What is Zukul? – Software Cum MLM.

zukul reviewed by my internet questBusiness name: Zukul

Website: zukul.com

Type of business: Online Marketing Software MLM

Price: $17.98 – $250 a month

Owner: Jeremy Rush and Michael Bloom

My rating: 1 out of 5 ⭐️

Unlike the other MLM companies I’ve come across, an Online Marketing MLM company is certainly something out of the ordinary.

Conventional MLM approach is usually to go outdoors and create events, talks and parties in order for you to meet people and persuade them into joining your cause.

Online MLM however, is something we still are trying to understand because after the Empower Network case, people are getting skeptical to join any other online MLMs.

Zukul is either brave or ignorant to open during this dire time.

Are they confident with their strategy? What tricks do they have to stand out among the rest?

Read more to find out my full Zukul review and what it entails…


What is Zukul About? –The Software Cum MLM.

Jeremy Rush CEO

Started by Jeremy Rush 2 years ago in 2014, Zukul is an online marketing system that provides users with lessons on how to gain traffic on the internet.

It is also a Multi-Level Marketing platform whereby you earn more money by recruiting people to join and adding them as your downline.

However unlike many other MLMs which I have reviewed such as Mary Kay, Thirty-One Gifts and Organo Gold, I can’t quite call Zukul a scam just yet as they actually have some pretty good record and by good I mean clean.

There is no abuse of power cases, members do not bully each other and there are no huge controversies that make headlines in huge media such as Forbes or The Huff Post.

However one thing which made me worry is Jeremy’s involvement Banners Broker, a Ponzi scheme which went down 2 years ago – something to keep a watchful eye out on.


Pros and Cons


  • One of the few MLMs that have a clean record, mainly because it’s fairly new.
  • Jeremy does mingle with the members from time to time.
  • They do weekly hangouts for members.


  • You need some spare cash on hand to spend on the various marketing channels like solo ads and Facebook ads.
  • Jeremy Rush was involved in the previous Ponzi scheme called Banners Broker and this is definitely something to watch out for.
  • Constant bombardment of emails you will be getting every day.
  • The blogging platform for Zukul is very limited and not very flexible.
  • Guaranteed Sign Ups is very risky.
  • PayPal Doesn’t work with Zukul.
  • Not listed in the Top 100 MLM companies.
  • Not BBB accredited.
  • Zukul is only 2 years old, very risky to join an unestablished MLM company.

Golly, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What are the Lessons You will be Learning?

zukul members area

As an Online Marketing system, the main reason why anyone would want to join Zukul is the lessons you learn on driving traffic.

Here is part of the things you will be learning…

Beginner Level – $17.98 per month

  • Capture Pages
  • AutoResponder
  • Social Sniper

Intermediate Package – $ 50 per month

  • Facebook Ninja Pro
  • Autoresponder Lite
  • Capture Pages
  • Landing Page Creator
  • Banner Creator
  • Solo Ad Creator
  • Jukebox Training
  • Blogging Platform

Advanced Package – $250 per month

  • Capture Pages
  • Banner Creator
  • Video Submission Tool
  • Social Submission Tool
  • Link Shortener & Tracker
  • Jukebox Training
  • Solo Ad Tool
  • Blogging Platform
  • Youtube Buddy
  • Videoscribe Suite
  • Banner Creator

The advanced package is rather heavy as you will need to maintain a payment of $250 a month so unless you have recruited downlines under you on that package, you are going to be spending a lot of money for nothing.

The lessons revolve mainly on utilizing social traffic specifically from Facebook which is not enough to boost your website stats.

Solo Ads also cost a bundle (Around $40-$90 for every 100 clicks) so you will be spending a lot of unnecessary money even before your base is properly built, resulting in very low conversions.

Their blogging platform is also not very flexible as they have very limited options, themes, and their training doesn’t cover the integral parts of how to blog successfully.

A sustainable Online Business venture should cover more than a traditional online marketing approach.

You need to know how to create websites, learn affiliate marketing the proper way and master SEO – Most importantly though, it shouldn’t cost so much because the reason we want to make money, is because we don’t have much to give away in the first place.


Zukul Compensation Plan – Find the MLM in You.

Every MLM has a compensation plan and that means you will earn money the more downlines you recruit.

If you’re new to MLM, here’s a typical unilevel structure of an MLM company…

a typical Unilevel structure in MLM

As you can see, you are always on top as in a pyramid structure and you will be placing your down lines in levels as shown in the image.

Unlike any other typical MLM companies which have tons of levels though, Zukul has only 3 levels and the way you earn is based on the membership package you chose to join with in the first place.

The lower your membership, the lower your commission which is why to make the best out of MLM, you need to join the most expensive package which in this case, is the $250 a month advanced package.

The way you earn is as follows…

(a) Beginner Level Package – You earn $10 on level 1 of every Zukul beginner package you sell on level 1, $5 on level 2 and $4 on level 3.

(b) Intermediate Level Package – You earn $11 on level 1 for every Zukul intermediate package you sell, earn $6 on level 2 and $5 on level 3.

(c) Advanced Level Packages – You earn $50 on level 1 for every advanced package you sell on level 1, earn $30 on level 2 and $10 on level 3.

There is a reason why membership to join Zukul is a bit expensive as compared to other normal programs that do not apply MLM and this is because of the flow of money involved.

Since you have down lines in MLM, you will get money from each of your down lines’ own referrals.

Although this does help in making you more money as the referrer, it sparks wide controversy as your down lines do not like it if you get free money just because of their hard work.

You can never become better than the person who referred you in MLM as they will always earn a percentage of all your down lines which is why many people are against the pyramid structure so if this is this is indeed the path you’d want to venture into, it is best you sleep on as it is indeed a big decision.

