What is The Clickbank University? –Will You Really Graduate and Earn?

Clickbank University home page

Name: Clickbank University

Website: www.Clickbank.com/university

Type of Business: Clickbank affiliate marketing

Price:  $47/ month with up sells of $297/ year and $97 (one-time)

Owners: Adam Horitz and Justin Allen.

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100 (Green light)

Clickbank is the biggest and most reliable digital product vendor on the web.

In fact, it was actually one of the first few online business websites that I know of 4 years ago when I first started internet marketing as Clickbank is the main hub for affiliate products.

I got to know of Clickbank University through their own website as I was browsing through new products to buy on dating (I wanted to impress a girl).

So I was clicking all over Clickbank but somehow, it lead me back to the Clickbank University promotion and since the course was released again on December, I thought of giving it a try and see what new updates they have.

So do bear with me as this is going to be a long review!


Pros and Cons


  • Perfect for newbies (Lessons are simple),
  • High quality videos,
  • You can actually make some decent money.
  • Clickbank is an established company so they have great customer support and it’s easy to get a refund.


  • Too expensive for simple lessons that barely touch the surface on promoting affiliate products.
  • Their lessons do not cover much of SEO which is essential in order to have a successful website.
  • Locked modules which doesn’t allow you the freedom to access other lessons at your own pace.
  • Too much information that it can be a bit overwhelming.
  • They used to have a 7-day trial but they removed it soon after.
  • Training is only catered to promoting Clickbank products and NOT other affiliate opportunities.
  • Clickbank doesn’t provide promotional tools such as banners which means that you have to ask from the vendors themselves and see if they provide.
  • Although ClickBank is a reputable site, the vendors on the other hand has very high rates of refund due to its 60-day policy (Some products have 90-day money-back guarantee).

Golly that’s a lot of cons! Gotta check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is ClickBank University?

Adam and Justin from Clickbank University

Adam and Justin from ClickBank University

Ever felt curious on how people make money online legitimately?

There are a lot of methods which people use to make money which are really unethical such as stealing credit details and spamming honest communities to buy their scam products, but one of the most legitimate method of earning online is actually through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people’s products and leveraging their hard earned fame to get a percentage of commission based on your sales.

Think of it like a salesman in real life, only that now you’re doing it online…in your pajamas.

But in affiliate marketing, you can actually choose whatever products it is that you want to promote so how do you find these products?

That’s where Clickbank comes in.

Clickbank is an online marketplace where vendors can put up their products and affiliates can choose which ones to help sell for commission.

Pretty easy huh?

That’s not the hard part.

You still need to know how to promote your chosen products online, which mediums is great to sell on, and how to convince people to buy and THAT is what Clickbank University is all about.

It’s basically a course to teach you how to sell their stuff.


Tools and Training

clickbank members area

ClickBank University member’s area

Like many educational course, Clickbank University also have its own tools and training.

As you can see from the picture of the member’s area navigation menu, there are:

1) Home

This is basically just a page where Adam and Justin will welcome you.

2) Orientation

A show around on how to use Clickbank University member’s area and those confusing tabs.

3) Site Builder

As the name implies, this part shows lessons on how to build a site such as how to build a sales page and planning your own sales funnel.

I couldn’t access this area though, because I didn’t pay for the website builder upsell (I will explain the pricing strategy later on)

4) Beginners

Clickbank University beginers tab

Clickbank University beginers tab

The first tab everyone will click on which will cover an 8 weeks’ worth of modules to learn.

The lessons cover more on creating your own products, learning how to create a sales page and driving traffic to it.

5) Advanced

More advanced lessons which I would say is just a fancy word for “Week 9, 10, and so on” which basically just covers more on driving traffic.

6) The Affiliates Training

Alright so the Beginners area was meant to teach you on becoming a vendor right?

So that means the Affiliates training is aimed at teaching you on how to become an affiliate simple as that.

I like Affiliate Marketing mainly because I can just help other entrepreneurs sell their stuff in exchange for a sweet commission (From 50%-75%).

It gets even more interesting knowing that Adam and Justin is also into affiliate marketing as well (it’s no surprise as they do work with ClickBank after all) so the lessons for this section is based on their own experiences which include:

  • PPC ads and how to do it effectively
  • A very quick class on creating backlinks and the importance of them
  • How to create an emailing list and market to that list
  • Social Media marketing tips
  • A class on SEO and the best practices to use

 7) Live Seminar Classes

One of the best parts of the module because the video seminars are based on Clickbank’s Top Sellers.

You will be taught on what methods these ClickBank sellers are using and how do they get to where they are.

8) University talks

Similar to the live Seminar classes which are taught by the top ClickBank sellers, university talks is hosted by Justin and Adam themselves.

9) Done for you

Truth be told, I find this pretty ridiculous.

The “Done for you” part as the name implies is where you can pay ClickBank University for them to build a website for you and it depends on how much money you are willing to spend for them to tailor a website around your likes and passion.

My advice is to NOT opt for this one because again, building a website is free even if you have no prior skills or knowledge. (Here’s my blog post on that!)

10) Community

This part is just a forum where you can post questions and hope to be answered.


Who is Clickbank University for?

A ClickBank User complaining

A ClickBank University user not satisfied with the depth of the lessons

Definitely for beginners who are new to the world of Internet Marketing.

I have to admit, there are great lessons which are also really attractive and fun however veterans or those who have been in this game long do not find this really helpful as ClickBank University doesn’t cover the essential lessons such as SEO and keywords

To make matters worse, the lessons are also locked which means that you can’t just stray away from your scheduled lessons – you NEED to do them one step at a time.

