they pay 100% of their commission volume to their associates – even the founder members earn their money from commissions only – and their is no obligation to buy anything in order to get commissions. Also their product is completely ethical, as is the company, and I would certainly recommend that one.

    Many thanks for your most interesting post.

    Chrissie 🙂

  29. Hello,

    This was a very thourough article on this WebTalk platform. I haven’t heard of it before but if I’ll ever get a referral to join I will definitely reject. Aside from the fact that it’s a MLM, the owner failed with other sites…. twice. I’m actually thinking that he doesn’t really want to help himself and others make revenue, but only so cash in from some poor sobs who fall for it.

    Again, thanks for the review, I won’t need to look for one if I ever encounter this WebTalk site.


    • I completely agree with that Soso, I think instead of thinking about money, they should be solving problems. When that is down, the money will come.

  30. I heard of Webtalk about two years now. This site has been in Beta forever. I have been using this platform as a free member for over a year now. I can tell you this program is very confusing, and as you say, I don’t think is going anywhere. It will end up like these other businesses that this owner had started before, ‘Out of Business’! I have not met anyone making money from this platform. It’s all empty promises. The fact that Webtalk using the mlm model to promote its social platform is bad. This makes Webtalk look similar to other scammers online. I agree with you, Webtalk is not the right way to make money online. Good Advice, thx.

    • Wow so glad to hear that from you TQ and yes, it has been forever since their Beta and they haven’t got out yet, have they? They promised that it would be early this year but it;s almost May.

  31. Hey Riaz! Thanks for taking the time to write this in depth and informative review letting us know what WebTalk Is About. I find your point about some companies spending more than they earn as I’ve also read about different programs that did the same. 

    I never understood why they esteblish a payment system where someone is making money without selling something to make it. Like you were writing articles and making money from different engagements. To me its common sense that they’ll run out of money because they’re not bringing in money to cover it. 

    If you ask me maybe it would be better if you sold your article and they took a percentage or something like that. What do you think?

    Its also interesting that WebTalk is an MLM but has no upline. That goes against the main source of money generation for anyone joining an MLM.

    This was very interesting, thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Marlinda!

      I wouldn’t say that they have no upline because in order to join, you’ll need to have an upline to register or you can’t get in. Because of that, I’d say every new member need one.

  32. Thanks for this honest reviews and pointers. It couldn’t be more better as it covers both the pros and the cons of the MLM site. I’m a very sceptical and paranoid person when it comes to making commitments with my money. The red flags you pointed out are great precautions. I dont think I would want to commit to this WebTalk yet due to the failures of the earlier tried by the founder. So, I’ll wait to see your next review on the progress of this WebTalk before I would be willing to invest my time and money.

  33. First let me reiterate  too agree that the cons outweigh the pros . Multi level marketing in what ever form or for whatever product always has its draw backs. But because of its funnel or pyramidal structure they all have and this has limiting growth. Social media MLM, is a good way to get people to sign up and increase the number of subscribers which will make it easy for generations or revenue.  

  34. Dear Riaz, Well done by reviewing ‘Web Talk’. In my experience, most people trapped as a victim when they see the word ” Earn Money Easily “. There are a lot of scam websites on the internet nowadays & growing day by day. 

    I myself was a victim of such sites in the past. From then onwards I made a point that when I see such advertisement somewhere, the first thing I would do is look for its reviews on the internet. So, in short, YOU are doing good work by reviewing Web Talk. Keep up the good work.

    Obviously when a list of pros is so less than the list of cons no one dares to join this program as you have recommended in your final word. 

    One doubt came into my mind that I am putting it down on the paper. Maybe it can go wrong. You are recommending WA platform to the people who are going through your review of MLM. My doubt is whether people looking for MLM to earn money, will they be interested in Affiliate Marketing which is a different line of making money? I am happy, you are recommending WA but this is only my doubt.


    • It is a different field of business than what multi-level marketers are used to but it’s not too far apart, Chandrashekhar. I was glad to get out of the mlm loophole and because of that, I’m giving the same opportunity to other users who wish to do the same.