Tired of MLM and It’s Hierarchies? Venture into an Online Business Instead Here!


Any Red Flags? – Things to Watch Out For.

Red Flag #1 – Banners Broker All Over Again

A Ponzi Scheme is an investment scheme not authorized by law – In other words, they are completely illegal.

When Jeremy was involved in Banners Broker, the company went down because they couldn’t pay back the people who invested in their Ponzi scheme – They were in a pickle when lawsuits were being made.

So how is Zukul connected to a Ponzi scheme?

Take a look at this…

jeremy zukul ad network

I checked Jeremy’s Youtube channel and to my surprise, I found something that wasn’t made public yet – Revenue sharing.

If you’re not sure what that is, it is a form of investment scheme whereby you put in money and hopefully get a high return after a few months… All within Zukul’s terms of course.

This in other words, is a downright Ponzi scheme as it doesn’t involve any authority and it’s something just between you and Zukul.

Hundreds of people have lost thousands of dollars from Zukul’s previous Ponzi scheme in Banners Broker so it’s definitely a good idea to keep a watchful eye out if you ever decide on investing.

Remember, investing in established companies is alright as they will definitely be around for a long while as their name is at stake but putting all your money on a new venture is always a gamble.

Red Flag #2 – The Guaranteed Signups Upsell

Wondering what is Guaranteed Sign Ups all about? More importantly, what does it have to do with anything?

Jeremy Rush Youtube

Most of you might be curious about this thing called Guaranteed Signup System that Jeremy is promoting.

For me personally, I found out about it from Jeremy’s YouTube channel and I was curious about what it’s all about so I did more digging to see what else am I missing that might be related to the whole business model.

Why is he promoting this website? Why isn’t he promoting Zukul instead?

guaranteed signups jeremy rush

Turns out that Guaranteed Sign Ups is another upsell that Jeremy has up his sleeves.

For every Zukul member who refers 3 down lines, you will get the option to boost your marketing by letting the Zukul team do it for you.

However this isn’t free though, as you need to pay $49.95 for the outsourcing fee.

I have very little faith in this “outsourcing” service Jeremy provides because another internet guru I know called Patric Chan provided this very service back then in his program CB Passive Income and it didn’t go well at all.

I paid and paid until I wasted all my money because I thought that eventually I was going to make that sale.

Too bad though, I didn’t so it’s best to avoid Jeremy’s Guaranteed Sign Ups.

Red Flag #3 – You Can’t Use Paypal in Zukul

zukul doesnt accept paypal

Doesn’t it strike as odd as to why MLM companies do not allow the use of Paypal as a payment choice when other Online Business platforms are completely okay with it?

That’s because PayPal isn’t too fond of MLM companies as most of them are very close to pyramid schemes and in most cases, they often are.

I’ve covered this issue in my other MLM reviews like Empower Network which I’ve mentioned before that if Paypal doesn’t trust a program, so shouldn’t you.

PayPal has a very strict rue when it comes to MLMs whereby they would not want to affiliate themselves with any forms of MLM businesses which I think is a brilliant idea.

They’ve remained clean from any bad images by not involving with shady businesses and people are still relying on them as a payment gateway so sometimes it doesn’t hurt to say no.

Zukul is still new and has not shown their true colors yet but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

Red Flag #4 – Two Years and It’s not registered in BBB?

Zukul BBBI’m quite cautious when it comes to investing in companies that I have no knowledge about as new companies are bound to close down.

Because of that, as cautious consumers we always do thorough research on a company and one of the most established websites we go to regarding that is BBB.

Did you know that 79% of consumers check on the Better Business Bureau to know a company’s legitimacy?

It sounds like a small deal but it’s actually a big one because there are countless companies out there who are well-established globally such as Mary Kay and Thirty-One Gifts but when you check their ratings on BBB, they have countless complaints for everyone to see which led to their terrible ratings.

Red Flag #5 – Not Listed in the top 100 MLM companies

Top 100 MLM companies 2015

This is understandable as Zukul is quite a new company but would you consider committing yourself to a new company, or join one that is well-established?

If I were to join an MLM company, I would join those that is listed within the top 100 MLM companies and for good reason too.

According to research 50% of businesses fail after 5 years.

Zukul is just 2 years old and have not even reached its maturity stage so I would consider it as a risk to join, especially if you are joining as a normal member.

You see, the ones who are really making the money in all MLM companies are those who joined during the initial stage – In other words, the top guys who are on the top pyramid chain.

For this case, no matter how old or how new the company is, you will still make a ton of money as you will have countless of people under you already so you can just sit back, relax and watch the little guys do the work for you.

You won’t have to worry if your MLM companies goes down or not because by the time the authorities take action, you would have made a million already which is why we have countless cases of MLM leaders running away and disappearing just when it’s time for him to pay the members their compensations.

If you’re joining an MLM company as a normal member (Same as everybody else), you’re better off joining a more established company instead as you know that they will last longer and you are in safe hands.


Do I Recommend Zukul?

If you’re looking to create a sustainable business online, then Zukul is definitely not the program I can recommend.

There are other platforms where you can take advantage of to make money online such as Affilorama and my top-ranked program Wealthy Affiliate but not Zukul as it is certainly going to weigh you down.

The lessons rely heavily on Facebook Marketing, outsourcing, and solo ads which all will cost you money – hundreds of dollars will be going to waste.

Not only that, the entire Zukul system revolves around Multi-Level Marketing which means that you will mostly be focusing on building down lines.

People today have a very bad perception on pyramid schemes because many network marketers do not actually succeed in MLM so if you do want to get in, you should know that the rates of closing are not as high as a few years back when the industry is still new.

I should know as I am one of them.

Back then while I was doing Amway, One Community Worldwide and Dreamtrips (All MLM companies), I do make income but all of those stopped when I stopped working and worse – I lost my money on my daily expenses and all those marketing.

