What is Brand Institute Surveys? -Here’s My Take.

Brand institute reviewed by my internet questProgram Name: Brand Institute Surveys

Website: brandpoll.brandinstitute.com

Type of Business: Online Survey

Price: Free

Owner: James L. Dettore

Overall Rank: 3 out of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

[URL] This just came in, I guess Brand Institute Surveys has finally closed their survey platform so you won’t be able to access their link. Sad to see you go!

I came across Brand Institute Surveys from Shark Tank.

Well not directly from Shark Tank though, it was on YouTube where I came across a video where Mr. Wonderful was really impressed by Brand Institute so I thought that it must be a really cool opportunity to learn, which then lead me to decide on checking it out further where I also found out that the company is giving earning opportunities through surveys.

Pretty neat right? How I discovered a survey site through a random YouTube video about a company which I did not know of but turns out to be a very established site.

It’s not their main business though, more of a side project to help their main business while giving more to the community which I find very noble.

But is their survey program really worth your time? Is their pay compensation good, or more importantly, can anyone join and make money from it?

If you’re just as curious as me, read on as I unveil the details on my full Brand Institute Surveys review.


Pros & Cons


  • Established since 1997, wow!
  • No minimum cash out threshold.
  • It’s under their mother company Brand Institute which is a very respectable institution.
  • Their website is mobile-friendly.
  • They own the Drug Safety Institute, which the surveys are created to help improve their services.
  • Great opportunities for those in the medical field.
  • You earn cash instead of reward points like other surveys usually do.
  • No fluff, you just do surveys, you earn cash.
  • Payment is through PayPal.


  • Lack of surveys.
  • You’d have to become a member for 6 months before becoming a VIP in order to get more tasks.
  • If you’re not a VIP, you will have to wait to get email invitation for surveys.
  • It’s not for everyone as a priority for tasks are given for those in the medical field.
  • If you’re not in the medical field, surveys pay less.
  • No affiliate commissions for you to earn more.
  • It’s not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.
  • They don’t have a mobile App for you to download so you’ll need to use PC.
  • The theme is old and non-responsive when browsed through a phone.

Golly, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Brand Institute Surveys About?

James L Detorre

Founded in 1993 by James L Detorre, Brand Institute is a branding agency based in Miami focusing on creating brands that echo internationally.

There are established in several different countries, with over 18 offices in total worldwide.

It is not a 100% survey company as you might have guessed, but rather a corporate company with surveys being a side business utilized by the company to give them better insights which help them connect with the community (people like us), to help them make the right choices in branding which is their main business.

What I like about the company is that it has strong roots in advertisements especially when the CEO James himself prior to starting Brand Institute, has worked with huge brands namely Pepsi, Hilton, even Ralph Lauren, my favorite brand.

mr wonderful on BI

Perhaps the most impressive feat Brand Institute has is not only the fact that they have been in operation for almost two decades, but their role in being the goliath of brand naming in the pharmaceutical industry as the majority of vaccines in the world are named by them.

In fact, they even got an applaud from Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank which is a very popular entrepreneurship show for grants, amazing!

With 75% of pharmaceutical brands being named by them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d even get the job of naming the world’s first covid-19 vaccine, wouldn’t you agree? I bet they do!

Brand Institute’s focus in the Pharmaceutical industry is further enhanced with its subsidiary company, Drug Safety Institute which has a role in labeling, analysis, and risk management strategies.

Which also explains how they are operating their surveys in a controlled environment.

Overall I’d say Brand Institute is a reputable company with a good track record, healthy progress, and good potential.


How do You Earn? -Getting to the Surveys Part.

Depending on surveys, the pay is good.

You could earn an average of $4 for a 20 to 40 minutes survey, and this is for the normal ones.

There are also medical surveys which are meant for those from the health industry and of course, pays higher up to $15-30 per survey which is pretty cool but perhaps the one thing I like most is that we can earn directly through cash rather than reward points like most surveys sites do which is the real deal.

