What is ClearVoice Surveys? -13 Signs to Know.

Clear voice survey reviewed by my internet questProgram Name: ClearVoice Surveys

Website: www.clearvoicesurveys.com

Type of business: Online Survey

Price: Free

Owner: Unknown

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 ⭐⭐

I came across ClearVoice Surveys while I was reading through some news online.

I decided to try it out after seeing an ad online as I’ve always had an interest in doing online surveys since it’s how I first started out online and of course, one of the easiest ways to understand what it’s all about.

I do find it intriguing especially when the company has been around in the market for many years and has gotten millions of users.

But are those users really satisfied with their platform? Is ClearVoice’s quality maintaining like a rock in a river throughout these years without and degrading of service? Most importantly, how do we earn there in the first place?

If you’re just as curious as me on how it all unveils, do read on my full ClearVoice Surveys review to find out more about how it works.


Pros & Cons


  • Established since 2006.
  • Low payment threshold, you can withdraw if you have a minimum of $10.
  • You can create your own polls although you can’t earn from it.
  • Their website is mobile-friendly.


  • Their Sweepstakes is a good touch, but there’s no way of knowing whether it’s true or not.
  • Crazy amount of personal info to fill in.
  • They seem a bit racist when asking in detail about ethnicity.
  • Getting very detailed by asking if you have Latino or Hispanic descent, racist much?
  • No affiliate commissions, so you don’t earn if you get people to join.
  • Limited number of payment options as you can only withdraw through Payoneer, Amazon.com gift certificates, or Dining Dough gift certificates.
  • A lot of users are experiencing problems when withdrawing.
  • They won’t even tell you if they are going to block your hard-earned cash.
  • Tons of complaints all over the web.
  • Some rewards may take up to several months to get approved!
  • Possibility of getting spammed when you give your emails.
  • There’s a chance your Rewards Expire before you can withdraw.
  • Lack of surveys to do.
  • Their Facebook is basically dead.

Golly, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is ClearVoice Surveys and How Does it Work?

nice global image of clearvocie surveys

Founded back in 2006, ClearVoice is a survey provider company based in Denver Colorado that aims to create income for its users using surveys.

How it works is that when inside the dashboard from the member login, there will be various survey activities we can partake in for us to get commissions.

Since these surveys are provided by different companies, they have strict qualifications so if you were to make a mistake finishing up a survey knowing that you don’t even qualify, you won’t get anything besides a compensation of $0.10.

The surveys are like tasks that you can check regularly where each of them is different and they pay differently too, at a range of $1 to $3 normally depending on the tasks, and they usually take an hour or two to fill up as the questions can be very extensive.

Since the surveys are created according to the demands of different clients, don’t be surprised if you were to spend a good deal of time on the shopping behavior of families and the next survey a whole different genre such as gaming habits of teenagers, or even how much money do we give children a week when they’re at school.

We can never expect what the questions would be like but I do find it very interesting as there’s something new to look at rather than answering the same thing day after day which can be a bit of an ordeal for some people.

They also have Sweepstakes which is like a random lucky draw to get winners but it’s been years and nobody seems to be sharing anything about it nor does the company reveal who the winners are so there’s a probability that it might just another hoax.

For the earnings part, there is a minimum threshold of $10 in order for you to withdraw but reaching that $10 alone takes so much time and most people only earn that much after tireless working on surveys the whole entire month.

When you do surveys, your funds are saved in the form of rewards which is just another fancy name for credits for their e-Wallet.

The rewards will expire after 1 year so if you don’t withdraw, all your hard-earned credits will disappear besides the ones that haven’t reached 365 days yet.

It’s a bit of a gamble knowing that you have to work longer to finish more surveys with the possibility of all of that getting wiped out which is why withdrawing immediately after reaching the $10 threshold is adamant.

There are three forms of payment options when you want to withdraw your funds which are through Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard, through Amazon.com gift certificates, or through Dining Dough gift certificates whereas you might have noticed, does not seem like good options for pure cash.

After withdrawing, it’ll take 2-4 weeks for you to get your cash although there is a possibility that it’ll take longer than that, sometimes months so you’d have to be ready in case of delays happen.

With all that being set, doing surveys is the only way you can earn here.


Red Flags – Are the Risks Worth Taking?

Though it looks simple enough, ClearVoice Surveys do have some points which I don’t really like and I figure it’s better if I lay them all here to help you decide better…

Red Flag #1 – Their Technical Issues Happens a Lot.

technical bug on website clearvoice

It’s okay if it rarely happens but this one is one too frequent.

Although uncertain, I noticed that their website crashes way too many times than usual websites.

Sometimes, it crashes once in two weeks, whereas sometimes, for multiple days in a week and it’s getting pretty annoying considering that we have to spend hours doing a survey and it’s really affecting the process and timeline I set for myself.

One time, it happened while I was in the middle of a survey and the glitch happened while I was still in the midst of it (I was almost done even!) so I had to do the survey all over again which a complete waste of time.

