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Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Type of business: Online Business Classroom and Community

Price: $0 Starter membership (Starter account), $49 per month (Premium) or $359 per year.

Owners: Kyle and Carson

My rating: 5 out of 5 (Highly recommended) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

riaz with plane bebeh

Before we get started on everything, I need to be frank you with you – That is not my airplane on the right.

It belongs to a client of mine and I got the opportunity to go there because of my business that grew thanks to Wealthy Affiliate which led me to a lot of calls and a lot of projects.

Long story short, Wealthy Affiliate is a course that teaches you to grow an Online Business of your own, or grow an existing one through Online Marketing, specifically through the website content.

I’ll explain in greater detail as we go but it’s important for me to set your expectations straight.

WA is NOT a get rich quick scheme and it does not make you a millionaire – It does however, give you a considerable amount of income full-time if you put in the effort.

Hi, My name is Riaz Shah and I am an event planner by trade.

It is my own company which I’ve learned how to grow from the skills that I’ve picked up here at Wealthy Affiliate which I’ll be reviewing for you as we go.

In my free time, I write casually on this blog to help share my discoveries with everyone on how to build a second income stream as how I did.

riaz Star Wars

And that’s me at a Star Wars Expo.

I may be a corporate person but outside work, I’m still the normal everyday guy who loves Star Wars and video games and before you ask, No I do not live in a big mansion nor drive a Ferrari.

I don’t believe that it’s right to show off and prey on other people’s envy and jealousy to make money by scamming them.

It’s important for me to tell you this because there a lot of scammers out there on the internet and I’m just as normal as you are and everyone here who is looking for the same answers on building a sustainable future.

Now that we’ve got our expectations on reality, let me start off with how I ended up coming across Wealthy Affiliate…

3 years ago before this very website that you’re looking at had even existed yet, I was in another program called Dot Com Secrets X which I ended up losing all my savings and being scammed hoping I’d get a shot at making money online.

I didn’t get a single cent.

But after a few months, I began to muster up the confidence to find out what other people had been saying on Google and I found out that everyone said the same thing – That the DCSX was definitely a scam and everyone lost a lot of money to the so-called internet guru.

I went down.

Bent and broken with barely any cash left on hand, I read and read countless reviews until I came across Wealthy Affiliate which has an insane amount of positive reviews but they never did any marketing of their own, no fast cars, no big mansions.

I decided to give it a try and joined their 7-day trial and from that moment onwards, I was hooked.

The lessons are on-point and my website looks amazing – My content-writing skills that I picked up make Google love my site even more and after 2 months, I got my first sale.

I never looked back and I keep working on my websites to grow them even further and now, I’m earning at least $4-5k from my websites a month.

I learned the hard way that there is NO such thing as making millions overnight so if you are like me – believing that efforts will pay off, then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for you so do read my review below to know more about this particular program.


What is Wealthy Affiliate? (And How Does it Work)

how wealthy affiliate worksWant to make money by selling other people’s stuff?

You’ve come to the right place.

WA is an Online Business Course that teaches you how to make money out of any passion you have, by building a WordPress website.

Here, you’ll learn how to become an Affiliate Marketer which means that you can make money through sales you make from affiliate programs and products which will give you a percentage of each sale.

You don’t need to sell.

You don’t need to create your own product.

You don’t have to even face people.

All you have to do is to provide information on what people are searching for online. By doing that, people will be very thankful for giving them a solution to their questions – all you need to do is recommend them to Amazon which will do the rest.

Easy Listbuilding Strategies review on Google Search first page

Don’t worry about website building, it is actually easier today than several years ago as you don’t need prior knowledge at all.

I used to take 3 weeks to build a website but now, anyone can build one in a few minute’s time! There’s absolutely no excuse to not build one because everyone eventually needs a website be it for their personal selves, for work, or research.

The website building is the easy part, driving visitors to your site is another which is why after you’ve built your website, your next task in hand is to drive traffic (Fancy name for website visitors) and don’t worry, because you won’t need to spend a single cent on marketing at all!

The only real way by ranking your website on the first page of Google which is a major part covered here at Wealthy Affiliate. Look at that image on your right… That is how my website looks like on Google and many other pages are ranking too and so will yours.