Basically, you can think of Brand Institute as a special survey commission opportunity for doctors, physicians, biochemists, biologists and other similar professions within the health industry which I find great and unique as there aren’t many opportunities for our front-liners who work hard to protect the people, especially during this pandemic season.

People who are not from the specified medical backgrounds might miss out a lot though but worry not, there are surveys everyone can join though not as numerous as the medical surveys bt if you have friends or relatives who are, you can help them earn more by sharing this survey opportunity with them.

And as for the survey choices part, we don’t simply find ones that we like to join from a pool of surveys like most survey websites do but instead, you will receive an invitation for it through email.

The downside to relying on emails only is not just the part where we might overlook emails as sometimes they end up in spam, but that the fact that there is always a chance that you won’t be qualified even with the invitation being sent so there’s always a risk that we might not get the full payment besides a wee compensation.

Once you’ve reached 6 months of joining, you can go the extra mile by joining as a VIP which is much better.

It’s free to join and basically, it’ll give you more access to surveys to do as you can choose from the website itself instead of constantly waiting for surveys through email which every non-VIP members have to do.

You’d have to fill in an application for that and not all will be accepted though as their team will filter out according to those that fit their criteria.

If you’re wondering how to use Brand Institute Surveys, you can start registering at brandpoll.brandinstitute.com which is an extension URL site for the company’s survey-related stuff.

Their main website is meant for their main business though so if you don’t use that specific link, you might not find the survey section.

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Red Flags – Are the Risks Worth Taking?

Now that we’ve got all the good parts down, here are some of the negative parts that I figure I’d let you know to help you make the final decision.

Red Flag #1 – Lack of Surveys.

Lack of surveys on Brand Institute

Take that problem and multiply it by ten times.

It’s no surprise that the lack of surveys is the main problem for any online survey platform but it’s a heck tougher to find a survey for Brand Institute because you will have to wait for it through email.

Once they have a survey coming up, their team will inform you through email and you’d have to be on standby to click on it.

It’s not as easy as it sounds though, because there are millions of people dying to click on the survey as fast as they can since Brand Institute’s surveys are one of the few legitimate ones which pay directly by cash instead of reward points like other survey companies.

By the time we’ve clicked on a survey that we can do, it’s already closed as people are competing to do these surveys as fast as possible so if you’re slow to click and finish, you might not get the chance to complete it and earn.

Not receiving surveys in BI

Because of that, people are competing to even get a chance to join those surveys and don’t get me started on the VIP appliers.

As mentioned earlier, survey subscribers who have been a member for 6 months will be upgraded to the VIP status which gives them a priority for survey tasks.

Good for them of course, but bad for you.

Red Flag #2 – Hard to Qualify.

not qualifying for surveys 123 (BI)

Good things are hard to come by.

And in the online survey world, it’s those good survey opportunities that are difficult for us to get a good hold on.

The moment we find a good company like Brand Institute Surveys, with one of the most honest payment methods direct cash with no fluff, turns out we don’t even qualify for it.

But it’s for a valid reason though if you look at it, because since Brand Institute’s main business revolves around the pharmaceutical world, it only makes sense to give priority to those within that field.

Success rates for those who qualify are higher for patients and professionals within the health world and that’s for good reasons too, so that the future labeling and risk management strategizing efforts will be affected by people who are already related to the industry.

Although everyone can join the surveys, not everyone can get qualified and even after spending a lot of time doing their surveys as there is a risk you can do the survey but being rejected afterward as they don’t deem you as qualified.

Red Flag #3 – VIP Surveys are Waste of Time.

Members who have been online for 6 months will have the chance to be upgraded to VIP.

However not all will be qualified to be a VIP though because even after waiting and dedicating 6 months of your life, you can still get rejected as you’ll need to go through a preliminary test in order to get that privilege.