It reminded me of a similar Get-Paid-To website named Bubblews which also has a lot of technical glitches and it suddenly got frequent too.

Basically what I experienced there was that the technical issue was so bad that I couldn’t withdraw my cash after spending so long collecting.

Red Flag #2 – They Won’t Tell You If You’re Not Getting Your Money.

they take money away without reason

How would you feel if you’ve spent hours on something only to see your efforts gone to waste?

As much as I like to just let this slip by, I can’t because it’s actually a norm for Survey sites and Get-Paid-To sites – it happened to me similar before while I was on another platform called Bubblews which I mentioned earlier.

What happened was pretty much what a lot of us Survey site users experience, we put all our efforts into doing menial tasks to collect funds only to see it disappear the next day without explanation.

There’s no explanation for this because it happens at random, some people will be unfortunate enough to get their funds wiped out without any explanation.

It’s one of the drawbacks of Survey Sites since we can’t do much because we’re not even paying them to join in the first place so the best thing many people would do is to just continue the next month and absorb that loss.

If you’re keen on joining ClearVoice, this is one of the instances that you need to ready for in case it happens to you.

If it happens to you and you’re thinking of getting support…

Red Flag #3 – Support Isn’t That Great.

clearvioce support 1 2

It comes as no surprise that they won’t reply to you.

Survey sites are very popular and they have hundreds of thousands of users if not millions but one important fact that you have to always remember about them is that because these sites are free and that we don’t have any property nor anything that binds us with them, they can always mistreat us.

Why would they care about one person when they have numerous more?

They don’t earn anything from us besides some survey clicks and they can just give more attention to anyone else who doesn’t talk much which in my opinion is very unfair.

Red Flag #4 – Shady Sweepstakes.

shady sweepstakes

One cool feature they have is the sweepstakes.

They’re basically like lucky draws where they’ll pick any user at random and reward them according to the sweepstake type that’s happening whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly.

It’s actually a very clever strategy at trying to make us users stay longer and spend more time on their site so that they’ll get more engagement, exposure, and earn more because who doesn’t want to win money?

I was curious so I stayed for a few months with ClearVoice Surveys to maybe win once but most importantly, get to know someone who does win but to my disappointment, I couldn’t find any info about it.

They don’t share anything on social media, there are no postings about it and they didn’t even inform who got it or when it’s refreshed which makes it very shady since we don’t know anything about it.

For all we know, nobody even got that sweepstake money first place.

That happens a lot of time everywhere and I wouldn’t even be surprised if it happens here as well.

Speaking of which, I was doing some digging and noticed that…

Red Flag #5 – Their Facebook Page is Dead.

Clearvoice Facebook page is dead

How would a page with millions of users die?

It just doesn’t make sense.

ClearVoice Surveys have been around since 2006, that’s more than 10 years and by now, they should have grown to scale bigger than any one of their counterparts in the industry.

Their last post was in 2009 and what’s funny is that people are asking about technical issues and problems regarding their funds not being able to cash out, even on Facebook.

Survey websites are always a community-based sort of thing as it’s free and everyone can join so you can understand why it’s very disturbing to find out that socially, they’re like a ghost town.

Red Flag #6 – Limited Payment Options.

users prefer cold hard cash instead of gifts cards yo

How would you feel if you’ve worked hard only to be rewarded through gift certificates?

One of the reasons people join Survey websites even though the pay isn’t good is because we needed a little cash to survive or to pay something when we’re don’t have enough as usually, payment can easily be gotten.

ClearVoice on the other hand, limits the way we cash out our funds to only three ways which are through Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard, as Amazon.com gift certificates, or as Dining Dough gift certificates.

Both those gift certificates are practically useless since people work for money, not be paid through gifts compensations which leave us with only Payoneer.

Payoneer is a lot like PayPal but with stricter rules and a higher fee for transactions as it is usually used for business.

PayPal is more popular and a lot safer too as there are certain programs that they will not allow themselves to be affiliated with such as MLMs so it might be the case of why ClearVoice doesn’t go with PayPal.

Another option is that they can just basically open up more options of earning but after figuring out for some time with the other factors adding up, I’ve come to a conclusion that maybe CV is just playing a sneaky game of trying to make it’s users spend less real money so that they would save more for themselves.

Red Flag #7 – You’ll Get Spammed When You Give Your Email.

getting spammed with emails

Some programs are just built with spam.

It’s not new and emailing people is quite normal as every company does that, especially ones that operate online but getting non-stop email spam to make it look cheap no to mention annoying.

When I first signed up, I received 2-3 emails a day so I quickly unsubscribed because it’s quite normal for me to come across those kinds of programs.

You could say that it’s like my built-in system but I guess I wasn’t the only one who experienced it as there are a lot of complaints from people experiencing similar cases.

Red Flag #8 – Crazy Amount of Personal Info to Fill in.

filling your personal details

Personal info is always a requirement but this one’s way too much.

