What is PaidViewPoint About? -11 Years of Surveys.

paid view point reviewed by my internet questProgram Name: PaidViewPoint

Website: paidviewpoint.com

Type of business: Paid Survey

Price: Free

Owner: Dr. Gunnar Grieger Cie

Overall Rank: 4 Out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

As I was checking out PaidViewPoint, I noticed something interesting.

Unlike their survey site counterparts, there’s something about PaidViewPoint that uniquely differs them from the other average survey sites I’ve tried before, but don’t worry, most of my experiences are mainly good ones which I’ve nicely compiled for your ease of skimming through.

I’ve come to actually like them and have a great deal of time with their surveys especially when I’m in my free time or when I have time to kill while waiting for the bus.

It’s hard for you to take my word alone and I’m sure there’s plenty of questions running through your mind, like for starters is PaidViewPoint worth it?

Or even does PaidViewPoint really pay? You might even wonder whether or not PaidViewPoint is a scam or is it a legit site.

If you’re curious to know more, you’re in luck! Because I happened to compile all there is to know within this page so do read on as I unveil my full PaidViewPoint review as we go to find out the truth behind the program.


Pros & Cons


  • Available worldwide.
  • Everyone can qualify for surveys.
  • They don’t use points, just cold hard cash which is awesome.
  • You’ll get emails whenever there are new surveys.
  • Owned by a respectable company.
  • They have an app on Google Play.
  • Their interface is straightforward and clean, not clunky at all.
  • Various payment methods.
  • Has a referral program.
  • Tons of good reviews all over the web.


  • Lack of surveys.
  • You have to start at a very low earning rate before you can get higher pay.
  • You have to bear through the TrustScore.
  • Your balance will reset back to zero when you change your phone number.
  • No remunerations for rejections.
  • Limited payout options.
  • $15 Minimum threshold to withdraw.
  • No accreditations with the BBB.
  • Low-income potential if you do not focus on referral.
  • They do not have an app for the iPhone.

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What is PaidViewPoint Surveys About? -A Closer Look.

David Handle and Lev Mazin Co Founders AYTM

Started in 2009, PaidViewPoint Surveys is a survey site based in New Jersey which offers commissions for basically anyone in the world who wants to partake in their questionnaires.

It is owned by Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) which is a market research company that sells Market Research services to their clients and from there, PaidViewPoint as their operation arm will collect data from surveys through their database of 60 million panel members.

The company is co-founded by two brilliant entrepreneurs, David Handel and Lev Mazin who have brought the AYTM to where it is today as one of the biggest survey sites globally with millions of users worldwide.

I really admire David’s journey because coming from a radiology background, starting a market research company does not come naturally to him but what does come naturally for him though, is his flair for business.

Yup, he does x-rays too, and more as he managed to turn that into a business of his own amongst his other entrepreneurial ventures but let’s not get sidetracked.

David then met Lev who’s a wiz at designs and technicalities so they both became co-founders of AYTM where Liz works as the CEO whereas David becomes the Chief Strategy Officer where he plans the best possible direction for the company for Liz to execute.

Together, they make quite the dynamic duo.

AYTM Survey Packages

From the market research services price list, you can see how affordable they are because if you compare this with what other market research firms are charging, it’s usually in the thousands.

Of course it’s important to note that the survey is free to join, the pricing package is only the one they use to sell and get clients who are interested in acquiring surveys to understand the market which is where we come in as survey doers.

They have a ton of clients, some of the most well-known ones include…

  • Samsung
  • Adobe
  • KraftFoods
  • The Lean Startup
  • Yelp
  • Zoho
  • Uber
  • NutriSystem
  • Elance
  • Weiman

It’s amazing to know how our views can impact what these huge companies are thinking and who knows, maybe in a way, we’re the ones who shape what direction businesses all over the world are heading into – Especially Samsung, it’s just exciting to know that our opinions actually count!

With a window of the whole entire world interested in signing up for surveys and companies lining up to know more about what we think, the future has never been brighter for them and I do hope they’ll expand even more while remaining true to their roots.


Did You Know That They Have a Trust Rating System? -Introducing Trait Surveys.

Trait Score rating PaidViewPoint

Besides the earnings bar, there’s also another bar that is blue in color and that’s the TraitScore bar.

For every survey site, there is always some cheaters who want to take a shortcut to beat the system and make money the wrong way.

Because of that, PaidViewPoint introduced the Trust Rating system.