The privilege of a VIP member is not so much on the payment but rather on the choice of getting to know the surveys before the non-VIP members but what good are those if you do not have that many surveys to go around with to begin with?

Non-VIP members would have to wait for them to get informed by email on any upcoming surveys.

VIP members on the other hand, can just regularly check the system and see for themselves the tasks available but personally, it’s still not worth waiting 6 months for unless there’s plenty of tasks to do for everyone.

Red Flag #4 – There’s No Mobile App.

no mobile app to download Brand Institute

There’s a reason why we use the word “religiously”.

Especially for surveys, it is a very repetitious thing that we’ll be doing therefore most people would not consider online surveys a full-time job, but more of a side income where they can focus on a specific point of the day before or after their main job.

You know, like when you’re on a one-hour train ride to work, or the commute back home, or even both.

Why waste all that time not making any money right?

Because of that, survey companies like Swagbucks or Toluna for example, would adapt to the growing amount of users to making it accessible on their phones as a mobile app easily accessible from the app store or google play so that they can use it anytime as they go with ease.

I was surprised that Brand Institute Surveys doesn’t have one though it has been operating for two decades.

Red Flag #5 – It’s Not Built for Mobile Phones.

theme is not responsive

Not having a mobile app is bearable, but at least make it easier to view from phones.

Websites all over the world have their themes updated to adjust to the mobile version as soon as mobile search statistics were overtaking their PC user counterparts.

This is because if a website doesn’t have an adjustable theme, the view will not be flexible when viewed through a mobile phone, making it not only unbearable for normal phone users to view, but also will also make Google rank your website lower as you don’t seem to want to update your business enough to care.

Oh and just so that we’re both on the same page, mobile responsive means that when you open that specific website on a mobile phone, the site fits nicely instead of you having to manually stretch it or zoom in.

If you look at the screenshot I just shared or even if you don’t, you might have noticed that the screen on your phone does not look complete and that you’d have to keep stretching here and there right?

That means that their theme is not responsive as it does not fit in nicely to your phone screen and having a non-responsive theme is troublesome because then you’d have to manually adjust stretch the screen just to continue reading.

In other words, mobile responsive refers the flexibility of the website to adjust to the user’s phone view.

Being a two-decade-year-old business, of course Brand Institute cares, right? Right.

Except that they only updated their main business website, which is brandinstitute.com instead of their survey site which is brandpoll.brandinstitute.com.

I don’t know about you but that gives me signs that maybe they’ve abandoned their survey program for a while now.

Red Flag #6 – Not BBB Accredited.

BI not BBB accredited


For a company that has been around for over two decades and is headquartered in Miami, it strikes me as odd to not have any accreditations with the Better Business Bureau.

If you’ve never heard of the BBB before, it is a site that rates a business’s legitimacy particularly in the US so that consumers like me and you go to can refer to the programs there to know that it is safe.

They are huge and cover internationally to the minute of details on a company to make sure whether they follow the FTC guidelines or not which makes me wonder even more how and why Brand Institute is not accredited within their system.

Maybe they have been around for too long without having the need to market themselves as their clients are mostly ones that know them out of reputation or connections and that they have no need for public knowledge since they focus on the Business-to-Business model.

Still that’s for their main business and not the survey part which is something to note.

Red Flag #7 – No More Referrals Commission.

Referral system Brand Institute cancelled

Online survey companies usually give out referral commissions to attract more people.

Not Brand Institute.

well, at least they did for one period of time, all the way until 2017 when they decided to end the referral program.

Not only does this restrict the members from earning more by further giving exposure to the company, it somehow shows that Brand Institute is slowly trying to bring down the whole little survey thing that they got going on wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe it’s a way for them to slowly tell their members to back away from them by making them lose interest for the end of their survey site is nigh.

We got quite a number of things that showed bad signs but none like this one…

Red Flag #8 – Their Stats are Gradually Declining.

alexa Brand institute 19 Nov

Is Brand Institute okay?