In order to start, you’d have to fill in your bio first, all account creations all over the world work that way but one thing that really tests my patience is CV Survey’s biodata form.

Overall, there are 6 sections that you’d have to fill in, and each with very detailed sections of their own namely…

  • Personal profile
  • Basic Profile
  • Purchase profile
  • Employment Profile
  • Auto Profile
  • Technology Profile
  • Health and Wellness profile
  • Travel & Leisure profile

The info that you have to fill in is way more detailed than those you’d have to fill in when applying for a visa, with more than 8 pages to fill in and once you’ve finished all those, there are more pages of personal info that we’d have to further fill in.

In total, it took me about 2 hours to finish all those as they’re very detailed, especially when you need to check your travel logs, your car details to the most minute info such as car plate number and CC, not to mention insurance and what you purchase on.

I got way too stressed filling in that I wanted to just skip but I couldn’t because that info is mandatory before you even start.

And if that’s not detailed enough…

Red Flag #9 – Ethnicity over Nationality.

user registration asking about ethnicity

It seems a bit biased to filter us by our race.

I know personal bios are important but I can’t help but feel that the reason they want us to fill in that much info on our race and ethnicity in particular, is maybe because they are biased and might want to only give priority to certain races that they do like.

And if you look at my screenshot, they even ask if I have Latino/Hispanic origins.

I can’t help but ask myself, why do they need that info? Do I get more benefits or survey priorities if I’m Latino? What if I’m Asian? Does that mean I won’t get any jobs?

On maybe is it the other way around that ClearVoice might not like Hispanic or Latinos that they want us to fill in order for them to filter people.

Racial discrimination at its best.

On that we won’t know or even notice, just because it’s online.

I wanted to tell myself that maybe it’s because some surveys require racial profiles maybe they wanted to do a market study between Asians or Africans but I’ve been on the platform for 3 months and I haven’t even seen any race-specific queries at all.

And talking about surveys…

Red Flag #10 – Lack of Surveys to Do.

Lack of surveys 1 2 3

There’s not enough to go around.

I thought I was the only one who was experiencing this but after doing some digging online, I found out that many other people are also experiencing the same thing.

Surveys seem to be really hard to come by and it’s getting worse as of late, from getting surveys daily, I’m lucky to even get one survey that whole week.

It is the reality for the survey filling industry, a user usually subscribes to multiple survey companies so that whenever trends die and one company doesn’t have surveys anymore if any, we can always hop on to the next rising company.

It’s sad but I can’t help but feel that this company too, might soon be out of service.

Especially when…

Red Flag #11 – Their Website Seems to be Collapsing.

Clearvice Alexa Site ranks going down

I can’t help but feel like something bad is happening.

When I noticed that surveys are getting lesser and lesser for me to do, I did some digging on Alexa to find out that their site traffic dropped so much that they fell from being in the 208,922nd place, to 332,696th website globally in December 2020.

Imagine how much traffic they have lost to get there, it’ll take hundreds of thousands!

And not just website traffic which I noticed has been decreasing, there are other signs too like the engagement and daily time on site is are also getting worse as it shows that people are not keen on spending time with them anymore due to obvious reasons.

If you look at Google Trend yourself, you’ll notice that they have less than a hundred searches a day as compared way back when they used to have thousands per day at their peak performance which definitely is worrisome.

If a huge website like ClearVoice is losing that much traffic not to mention the signs of survey jobs are also getting a rare sight to see, that could only mean that the company isn’t doing very well and might be closing anytime soon.

It may not be compulsory to check for a company’s background or growth progress but I’d say it’s more important now than ever especially with the pandemic affecting all businesses and we’ll never know when a huge corporation can fall from grace when from an outsider’s point of view, they look entirely fine.

It would be a wise decision to check whether that particular company is here to stay or if they’re closing down anytime soon because seeing that we’ll be focusing most of our time on that site for surveys, it’s best if we put our risks to a minimum so that we won’t ever have to go through the ordeal that follows when they close down like for example, trying to claim our hard-earned money.

Red Flag #12 – There’s a Chance Your Rewards Expires Before You Can Withdraw.

Not being able to withdraw before period ends 1 2 3

Imagine how you would feel if you wake up and see your cash deducted.

Usually, it happens when our banks are hacked.

But no, it’s actually real and it’s ClearVoice Survey’s dirty practice.

CV Surveys have this rule that if users like me and you don’t withdraw our rewards, they will stay for a period of 1 year before it disappears.

Rewards are basically the points you earn after completing surveys, it’s like your digital funds which, unless you withdraw, are not actual money.

Naturally, people will withdraw as soon as they reach the $10 threshold but due to the lack of surveys, sometimes it takes up months to even reach $10 and some people prefer to wait longer to until their rewards reach a nicer-looking number to release their funds.

Red Flag #13 – Some Payments Take Months to Get Approved.

you have to wait months for some payments

Okay, this one is totally unfair in my opinion.

Clear Voice Surveys earns by selling data from its users which are of course, people like us and by making us do their surveys, they reward us through the survey payments which we already know, is extremely low.