If you’re wondering what is the PaidViewPoint Trait Score all about, it is basically a section where the company can evaluate you so that they know you are a real human and that you’re not planning to do anything funny when filling up surveys.

Think of it as a human-detector.

Since their aim is to detect whether or not you’re human, the questions offered are different than that of the main Market Surveys.

PV Trait Surveys PaidViewPoint

You can reach a maximum score of 10,000 with 9,000 as the bare minimum and in order for you to reach that number, you’d have to do a special survey which is called the Trait Survey that consists of questions that are more personal than the Market Surveys.

The TraitSurvey questions are mostly personal questions like what car do you drive, what pet do you have at home, what income range does your household fall to… you know, those personal questions to ensure that you’re human.

You can do the TraitSurveys once daily, and most of the days, the question differs but sometimes it comes as a trick shot to you as PaidViewPoint wants to know if you’re truthful or not so if you get the same questions but answer wrongly, you won’t get much score.

But it shouldn’t be much of a problem though because since they are personal questions, all you need to do is to answer them honestly with all your heart.

Do that, and you’re good to go.

It is wise to note that besides confirming whether or not you’re real and truthful, TraitScore is also your key to unlocking higher commissions because once you reach the 9,000 score target, you’ll tend to get more surveys and higher commission from every survey that you do.


How do You Earn? -PaidViewPoint Payout.

It’s good to know that withdrawing is easy.

To cash out your PaidViewpoint earnings, you’ll need to accumulate up to $15 minimum within your account.

However, there is only one medium for cashing out and that is through PayPal.

It might not seem lovely seeing that the options are limited but personally for me, I’m totally fine with it as I’ve been using PayPal for many years now and withdrawing is a breeze.

It normally takes about 2-3 working days to transfer your cash from PayPal to your bank account but after I changed my card to Visa, I noticed that my transfer is much quicker as the visa has the fast transfer option which allowed the money to reach your bank almost instantly within minutes.

Many other similar survey sites that I’ve come across usually make it harder to withdraw as withdrawing cash is always troublesome and you’ll end up only transferring your cash as gift cards instead.

For me, since we’re working to get some cash, it’s always good to at least get what you earn as cash and not gift cards which is a plus PaidViewPoint.

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What Tasks Can You do to Earn? -The Moolah Way.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering just how does PaidViewPoint works.

It’s very straightforward with limited ways of earnings and the tasks so simple that anyone can do with ease which are…

Task #1 – Online Market Research Surveys.

This is the main source of income that you can get from PaidViewPoint.

It’s actually the very reason people join survey sites as they can simply fill up surveys in exchange for some quick cash.

The surveys we will be doing here are ones that PaidViewPoint receives from their clients so the surveys are meant as market research where they need to collect data from us in the form of questionnaires which is pretty interesting and fun.

Each online market research survey is different of course, but they usually take around 2-3 minutes to complete and pay between $0.25 and $1.50.

I find this really interesting and completely doable as compared to most survey sites out there which can sometimes take about 20-30 minutes just to finish one survey.

Task #2 – Trait Surveys.

Trait Surveys are like side-quests.

They are not the main thing but doing them would help you with your main objective which is the main Market Research Surveys because each survey that you complete will contribute to your TrustScore rating.

They don’t pay much though, it’s usually around $0.3 to $0.10 for each Trait Survey but hey, at least we do get something rather than wasting our time for nothing.

The questions are mostly about your personal life, like what car do you drive, how much is your monthly income, or whether or not you have insurance and things like that.

You only get them once a day or once in two days, it’s random so you cannot predict but just to be safe, be sure to check your account often.

Task #3 – New Account Bonus.

registration bonus paidviewpoint

As you create your account, you’ll definitely notice this.

There are a few pages which you’ll need to fill in as you create your account which is basically in the form of questionnaires and as you fill them, you’ll notice that there’s a number informing you how much you will get after filling up the registration, pretty cool!

I usually get turned off when I create an account that asks too many questions but PaidViewPoint’s registration is smooth and easy as it only takes me about 3 minutes and voilà, account creation bonus received!

The amount however, varies from country to country like Canada, UK, and US users tend to get USD1 whereas people from other countries get lower.

Coming from Malaysia, I only received $0.88 but I don’t mind much since I got it for free just by creating an account not to mention the amount being not too far off from that $1 mark.

Task #4 – Referral Program.