I can’t help but notice several signs that the company’s survey site might not be faring well like the lack of surveys and the outdated website theme so I decided to check out that overall site traffic.

It turns out that globally from a particularly good position of #188,532 worldwide, they’ve fallen from grace all the way to number #280,786.

Their website traffic is gradually falling apart and not at all like how it was initially during their early glory days which makes me wonder even more if the company is really doing well or are they too affected by the pandemic.

Knowing this, I’d think it’ll really be a risky business to jump on their survey site and spend all our time there as we’ll never know when they’ll put a stop to their platform, or whether or not we’ll get our money back once they do.


Do I Recommend Brand Institute Surveys?

If you’re in the medical field, yes.

If you’re not, then don’t bother as you won’t make much as surveys are getting scarce to begin with.

Getting at least one job will take months and don’t forget, priority will always be for those who are in the medical industry and don’t get me started on the VIP members, as they will always be the first to know when a survey comes out.

Which leaves newcomers next to zero percent of getting accepted.

The senior members will always get the big chunk, leaving the new members with barely any crumbs for us to fight with so it’s not worth our time as there are many other programs which we can focus our time on.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

One in particular which I can suggest, is Wealthy Affiliate.

It is an Online Business platform that aims at helping you make money online through Affiliate Marketing which is very interesting to do since we basically just focus on creating content that we love, from any niche that we like.

If you love cooking, you can learn how to blog and earn from Amazon.

If you love eBooks, we can earn as an affiliate through ClickBank.

And many more options on how to earn selling other people’s products fully online without having the need to have assets.

Earnings are more scalable and what I like most about it is that the more effort we put in, the more we earn, way better than being at the whims of bosses or companies who do not appreciate our efforts and time spent.

It’ll be an achievement owning an authority website of your own that is able to monetize from a variety of choices as it is something that you own.

I started off when I was broke and was doing surveys so I had no experience but the community from Wealthy Affiliate helped me get back up and guided me through the website process until I was able to monetize myself and now, I’m sharing with you.

I know it’s not fair to compare an Online Business platform to a survey site as they have different methods but to help you see an overview of what it comprises, here’s a wee table…


Final Words

Brand Institute is not a scam and in fact, belongs to a very renowned company.

However it might not be worth it if you’re just looking for surveys to do as more priority will be given to those from the medical field and coupled with the lack of surveys to do, you almost won’t have a chance when competing for surveys against the VIP members and their preferred medical professionals.

That is of course, if you are in the medical field as the survey program is crafted specifically for them.

Think of it as an opportunity for front liners of the health industry.

They work hard with long hours and barely any pay for overtime so having the opportunity to do some surveys for some quick cash would help them a lot.

If you’re not from the health industry and you’re just looking for a way to earn some cash online, do check out my top-rated program here.

Everyone’s welcome regardless of who you are.

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  1. what I was able to learn from the article is that the Brand Institute as a special survey commission opportunity for doctors, physicians, biochemists, biologists and other similar professions within the health industry which I find great and unique as there aren’t many opportunities for our front-liners who work hard to protect the people, especially during this pandemic season. 

  2. Thanks for your great feedback and review, too bad they are gone now or is it bad? I love how you transitioned it and compared it to Wealthy Affiliate. I love WA and all that it and the community has to offer. I would not be where I am today in affiliate marketing if it were not for WA.

    This survey system sounds like it has potential and they were around for a pretty long time, maybe they will come back with better features and incentives. Thank you again.

    • I guess they’re not coming back Gregg, and so awesome to meet a fellow Wa-er by the way! I cannot recommend a  better program for starting an Online Business than WA, you are definitely on the right path, wishing all the best for your site growth!

  3. Nikada do sada nisam cula nista o programu Brand Institute Survays. Hvala ti sto uvek delis neke nove informacije sa nama, mene je interesantno da svakog dana naucim nesto novo. Najvise mi se svidja sto je besplatno, pa cu sigurno probati. Srdacan pozdrav!                