But to help you understand better, take a look at this…

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

Did you know that less than 1% of people actually see any profit in MLM?

Not everyone can have a happy ending in MLM and today, getting conversions is harder than ever as people are getting skeptical on both MLM and Online Marketing so imagine a company that is both in nature (ahem).

Zukul doesn’t even cover much on the importance of building a website and it certainly doesn’t cover keywords and Search Engine Optimization which are all very important in helping you get passive income.

A proper Online Business is one that Google loves and having your website on the first page of Google helps build more trust with your customers and visitors hence more sales.

Sadly though, Zukul doesn’t cover this and compared to my top-ranked program, here’s how it looks like…




When it comes to learning how to make money online, there are certainly better options out there.

Zukul may be fairly new but because it is a combination of MLM and online marketing, it treads on very dangerous waters as you will end up having problems with your business in the long run as people tend to change when they see how much they can earn by recruiting.

The lessons are too shallow to secure you passive income and even PayPal doesn’t trust Zukul due to its MLM nature so because of that, I can only give it 1 out of 5 though it is at the core, a legitimate program with a decent track record.

As Zukul updates, so will this review but if you’re interested in learning the proper way to make money online, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading this review, do share your experiences down below as I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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  1. Good that you have done a review of yet another pyramid scheme and explained it all in great detail for anybody thinking of joining this

    They never give up do they, these people, the fact that he was involved in a previous scam should ring big alarm bells.

    I don’t know why people bother with this type of scheme, I guess it because there will always be people looking for the easy button or the get rich quick scheme

    The part that struck me most of all was the guaranteed sign ups bit, no such thing as guarantees in business never has been and never will be

    Empower network, has at last gone bankrupt so hopefully this will act as a warning for the future.

    Glad you are exposing this for what it really is, very well explained and very detailed article,

    • Guaranteed signups lol, that part got me laughing too. Too many scammers use that to click bait people into buying and they succeed at that too. Guess they only prey on the innocent eh Barry? Appreciate the feedback, cheers

  2. Your review have some missing point…You can pay to get Sign ups throught a traffic center(You pay to advertise). This is huge and this will give me a monthly income of tens of thousands $ soon. Perfect for us who can’t recruit. This will blow your socks of soon. Hangout with Jeremy monday and friday

  3. When I first came across this bunch I thought ‘oh no yet another MLM’ and I turned off a bit. Since then I’ve heard that Zukul is a fairly new affiliate program that includes a lot of beneficial tools for Internet marketers.
    I’ve also noticed it get a few really decent reviews on certain social media platforms – would you actually recommend it to your readers?

    • Hello again there Chris, I wouldn’t recommend Zukul to my readers as there are better programs out there that I can recommend my readers but I have to rate is as legit as currently they have a clean slate until proven otherwise.

    • Why even ask? If the product is legitimate and you can use it, that’s all you need. Never look for someone to approve what you want before you go for it……trust your own judgment and be fair; you have the right and ability….don’t give someone else the power.

  4. Your review on What is Zukul is very much appreciated. I have been in a couple of MLMs and lost money. Every con that was vary typical of what I dealt with.I do believe the only reason they are not listed as a scam is because of how old they are.

    • True that Carroll, the more established they are, the more tactics they can come up with to cover their tracks. Huge companies have the funds and resources to make them look innocent and they are always one step ahead of consumers to keep their options open. Appreciate the feedback man, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Well it has always been and always will be my one and true red flag with these things.

    If they don’t pay through Paypal, chances are they failed their review (they are what like 2 years in the biz) which is a tell tell sign.

    I have never been a major fan of MLM to be honest but I always give the benefit of the doubt in cases where they come clean.

    But like you said, they tread in dangerous waters there, which kinda makes me feel it doesn’t really worth my time.

    • Great to know your feedback George and its true, they do tread on dangerous waters. PayPal doesn’t trust MLMs, its a wise decision to follow in their footsteps if you are ever in doubt.

  6. I think by reading your review about Zukul, I can safely say that it is another ponzi scheme.
    You are just too nice to give it a 71 rating.

    Let see his premium package at $250
    Advanced Package – $250 per month

    Capture Pages — what is this?

    Banner Creator — pixlr dot com is free

    Video Submission Tool– just open a youtube account please

    Social Submission Tool–seriously? you just copy paste your link to Facebook. or better yet, use a social share plugin.

    Link Shortener & Tracker — bitly is free

    Jukebox Training–what is this? you can use a plugin

    Solo Ad Tool– just pay google and facebook for ads spots.

    Blogging Platform– blogger dot com is free or go to siterubix
    Youtube Buddy– free
    Videoscribe Suite– your iphone has a video editor.

    See? He is trying to con you.

    Riaz, you are really too kind with that 71 rating.

    • Hey Arief,

      Awesome that you made some points there and its quite true that we can find alternatives for those tools for free. I hope you are right on the scheme, I haven’t detected anything else from them yet but when they do start to do something fishy, I will surely update it within my blog here. Appreciate the feedback, cheers!

      • Free don’t mean you will get the same or better quality or service. Well established companies that do business online don’t go around looking for free stuff, they want the best.

  7. No I just can’t go along with it…no matter how hard I try! Any MLM is set up as a grave robber – there’s no way around it. You have highlighted some decent facts about the program but they are still using the pyramid structure …which can NEVER be a fair business model. MLM is a system which should always be ignored, it robs so many newcomers of their money.

    • Hey there Chris,

      I appreciate your feedback and yes I do agree with you that all MLMs are scams but at the end of the day, its is jus ta system and Zukul has not made any bad moves yet for me to label it aimlessly. I use facts for my review but rest assured once they do, you will surely be the first ones I’ll inform. Hope you have a great Wednesday, thanks for dropping by!