Referral system paidviewpoint

If you can get someone to join, you can earn.

How this works is that from every person that you refer to join, you can get 20% of what your referrals make every time they cash out.

The catch to this is that you can refer as many people as you want but as long as your referral does not cash out, you earn nothing from there so it takes a bit of time as we’ll need to wait for them to accumulate their earnings.

If you look at the poster saying $25, that is only for illustration purposes because earning from referrals takes 20% of what they earn so if they cash out $15, you’ll get $3 so the more people under you cash out, the more you’ll earn.

Task #5 – VIP Community Builder Club.

VIP Community Builder Club PaidViewPoint

This one’s not a method but more of an upgrade.

PaidViewPoint has this special feature that only people who have referred 100 referrals can have and that is VIP Community Builder Club.

Remember the referral income part where we need to wait for our referrals to actually cash out in order for us to earn? You don’t have it anymore.

Because as a member of the VIP Community Builder Club, you can straight earn 20% whenever your referral makes money without having to wait for them to cash out.

This is particularly useful because not everyone would have the patience to wait until they’ve accumulated $15 and more often than not, many people leave even before cashing out so there’s some free money left on the table.

But as a VIP Community Builder Club, you don’t have to wait because every time your referral finishes a survey and makes a commission, 20% of that is already yours.


Things I Like About Them.

There are many wonderful things about PaidViewPoint that I found really interesting and I figured I’d shed some light to help you in your decision-making process.

Perk #1 – Everyone Can Qualify for Surveys!

Say goodbye to rejection.

If you’re a regular survey doer like me, you’ll definitely know how annoying it is not to be qualified for a survey when you’ve spent so much time completing them.

A lot of surveys sites out there have this annoying thing about them that we all hate which is the part where they simply disqualify us even after we’ve spent so much time filling them up because usually survey sites make us finish long forms which take about 20 minutes and in some cases, 40 minutes.

PaidViewPoint started out right by making their surveys available for everyone, isn’t that amazing!

No longer do we have to go through the ordeal of wasting so much time filling up a survey only to be rejected because with PaidViewPoint, there’s no such thing as rejection as everyone is equal in their eyes and we all have the right to do surveys just like anyone else.

Perk #2 – Anyone Can Join Worldwide.

Surveys are usually limited by country.

Even worse, there are other survey companies like this one that do surveys according to what race you are which meant to filter us on a level which we cannot change and I find that very sad because not everyone can join.

PaidViewPoint did right by making their surveys generalized and open to all.

Their non-biasedness has literally opened doors to everyone regardless of nationality, regardless of race, and regardless of religion which has won my vote for them as one of the best and ethical survey sites there is today.

No matter who you are, you can join with ease and earn some cash out there just like everyone else.

Perk #3 – Smooth Registration Procedure.

Have you tried registering? You should.

Because if you do, you’ll notice that PaidViewPoint’s registration is very direct and quick with no fluff as you’ll definitely finish within 2-3 minutes while earning a bit which is another plus point I’d like to share.

Many other survey sites that I come across have a lot longer account creation process, I remember having to spend an hour just creating an account because I had to answer a personal survey with more than 10 pages which was tiresome.

Having a good and simple account creation process with less worry means we can get to work on filling up more surveys and make more money easier which is something we should all focus on.

Perk #4 – Surveys Are Short and Simple.

Don’t you just hate long surveys? I know I do.

Most survey companies offer exceedingly long survey questionnaires which we will need to fill in and I find it really tedious as they usually take about 20-30 minutes to finish, in fact, you’d be surprised to know that I’ve come across some sites that have longer surveys which can take about 40 minutes up to an hour even to complete.

With very little pay and a commitment that long just answering questions non-stop, I don’t think it’s something we can commit to for a very long time which is why PaidViewPoint’s short surveys are great for all of us as it not only gives us flexibility but it also makes it more fun to do as we won’t be pressured to constantly sit that long in front of the screen.

It also comes in handy if you have just a few minutes to spare and wanted to make use of your time to at least finish a survey quickly.

Perk #5 – They Pay With Cash Instead of Points.

PaidViewPoint earnings

Honestly, who likes points?

If you’re a regular survey doer, it comes as no surprise to see survey sites offering payment in the form of gift cards which can be stressful for someone who needs the cash and not just some points in some eCommerce store.