  4. Health survey companies are so timely on this time of pandemic, but then again if we want to earn online with paid surveys we need to to a lot of survey all the time to hit our target.  With the case of the Brand Institute Surveys that one of the cons is lack of survey, the concern here arises.  Is there any paid surveys do you know that worth to give a try?

  5. Riaz,

    Thanks for doing this research. I am always looking for sites to help me learn from other experiences. What I have learned here is the Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. 

    I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and have the freedom to work when and where I want. It is not a get rich quick scam or some magic secret. It is a real training platform with a great community and support you need to learn and understand how to make money online.

    Good call on this one! 

  6. Hi Riaz. I wasn’t aware that there are survey companies in the health industries. I think it can be fun for health workers to be able to make a few dollars answering questions.

    I wonder why many survey companies are not accredited with BBB. I really enjoy the BBB website and check out companies and how many complaints they received and how they handle them.

    • There would be countless of them from various industries but BBB’s influence covers mostly in BBB and a bit in Mexico so they wont be as popular in other countries as of now.

  7. Branded Institute Surveys sound like a high paying site, however a bit exclusive. Its so hard to find a survey site with no minimum cash out threshold, it’s too bad they’ve closed cause I would like to join. I’m currently earning part time income from survey sites (I’m a member of about 10 different sites) and I am always adding more to my list of sites. More sites = more income potential. I know you recommended Wealthy Affiliate, is there a way to earn money on there immediately like you can with survey sites?

    • Besides surveys sites and affiliate marketing, another way you could is instant is by becoming a Freelancer at either Fiverr or Odesk.

  8. I just wanted to say thank you yet again for another outstanding review about the survey world out there! With all your helpful reviews I’m gonna be able to make a nice little side income to help fund my marketing business. Please keep these outstanding reviews coming! Until next time Stay blessed.

  9. Another great article. It seems like survey sites all suffer from the same set of flaws; there aren’t enough surveys to go around, pay is usually low, and if the pay is good it is usually very difficult to qualify which is the case with this site. I personally think survey sites are a waste of time, but this one seems to be even more so. I wouldn’t trust earning money from anyone not accredited with the BBB and I also don’t like the fact there website is not optimized for mobile phones. 

  10. I personally like to do surveys here and there just for a little side income but I certainly do not waste my time and get opt out for the survey that I do not match with. I had no idea that they are from Shark Tank and I watched that show! Anyways, I guess it is a good thing that they are no longer in business. At least I know about them. Thanks for sharing the information! 

  11. I visited another blog post on this site on another survey review, I’m looking to earn extra cash especially when I’m not doing much so surveys are good for that reason. Your site clearly layouts the pros and cons which makes it much simpler to decide which one to pick.

    At the moment this survey site seems to be the one, mainly due to not having a minimum threshold. I’m going to keep looking though before choosing. Thanks again.

  12. Riaz,

    I really enjoyed this article. You came across as very knowledgeable. I immediately trusted you and wanted to read what you had to say. I found myself reading you bio. before I read the article. The bio. is very powerful. 

    I noticed just a few typos/grammar issues.

    “Is they pay compensation good” change “they” to their. 

    “to help improve their services better.” you can remove the word “better”. 

    “survey pays are lesser.” surveys pay less. 

    (People like us) (people like us)

    I have no experience with doing surveys. The article was very informative and really helped me understand online surveys in general and this company’s in particular. I enjoyed how you tied in Wealthy Affiliate into your article. This came across very naturally and was in no way pushy. 

    Thank you for a great article!


    • Wow thanks for the awesome feedback David, especially the typo errors, guess I might have missed that. Fixed! And the bio compliment, man I didn’t expect that but much appreciated 😀

  13. Hello Riaz, another great and helpful review! I hadn’t heard about Brand Institute Surveys before, so it was interesting to come across this and see your comments. It is interesting you had seen it on Shark Tank – if Mr. Wonderful was impressed, they must at least have a good profit strategy (for them haha). It does seem like a legitimate opportunity, though there is a barrier to entry against the VIP members and preferred medical professionals. 