  8. I have not heard of Zukul before. What confuses me about your review, though, is the high score you gave it despite all the cons you listed. You listed three times as many cons as pros, yet you still gave it a rating of 71 out of 100. Am I missing something here?

    I have to say, the fact that the guy who runs this was part of a previous Ponzi scheme which collapsed, this makes me nervous. This in itself is almost enough to make me want to stay well away. Reputation is everything I think. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • Hey Marcus,

      You’re not missing anything, don’t worry. There are a lot more people who actually do not like the fact that I rated Zukul in such a way but unless I have solid evidence to show to people that Zukul is just like any otehr typical MLMs and have huge complaints all around, I can’t blame them yet.

  9. An MLM that is not a scam? That’s new!

    Even though it sounds legit, I still think the upsells and other things would make me feel uncomfortable promoting it.

    However, if I did decide to purchase the program, how much money could I make? How much work would be required?

    • A lot of work unfortunately Alec, and the amount of money you would earn wouldn’t be a lot either. You need a proper website without content because if not, all of your internet marketing efforts no matter how good they are will eventually be marked as spam because you’re promoting another program instead of your own blog.

      Zukul does teach you how to do blogs but they don;t teach you much about proper content marketing. This means that your website will be just the same as everyone else’s – No rich content and pure advertising. Thanks for the feedback man, appreciate you dropping by!

  10. I am still out on the acceptance Zukul up and its legitimacy. Whether or not a multi level marketing business has been in the news the negative way, it really has no bearing on how the businesses operated.

    All multi level marketing businesses are based on recruitment alone. I don’t think any of them offer a quality product worthy of the money you pay vs. a similar product at the local Wal-Mart. The fact that Jeremy was involved in a Ponzi scheme up two years ago would seal his fate in my judgment; not to mention a long list of Con’s you have listed.

    Thanks though for your review, it was still quite helpful.

    • Hey Debra,

      A wise decision, all MLMs are unstable in my opinion. Their systems are altered to give priority to the uplines and to focus on recruitment, leaving their products unattended. Without much focus on retail, their products aren’t that great either. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate the feedback. Cheers!

  11. This is a really well thought out, in-depth review. Thank you for taking the time to go into detail so that we know everything about this program. I had never heard of it before. I don’t think it’s something I would go into personally, it doesn’t look promising to me. But it is interesting to know what is out there. I agree with you on the part of, if PayPal doesn’t trust it, neither should we. Overall, very interesting to learn a bit more about this program.

    • Glad you liked the review Stephanie, thanks for kind feedback! Guess I will have to live up to that reputation. Cheers!

  12. I think Zukul is another one of those MLM’s that just simply do not work. There’s a fine line between MLM’s and pyramid schemes (which are illegal). I’d rather use Wealthy Affiliate like you mentioned because you get so much value for what you pay for. Good review, and I’ll be sure to stay away from Zukul 🙂

    • Awesome to hear that you prefer WA Jason, affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go as compared to MLM and you’d able able to make more money and save more too since you won’t be spending a hundred bucks each month. Do let me know if you have any questions, good luck on your journey! I’ll be guiding you inside.

  13. Hey Riaz, Thanks for the in depth review, I had not heard of zukul and glad I read your review. I am easily attracted to business that teach traffic generation as we can always use more traffic. What was the eye opener here were the upgrade prices, 250 a month is unreal and not attainable. I found wealthy affiliate teaches everything I need to know. Thanks for the complete honest review.

    • I can relate to you Bob,

      I too am attracted to things that can teach me ways on how to increase my traffic. Most of the ebooks and programs I have joined are BS so I’m quite skeptical when buying it. Because of that, I do reviews whenever I buy so that people can be informed of the product, glad you liked my review. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great day.

  14. Hi there I just came across this website and for some reason when I was reading through it was making me laugh, I don’t know if there is bits that is supposed to do that but it did. Anyway the site its self is great there is a lot of information that I would be looking for and I’m glad that I came across this site.

    • I hope that was a good laugh Sah, I try not to be too formal when writing. Personal works best and its easier to relate when I write casually. Glad you liked my review, cheers!

  15. Hello there

    This does seem like a somewhat promising company that does seem to have some solid foundations proven to help generate traffic. Or at least it seems to make the bold statement “guaranteed sign” like they use.

    However, the fact that the owner of this site has already been involved in a scheme is the ultimate red flag for me personally. there are too many scams on the internet to risk putting money into a site that is ran by a former scammer. thank you for the thorough article!

    • Hey Carl,

      Its better to be safe than sorry yeah? I too was thinking of the same thing when I was writing about it. There are more internet scams today than there are legitimate ones so its better for us to be cautious. Appreciate the feedback man, cheers!

  16. Thanks for the Zukul review. It does sound risky. In my experience, any MLM is just a legal form of a Ponzi scheme.

    When you consider that the founder, Jeremy Rush, has a history of Ponzi schemes it looks like Zukul is a real stinker. At best, an MLM is an inefficient way to build a business.

    Your #1 recommendation is the only sane approach to making money online. It’s simple, ethical and it works.

    • Glad to hear that from you GC, I only recommend the best to my readers, ones that I have personally tried. MLM is definitely ins’t something worth committing your lives to, building our own business is the way to go. Appreciate the kind words man, thanks. Hope you have a great day.

  17. It’s very disappointing to hear that their blogging platform is so limited because I thought that blogging is a big part of succeeding online. Isn’t the best way to spend your time to consistently write high-quality content, just as you have done here by showing Zukul up for what it is?

    But what really strikes me as a big red flat about this program is that there doesn’t seem to be any mention of making money by promoting anything else. So you just earn money by referring other people? So all the tools and training are all geared towards getting new members to sign up? So there’s actually nothing of any value at the heart of this? Is it just a useless pyramid scheme then?