  35. Wow, Thank you for such detailed and researched information on Webtalk. I have yet to be approached by someone about Webtalk, but if this company takes off like they want to I am sure that I will. I agree with you about MLM’s, they can have a super bad rap and honestly, Affiliate marketing is the way to go if MLM’s are not your cup of tea. With affiliate marketing, you can really talk about what makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning and make money at it. 
    Thanks for this! Love your website! It’s nice to have a reliable site that does its research. 

    • Wow that means a lot to me Mattie, thanks! To have something that can make us super excited to start our day working, I think would be the best for our career pathway one should focus on.

  36. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. As you said its a new platform, I’m really scared about it’s involvement to MLM. But as time goes on,we would know what happens after. I’m still a proud member of wealthy affiliate. Thanks for the information. 

  37. Thanks on this great review, i liked the positive thoughts and hope of webTalk in the future but I think it is actually impossible to overtake facebook because webtalk cons are so much and it is a problem, when i started reading the review i was actually interested in webtalk but along the line i found out that they appear different from the other scam site but in reality they are all the same, we all need to research on site before becoming a member because you never can tell if the site is fake or not. This is just my opinion and advice to all and thanks for sharing

  38. It did sound okay at first but when I realised the price can go up to $400, and then the MLM element is added on…I couldn’t really give this business a chance with my money. 

    Could you maybe change my mind, and tell me why you think this MLM is head and shoulders above the rest? What does it offer that’s different in your view?

    • I would think that the share that they’ve been promoting about would make it different than the other companies but I do have my doubts about that one as well. Guess we’ll see after Beta!

  39. There s a lot of noise being bantered about with this WebTalk, and I have been approached by more than a few people who are members to join at their invitation. That’s why today I decided to do just a little drilling down and research to find out exactly what this platform is all about.

    Your thorough laydown was helpful to me, as it really provided all the answers to the questions I had. Is it legitimate, how does it work, how do members make money, etc? I have never seen an MLM that I liked, as the business model is just not sustainable over the long haul.

    Those that get in early and those at the top gain the most, while the members coming in later end up losing money. It does not take that many levels to run out of people to recruit, as everyone already belongs. The ones who join later have problems getting new people in.

    Not only that, it seems most MLMs require some kind of investment every month to qualify you for the commissions, and generally, the later members will never see that again. They eventually get tired to trying, quit and lose the money invested and also their spirit.

    Having said all that, thanks for your clear explanation of WebTalk and it definitely has convinced me that it is not something I will spend any money nor time with. I have too many other solid streams of income to work with that really do make the work worth my effort!

    • Same here Dave, until today there has never been an MLM program that catches my eye apart from WebTalk’s promises. We’ll soon see if their claims are true after they come out of Beta.

  40. There was a point when this web talk seemed to be the talk of the town, but with time it died down.

    But seeing this your review has given me more insights into how it really works, because then I was made to believe that I will make money for everyone that signed under me, without the mention of reaching a certain amount of referrals nor was I made to understand that at some point I will be investing monthly on the platform.

    I am also still surprised that it is still at beta stage, given it’s been running for quite a while now.

    Its good to have one’s business and social communications on one platform, but for me though, I don’t think webtalk does it for me, and that is why I chose to stay away from it. 


    • Queen! I know right!? I thought I was the only one who noticed that! It was all over the internet until January but after that, nothing. What surprises me is that it’s April now and they’re still in Beta could you believe it.

  41. I think an advantage will be that you can use one social media platform for both business and personal but keep them .. Without making any financial benefits makes it bored, with the initiative of giving share to subscrtbers is a welcome development and good to hear. I hope they will be able to sustain it when they start having or handling too much population. Nice content

  42. Many scam websites are springing up on the internet everyday. To be able to avoid falling victim one must be very conversant and versatile with the red flag that exposes all this scam websites. This website has really done well.
    Thanks for the job done. You have really imparted me. I hope to revisit for more articles like this.

  43. That’s a giant list of cons that you’ve raised about Web Talk. I am grateful for your number one recommendation, it seems like a much safer option with a lot more stability in the ability to earn, with free training so that you can learn to trust the site before paying very reasonable Premium prices. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

  44. Hello Riaz,

    I learned a lot about the site WebTalk by reading your valuable and comprehensive article. Your experience and inquiries help a lot of the novice in the affiliate sector like me. Although it is not a scam, I do not like the business process and the type of transaction. I’ve talked with some of my friends about WebTalk which claim itself a Facebook alternative. They just replied, “This is like a reddish hanging in front of an ass”. :p
    Anyway, thank you so much for a helpful overview of raising awareness.