    • I guess so, Mr. Wonderful does have an eye for great things no doubt about that. it’s a barrier but I guess it’s great to know that they’re giving more opportunities for medical professionals 🙂

  14. I also saw “Mr. Wonderful” talking about the program but then promptly forgot to check into it. Since the program itself does not cost anything to join, the red flags seem more of an irritant than a reason not to give it a try.  I wanted so much to join however it seems that my suspicions are true and that it definitely doesn’t earn much either.

  15. Hey there Riaz,

    Thank you for this very beautiful article. I really appreciate the efforts you took in dropping your take on Brand Institute Surveys. This is another very golden opportunity to make money online mostly with the fact that the advantages are numerous but I guess I won’t be making much since I’m not from the health background.

  16. Thanks for the article my guy! As I can see from this post, Brand Institute sounds like a pretty good survey service. However, it doesn’t look any better than Mobrog, so I won’t be using it. The fact that it isn’t available on mobile is also a big blow. If they want to increase their sales, that should be a priority. 

  17. Visited brandpoll brandinstitute com and it is showing 500 – Internal server error. Maybe it is not available in my country. Having studied Psychology, l really needed to give it a shot. l am a bit skeptical though after the negative feedback from other users who joined long back but are not getting any meaningful number surveys. This is an inherent weakness with most survey sites. Too many members and a few survey opportunities. For now, l will pass. Thank you for the thorough review of Brandpoll Riaz. 

    • I just checked Amos, and you’re right! There is a server error happening, and just fresh off after I wrote the review too, interesting. It’s a bummer you couldn’t get the opportunity though, your psychology background would have made a perfect fit. 

  18. Great post about Brand Institute Surveys! I had never heard of them before. I’ve heard of survey sites in the past and heard that they generally offer pennies for each survey completed. $4+ per survey isn’t bad, but I think I would shy away from a 40-minute survey that only pays $4. Even (or, I guess, especially*) if you’re in the medical field, your time is worth more than $8/hr. I checked out that link to your top-rated program at the end of your article and WOW- Wealthy Affiliate seems like a way better deal with me. I think I may be more interested in that program!

    • Glad I was able to give you insight on the program, Dev! Though if we thinking about it, $4/hour is like working the salary of when you’re working in a store so if we can do a survey and earn that much, it might be doable.

  19. I really find Brand Institute Surveys so informative, I didn’t know about site surveys before and it’s quite interesting and it seems to be a life-changer for the  better. It’s quite broad but being more into pharmaceutical brands and having in operation for almost two decades really makes it one of the best candidates for the job of naming the world’s first covid-19 vaccine. 

  20. Hi Riaz,

    It seems to me that no matter the Survey site you use,you seem to end up with the same result of being disappointed. I find them to be a waste of time and effort. You spend so long doing them and you get so little reward out of them. To get no surveys and then to wait 6 months to get better ones. If I was I that Shark tank I would dismiss it very quickly.

  21. Thanks for a well-written article on Brand Institute Surveys from Shark Tank.

    Since this is a survey program that involves Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank, I’m already interested.  It was good to discover from reading  your blog all about the earning opportunities available thru the Brand Institute.   Definitely something worth pursuing!

    The perks got my attention:  I appreciated knowing that the company is also giving earning opportunities through surveys, that it was established in 1997.  No minimum cash required is also a plus, and so is the fact that you earn cash instead of reward points like other surveys usually do.  No fluff, you just do surveys, you earn cash.  Also, payment through PayPal is attractive to me.

    I’m glad you checked out the Cons as well.  I read all your Red Flags.  I’m impressed that you took the trouble of checking their overall site traffic.

    Since I’m not in the medical field, this might not be worth my while, but thank you for letting all of us know the pros and cons.