They get paid thousands if not 5-figure income for each project and their profit margin is definitely huge so if they want to waste other people’s time and effort, they shouldn’t make their users wait that long because even after waiting for several months, we’ll still earn less than $10!

I have my fair share of Project Management previously before the pandemic happens as I also have an events company that adopts a similar model – I close projects which would cost somewhere between $5,000 to $15,000, and then I outsource to freelance events team to help me carry out the project.

Do you see where I am going? It is a similar business model.

From there, I pay my freelancers accordingly and earn myself a profit of which is about 70% of the total cost.

Evidently, there are instances where my clients pay me very late, sometimes I have to wait up to 6 months but do you think it’s fair for me to not pay my team and make them wait that long too?

Of course not.

In fact, I usually pay them upfront and it’s because at the end of the day, we only do work that we are assigned to and in this case, it is not project management.

It is doing surveys.

So why do we have to wait months to just get approval for a simple reward that would not even pay us much? And plus, it is not even mentioned anywhere that we have to wait for Clear Voice’s client approval.

I know that there are many surveys inside and we can earn some rewards fast but what if we keep bumping into cases that pay us late numerous times?

If it happens once, it’s definitely going to happen again.


Do I Recommend Clear Voice Surveys?

No, I don’t. And for obvious reasons too.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against ClearVoice Surveys as they’re still a legitimate company despite the drawbacks.

Surveys are great but having such a glitchy website, the lack of surveys to do not to mention the low earning capabilities because they don’t provide surveys enough for us to reach the threshold is just not something long-term enough to commit your time with ClearVoice.

Survey websites are good but the only way you’ll ever make money is through the whims of the company as you’re practically working like bounty hunters – constantly waiting for survey jobs and from there, fight to win.

Sometimes you get the job and earn a bit, but sometimes there’s always the risk of the company itself turning its back on you and wiping out the bounty entirely wasting your time and hopes.

No longer.

If you’re really serious about building a reliable income stream online, then you should definitely consider having your own Online Business.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

How to do that you ask?

You can start like me, through a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s an Online Business platform at its best as it helps you build a fully functioning website of your own for any niche you like and from there, monetize your website through Affiliate Marketing.

Their system is so robust, they provide evergreen content as well as SEO lessons for you and you can take all the time you want on their trial account until you feel confident enough to go premium anytime, without the pressure of time constraints like most programs on the internet do.

Whether it’s through Amazon, through Apple, or other means, there are various monetization methods you can opt for which is why the system is great as it gives you the room and flexibility for you to grow and find your own path.

The best part? Since it’s your own business, you won’t be at the whims of bosses unlike survey companies and the more time you focus on your business, the more it grows until eventually you can quit your job and earn fully online.

It’s how I get started too and a clear example is this very website that you’re looking at.

The community there at WA is amazing, they helped me get back up when I was broke and fresh from being scammed so they guided me on making my site impactful enough until I was able to monetize by myself.

I owe it to them and now, I’m sharing it with everyone so more people can have the chance to create a new path for themselves.

I know it’s a clear win if I compare an Online Business platform to a survey bounty site but just to help you see clearly what I’m talking about, here’s a quick overview…


Final Words

Survey jobs don’t pay much but people usually do them anyway for some quick cash.

Not ClearVoice.

Although they have been around for some time, they’re not what they used to be anymore as many are experiencing late payments, problems with disappearing credits before cashing out, not to mention the lack of surveys to cover it all up.

It’s indeed a legitimate program, but it’s also far from reliable as you’ll end up just wasting hours of your precious time which could have been better spent on other earning programs so I cannot really recommend ClearVoice to anyone.

Do check out my top-rated program to make money online here, it’s been sustaining me and it would definitely do the same for you.

Thanks for reading, feel free to drop your comments down below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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  1. As you mentioned in the cons, rewards may expire before we can withdraw. Even though it’s a whole year, rewards expiring is something I don’t like at all, whether it’s this survey site or Grab or any other rewards program. I can’t understand the logic behind it.

    Looks like I’ll be staying away from this survey site since there are so many cons.

    • Yup, it’s one way for them to not pay you because as you struggle to earn, you might not even be able to withdraw when your period’s up.

  2. I am so happy that I stumbled upon your article because it was just the thing I was looking for. You really explained everything in detail and that is what I like the most about your article. You really wrote it with passion and I want to thank you for that and keep posting great articles like this one and I wish you all the best in the future and in your business.


  3. Thank you for sharing your review about ClearVoice Surveys. Thank goodness I haven’t been a participant to one of those kind of platforms yet. Before joining any platform, I may assure through performing some researches in google and websites such as yours. Of course who would join a platform which asks about ethnicity and has all those number (10+) of red flags. 

    Thank you for sharing your own experience with the society so that other people get the proper knowledge of the platform before joining.

    All the best!