    Best wishes,

  45. Your article looked very promising at the beginning, and in the end, I was disappointed. Not disappointed with you but with Webtalk.There are so many cons, and these are very bad cons so no good things look good either.

    Thanks for the info, I will be careful with Webtalk. I agree with you about WA, this is currently the best option on the Internet.

  46. Hi Riaz. I kinda like the positive thoughts and hope of the webTalk on the future but I think it’s impossible to overtake facebook in the next 10 years because Facebook keeping going and getting better. My observation is webTalk using money to attract more people instead of their interest will make the system collapse like the first. Well, just my opinion. Thanks for sharing 

    • That’s exactly what I predict would happen Alex! Since WebTalk is using monetary gains to attract people, that would always end up bad since it’s a social media platform.

  47. Nice review there on webtalk and all it entails, although this is my first time of reading a review about webtalk.but reading from this article I don’t think this webtalk is going to ever over take facebook or even be relevant for long.I see it more as a system that will pay it member for a short while and later exist scam because this is my first time of hearing of a company that want to give all it company share to all it member which in the real sense I don’t think the system can be sustainable.

    I like the fact the you also make a short review on wealthy affiliate as a best way to start making money online. I have been part of the system for sometimes now and I must say it have been amazing all through my learning and lessons there 

  48. Even though you can join WebTalk for free and earn money without having to spend a dime,

     I’d still suggest taking your time and resources elsewhere where they’ll be put to use with a business opportunity that has a strong foundation that’s been proven to work.

    Thank you for sharing this important Article..

  49. MLM hasn’t been favourable to me in the past infact I lost huge amount of money to MLM. I have lost interest in doing MLM because I haven’t recovered from the loss i experienced few years ago. No doubt that it maybe true that some number of people probably succeeded in it, they are lucky I guess. At it seems I will give WebTalk a second thought before giving it a trial. Thanks for the insightful article. Great job!

    • I am totally on the same boat as you Brent, I too have been tricked by a lot of MLM company which is why I’m a wee bit doubtful when it comes to putting any of my eggs in that basket. 

  50. I have heard of webtalk but I didn’t know all of what you have wrote about here, I had no idea you could earn from it.  I imagine facebook had a rough start too and I’m sure there were many people skeptical of it but I am unaware of anyway to earn money on facebook.

    Like most things you do have to invest to earn money but you gotta start somewhere, probably best to invest while its new.  It is a bit dis-concerning though that he had a couple misfires in the past.  I personally don’t think it will over take facebook but you never know it might come close.

  51. Riaz, what an amazing review of Webtalk! I do believe that “something” will eventually outdo Facebook one day, but not so certain it will be Webtalk. I didn’t know about the MLM component of Webtalk. I read one other review about this and they mentioned it was an advertising social media platform – so you can use it to market your business, but still has the same features of social media (Facebook) and also the MLM component. I find it interesting about the share of the company for each user. I wonder how much that would be equivalent too. 

    It’s a definite eye opener what you said that some companies either come out of Beta with issues or never come out of Beta. I do wish them the best though. It does take courage to step out and do something bold. 

    Great website too by the way. I subscribed to your blog. Always interested in learning about other’s journeys 🙂

    • I was thinking of the same thing LT, and I too have some doubts when WebTalk wants to replace Facebook because their market is quite different – Facebook makes it super casual for consumers as they do not have to be thinking about chasing money and instead using it to relax whereas WebTalk wants its users to chase after business.

      No matter how hard WebTalk is going to try and get people to join for casual reasons, I think Facebook has already achieved that and that puts WebTalk in a difficult position wouldn’t you agree.

  52. Hi. What an excellent review of the WebTalk platform. I for one have never heard of it so the information you provided was very useful, well thought out, and well presented. 

    I have more questions than answers after reading what it’s all about. 

    For one the thought of doing all the work and not being sure how or even if you will be paid is concerning. Do you think this will be cleared up by WebTalk anytime soon?

    Also the owner has failed twice so it’s a concern , will you be wasting your time for  nothing if it fails again?

    I think I will leave this alone for now, a wait and see how it goes.