    • Great to hear your feedback Monique but just a wee correction, Brand Institute isn’t from Shark Tank, they just got a commendation from them 🙂

  22. I have not seen a survey platform with so much amount of mix about the pros and cons. It’s really sad to see that it will be a very hard thing for a person to earn if you’re not in the medical field and the duration to become a VIP but a good thing is that they have been on for a very long period of time. All the same this is a good survey platform this is really worth trying.

  23. I must say a lot of ideas came into my head on how to really ascertain the legitimacy of this brand after reading through, I mean they are a huge brand but the least they could do is update their site a little. After all, their surveys community is the one that’s bringing them sales as we sacrifice our time to do their surveys.

    • You’re definitely right on that one Nelson, a little thought goes a long way to making the process better for us a the community.

  24. Wow! Your website is so informative & legit! I strive for mine to look as good one day. I wonder how many man hours you put in doing research & blogging & updating? I really like your reviews & wonder how you found the time to do them all…

    Hands down, you have the best site I’ve seen thus far!

  25. Just like many other survey platforms, I’ve found it to be a waste of my time, although I’m sure some people are very into it and they earn a lot from it but I have never earned a penny from surveys so I don’t really like them. There’s always an excuse why you can’t earn. But I’m sure brand institute will have it’s advantage

    • That’s the thing about survey sites Age, we’re just a number out of millions so if something goes wrong, chances are we’ll just get carried along the many waves of disappointment as there are always plenty of fishes in the sea for them since it’s free either way.

  26. It’s nice to see any platforms that have stayed this long and is still working and I have to give them the due credits for that actually. Also looking at surveys as a means of income I’m certainly not giving in to using it as a primary means on income and knowing that there is hardly a survey to take from brand institute survey, one will be careful the decision we make. 

  27. Interesting how you’re giving 3 stars, I would have maybe given 1 or 2. Always loved your in-depth review, I can only imagine how much time you put into writing. Obviously where you have covered all the essential information we needed to know, alas those in the medical field would benefit from this survey this more than the rest of us would.

  28. There are lots of business that are very lucrative online and they are of different dimensions. I’m not really into surveys because it is kind of hard to make profits from the business and this alone needs a lit of Time. Brand institute is a nice offer but the fact that it consume a lot of time is what I don’t like.

  29. Hi Riaz, I came across your article and thought of giving it a read. I´m always on the lookout for side hustles, and I never looked into surveys before. I believe in having various sources of income. Your post is very informative and happy to hear Brand Institute is not a scam. Medical surveys pay well, but the normal ones are not worth it, as I make better money through other sources.

  30. Hey Raiz, Great job! Thanks for your honest precise review on Brand Institute Survey. I have tried surveys of all sort, last time I shared my story of Clearvoice Survey. These surveys are someway even hard to qualify for, and some ask quite a lot of personal questions. I am a Wealthy Affiliate Marketer, I say truly it is a great platform to earn money online. Would at least share this article to friends in the medical field tho.

  31. I am glad that you made it clear that Brand Institute is not a scam, that makes it easier for the reader to make a decision. However I believe that one must have a main source of income and not totally depend on it for their livelihood. It’s tough when that’s that’s our only source of income but I’m excited to try out the Wealthy Affiliate alternative, sounds interesting 🙂

    • I totally get what you mean Bogadi, unfortunately there’s no way to get around since we are at their whims not to mention it’s free. Starting an online business of your own while doing these surveys to as a side is the best way to slowly build better profits for you 🙂

  32. Thank you for this review riaz! I am looking for a new survey platform but it seems like most of them work the same. I always have issues qualifying for surveys not to mention finding them in general. And the payouts are so low, it’s not even worth it when I think about it, so glad someone honest is sharing the same view!

  33. I think Brand Institute survey is a great way to make money as a side hustle, but turning this in to a regular income would be very hard and i think there is so much time and effort involved in this type of work. Also the lack of affiliate commissions is the biggest down point in my opinion and is unfortunate to say the least. 