  4. I first heard about ClearVoice some time around 2014. I gave it a try and wasn’t really satisfied with the results  I was getting, the hitches were just so much coupled with the stress I had to go through to set up my account. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is the super platform I wished I found earlier, the platform is amazing. Thank you for your honesty in this review.

    • Totally understood Peter, the account setup part is just dreadful. Glad you’re satisfied with WA, I can’t recommend a better program for Online Business, best of luck on your business!

  5. I love how broke the information about ClearVoice Surveys! I have tried online surveys before and never could figure it out at all. Now after reading your review I’m gonna give it another try with ClearVoice. I would be able to make some headway after this. Thank you so much for the very helpful information. 

  6. Hi Riaz, thanks for sharing your in-depth review, I now know to steer well clear of this one, way too many red flags. I have done some online survey before as well but it took a lot of searching to find the good ones. Way too many scams out there these days, support needs to be really good if they want my business, I don’t think Clear Voice would make the grade.

  7. Thanks Riaz, you have done a lot of work to investigate clearvoice surveys. Did I read correctly that you have to do a survey, which might take you one hour or more to complete and you would receive 1-3 dollars? This alone sounds very fishy to me but immediately tells me that income will be very low from this opportunity.

    Interesting point about their ask for so much personal details, whilst that clearly is not necessary in this case. You said it is free, so there is no deal. Maybe this is their earning model and they are collecting these details and sell them to other companies?

    Reading your review, it is fully clear to me that this program is an absolute no-go for me and I think that your rating of 2 out of 5 is very generous.

  8. Thankyou for the comprehensive review Riaz, 

    I have to admit I only skimmed through it, because you put me off by the very long list of cons!  There are some good survey sites out there and you have reviewed a few of them but it is clear to me that ClearVoice surveys is not one of them. I look forward to reading more of your posts, is there one particularly online money making opportunity that you would recommend?

  9. Hi Riaz, thanks for sharing this discussion on ClearVoice surveys. Thanks for so clearly listing out your rank of 2/5 and the essential pros and cons. Your 13 red flags mentioned are, well, definitely red flags for me! Perhaps the most annoying one to me would be #7 – I am so fed up of spam! 

  10. Again, you have outdone yourself with these reviews. I decided to stick around to see what other reviews you have to offer since they are all very high quality, and I saw this one on Clearvoice which I have been trying to look into more and learn more about it and I see that you really offer the most detailed and helpful information on it. so thank you very much

  11. I have been looking for a recommended survey program that would help me earn a few dollars while I am sitting and kind of watching TV or relaxing in the sun outside.  I have heard of Clear Voice but have never looked into it.  It seems to work the same as most programs, but your red flags have made me cautious about spending time doing something that might already be defunct.  The biggest red flag for me was the unchanged home page since 2009.  It seems like the company does not care. 

  12. l was searching for a legit survey site when l bumped into Clear Voice Surveys. l the decided to search for some reviews of the company before diving in and l am glad l deed. Thank you Riaz for highlighting the weaknesses common inside most survey sites.  Asking too much about one’s personal information, lack of surveys,  disqualifications, and being booted out without notice. They are just different sides of the same coin. 

  13. This is a very useful review on clearvoice surveys. I have to say I’m not really that shocked at this because there are many survey sites that do the same as clearvoice. I have tried many before and in my opinion it is too much hassle in just trying to chase money which you probably won’t get anyway. All be it a very useful article 🙂

  14. Your review of this online earning opportunity reflects a great deal of what I found when I did spend time doing surveys in my quest to earn money online. The amount of personal information shared reflected more than I was comfortable with.  Then the spam!  Incredible the amount of spam. 

    As the process of searching through the good, bad and ugly to find one that would give a reasonable return for the time spent was too much for me, you are doing a great service to the people searching for a way to make money online.  As the whole idea is not one that works for me, I have wondered why I was attracted to the whole idea to start with.  I suppose that the statement that you could earn money was the attraction.  Experience taught me differently, and after reading through your review, I began to understand why.

    Sorry I didn’t read reviews years ago!  Keep warning your readers!  I tried to find a way for my Aunt to make money online a while ago, and we tried surveys.  She grew disgusted with being offered few.  Kind of an age thing we decided.  Now I realize it isn’t just older people who are not all that successful with the surveys.  Thanks for your share of information!

    • I guess surveys are not for everyone Sami, you aunt was right to feel uninterested. She deserves better, perhaps you could show her Wealthy Affiliate instead since it’s free. If she’s entrepreneurial, she might be interested in giving it a try 🙂

  15. Thanks for the article my guy! Wow I’m gonna be honest, this literally looks like the WORST survey service I’ve ever seen.. How do they expect to get people to sign up with the amount of unreliability within their service? It’s a disgrace to their competition. Thanks for the warning! I’ll steer far away from them. 