     Thank you for sharing this information with me and helping me with a clear picture of the WebTalk platform 

     Take care and good luck.  

    • Only time will tell Matthew, until now nothing is certain as they are still in Beta. Once they’re out, we’ll have our answers and more. Who knows, maybe I’ll rank them higher if they managed to get out successful.

  53. Hi Riaz,

    I am on the Webtalk Platform, and I’m not a fan. The most major reason is that it’s just full of spam. All I see on the newsfeed is people pushing their scammy, rubbish programs. It’s less of a ‘social’ platform and more of a ‘everyone spam the crap out this platform’. Even worse, I am messaged by people who don’t even introduce themselves but try and push their crap on me. I also get men messaging me like it’s a dating platform. It is seriously not cool. I’m going to close my account I think. I get absolutely no value from it, and I can’t see it being a success. I will be very surprised if anyone sees a cent out that platform. Maybe it will prove me wrong, I don’t know.

    • Wow I’m sorry to hear that Melissa,

      I didn’t know people are bothering you in that way, I guess some elements of YourNight are still in there but I have noticed the part where everyone’s spamming the news feed like there’s no tomorrow. I guess being a new social media platform, nobody knows each other it makes some people feel like they can do whatever they want. Leaving won’t have any significant impact and If I were you, I would do the same thing.

  54. Great informative article. I too signed up in the early stages of Webtalk. I was looking for another social media platform in order to promote some products. I also found the professional and friend angle appealing as you could and can keep the two seperated but under one account,this is something facebook does not do well. I am still interested in just how the whole SocialCPX  thing is going to play out. I do believe in the end it will just be another shiny object that lost its shine before it is officially launched.

  55. Well, the webtalk platform is in a beta stage and does not payout earnings to members yet. The system of devolving profits amongst all members is a bit bizarre. Looks promising but not really reliable.

    However, I would say that if people are looking for an established and proven platform where they can earn; they should come to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Wealthy affiliate amongst many flavours its got will equip you to become a giant in the online business world generally. Thank you so much for this article.

  56. Wow what an in-depth post about Webtalk. Like you said the concept is fairly new and I am not comfortable to try anything MLM yet until the concept is proven. To be honest MLK is not my forte. It is like you mentioned some people actually do thrive in the MLM. However, you have to be the first to join when the company has just started then you will be in the top tier and you will have the working ants doing all the heavy lifting for you. I will keep an eye on Webtalk and see where this goes, but as for now I am not comfortable trying it out yet. Thanks for the review.

    • Totally true on that part Nuttanee, being one of the early joiners can really bring you up by a lot. All you need to do is have a downline that can recruit, recruit, and recruit, and you’re golden.

  57. Hey! (:

    I read through the content about “Webtalk” on your website, and I have to say…. I have never heard of this before. I have never heard of Webtalk, I mean. I am working with an MLM called Arbonne, right now, and the company is doing well, but it isn’t advertised much. And something that I have noticed happening with a lot of MLM’s is that many of them are not advertised much. 

    Do you know if Webtalk had done a good amount of advertising or not?

    All the best,


    • They have indeed done their fair share of advertising through various tv interviews, even in social media through it’s members.

  58. Hi! If there is one thing that really annoys me about a platform is fake scarcity, when it really is not true. Thank you very much because you have not only taken the mask away from Web talk but you have also given us valuable clues on how to identify other scams.

    One of the most common things I see in platforms identified as scams are outrageous claims of money making and fake testimonial. Thanks for the eye opener

  59. It interesting how this company claim to give its members shares from their company. I don’t know how that is going to be possible and if for any reason it is then there must be a catch to it. 

    If they plan to probably outdo facebook then they might be really disappointed because I just don’t see that happening. I do like the idea of challenging facebook though but the fact is that there is no way they would be able to outdo facebook.

  60. Hello Riaz,
    I am honestly grateful for coming across this article at this moment, because a cousin of mine just recently discussed about web talk to me but I was trying to let him see the differences between it and Wealthy Affiliate but he was adamant.. Lol I am sending this Article link to him right away to see for himself because i feel he needs to understand the in depth and how the both programs operate .

    Thanks so much for this article,is really an eye opening, as you were able to explain and brief us about it. I don’t need to explain anything further to him any longer  as have forwarded this article link to him. 