  34. Thanks for writing this informative review. I’ve heard about Brand Institute and have considered registering. However, I’m not so sure even if they are legit. I’m not really in the medical field and it seems a pain to only have one survey task available per month. Thanks for saving my time and energy here. I’ll be looking into other more profitable survey sites.  

  35. A very comprehensive review on Brand’s Institute Survey. And I’m very impressed that you checked BBB too. I would have not thought about it. Having read through the post, it is certainly not worth the time and effort to try and do the survey if we are not in the medical field. And not being mobile friendly means its harder to try and work on the survey while on the move. Often, we would make use of travelling times to do this to be productive.

  36. From what you write I understand that it is extremely difficult for a normal person to gain any significant amount of money by doing these surveys. It is simply not worth the time and effort. I believe there are other more efficient ways to make money online and use this only as something extra.

  37. Waiting for 6 months to qualify on a website to do surveys is a waste of precious time. Top of it is that the surveys are not readily available. It is important we spend our time wisely and build a business. I love your recommendation, wealthy affiliate is a home for more serious business. With the training on the platform you can comfortable start any digital business of your own 

  38. I am astonished with the fact that Brand Institute Surveys has been in business for over 22years. And still managing to have a 3/5 ranking is quite a job well done in their side. Reading down to the cons, it is quite disappointing to see that there a lots of to be faced if registered on this platform. They should upgrade and make some changes. It’s 2020 for crying out loud!

  39. Wow, this is a very detailed review of Brand Institute Surveys.

    I agree that perhaps they have been around for too long and they don’t see a need to market themselves, or they could be affected by pandemic for them to be declining in website traffic. I belong to the medical field but I will not be considering Brand Institute Surveys as a target for income generation. It sounds quite interesting though, but I don’t think I have the energy to wait that long for a survey to pop up, sure they’ll inform but if it’s not regularly, I’d definitely have forgotten about it as I’m always at work. 

    • That explains Chuna, I guess it does make sense considering the long hours you guys have to work especially during these pandemic times. Just wanted to say thank you for being part of the front liners who are keeping us safe 🙂

  40. I have worked for many survey platforms and I have never found one that was worth the time.  The pay is just too low to compensate for the time used to fill it out.  It’s also frustrating, as you pointed out, to spend 20 or 30 minutes on a survey only to find that you don’t qualify.  This particular company seems to pay well per survey so it might be worth trying out, even if you aren’t a medical professional. Many people who work on a computer all day keep their emails opened so it would be easy to catch an email as soon as it comes in.  And if you’re already being paid for a job that has some downtime (such as a reception desk), it would only add to your bottom line to fill out a few surveys while you wait!

    • Definitely agree with you on that one Cythia, especially the job with downtime. People who are always on the move wouldn’t particularly find doing surveys helpful on them though.

  41. Thanks for sharing your feedback and research on Brand Institute Surveys. Free tools have a strong appeal since the price seems right, but sometimes the saying that “you get what you pay for” is true. It’s helpful to have a thorough Brand Institute Surveys review with an easy to understand rating.

    Personally I wouldn’t worry about any company not being accredited with the BBB — the BBB has taken criticism for being somewhat of a pay to play scam that offers high ratings to businesses who pay dues to them (instead of independently rating the business). 

  42. I have always been curious about surveys and even signed up for one trying to get into the rhythm of it. After a while I stopped taking emails from them. I never ever got any money from them. Going through this article, this sounds like a platform, well organised and trustworthy, paying cash. 

    There are quite a few features that I find a turn off: I am not in the medical field, the long wait to get surveys, the need to be invited by email, I would also need to become a VIP, the lack of surveys. Oh well, time to continue my hunt.

  43. Hi there, thank you for reviewing this company. I must say that I’ve gone down the whole survey route before and to be honest it takes so much time for such a little return. You could actually be using that time to create and build out your own business online and as I see you too are with WA! Really great platform! 

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