You’d be surprised how uncommon it is for survey sites to pay you cash directly as many of them would much prefer giving you the option of Amazon gift card or dining vouchers instead so that they can save more money for themselves and squeeze you to do more survey work for them.

PaidViewPoint did right by cutting all that fluff and deal directly with cash.

In fact, you’ll get cash into your account immediately too after filling a survey without having to waste your time waiting forever for your numbers to increase.

We work hard and put a lot of time into doing surveys to get a bit of money to help support ourselves so getting direct payment is not just a necessary, but a must.

Perk #6 – Referral System is a Breeze.

simple referring system paidviewpoint

Getting people to join has never been easier.

It’s also a part of Affiliate Marketing which is a way to earn online through commissions on sales.

PaidViewPoint has made the process of referring people so much easier by providing all you need to get your friends to join within your own account.

You can get your own special link with a click of a button, or an email to them with just a few clicks.

Seems normal I know but you’d be surprised how some companies make the process so hard for us like signing an agreement, not allowing the use of images, and not being able to withdraw our money if they don’t like us like this company over here.

I really like how seamless the process is, literally anyone can start immediately to refer people to join through their link without having to go through boring forms, or agreements to sign because after all, since we’re referring people to their company, we’re actually doing free marketing for them, wouldn’t you agree?

Perk #7 – They are Transparent About Your Data Usage.

PaidViewPoint legality info

On the internet, trust is a fragile thing.

You never know how your data will be used so it makes us skeptical and a pessimist at everything but PaidViewPoint got this one right by being frank about the use of our data in their line of business.

They even shared a disclaimer saying that if you do not like your data being used, you can simply opt-out and not partake with their business at all if you don’t like it which is really good of them as not many survey sites would care to mention this as they don’t want you to leave.

It seems like something unimportant for most of us (I know I wouldn’t mind) but since surveys are practically the business of selling data since clients want to actually know what many of us think, we never know what will happen to the info that we gave so it’s great that they’re coming clean about it.

I find their transparency a real bold move at gaining our trust as users.

Perk #8 – They are Mobile-Friendly.

responsive theme paidviewpoint

If you’re a phone user, you’re definitely going to like this.

Most of us use our phones as we’re always on the move so when it comes to surveys, it’s no surprise that many of us would try to spend our time filling up surveys from phones.

what I like about PaidViewPoint is that their site is already mobile-friendly as they use a responsive theme that adjusts their site to phone view whenever we switch it to our phones.

And if you’re not keen on using a search engine browser on your phone, worry not!

They also have an app on Google Play!

PaidViewPoint on Google Play

This makes it extremely helpful when doing surveys on the move as we can simply open the browser and start completing some surveys on the go.

But their app is only available on Google Play though, as they don’t have one on iPhone yet.

Also, I love the fact that their website is very straightforward because if you click on their page, it’s basically one main page and the others are just side pages which makes it easier to navigate through.

Page load is very fast, you just click on anything and poof! You’re right where you need to be.

Perk #9 – They’re Growing Faster Than Ever.

PaidViewPoint Google trend

It’s important to know if a company is doing well or not.

I like to do some research before investing all my time and effort into a company because you may never know when that company is going down or not because trust me, I’ve been there.

I’ve gone through the painful experience of witnessing several programs that I was using that suddenly just close everything and all my pending money disappeared before I cash out which is important for you to study their growth before making a decision of joining since we’ll be investing quite a lot of our time and hopes into that specific company.

PaidViewPoint’s growth is nothing short but extraordinary if you look at the graph, there’s continuous growth from the moment it started all the way until end of 2020 where it’s growing at a steady pace, truly amazing!

If I were an investor, I would definitely invest with them and as a very cautious user, I have more confidence that my time will be put to good use for years to come.


Red Flags – Are the Risks Worth Taking?

I know you’re excited, but time to pop the bubble.

Despite the rainbows that you see, nothing is perfect in this world as even the best of the best do have flaws that you’ll need to know and absorb before making your final decision.

Red Flag #1 – Lack of Surveys.

Lack of Surveys Paidviewpoint complaints

It’s kind of sad this is pretty common among survey sites.

It’s even sadder to know that as I was searching on Google, I noticed that people are asking on how to get surveys on PaidViewPoint which means that even they are looking for ways on how to do more surveys within the site itself which is not meant to be.

There are advices on the web saying you need to restart the account, or you could try asking the support for more surveys, or even using VPN in hopes of getting more surveys which is not supposed to be that way because it is a survey site in the first place.