  61. Hello Riaz, Webtalk looks promising especially the part where members are promised of having a percentage of the company’s shares. However, to me it doesn’t look realistic. Besides the cons outweighed the pros by far margin.

    I have dislike for anything that has to do with MLM, however, the actual part that put me off is not knowing their criteria when it comes to withdrawing one’s money. After struggling to get referrals and other task, one would want to know that the cash accrued is withdrawal and that such individual can be able to meet the criteria for withdrawing.

    Thanks for your wonderful review.

  62. webtalk will need to do more than talk to get close to Facebook in any aspect. It’s a good business model, could potentially be profitable, seeing the profits Facebook makes.

    However, I’m not a fan of MLM schemes, because it honestly doesn’t work for me. I’m also looking at the beta mode, and seeing that I can’t withdraw, huge red flag

    Having failed in two businesses, I will be skeptical to trust him with my money. In conclusion, I can’t trust this program to deliver, hence its not worth signing up for.

    • Having problems withdrawing is one thing, not being able to make income in the first place because of the Beta is really something to think twice upon.

  63. Thanks for writing this article on what webtalk is and how to make use of it and profit from it. Before now I have been conversant with facebook and I have no problem with It.but hearing about webtalk am a little bit curious about it. But the fact remains that is can’t be compared to facebook from my own point of view.i have been a member of wealthy affiliate for a while now and I know how it works, from what I have go through in this article wealthy affiliate is more profitable than webtalk. We talked is mlm and wealthy affiliate is an online affiliate marketing platform and has a very strong recommendation online compare to webtalk an mmm platform this is thinking of over talking facebook 

  64. You are really right about most random business opportunity messages that are sent by someone who isn’t a friend on facebook are mostly scam. I am happy i am not the only person that have noticed that. Sometimes its always very annoying though how they spam ones inbox with all these tantrums. Webtalk is actually very legit, has i have had access to it once before. Though your rating it three out of five is very precise, because that is also what i would have rated it also. Thanks soo much for this lovely review you gave including their pros and cons. Hope to read more reviews from you in your future posts. Cheers!

  65. Wow, I never heard about WebTalk, and you have very detailed descriptions WebTalk, now I have a little understanding about it, also I like your honest, you don’t recommend this, really great information for me! Thank you so much! Will share this to my friends! They will like to see some article like this!

  66. Hi Riaz,

    Honestly, l have been a Webtalk member since 0ct 2018 after one of my friends introduced me to sign up with them. He convinced me that the free membership intake will be closed after they reached 1 million. But as at now, l think they have millions of members already, they still open up for new members through invitations by existing members yet they are in Beta Mode.

    Frankly, l am not optimistic about Webtalk l would rather spend my time building my web business.

    Thank you, Riaz, for this insightful review

  67. Hi Riaz! I have heard about Webtalk before but I was not quite sure what it was about. I knew it was some kinda social media and that it offered revenue to it’s members.

    It has been with your post that I have started to have a proper image of Webtalk. I’m not a great fan of MLM. And it seems a bit complicated to join (just a bit .) ). Could we join as your referrals?

  68. Dear Riaz,

    Indeed, I do have received a lot of messages and came across ads & posts on Webtalk. So wanted to do some research and your review post is a time saver and providing me with helpful information.

    I joined webtalk because one of my friend invited me and to be honest I was confused on many aspects, mainly on the compensation plan and your review gave me some helpful insights. Most of the time, many of the friends request and messages I am getting with webtalk is business related and people want to promote product or services. So I am not active on webtalk.

    Information about YourNight & BizOppers is an eye-opener and I was not aware of these information. After reading your review I am going to stay away from webtalk. Thanks for saving my time.

    Much Success!


  69. Webtalk is amazing in concept and as they bring in the new developments the picture is becoming clear that the site is progressing and is well funded, unlike YourNight which was plagued by a steep learning curve and poor funding. YourNight made big promises for the long term that scared away many investors, where Webtalk is only offering the 5 deep referral plan to the Beta Users. All others will receive 10% after the launch.

    I believe the following claim, “You can only earn after your 1 millionth affiliate.” is in relation to the Beta originally being limited to 1 million users which have been lifted. In no manner are you required to bring 1 million people in to get paid as the statement is reading.  I see a lot of positive as every promise is being met, is well documented, their registrations and licensing in Florida are legit, and social proof grows daily.