  16. Getting on to a platform for purpose of making money and not getting that money makes you really sad and that is the situation you are likely to find yourself with this one. I really would love to go with talking survey for side income purposes but I really would make a second decision after seeing all of these red flags with Clear voice survey. Thank you 

  17. I honestly think that This review is well worthy to me. I like the fact that you are not biased with it and the fact that you have spent out the good and the bad attached to this survey taking site too. It helps a lot, I will carefully reconsider before trying them, it’s likely something I’m not inclined to put all my efforts in long-term though.

  18. Very informative review of the Clearvoice Surveys program, thank you! I have to say this program does feel really scammy/spammy. After reading through your list of cons I definitely will be staying away from this product! Do you have any other resources that you may recommend instead? Thanks again for the warning about Clearvoice Surveys!

  19. Hello Riaz, 

    ClearVoice has a good lot of surveys. But a very important facet of a company is robust support. I wish ClearVoice had good support. But that is what I have heard, is lacking. You also talked about spamming and lots of personal information to fill in. 

    I think the platform is not doing too well or has reduced operations. It’s probably getting into some other business ventures. 

    Thank u for a great review.



  20. Thanks for such an in depth review of clearvoice. With all the red flags I don’t think it’s a site I’ll be using! I know you’ve recommended Wealthy Affiliate but is there another paid survey site that you would recommend? I sometimes use prolific as they pay quite well even for short surveys.

  21. Hi Riaz,

    Your review of Clear Voice surveys is very thorough!  Thanks for showcasing their many red flags.  Just looking at all of the personal information they want you to fill out is crazy, and is definitely a red flag.  Being rewarded with gift certificates instead of real cash is not worth the time and effort!

    I have tried a few surveys in the past to make a few bucks but will pass on this one.  Thanks for sharing and helping many desperate people potentially avoid this scam.

  22. Your review of this company is both professional and organized Riaz, 

    Your Pros and Cons layout is easy to follow and very informative which not many people do, other reviews are mostly disorganized which can be a pain. Giving the company’s history is also helpful to the consumer when they are trying to decide whether to join or not. 

    It’s a bummer that I’m not in the medical field. However, I know several nurses that I will pass this on to, they definitely need more compensation for the long hours that they put on the front line, hope this opportunity goes well for them. 

  23. It is quite funny that the owner of ClearVoice Surveys is unknown, but yet they have been on since 2006 (14years now). Now racism in any form or practice is something that should not be condoned. Being or seeming racist about ethnicity is a huge redflag. This is enough to discredit this survey platform. Then seeing other issues surrounding them, I do not think this is a good enough survey platform. Left for me, I’d rate it 1/5.

    • I totally agree with you Alkevin, there are a lot of people voicing out too, like a survey asks if you are a white person or not and if you click on no, you’ll be kicked out of the survey. It happens more often than we think.

  24. Hi Riaz

    Thank you for clearing this up for me. The whole purpose of a review is to enable the reader to make an informed decision after reading a review. You have nailed it for me with your clear and concise review of Clearvoice. I was thinking of going to other sites to see if there is information that I might have left out but I think yours covered pretty much everything.

    Clearly, the return on the time investment is not sufficient with this product. There are way too many red flags to even give this another thought. 

  25. Well to begin with I have never really liked taking surveys online, it’s either I don’t get paid or they tell me I’m not qualified or still they might run out of surveys for me to do, I find this very annoying. And now seeing that ClearVoice survey is more like other annoying platforms I’m not surprised. With the way you put it’s obvious that joining the platform is a waste of time

  26. Thank you for this review! I am always looking for different survey sites to use and this doesn’t seem like a good one. Some of them do ask for way too much personal info and then you don’t even qualify for the survey which is a bummer. Thank you for sharing so I don’t waste my time!

  27. Hey Riaz, I’ve read another one of your articles and they are quite the help when choosing a program. I’m not a big fan of surveys as they don’t usually offer much considering the amount of time sometimes you have to put in to actually get something out of it, but my sister is a massive fan of surveys. I think I should let her know about this although it doesn’t seem to be having much positive reviews! Thanks again for yet another review!

    • Great to see you here again Sariyah! Your sister could try Swagbucks, so far their survey capabilities are awesome and everyone can join.

  28. Personally, I have tried s couple of survey jobs that didn’t hit it for me and it’s pretty sad that they didn’t really pay me off very well. Seeing this one too now makes me feel like these survey platforms don’t really pay out and if there are any that does then they are very few. All in all, I feel you did a good job informing us about clear voice and also letting us know the reason why it is not a good go to. I should like to try that one you put up here as well.

  29. Hello Raiz, Big ups for you. This is a really detailed and honest review.

    So during this Corona virus Lockdown, There was this game I was playing where to get some crazy rewards they give you tasks. One of those tasks for me; happened to be to try some Clearvoice surveys, it was my first my first time hearing about it. I They asked me a lot of deep questions, which I didn’t even find OK, but well I went ahead and my survey was accepted. I answered honestly just to get my reward for my game which Never came! I was mad pissed. 

    • Sorry to hear about the reward Josh, it is a common trick for them to do that. The occasional disappearance of rewards is definitely not a surprise anymore, so when doing the surveys, you’d be doing it at your own risk. Appreciate the feedback!