Instead of us looking for ways to get more surveys within their platform, shouldn’t a survey site provide more surveys in the first place?

Most people only get a few surveys within a week and personally for me, I only get one survey a day but there’s nothing we can do about it but to accept since it is in fact a common problem many surveys sites experience because surveys actually comes from their clients.

And seeing that we’re in the pandemic after all, it’s explainable why businesses are dropping regardless of what industry you’re in.

Red Flag #2 – Your Balance Will Be Zeroed If You Change Phone Numbers.

Account will be zeroed when you change your phone number Paidviewpoint

It’s a bummer if you’ve lost your phone.

Normally, companies use email accounts so that whenever you lose your password, it’s easier to retrieve as emails are usually easier to deal with not to mention being something very personal to you as only you know the access to.

PaidViewPoint on the other hand, uses phone numbers and they have a strict about it too that if you were to change numbers, your account will be zeroed just like that.

Imagine working so hard for months and have accumulated a lot of earning only to have your account resetted if you were to lose you phone.

It doesn’t happen often but it is a risk that we need to acknowledge.

Red Flag #3 – Trait Scores Might Not Boost Earnings.

Trait score not affecting earnings complaint

I find this quite disturbing.

If you’ve read my review from the beginning, I’ve mentioned that Trait Scores are meant to give higher earnings because it shows that they trust and notice you as a dedicated member and that you deserve it if you maintain a trait score of minimum 9,000.

They even have it on their website that you’ll receive more surveys and higher pay but that does not seem to be the case.

There are a lot of people voicing out that their Trait Scores weren’t as they thought it would be because after grinding and reaching the highest score possible, the number of surveys and payment rate is still the same which makes you doubt whether PaidViewPoint is worth it or not.

Reaching that high Trust Score will take you months and if there isn’t much difference, why do we need to take them in the first place?

Red Flag #4 – Their Community is Barely Alive.

Facebook last post in 2019 PaidViewPoint

With over 60 million members, you would think they have quite the community.

I was curious to know more about it because normally, survey sites tend have an amazing community like this survey company I came across which has their Facebook page exploded with massive engagement.

Because why not? Being a survey site providing free money to anyone with no fees to join will attract countless people like moths to a flame so it’s a free form of marketing to leverage on and it will boost any business.

In fact, people charge a lot to teach Facebook Page building for businesses and then there’s PaidViewPoint not leveraging it at which I find highly suspicious.

Their last post was in 2019 and before that, they had one post from 2018.

It bugs me that a community-based platform doesn’t have a page for their community to interact and get to know them better – They could at least use that page to do giveaways or announce updates but I guess maybe marketing isn’t on their mind.

Still, it’s something to be cautious on because what business does not have a proper page in 2020?

A few more days, it’s 2021 which will be even weirder if they decide to close it.

Red Flag # 5- Does Not Have an App for iPhone.

Does not have a mobile app PaidViewPoint

Not a good day for iPhone users.

Although they do have an app on Google Play Store, they don’t have one on Apple Store which seems a bit one-sided as why do android users get all the fun and not iPhone users?

Not everyone has the luxury of staying put at one place – Some of us have to commute a lot, some would need to buy groceries, or even to queue up and buy tickets… And not everyone has an android.

Although iPhones do cost more, not everyone buys them with their own money as some might have gotten them as gifts, some might win them at lucky draws, or some might have the opportunity of buying one for a very good price.

Regardless, having an app is a must-have especially for a survey site as most of us will be doing surveys even outside to make use of what free time we have while waiting, to at least make money while we’re away from the computer.

PaidViewPoint lacks this for iPhone users but at least their site uses a flexible theme which means that it’ll adjust to a phone – We just need to Google it up.

Red Flag #7 – You Won’t Earn Much if You Don’t Refer.

I think this one’s fairly obvious.

Earning from surveys does not earn you much but if you refer someone and that someone does surveys, you’ll get a percentage of that continuously.

If you can refer over a hundred referrals, your earning capacity will even go up a notch from waiting to earn every time your referrals cash out, to earning the very moment your referral completes a survey.

And from each referral, you can squeeze $25 maximum from each of them so you can imagine just how much you can earn from just referring someone versus if you were to do those surveys yourself.

Why do surveys if you can just refer, right?

Red Flag #8 – Low Overall Earning Rates.