    As to the concern about Better Business Bureau inclusion they have not had an approved application at this point in part because the BBB doesn’t accept any business that is not open for business such as a Beta testing phase online social network. Webtalk does not have any salable products released yet which is another requirement since the BBB focuses on customer service. Once those services are met and Webtalk pays their application fees I am positive you will find them with a good rating as support has been spot on.

    • Well said Andy, I think with 1 million referrals, 

      we’ll have a much better chance of making affiliate sales rather than wait for WebTalk’s announcements. I fear for the worst in case WebTalk decided to postpone their launching even more, or if they shut entirely, wasting everybody’s time.

  70. Wow, thanks for the heads-upon WebTalk. I have to admit that I don’t even have much time for FB, and the thought that I could get in on some ‘shares’ was intriguing. 

    Thanks for the warning that’s in the beta-stage. It seems like so many ‘would be entrepreneurs’ are grabbing at all they can while the Gettin’s Good. Helpful information.


  71. Firstly I want to appreciate this post, it is a very thorough review. One of my major issues with platforms like this is the fact that it is a MLM platform and it can be very challenging for me as I have tried one or two MLM platforms and trust me I eventually got stuck without getting any profit whatsoever from the platform. Platforms like this can be very tricky.

  72. Thanks for your detailed review on webtalk, I have been very interested in learning more about the platform because I got an invite to join and was not sure about it, but this review has made me understand more about it and how it works it would definitely hurt giving it a try as it is going to be a complete waste of time. 

  73. Thanks for this explanation of what we talk is. I’ve heard of it once before but now I know what it is about. Time will tell if it can compete with Facebook or not. Which social media platform do you prefer using and why do you prefer using that platform? What feature do you look for the most in a social media site?

  74. Hey there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information on WebTalk. As I kept reading, I felt really interested in this platform. I’m planning to consider it but I want to ask a quick question. In case if I’m not happy with WebTalk, will they give me a full refund?

    Thanks in advance for answering my question and for the detailed review. Keep up the good work!

    • No, they won’t as it’s a membership, but why would you pay straight when it’s not even officially launched?

  75. WebTalk sounds like a really interesting program. I just don’t understand how it is similar to Facebook. On Facebook, there are no fees unless you pay to advertise. Can you explain how it’s similar?

    The fact that the owner has failed 2 previous similar businesses is a huge red flag for me as well as the fact that its still in BETA. 

  76. Hi,

    I have read the whole article about Web talk. This is really a great article. I did not know about web talk. After reading your article, I have learned about web talk. This information is very useful to me. I am going to share it with my friends and family member.Thank you very much for sharing this article with us.

  77. Hi Riaz Shah,

    Great article, heard about the platform and I think it’s awesome. After reading your review, I have learned the feature and facilities of webtalk. I have no doubt that this is not a scam but it is a little bit tough for the beginners who want to earn consistently while they learn. Thank you for writing a comparative review about webtalk and the wealthy affiliate program. 

    • I think it’s more like an initial hype for beginners to try but eventually, they’ll leave when they know they can’t sustain themselves with it, Tawhid.

  78. Hello Riaz, 

    Wow! What an excellent article you have written with all necessary information and guideline about WebTalk.

    Really this is an awesome article.I didn’t have any idea about it.After reading your article I understand that it is not a scam.But it is not a suitable site for the beginners.On the other hand Wealthy Affiliate is the best site for earning money.Because it is a stable site more than Web Talk.I will share this great article with my friends and relatives.Thank you for sharing this comparative article between WebTalk and Wealthy Affiliate.

  79. Thank you for a very thorough review. As I understand it ,the opportunity to make money is only from recruiting new members that would join Webtalk. Webtalk is described as a combination of social media and business such as Facebook and Linkedin.That would appear to be an interesting combination since I would be able to promote my business through social media ads. However, I am concerned that at this beta stage new members would be mostly business opportunity promoters like myself  that would try to recruit me. I would like to know more about the cost of ads placed in webtalk that would allow me to reach a particular market segment of members. At this time based on your recommendation I will stay with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Wow good point there Carlos, I’d also like to know about the cost of ads on there as it hasn’t been announced yet. God knows what surprises they have in store for us.