  30. thank you for the heads up. I am always looking for ways to make extra income online I do that for me and the people around me who are really in need. It is unfortunate that in the process we end up wasting our time with companies like clear voice surveys. Articles like yours, really make the filtering easy

  31. When I first started looking for ways to make money online, I tried doing the survey thing. Although I didn’t try Clearvoice, I found that the time spent doing surveys versus the payment received was just not worth it and I quickly realized that there are better ways to make money online without getting so frustrated.

    Sometimes you were paid in vouchers which were useless to me, as the shipping costs to Africa were more than the cost of the product.

    I wonder if anybody is really successful doing surveys’ and can make a full-time income with it? I have yet to meet this person.

    • Hey Michel,

      I don’t think there’s any success to surveys as your income capability is very limited but I do have friends who are pro survey takers and they spend about 10 hours a day doing surveys online but not just on one site though, on multiple sites. This is so that they make sure that if one survey company messes up, there’s always another.

      It’s a great idea and a great intitiative, great minds are born where there are possible ways to make money but with all that drive for work, creating your own online business would always be your best bet at making bigger income because eventually, you won’t need to do surveys anymore but instead, as a side gig 🙂

  32. Hey Riaz,

    I came across this platform the other day and I want to make sure that I do not waste my time or money on it. I love the fact that there is threshold is low but what I hate the most is that I have to provide my personal information and eventually will be harassed by those cold callers. It is also unfair that we do not get referrals as well. I guess this is okay for whoever wants to make a little side income but it is definitely not sustainable. 

  33. I started out in the online world by doing surveys. There are some really good ones around that give you products to try and then answer questions about the product and you get paid as well. Your review on Clearvoice surveys seems nothing like that principle. I went and took a look at it and I agree, it asked a great deal of personal questions that I felt they did not need to know about. This site has so many things that are not good. I definitely would not recommend it to others. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. There is nothing worse then spending hours working and not getting paid.

  34. I was wondering about joining Clearvoice Surveys just yesterday, you’ve no idea how helpful your review is. There are so many survey sites that have very negative connotations around them, and when I see all the cons associated with Clearvoice surveys, I don’t think it’s worth anyone’s time. Thanks for the heads up Riaz!

  35. Spending as much as an hour or to answer surveys only to be paid $1 is like a waste of precious time. Worst of it is the expiring period placed on withdrawing. Lossing my cash if I don’t withdraw n 365 days is not good at all. Top of it is the clear voice survey support which is not too good. Affiliate marketing is far better, although it takes quite some time to see the result and you need to be consistent. But the result is a goldmine. And with wealthy affiliate, you are sure of good training and tools that I can agree.

  36. I have to say, having read this through that I think the business model doesn’t work which is probably why they are going under. The rate of pay is so low I have a hard time seeing how this could be remotely attractive to anyone. It doesn’t come close to minimum wage. 

    I am guessing that most survey companies have switched to the Sweepstakes model because that is far more likely to keep people coming back to the website and have them keep taking surveys to be eligible to stay in the Sweepstakes. You probably only have to have one or two winners every so often, and then publicize the hell out of that to attract other punters to sign up for the Sweepstakes/surveys. 

    Let’s say you have a million people signed up on your site taking surveys. You probably only have to have a couple of Sweepstakes winners every year, have them win maybe a million dollars each, That would cost you the same as paying each of your members $2 a year. You won’t get a million people to work taking surveys all year for a $2 paycheck at the end of the year, but you will likely get a million or more people to sign up and take surveys the whole time if they think they have a chance of winning a million dollars and can see evidence that people like them do win. 

    I will not be signing up with ClearView. 

    • You’re quite the detective Andy,

      Totally agree with your view on the sweepstakes being nothing but bait to lure more people to come in. Seeing that they might have some trouble keeping current members, they opt to try and attract newer ones to recoup their investments.

  37. Well, haven read this article, I do not think I can recommend ClearVoice Surveys to anyone. The cons for this survey platform greatly overwhelms the pros. This is doesn’t seem like a lucrative platform to join for those who want to get paid for Surveys. Thanks for this review on ClearVoice. This article has been helpful.

  38. Wow great info on ClearVoice Surveys! To be honest profitable survey sights can be difficult to find, and it’s good to know that this seems to be the case with ClearVoice Surveys as well. I agree that surveys can be great once you find the right one, and no one wants a glitchy website. With so many red flags it’s safe to say that I will be avoding ClearVoice Surveys. Thanks for the info!

  39. Wow a lot of cons to this company! Thank you for reviewing it before I jumped in! I’ve previously had experience with surveys online but have found them to be quite lengthy and time consuming for little in return. However they can be good for supplementing an income and start out is free so that’s a plus I guess. 