Low earnings PaidViewPoint complaints

It’s a fact that survey sites don’t pay much.

Not just for PaidViewPoint, but all survey sites as we only get a meager amount of the countless hours and sleepless all-nighters that we have to pull off just to reach our daily quota of survey targets.

You can never be rich or make a full-time income from doing surveys, anyone who tells you otherwise is definitely a scam because the numbers are right there in front of you – Doing surveys pay you less than a dollar, maybe one to two bucks if you’re lucky.

And with countless system glitches not to mention the lack of surveys at some points, how are we expected to even make a dollar an hour?

If you work at McDonald’s you would get way better pay than doing surveys and that’s a fact.

Despite all that, doing surveys for pay isn’t meant to be something that pays well but rather as side pocket money just for you to get by.

Red Flag #9 – Long Time to Accumulate Earnings.

Long time to reach threshold paidviewpoint complaint accumulation

You might not be able to withdraw in your first month.

In fact, from the countless complaints people are posting all over the web, it seems unlikely that we’ll get our payout within the first two months, in some cases, the third month if we’re lucky.

This is really something to think hard on because the very reason we do surveys in the first place is to get side pocket money when we really need it, but if we have to wait that long just to get our pay, it does not seem to be a very viable source of pocket money after all if you think about it.

Red Flag #10 – No BBB Accreditation.

PaidViewPoint on BBB as Umongous LLC

This strikes me as odd.

While searching for their trace on BBB, I noticed that they don’t have an accreditation even when they’ve opened their file since 2012.

If you haven’t heard of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before, it’s a nonprofit organization that consumers usually refer to before they make any decision on whether to trust a company or not.

The BBB works with various organizations such as the FTC to ensure the safety of consumers as they detect whether a company is legitimate, or fraud so you won’t be surprised if many businesses are listed there.

They’re more focused on the USA so seeing that PaidViewPoint is from New Jersey, I find it really curious as to why they haven’t even bothered to get their business accredited.

Just so you know, Umongous LLC is the company name whereas both PaidViewPoint and AYTM are their business names.


Do I recommend PaidViewPoint?


Surveys are very short, there are no rejections, and there are no risks to it since it’s free to join but you would just have to be patient as the number of surveys aren’t as numerous as they used to be previously.

I’m always open to finding ways on earning online and while I’m doing multiple things right now, I also make time for PaidViewPoint every day since it’s fast and wouldn’t take much time to do, I would usually be done in just a few minutes.

I especially like the part where the surveys are short and sweet as it gives you flexibility because if you suddenly have the need to go somewhere urgently, you can finish the survey within 3 minutes compared to other surveys which can sometimes go up to half an hour.

Though it doesn’t pay much, if you can spare half an hour every day for their surveys, you can easily make some side money in a few months’ time though it’s wise to note that surveys are not meant to be a full-time thing but rather a side job.


Another Path For Passive Income.

Doing surveys is not the only way to earn.

There are multiple ways which you can earn online and one of the best ways to do that, is to go for Affiliate Marketing.

It is basically the art of selling other people’s products for commissions and it’s very rewarding because not only do you not need to have any assets, everything is already there on the internet so you can just create content to drive traffic and from there, wait for it to convert into sales.

You’ll get a commission out of every sale that you drive, all the technical part has been taken care of and you don’t even need a product to begin… Everything can be done from your computer.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page 2

So what platform works best for Affiliate Marketing? I’m glad you ask.

I highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

It is an Online Business platform that provides you with everything you need to understand and succeed in the Affiliate Marketing business from the evergreen lessons, all the way to the amazing features such as the keyword tool and the domain builder.

I have to say, the lessons are not only immersing but effective too as you’ll not only learn how to build your own blog and from there, successfully scale it to become an authority website that can eventually drive traffic and convert sales on its own.

You’ll learn to not only build your own business, but also boost an existing one which can come in really handy because if you already have a passion in let’s say gaming, or gardening, or even cooking, you can basically earn from any of those niches.

Whatever niche your passion brings you to, you can learn how to create an income doing what you love.

It doesn’t do justice to compare a full-fledged Online Business platform to that of a survey joint, but just to let you see what I’m talking about, here’s an overview…


Final Words

From what I’ve experienced, PaidViewPoint is definitely a legitimate program.

They do work and their short surveys are truly awesome as it takes very little time to do though it is not without flaws as due to the high demand versus their lack of projects, it’s wise to note that getting surveys might be a rare sight and you’d be lucky to get even one a day.