  80. Thanks for sharing this article on web talk. This is an informative article and I am really impressed with how you explained in details about this web talk. I read in the article that it is free but yet it has not been proved that payment received by anyone on the platform. In my opinion I can’t risk it as am not sure if I will be paid at the end of work. As for me it is a no for me. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  81. I Really want to commend you for this review. I was already Trying, in making enquiry about WebTalk, because my elder friend was telling that it is free to start and that it promises,  share of the company To its members,  that was the point that I got interested in…before starting my research. But I am glad that I stumbled on this review That is so unbiased  and has given me all I needed to know. I will bookmark this page because my elder friend also needs to know about webtalk and not not just the hype he has been telling me 

  82. Hey, thanks for this unbiased review. I am already a member of webtalk, I joined via friend who became my upline. This website I believe has no where to go. I would say I really regret membership.

    Comparing this site and Facebook is really a wrong this g to do, as it is by every standard a lower and less secured version of the original Facebook. I will never recommend this to anyone.

  83. This Webtalk sounds interesting but based on the knowledge that the founder of this program has built two more programs that are almost like this and they both failed. Even though I believe that people should try again and again and that they deserve a second chance, I would be very careful with this one especially with the paid version of this beta program. I will just sit this one out and wait for the main program to launch. Great review,still.

  84. Hi Riaz, I equally got a WhatsApp message from a friend late last year informing me of this webTalk. Though I’m on facebook, but I hardly visit the platform, I guess that was why it didn’t trip me and I didn’t pay attention to this. I am just learning from you that registration can get up to $400 and that it is a MLM program. I’ve been involved in MLM before and sincerely speaking, I don’t want to have anything again with the MLM program. I consider them a scam. 

    • I can relate to you on this one Tolu, with Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin and Pinterest, who has time to open something else? I started WebTalk for a short while but I stopped using it because it got overwhelmed with the number of social media to focus on.

  85. Great post and good info.

    Honestly, I tried webtlak, but I’m not so convinced. I mean, it is legit yes, but for now Facebook is still the number one, and I think webtalk will need a long time and effort to reach that. It has a great potential, but to get inside by invite only isn’t so good, to reach more people and to maximize your base. 

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us! 

    • Agreed Emmanuel, 

      WebTalk will definitely get the attention of innocent people who are new to this. I once had my mother approaching me to join her MLM as her downline and being an MLM guy myself, I explained to her the facts on why she shouldn’t be joining. It’s sad to see how innocent people can get tricked with hopes of money like this.

  86. Thank you for the review I was considering web-talk. It is so hard to make a choice to move to a platform like this I am hopeful for another platform other than facebook, Before your review I may have taken time to try to figure out this platform. Thank you for the insight I really like the chart that you have used for WA. Awesome review 

  87. As you’ve rightly put it, MLM is not for everyone. Someone like me, I suck in MLM so I’ll prefer sticking to affiliate marketing and blogging. In the world of internet, owner’s antecedence has a a way of determining his credibility. Therefore in an instance where his two previous schemes have failed, how are we sure this one won’t follow the same lane?? 

    • That’s the question we all ask ourselves Sammy, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket for this and I sure as hope others would be wary about it as well.

  88. i am so really impressed about your information about this web talk which is Facebook alternative i have also being wanting to earn from my Facebook and a friend ones told me that it can not be done directly but he have never mention about web talk but now after this i will love to join the web talk but how do i get your affiliate link for web talk because i read that i can not join directly

  89. I’m not a fan of MLM, and I agree very few people succeed in it. Way too many cons for me to join as well, and with it being in beta mode, anything can happen. I would likely give WebTalk some time before really looking into it, maybe see how it treats other users before even considering. 

  90. Thank you for this review. I was already planning to join Webtalk before I stumbled on your article and only for me to find out that webtalk have not been launched. It is still in beta stage. Though webtalk is free to join but I wouldn’t want to join any platform that would deny me of getting paid after spending so much time working online and hoping to get paid but only to find out that the funds earned cannot be withdrawn. No one knows how real webtalk would be after its official launche and I can’t join them. Besides I hate anything that has to do with MLM. 

    • Good choice Kenechi, it would be a waste if you put in all those time and effort only to know that they decided to prolong it even more. It’s been 6 months already and it’s still in Beta, I wonder how long more do we have to wait.