    • You’re definite right on that one Marcus,

      Their training is only meant for you to sell their own stuff and recruiting more people as your down line, all solely online. A proper blogging platform should teach you online marketing for all sorts of niche, not just one and certainly not to promote that company itself.

      You are certainly restricted and you won’t have proper growth if you keep following this company. Eventually you will go down what with that terribly expensive monthly fee. Thanks for dropping by man, appreciate the feedback. Cheers!

  18. what a detail review of what zukul is, have never heard of it before.

    I am highly allergic to anything that smells MLM, I have had some real nasty experiences with some mlm before now, so just the word MLM sends me the opposite side.

    Base on your review, and also base on the fact that Jeremy was previously involved in a Ponzi scheme, this might just be another empower network story in the offing.

    Its high time people should began to use their tongue to count their teeth!

    • Hey Clems,

      Use their tongue to count their teeth, eh? Pretty cool, its the first time I ever heard that one. Glad you liked find my review helpful and that you didn’t fancy the red flags, its the wise thing to do. Appreciate the comment man, cheers!

  19. Good comprehensive review on Zukul, What product are they selling? I have heard of igrow network which now seem to have move to another company, and I heard something about Fanbox. They are selling membership of social media site and e-commerce stuff. I drop out of igrow because I am not good in MLM.

    • iGrow and Fanbox eh? Definitely going to do a review about that Vincent. Zukul sells their online marketing service as their product and there are actually many more people who are not good at MLM, you’re not the only one and its quite normal. Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by.

  20. Never know how to take these types of things – MLM members are not what you’d call intelligent overall. As for getting traffic on the internet through lessons – what exactly is he teaching? Something that everyone knows already probably and can find on the internet for free anyway. There’s a simple rule of thumb on the internet that everyone should abide by – MLM = Stay Well Away

    • Hey Chris,

      So good to see you here again! I totally agree with you on the lessons, never have I seen an MLM program which teaches good techniques which are implementable. Their lessons usually cost a lot and they always lead to solo ad which costs even more than the program itself.

  21. Riaz, I’ve never heard of this company before. But I’ve heard of tons of companies that I’ve researched for red flags including Empower Network.

    This company you speak of, Zukul actually has a good pitch. Think about it, what person interested in making an income online; Or already is running an online biz does not want to become a Marketing Pro…Also, to make money while doing so?

    The very first “red flag” that caught my eye on this review was the price of $250 per month, not to think of the $17.98 because most “heavy hitters” are going to want to go all in, to make the most per effort. Yes, I so totally agree with you on this one.

    But this price will even make the “heavy hitters” run for the border. The price is too steep and will probably aide to the possible down-fall of this MLM program.

    Whenever, I join a program, it’s important to me that it’s price friendly, ethical and the value is worth the price. What are some major factors to consider when choosing a good company and which do you recommend?

    You really have covered practically everything with this MLM program, leaving no corners un-turned (lol). Awesome, thanks for such a thorough review and all the value you bring to the table, Riaz. I’ll love to check out more of your reviews.

    • Hello there Bev,

      Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, price is definitely the most important aspect of a certain program especially when its Online Business. Programs such as these tend to cost exorbitantly high and to make matters worse, upsells which is why not many people sustain in one.

      Personally, even I wouldn’t join anything that costs $250 a month as that’s a huge commitment to make especially when you’re actually spending more inside on ads so its something to definitely think about. Glad to know you liked my review Bev, hope you enjoy your weekend!

  22. Thank you for this information. I don’t even like the name ZUKUL!
    I also really don’t like Facebook marketing.
    And I really, really don’t like continuous upsells.
    I just don’t understand why you would call it legit, when it has so many negative points to be aware of, like ‘revenue sharing’ (what a crock), no paypal, pyramid and ponzi connections.
    It smells like a classic scam to me!
    Thanks for laying it all out, saves me a lot of wasted time and money.

    • Hey there Janelle,

      Good points you have there, I would very much like to call it a scam myself but they haven’t made any bad moves yet and there aren’t any controversies or complaints for me to support my claim. Glad you decided to stay away from it, you most definitely should. Thanks for dropping by!

  23. I will be honest and say I have never heard of this Zukul company before although I am familiar with the concept of Multi Level Marketing and the reputation it has.

    I see what you say and you mention that it is software that teaches you how to get traffic online. I am not sure about needing to join this as there is a lot of information on the internet for free isn’t there?

    I also see there are a lot more cons to the pros, so I think I will put this down to just another MLM to avoid.

    Thanks for the review and bringing this company to my attention 🙂


    • Hey Chris,

      You’re right on that one, information can be found anywhere on the internet but there are always people who would rather join a course than looking all over the internet to piece the puzzle together. Glad to know you liked the review, cheers!

  24. Hey Riaz,

    Great review. I’ve just heard of Zukul.

    That’s a lot of red flags, huh? And surprisingly still managed a 71 rating from you.

    Hmm. Sorta makes me feel like checking it out. But that’s a lot of red flags!!! lol

    Ahh, maybe I should just stay away from it, eh?

    • Hey Julian,

      I’m obliged to rate it as legit as there isn’t a bad record anywhere that they’ve done but personally, I wouldn’t recommend you joining as an Online Business platform of choice. The price is too steep for something so new and untested.

  25. Thanks for sharing our review of Zukul. MLM marketing online is interesting. The pros and cons shared are interesting. I thought the cons were especially interesting. The red flags were interesting. You have really done your research on the company! It is refreshing to find and honest online review. I am always leery of trying new companies online. This review was a great information. Thanks You.