Because of that, it’s wise to keep your options open to other income opportunities too such as my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading guys, as always do drop some love (Or hate) below as I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. I have been taking surveys, but it’s just for fun rather than making any serious money. Still, it’s good to provide your opinions while having breakfast!

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much can we expect to make from this site in a month? I have been joining various survey sites, but find it hard to even make $1 per day.

  2. I didn’t think that I would be able to find a survey that actually works for me really well like this. This is something that I would surely like to give a try to see just how good it can also work for me. I like the fact that you can bring this up on your website here and I’m happy to be a part of this.

  3. The review of the paid viewpoint is amazing. For a site that I have come across a couple of times on the internet, I have seen worthy things about it here. 

    Though I must confess that the review here has touched down on all my doubts about the site and what it entails for us all. I believe that if we focus on this as a side whistle and delicate enough hours to it, making money from it can be a worthy thing to engage in. 

  4. Hi Riaz. I like all the detail and description about the PaidViewPoint survey site and how you described the pros (perks) and cons (red flags). I have always been interested in ways to earn money online however, I have not heard of this survey site opportunity until your post. I like that they pay in cash and not gift cards. This could be something I can take a further look into. Thank you for your in-depth review!

  5. Hello there, Thanks for this great opportunity you have shared to us. Paid View point has provided great opportunity. But My reaction to this is this is that i might not been plsykm. I have always been the fam of making money from home. I have chosen wealthy affiliate on Tony. I am never going back. I will stick to it and get enough research on that.

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing about the paid point view, its really helpful, I have done a little bit of survey for sites in the time past, but this is the first time am hearing about this. I hope to join them based on your recommendation, and also give testimony’s about them.

  7. For the fact that this is a survey site there would be so many people who would be having a second thought about it and I feel they have all right to. However with some really good survey sites coming out it will be very great to have people take a look at them and give themselves the chance to make more money online. This means a lot to me and I’ll love to try. 

  8. Normally, I’m not the survey kind of person because I hate it when my time online doing something is not as productive or impressive as it should be , surveys are kit always paying fairly Making it a living hell for workers, it’s good that you share about paid viewpoint and I’ll check it out soon

  9. Awesome to learn about PaidViewPoint! Honestly, I wouldn’t want to give it a try if not for the commendation you gave to the platform in the introductory part of your review. You acknowledged that there’s something about PaidViewPoint that makes it uniquely different from its counterpart survey sites. That was what immediately changed my mind towards reading this post down the page.

    I’ve been frustrated by most survey sites out there, as they would give one reason or the other you are not qualified for any survey you try taking. After spending several minutes answering questions and filling forms, all you’ll get is that horrible message, “Sorry, you are not eligible for this survey.” I hope this site is different!

    • I totally get what you mean Joyce, those disqualifications can be a real bother especially if you’ve spent so much time trying to finish a survey and not get anything in return, it’s devastating. PaidViewPoint’s surveys cut all of that and make sure everyone qualifies which is one of the best traits to have when looking for a good survey site.

  10. This is the first time that I have come across PaidViewpoint, so found this review on the survey site to be very helpful. There are so many survey sites that are only available to certain countries, that it is refreshing to see that it is available worldwide. I also like that they only pay real money, and not cash cards, that I will have a closer look at joining them. 

  11. The eager to find something genuine on the internet is something that everyone desires at the end of the day. Having publicly publicized their co- founder and CEO is one of the few steps that shows that a site is legit and being in business since 2009 is also a good sign. Having PayPal as their method of payment isn’t a bad thing either for online business depends on security. Although am curious to find out, like how many surveys can you do on average in a week?

  12. This sounds like a legit company for doing surveys.  I like the fact they pay cash, are owned by a company with a good reputation and have several payout options (because I hate PayPal!).  One of the cons you mentioned, low income potential and no remunerations for rejections are typical for any survey program.  Users need to keep in mind that this is, as you mention, something to do in your spare time or commute time, not as a major income source.  The fact that they have a referral program to earn extra income is a bonus.

  13. Goodness! This appears to be an incredible overview site, I need to look at it. I truly love that you can pull out with just $15, in any event you wouldn’t need to sit tight ages for your time. Furthermore, something else is you can payout through PayPal which is considerably more secure than a couple of different locales I’ve seen.

    A debt of gratitude is in order for setting aside the effort to audit this, much valued!