This means that you won’t have the freedom to learn as you please which is also a trick ClickBank University uses to get more time out of the users hence more money as you will of course be paying for since you can’t finish all those lessons in a month.

This is also one of the main reasons as to why it can never beat my top ranked program which is more detailed and evergreen.


Pricing Strategy

Clickbank University used to charge a whopping $97 per month (Ridiculous pricing) with a 7-day $1 trial but now they removed that trial as they reduced the price to $47 per month which means that even if you want to have a peek inside, you need to pay $47.

Guess they finally realized that $97 a month is a bit too much eh?

Take a look at the ClickBank University Funnel below…

ClickBank University funnel

Don’t get your hopes up high yet, because ClickBank Unversity still have some tricks up their sleeves on sucking more money from you.

Even though they reduced the price to $47, they also locked some features which are:

  • Clickbank Builder – $297/year
  • Advanced Master Classroom – one-time fee of $97.

So supposing you want full access on ClickBank University, well that will cost you a whopping $861/year plus a one-time fee of $97!

Due to the unethical price range which will drain your money faster than the amount you earn, this is one of the main reasons as to why it will never match up to my top ranked program.


Does it offer quality support?

ClickBank University complaint on the lack of community

A complaint made by a ClickBank Universoty user on the lack of community interaction

ClickBank University has one of the best supports I’ve seen out there.

Clickbank has always had great service and I believe it is because they have been around for a really long time.

They do however, fall short on an online community which is really important for the users to communicate with each other as making friends will not only ensure trust and hope, it is a way better source of help than customer service.

The only community I see in Clickbank University is through forums which frankly, isn’t actually a proper community.

Instead, it’s a discussion on a particular thread.

It’s very rarely that online business companies provide good customer support because most of them are too busy filling their own pockets so they won’t really care about their users’ well-being.

Support is an important aspect of any business and product because there are a lot of scam gurus out there who like to sell hype but not giving back what they promised.

Want a Program With an Active Community Which You Could Learn and Get Help Easily? Find Out More Here!


My Take on Affiliate Marketing

Call me old school but when it comes to affiliate marketing, I like to do it the old fashion way – by building a “proper” website according to your passion, getting it to appear on the first page of Google search and monetizing it.

Why I say “proper” is because I have come across so many scams that teaches shortcuts to make money through a website.

I have no problem with shortcuts but I DO have a problem if those shortcuts are unethical and illegal within Google.

To have a successful affiliate marketing business, you need an authority website that is NOT built solely to put in promo links because Google will see that as a spam.

So why Google you might ask?

Take a look at this…

does anyone use google plus search rankings

Google search results for “Does anyone use google +”

To have endless traffic (Visitors) that will go to your website forever, you NEED to have your website on the first page of Google and having proper education on website SEO is important for that which is how I managed to get my site up there (Still so psyched!).

Because when you have your site on the first page, traffic will go to your site non-stop which means that you will be making money even when you sleep because once you have traffic, your awesome website will do the conversions for you.

There is a term for that and it’s called SEO which I learned from my #1 recommended program Wealthy Affiliate which is something lacking in Clickbank University.



My Final Verdict

ClickBank University is actually pretty cool and will actually make you some money.

However due to the unreasonably high cost which will drain your money before you even make any profit , the lack of proper community as well as the shallow lessons which barely touch the surface on SEO, ClickBank University receives a rating of 70 out of 100 and is still a pretty LEGIT course.

If you are interested in really becoming an online entrepreneur, check out my #1 recommended program here instead.

Thanks for reading, do share your thoughts below as I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂 .



Your friend Riaz,


Riaz 88kb

4 comments to “What is The Clickbank University? –Will You Really Graduate and Earn?”
  1. Hi Riaz, Having belonged to both CLickBank Uni and Wealthy Affiliates, I have to agree with yoru assessment. Since discovering WA I haven’t gone back to CBU although I do intend to build a digital product with them once my WA project is finished. Thanks.

    • That’s a great plan Sarah, I’m actually planning of the same thing – to create a product of my own and sell. ClickBank University is not worth the money but ClickBank itself is still an awesome marketplace. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  2. hi riaz,
    i have actually purchased chris farrell membership and decided to cancel it now and look for another . Now, i want to start earning online through affiliate marketing. im about to enroll at clickbank university but when i read your review, somehow i was hesitant because of the pros u listed.
    so if i enroll with clickbank university as premium, there are still videos that i cannot access unless i pay for the yearly membership? is this correct?
    how about in wealthy affiliate? if i join as premium, can i access all the videos already?
    and about the free webhosting and website, this is free until when?
    i was enticed to enroll at clickbank university having in mind that if i finish the course i can readily sell through clickbank.
    pls advise.

    • Hey there Rosy,
      Chris Farrell is a great program with decent lessons but it is also very pricey which is why I didn’t rank it as my top ranked product as it might not be the best bet for beginners. You’re totally right about ClickBank University though, you need to pay for more in order to access the rest of the training. They really created the program to drain as much money as they can from you and they’ll even email you non-stop to try and upsell you which is why I wouldn’t really recommend ClickBank University unless you have some cash in hand to start with.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a much better choice for beginners and yes, you can access all the videos whenever you like without the pressure of time constraints if you were to join as premium. The best part about it is that unlike all the other programs which require you to keep paying more to access their other features, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have any upsells so if you become a member, you’ll get everything forever. The free webhosting and website will also be yours for as long as you’re a member so its worth giving it a try, I’ll also be there to help you out whenever you need me 😉

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