    • I certainly did Cathy, took me a while to learn all that their company has to offer, are offering as well as their plans. I love writing my reviews from both sides so that you’ll know what its all about from a broader picture. Glad you like my review, thanks for dropping by!

  26. I found this article quite informative. i learned a bit about MLM and I like your title “Software Cum” haha

    I like how you are honest in your article. Many people in your situation would simply promote the product because they could get a commission for it, especially with an MLM company. I have found that most reviews just promote products for this reason, but yours actually tells the truth.

    • Thanks Eric, its hard to find unbiased reviews especially when it comes to MLM. Knowing that, I made my review as detailed as possible so my readers can a much broader picture to help them decide. Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by.

  27. Thank you for the another honest review.

    I will stay away from Zukul because it seems that there are many more cons than the pros in your opinion. Those “red flags” don’t make Zukul very attractive :D. And the price is very high. Investing for the highest package $250/month means $3000/year and still after that you may end up not earning much money… I prefer to stick with WA still 🙂

    • Hey Roope,

      Exactly man, Wealthy Affiliate costs $359 to upgrade to an annual plan whereas Zukul charges $250 every month which is really not a good deal when comparing them both. Thanks for the feedback, cheers!

  28. HI, Riaz. I like your review of Zukul MLM company.
    I’m not into MLM but if I were your review would convince me to stay away from this one. your review states that the owner of Zukul was accused of being involved in a Ponzi scheme in the past. I would stay away from this one.


    • That’s the right thing to do Eric, personally for me I would do the same. however since Zukul is still clean, i am obliged to rate it as legit for now. I’ll be keeping a close eye out on them for now though, so if there’s any update going on, I’ll e sure to update it here.

  29. Okay from what you posted, I can’t see how Zukul is not considered a scam. Sounds like a pyramid scheme sort of thing. In fact it is. In WA people provide useful info on generating income, by giving expert ideas, info and useful tips in their respective niche. Or actually sell product. Zukul does none of this.SCAM

    • Hey Dave,

      I support your idea and personally as an ex network marketer myself, I wanted so bad to rate all MLMs as scam. Most of reviews have terrible rates for MLM but since Zukul is new, i can’t call it a scam yet as there hasn’t any who are complaining or tricked by their devious schemes yet.

      Due to the lack of evidence, I can’t falsely accuse them of scam however I do keep on the lookout for any updates that they have. Any wrong moves that they do ill b updated on my blog as we go.

  30. HI there my friend,

    That is a great, concise and very detailed review. Multi level marketing or network marketing is not for me. As I prefer the affiliate marketing model and don’t want to handle team member or anything like that.

    I can see how the tools of Zukul would help affiliate marketers. Would recommend Zukul for affiliate marketer who may not be interested in the opportunity of selling the product, but to use it, zukul for their tools?

    • Hey Derek,

      Affiliate Marketing is definitely much better than MLM, anyone can do it and it doesn’t cost much to start as compared to MLM. You have a friendly community too and not a competitive and cutthroat one.

      Zukul isn’t all that bad and I have no problem with people using it but if you’d like more value for money with better flexibility on web development, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better choice for that as their training as much deeper and have more tools to help make your website building experience easier.

  31. Hi Riaz,

    Thanks for your thorough review on Zukul. It seems there are way too many red flags for me to consider this a legit program. I think 71/100 is a quite generous review.

    If the jury is still out I understand. I’ll have to take a pass on Zukul. Thanks for the heads up on Jeremy’s ventures.


    • Thanks Greg, as much as I hate MLM, I couldn’t detect any schemes yet to call it a scam and as long as they remain below the radar, Zukul should be fine as they’re not upsetting many people. Glad you liked me reciew, thanks for dropping by.

  32. Hello, Riaz.

    This is the first time I see a legit MLM company. Or at least, what it looks like. I never heard of it, as I am not interested in them. It’s still a fresh business, 2 years may be an opportunity for some people to join in and always be on top.

    The price looks a little too high and as you stated, after what happened with Empower Network, no one want to get involved with this kind of business anymore. We can talk about a clean record only after, at least, 5 years.

    Thanks for your effort and for letting us about new and fresh opportunities.


    • I agree with you on that one Imad, 5 years is definitely the correct time to start having faith on a company. Committing yourself to a new company is very risky and as much as I worry about the people investing in Zukul, its their decision at the end of the day and I hope good things come up from there. Apprecitea your feedback man, thanks for dropping by.

  33. This is a very new, and interesting idea. I’ve always hated the idea of MLMs because you have to go door to door or try to sell to your friends and family if you want to make any money. Pretty soon, everyone sees you as someone just trying to take their money.

    I would hate being a part of that then when you consider how many MLM marketers are successful there’s just no reason to do it! Moving it online opens the door to so many opportunities. I’m surprised there aren’t more of them out there that are solely online. Or do you know of any others?

    It definitely looks better than other MLM options but it’s very scary knowing that it’s creator was involved in another scheme just a couple years ago. Your red flags are also very viable and it’s just not something I’d ever dare invest in!

    • Hey Camden,

      I’m glad you don;t dare to invest in it because you definitely should. Traditional MLM is actually the way you explained earlier though – Door to door.

      There are still many MLMs who teach you that and believe it or not, people are getting tired to these salesmen so its not a wise venture to delve into. I’m glad you liked my review, thanks for sharing your concern, Hope you hvae a great weekend!

  34. Zukul’s founder sounds like a scammer. HUGE red flag. The fact he’s involved in scams in a strong indicator Zukul shouldn’t be trusted either. And that $250 per month is a BIG amount of money to pay each and every month. You would better be certain that you will get at least that much back and preferably even more after paying so much for it.

    Can you tell me why did you give Wealthy Affiliate 98/100 instead of full 100? I didn’t see any negative points for Wealthy Affiliate on your comparison table so I’m wondering what caused you to deduct two points.