  14. Haha thanks for the article my guy! I just got done reading your SpiderMatrix review. Glad to see that this one’s rated a little higher than the last one. However, I still won’t take part in it. I want to make a passive income, and I just don’t see how a survey service could do that for me. Thanks again tho!

    • Well hello again my guy! Happy to have you here and I totally understand your decision, it’s what we all tend to think of after a while of doing surveys. See you around!

  15. Great article, thanks! While this seems to be one of the better survey sites, no points and everyone qualifies for surveys, it suffers from some of the same drawbacks as other survey sites. It is also, once again, not accredited with the BBB. It is good if you want to just use this as a means to earn a little bit of side income to be able to use it on your Android device, but not so well if you have an iPhone as you mentioned. Better than most but if you’re serious about earning money online, still a time waster.

  16. I looked into paid surveys a few years ago and they just didn’t seem worth the time invested if you already have a stable source of income.  After reading your review, it doesn’t seem like much has changed.  I would rather spend time working on affiliate marketing and work on building my own business.  It only takes a few commissions in affiliate marketing to meet or exceed what you would make with paid surveys.  Also, it seems like affiliate marketing is way more scalable than paid surveys.

  17. I have been using online surveys for years and never have I ever heard about this platform. A lot of survey sites are really restricted when it comes to who they allow to join the program. Worst part is when you have the opportunity of finding a survey you can fill but after doing so your attempt will get rejected. How long is the time period of waiting between surveys?  

  18. I’m not sure why their earning source comes from referral more than answering surveys. Probably because they lack surveys? Hence the way to sustain and retain the community is to grow it only. Just my thought. I don’t join survey sites that lack survey, it’s going to be a waste of time just to get even started and then not continue in the long run because there are no other surveys to answer. Anyway, good job in your reviews. It’s always thorough and offer significant information for one to make a decision. 

    • I guess it part of their marketing Jenni, since getting their own members to refer would save them a lot more budget on advertising.

  19. I like that they are open to all countries, that they have no restrictions, and that you collect money, not points.
    But as you listed in the cons, they, unfortunately, have few surveys per day, so as a result, it takes a long time to earn a sufficient amount to payout which is something I need to think hard on.

  20. WOW! This seems like a great survey site, I need to check it out. I really love that you can withdraw with only $15, at least you wouldn’t have to wait ages for your time. And another thing is you can payout through PayPal which is much more secure than a few other sites I’ve seen.

    Thanks for taking the time to review this, much appreciated!

  21. It feels good to know that survey could give your this much funds, first of all it seem very like the only way good thing that happened is that I can now carry out my survey online without having to walk from street or area to another, looking for who will help you feel, but the most important aspect of it is that I can from the comfort of my house earn a whole lot through survey.

  22. This survey site actually looks pretty legit. Unfortunately there will always be problems, so I hope that they will resolve the one where trait scores don’t boost earnings… but it’s difficult to say given their last post was in 2019. Maybe they are satisfied with what they have and don’t feel a need to improve. At least there are no problems with paying out to people.

  23. A company that has been around for 11 years is a bit of a rarity these days. It is good to find new ways of earning money when working online. Doing surveys is something a lot of people enjoy and to be paid cash is an added bonus. I find it a bit worrying that their main focus is on referring people to the platform and paying them for that as opposed to doing the surveys. Will check them out further.

  24. I have Paidview point and I have to say that it is not that bad to have. What I love about their survey is that they pay me every questions that I answer even though I am not a match for the survey. The threshold is not that high either. So far it is not that bad to have if you just want to earn a little side income. The interface itself can use an update though. 

  25. Finally a survey company that pays you in cash and have short surveys! Great to know. I agree that this program does not offer huge payouts and that referring people to the program can actually give you more payouts. However I think that is a red flag for me in itself when the focus on the product becomes less than referring. But for people who love to make surveys and do the effort to refer new people it can sure be rewarding. I am more into making a website and affiliate marketing. I think creating your own website and monetize it will be a better income stream. And then you can  offer this program as a part of your marketing suite instead. 

  26. Thank you for sharing this extremely thorough review. It sounds like a good way to start another stream of passive income and I will definitely check it out. I didn’t know you can make money by filling out surveys, I usually get phone calls from other people that ask a question. I like PaidViewPoint better because I read the questions & decide on replies by myself. 11 years is a long time for business & I will definitely chem them out.

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