  91. The online space is a very large place for many things to happen. I am always careful when it comes to thses sort of programs. I am always skeptical to join them because they most times turn out to be a failure and trying to surpass Facebook is nearly impossible. If they can actually pull it off, then I would join

  92. Thank you for your research into Webtalk! I joined for free just to check it out awhile ago, but after joining there’s nothing to it. Like at all. What’s the point of the whole platform? Other than being a MLM scheme which is mostly scammy anyway. Other than referrals, it doesn’t actually appear to DO anything. I’m always suspicious of a platform that allows you to earn money by referrals and that’s the WHOLE concept.

    I prefer a concept or system or product that does something… THEN you can also earn money. So I never really did anything with my membership. I didn’t bother researching because it had too many red flags and I was done at that point. The fact the founder started (and failed) two times before? Trying to be bigger than Facebook? Yeah, no.

    Excellent article and I really appreciate the information, even if it confirmed my original decision to pass on this one. 🙂

    • Totally agree with you on that one Selenity,

      I think it’s a little too early to try and boast that you’re overtaking Facebook, it’s braggy at best and it would be a terrible burnout if they didn’t achieve that. It’s like creating your own soft drink and claiming to be better than Coca-Cola and Pepsi combined.

  93. One of the reasons I am hesitant to be known as an MLM guy is, I don’t wanna be bothered by other MLMers recruiting for their own MLMs. You know, in that industry, it seems everybody is in need of someone to recruit. Even if these people know you’re already in a company, they still try recruit you to theirs. And since everyday there’s a new MLM being launched, you can imagine being hounded everyday by newly signed up members looking for recruits. That makes replying to them telling them you’re not open for new business opportunities very tiring! You have to deal with them one by one giving your “NO”. That’s what I imagine if I join Webtalk, so no matter how good that company is, I won’t join that company. I’d rather build website and make money with affiliate marketing. 

    • Well said Gomer,

      In MLM you are pushed into recruiting, recruiting, and recruiting. With that in mind along with goals set to push you into selling, your mind will automatically see people as mere numbers where you would need to try and approach them so that they can join under you with promises of riches. The FTC has hundreds of guidelines and bans on MLMs because people will eventually misuse it and although WebTalk is new, who’s there to say that it won’t end up like other mlm companies?

  94. Hi Riaz Shah,
    Thank you for writing a comparative review about webtalk and the wealthy affiliate program. After reading your review, I have learned the feature and facilities of webtalk. I have no doubt that this is not a scam but it is a little bit tough for the beginners who want to earn consistently while they learn. I believe that the wealthy affiliate program is comparatively better than that. I think that many people will make a perfect decision for joining that program after reading your article. Thumbs up for your effort in this article.

    • Awesome to hear that Mzkapon, WebTalk dos sound promising but being too early in its stage is also a risk we need to consider.

  95. Great article, heard about the platform and I think it’s awesome. It’s a lot of webstalk business. I believe Webtalk will be bigger than Facebook. I already heard of people canceling there Facebook account because of going to Facebook jail. They are already using webtalk as their current social media and I am assuming millions of individuals will do the same. We will get paid for reffering others to the new platform and sales made by others. Thumbs up. 

  96. Hello Riaz, every of your article are always an informative article am a proud Member of wealthy affiliate but this review will help some other newbie outside planning to join making money online platform.reading this article has made it known what the platform is all about.  I would always expect more article from you as soon possible. Regards 

  97. Hi you have done a great job with this post looks like you coverd everything some one needs to no about webtalk I like that even no you think it’s great you have added the pros and cons and pointed out the risks great job keep up the good work

  98. Hey there

    I am pleased to come across your article about WebTalk. Your article is very informative and useful.

    I was once considering WebTalk but passed it because I also think it is just too early although the owner claims it is the Facebook alternative. 

    I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a much more stable and reputable program.


  99. Overtaking facebook is a near impossibility. I like that the founder is persistent and doesn’t give up, that’s the major traits of successful people. 

    I hope WebTalk doesn’t end up like YourNight and other internet businesses he has put up, but I would find it hard to make a commitment since his business ideas are quite new, paying all premium members seem like it lacks feasibility. 

    But, that’s not enough reason to write the scheme off, since many schemes that are working now, once started as fresh ideas. 

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