    Edit this mistake from your article” If Paypal doesn’t trust a program, so should you.” (and remove this suggestion from this comment after editing it). Change it to “…so shouldn’t you”

    • Hey Matthew,

      Glad you saw the negativity through that past experience. Most people believe in second chances but with a scam so huge globally, second chances seem impossible for certain kinds of people.

      No program is perfect in this world Matthew, even WA no matter how powerful they are. They have everything lined up for everyone but over time, achieving success and creating content can be a rather tedious thing. What WA can do to improve on is to create mini competitions with rewards to make WA more interesting and to fire up some people to work harder on their blogs too. That’s from my point of view though because other than that, it all fine.

      Thanks for noticing the grammar error, I fixed it. Appreciate your feedback and great question by the way. Hope you have a great weekend!

  35. I have never really put much thought into programs such as MLM’s because of the social stigma attached to them such as scams or illegal schemes. I can definitely tell that you went the extra mile to review this online business and class it as a legit online opportunity. Thanks for the great level of detail and insight it as has been very helpful and informative.

    • Glad you liked my review Ben, I write them as detailed as possible to a clearer view on things for consumers like us. Thanks for dropping by, hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  36. Hi there !
    Thanks for the article 🙂
    I’m a french student who wants to build up his site, so i looked for Wealthy affiliate, but now i want something to complete the training. Zukul does not seems so bad, the beginner package is very cheap, so i think i’m going to buy it !
    Thanks for the honest review 🙂

    • Bonjour Palanquaor, Zukul’s package seems cheap at fist but do bear in mind the monthlies that will arise as you go. Glad you liked my review, thanks for the feedback. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  37. Thank you for sharing this with us. Zukul is one of those systems that I have heard about but until now hadn’t really taken any notice of. I was quite surprised to see your rating for this product as I tend to get a bit of a sinking feeling when I see anything to do with MLM! However, going on what you say, I will certainly take a look at this.

    • Hey ANdrew

      I too tend to give a much lower rating for MLM companies as they tend to have so many problems and controversies but since Zukul is still new and have kept a clean record until now, I am obliged to give it a better rating than the rest. Glad you liked the review, thanks for dropping by!

  38. Hi Riaz,

    This is another one that I will be giving a wider berth!

    To be honest I’m yet to encounter an MLM business model that I like or feel comfortable using.

    I see you highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate, I’m a user myself and agree it is a fantastic product.

    I’m looking to expand and diversify my online business, are there any other business models you could recommend I could look at in addition to what I’m doing at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hey Nate,

      If you feel uncomfortable when there’s MLM involved, then that’s completely normal because you actually should. Many people fell to their lies and so far there haven’t been anyone happy in the industry except for the ones on top as they are the ones who are enjoying life and pressuring the people below to work harder.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with WA, it really is a great platform to learn and your online empire. I review programs every week but so far, none of them have been able to surpass WA but if I ever do come across any, you can always be updated through my newsletter so do subsribe if you don;t want to miss a thing. Thanks for dropping by man, hope you have a great Thursday!

  39. Wow I can’t believe they have created a marketing product into an MLM. The high costs and limited resources to information just wouldn’t do it for me. Another aspect is the fact that they want you to create “downline” but I find that most MLM companies benefit a small majority and typically make it very difficult for others to get to the top. I too am very happy I choose Wealthy Affiliate.

    • You’re totally right on that one Annelise, the ones below will never see profit in MLM – Only the ones on top of the pyramid will. Zukul’s direction is uncertain so we need to really keep a watchful eye if this s aventure we want to go into.

  40. Hey there Riaz!

    I’ve never heard of Zukul but I guess its because like you mentioned earlier in your post, it’s a fairly new company.

    let’s hope it continues to have a clean record, hahaha. A lot of these MLM companies can be incredibly shady most of the time unfortunately. There is almost some sort of catch. I know wealthy affiliate is good because they have a clean reputation and people tend to be saying good things about them. Thanks for the review!

    • Keep your fingers crossed Michael, you can never be too sure of new companies. No matter how good they are, 50% of businesses fail after 5 years so we can;’t put all our eggs in one basket when it comes to new ventures. Appreciate the feedback, hope you have a great Wednesday!

  41. Hey Riaz,

    There definitely seems to be some good things in this program from what you’ve shown. It seems like they have some good tips for generating traffic which is a great thing to know for online success.

    My biggest concern with this program is the fact that you said this Rush guy was already associated with a known scam In the past. This is just not something I could get over.

    Anyone who purposely starts a company to profit from poor unsuspecting people is just not trustworthy. I would never be able to get on board with a person like that and for that reason I couldn’t join this program. Thanks a lot for the helpful information.


    • Hey Robert,

      I’m glad you actually do care about a person’s past history, that’s a very keen eye that everyone needs to be mindful of when deciding to commit on long payments. Even for me, I personally do not trust anyone with a bad past so even with Zukul, I still have my doubts. Better safe than sorry!

  42. Initial impression is good. I like the red banner across the top promoting WA. Not seen that before (but I am only on week 5 of the course) but I thik it’s part of SumoMe? If so, I notice you have the social buttons on the left but no pop up boxes that appear on scrolling or going to leave the site – presumably you find those irritating when over used? The Red, White and Blue theme is attractive. Good call to action to join your list in the right hand side bar. Lovely image of you with your cat – trustworthy, human touch. Interested in your review of Clickbank Uni as I joined that before WA and have not gone back since as the training is so much better on WA. Great list of pros and cons for each program. Clear signposting to pages. Your site comes across as authoritative. Easy to leave a comment. Hope all your effort is reaping rewards.