  40. Riaz – Some very good undercover work here – very thorough. Many people are drawn into such sites promising the opportunity to make money for a bit of time, but when the reward is minimal, gift coupons or not at all for a LOT of time, alarm bells should ring. Your point about them also wanting a LOT of personal data would personally put me off straight away and certainly your other point about spam once you’ve provided your email address means I would do like you – unsubscribe and get out. Might have been an efficient legitimate business in the past but clearly struggling now. Best to stay clear as you say. Potential joiners will get this useful info from you if they search google beforehand to reinforce this message.

    • Glad we both share the same view isimmonite, I would love to see Clearvoice in their glory days, they must have been a very good company according to what I’ve been hearing.

  41. A very detailed and honest article riaz, 

    I think a lot of people think this type of work is a quick win, but there are just so many pitfalls with that it bothers me especially the part where we’ll spend time doing surveys and not qualified for it. The reward is very little compared to the amount of time and effort you would have to put in. 

  42. I have worked with plenty of GPT take surveys or surf the internet sites and they’re all pretty much the same as CV.  I would sometimes spend 15-20 minutes answering questions only to be told that I didn’t qualify for that particular survey.  I would also often spend hours answering questions and not qualify for a single survey.  

    Then, when I did qualify for a survey, it would take 20+ minutes (after the time you spend qualifying in the first place) to earn a dollar or maybe 3.  Those $20 surveys they talk about?  Never saw one, or at least not one that I qualified for.  Never won a sweepstake either but I did get spammed and spent hours unsubscribing to emails.  

    But I do endorse Wealthy Affiliate, the best decision I’ve ever made! Highly recommended

    • I totally get you Cynthia, especially the part where we spend so much time only to get informed as not qualified, that hurts a lot as we’ve spent so much time. So glad you’ve gotten a good experience with WA! I’ve been a member for a while now and on an annual plan too, do let me know if you need me to assist you with anything while you’re there.

  43. I really do think that there are only a few good survey companies, and to me Celarvoice doesn’t seem like one of them with that lack of surveys to do, lots off personal info to give, these are all pretty serious red flags even to me. Would you recommend other survey companies that are better?

    • You could try Swagbucks Lizzy, it’s not completely a survey company but it’s a Get-Paid-To type of site where there are a lot of activities you can do to collect BP points which can be cashed out through PayPal.

  44. So good to know! I have never done surveys before and after reading this I probably never will! I love the referral to WA towards the end. I believe this can open a lot of eyes to others about online surveys and the potential issues with them. Keep up the good work.

  45. I think earning through doing survey is quite a waste of time. For a few hours work, you earn only $1-$3 is quite terrible. Isn’t that better off working in Mcdonald? And furthermore, the poor connection, lack of survey to do and need to accumulate at least $10 before you can withdraw all sounds awful. 

    While Wealthy Affiliate is a good platform to join, it is not quite comparable to a survey business? But yes, joining Wealthy Affiliate is far better than joining ClearVoice Surveys.

    • Yes Richard, that’s why I mentioned in the article, WA is a different platform, it is through Online Business as compared to surveys that are tasks-based.

  46. Hello Riaz, I read your article about this ClearVoice company, and I want to thank you for sharing your experience in this company and writing this detailed review. To be honest, after reading your review and with all these red flags that you listed here, I never would like to spend my time working with this company. I better prefer your first recommendation and invest my time to build my online business.

  47. Thank you very much for sharing so much information on Clear Voice surveys. This will certainly be helpful for people trying to start a career online.

  48. Hi riaz,

    I thought this would be a good platform since it was stablished in 2006 and they had a low payment threshold but I am glad I came to your post. And you have encouraged me to look for complaints. And sure enough, I have found them all over the web. I fell this is not the right platform to join.

    PD: Hey have people told you how much you look like Keanu Reeves?

  49.  or maybe youre ok with it I don’t know I feel as though I am arrogant and not looking for the niceties I mean, I am from a different culture and different stage of my life But to be honest, I don’t really like being rejected or turned down or anything like that I mean, I have been through a lot myself, too many times But to experience the emotions that I had when I was a child is just amazing It gives me something to cry on and off and it makes me feel at peace Like I am in a completely different world with my emotions and with a way to let them all out And I dream of a day when I can make music for a living

    • Nobody likes to be rejected Dexidoo, especially when we put our time for something, it makes us feel disposable I totally get what you mean.

  50. Thanks for sharing this information on ClearVoice Surveys. I think we are all so used to filling out surveys and sharing our opinions for free, that an offer to share opinions and get paid for them is a very attractive offer! Unfortunately, often something that sounds too good to be true is not going to be worth the effort invested. Thanks for sharing your insight — a rank of 2 out of 5 is something that “clearly” needs to be avoided.

    • Anytime Aly! It’s great getting paid to do something we’ve been doing all our lives but it’s important to know when it’s worth it or not.

  51. Oh I remember using this website about a year and a half ago. Total waste of time. First of all, most of the surveys if not all, are limited to people living in the US so if you’re from another country you won’t be getting any surveys and the ones you do get, after you’re done you will receive a “not qualified” message. It may be running for over a decade but it’s a mess. 

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