  43. Well written. I have not paid much attention to Zukul but it seems to fit the description of the typical programs that take more money than they make money for people. This program does not sound at all to be newbie friendly and pretty much comes across as a program designed for someone who has a massive amount of money to blow with paid advertising or a massive list to blast for sign ups. That compensation plan was a bit off to me also. Just seems like the program is not set up for training or product sales it’s simply set up for massive recruitment for those who are able. Thanks for the review.

    • Glad you see that through all their fluffy filters, its not as easy as it sounds. There are lot of of better programs out there on Online Business which are more established and its far better to go all out on them rather than a new company with expensive prices.

  44. The fact that there has not been any abuse of power cases,members that do not bully each other or no huge controversies which make headlines in the media does not mean that we can not call Zukul by what it is, a scam.

    $250 a month that seems like a lot of money just to learn how to boost traffic from Facebook. Do they even teach you how to create websites?

    • Hey Juan,

      If you read the whole review, I did not call it a scam. I rated it as legit and if you’ve been following my reviews, you know how rarely I rate my review as legit as there are a lot of scams out there. They do in fact teach you on how to create a website but that’s just that – They don’t teach you how to add contents, leverage keywords and SEO.

  45. Riaz,
    Thanks for the great review. I had never heard of Zukul before. But I am going to stay away from it.

    I also have tried a MLM and not had success with it, although it was a legit one. You’re right. Unless you are at the top of the “pyramid” you aren’t going to make much money.

    I have become a member of Wealthy Affiliate instead and am very pleased with my progress so far. I feel I will become successful here.


    • Great to know that PLH, MLM is not for everyone and if reading this puts you off, it definitely isn’t. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a lovely day!

  46. Hi Riaz! Well done! Great Zukul review! I didn’t know very much about it, but now I’m totally informed, and to be honest i’ll pass it. As a MLM I’m not interested, but it’s very important to be aware about this kind of website. I’m shore it is a scam and that it will not end very well to members… So it’s really important that people search some reviews like this one before they join into scam programes!

    • Thanks Alex, I do hope people will find my review first before they make any decision into joining to get better informed. APpreciate teh feedback, cheers!

  47. There are way to many red flags here. MLM companies have always had a bad reputation and for good reason. The people who get in early seem to make out okay but it is of the money of later investors who always seem to get screwed. This company is way to new for me to consider joining. To be honest I’m surprised you gave it the ranking of 71. I think that was pretty generous of you. Thank you for sharing, but as for now I would like to keep an eye on this and see where it is in a couple more years. This sounds like Empower Network revised.

    • You’re right on that one Jason, you’re okay of you get in early because the company has no bad records yet and people can see a good venture when its legit. I try to see a company from 2 side, glad you liked my review. Appreciate your comment my friend, thanks for dropping by!

  48. Hello Riaz
    l would like to thank you so much for your review.Came across Zukul while surfing the net last week, it looked too good to be true but l did not want to write it off till l had checked some reviews.
    As most people working online, I’m always looking for opportunities to increase my income so if an opportunity seems good, l want to join before it`s over crowded.But because l have been scammed before, l do not jin any program before researching, that`s how l got to your site.
    You have done a great job, not just giving shallow review but researching very well and explaining to readers why zukul is not the best out there.
    Thanks for your review,l enjoyed reading your post and informing myself what to expect at Zukul.
    Cheers Roamy

    • Thanks Roamy, you don’t know how happy I am to read your comment. I used to write shallow reviews but over time, I become more aggressive and write even more detailed comments so that I can give out the best information to my readers. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a lovely Saturday!

  49. I’m still searching for an MLM I’m comfortable in joining before I jump into anything. This Zukul review has given me something to think about.

    It sounds promising, but it also seems a bit early to say for sure. I think you said 2 years? And although your review claims legit, its still only a score of 71. I’d feel more comfortable around the 85 or higher.

    I don’t know. Just some things I’ll mull over before jumping into MLM. But this zukul review was excellent and has given me a lot to think about. Thank you for putting in so much information.

    • Glad you found my review helpful Stephen, Zukul is still something we need to take extra precaution on as its still new. Appreciate your feedback, cheers!

  50. This is a great review. There is no doubt in my mind that this is another scam. It seems everywhere I look there are more and more scams. Honestly, how can these people sleep at night? I hope more people know that if they take time to look up reviews on programs they were considering then they would save themselves lots of time and money.

    • MLM is very lucrative business if you are on top of the pyramid chain Gloria, which is why people do not care much when they see how much money they can make in the long run.

      It is a good business model by making those who are on top have the little people doing everything for them down below without paying them. But you’re totally right on the ethical part, sometimes I too wonder how these people sleep at night knowing how many people they tricked.

  51. You said this program started 2 years ago, so it’s still early for it to get into the same bad stages Empower Network got to.

    But you also said the guy promoted Banners Broker (Do you personally think he was using it to get people into his MLM?) and you can’t use PP! Thank you for this!

    • You’re right on that Vitaliy, but I wasn’t saying that it’s going to be another Empower Network. I was just stating that there’s another Online Marketing MLM called Empower Network and that didn’t end well.

  52. Hi Riaz!

    Zukul seems to be another MLM program in which I should pass on. It’s a tough thing because they always seem to excite and pull you in at first and the longer you look into it the more you see the program for what it really is. You mention Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate as good alternatives. I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate but how good is Affilorama? Do you know if it is possible to make some real money with them?


    • Hey Anthony,

      Affilorama is basically Wealthy Affiliate but more expensive, has lots of upsells, and doesn’t provide you with free website builders, website healthy checkers, keyword tool and the complimentary dedicated hosting.

      Both programs focus on building an Online Business by creating a website and monetising your passion with any niche possible (Plus side) but all in all, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the winner for beginners. You can make money with Affilorama but you’ll end up spending a lot more on their packages too.

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