Admit it, even you will be proud enough to tell your friends of your achievements when you managed to get your website up there as it is no small feat. Once your website is on the first page of Google, it will stay there forever and that is how you’ll get endless traffic for free.

One last note that I’d like to add is that the amount of money you’ll be getting is dependent on the number of people you can attract to your site because no matter how beautiful your site looks, it won’t make money if nobody is there in the first place.

The higher your traffic = Higher conversions = More money.

You could easily make $10 a day or $1000 a day or anywhere in between with Internet Marketing if you put in the effort to grow your business every day.

It is important to take note that you won’t be making money overnight though because Google needs time to know you are serious and that your website is a quality one which is why a new website will take a month or two to grow before Google starts unlocking your site’s true potential and give you a greater site exposure.

Don’t know how a website process works? I’ve got you covered! When I first build my website, I record everything from day one because I was excited and in the beginning, your graph will look something like this…

My Internet Quest's Google Analytics for December 2014

The first few weeks will be rough but in the end, hard work will definitely start to pay off and your visitor rate will shoot off the roof as how it did on my site as well.


Pros and Cons

There are a lot of features that I will be sharing with you later on but here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of this program…


  • Lessons are always updated
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Classroom-based learning – There is 13 full interactive classroom with tasks to complete.
  • Suitable for any niche
  • 10,000+ members within the community
  • You’ll never run out of motivation
  • Live Chat
  • Spam-free community
  • NO hidden upsells
  • Free web hosting
  • Free websites


  • It will probably take you at least 2-3 weeks in order to get your first sale – Building a website may take time as Google needs to understand what you’re doing first before you can rank on the first page. If you are looking for ways to make money overnight, I’m afraid this program is not for you but if you believe hard work will pay off, then this is the perfect program for you.
  • You won’t make millions – Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it is important to have realistic expectations before you get started. On average, I have seen people earning around $300 – $700 in their first month. It may be a small amount but businesses start small and only after that will your website start snowballing and earn you more sales.
  • Do not get stuck in the “Learning only” mode – There is some great knowledge to be learned from Wealthy Affiliate and I have seen many people (Including me sometimes) learn but not implementing. Knowledge has never been so sweet here at WA, especially if you have been looking for that answer all your life but what good is all that knowledge if you’re not doing anything with it, right?

Join Wealthy Affiliate now button

Tools and Training –Everything You Need Under One Roof!

wealthy affiliate features

Want to know what you’ll get if you join? As an Online Business platform, Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of features for members and every year, there’s always something new that will surprise you.  We’ll start with the number one feature here which is the…

Very Immersive Training! Classroom-based Lessons You’ll Never Forget!

Wealthy Affiliate classroom

The training is Wealthy Affiliate’s golden icon – People all over the world come to check out the astonishing secrets to building a high-quality website the right way.

The lessons will teach you how to make money by choosing a niche that you really love, building a website about it, creating content to make Google love it, gain rankings on Google’s first page, and voila! You earn through conversions.

Basically, you will be taught Affiliate Marketing which is the art of selling other people’s products in exchange for commissions and this is very fun, very easy and very lucrative because there are billions of people using the internet every day.

People have this misconception that there are too many websites and competition is huge but the reality is that there’s plenty of opportunities for everyone to get a piece of that golden nugget.

The sea on the internet is vast and too few websites are truly taking the chance to create a website and benefit from the countless niches out there.

Want a More Real-Time Class? Join Our Weekly WAbinars!

wealthy Affiliate Live Training

And that’s not a typo, WAbinar is our actual term because it stands for Wealthy Affiliate get it? Get it? Okay I’ll go.

Every week on Fridays, we have this video Wabinar covering all sorts of wonderful topics to help keep your edges sharp and updated on the online world. That’s right, you don’t have to look for news outside – we’ll bring it to you!

I’ve finished all those lessons myself but the weekly live training is something I never miss out on because it helps remind me of just how awesome the whole online experience is, especially when there are thousands of other members talking at the same time.

It’s even more helpful when you know that there are people who have been there and have succeeded online with their blogs and having the chance to pick their brain on how to propel your Online Business even further for free is the real deal.

Talk about the power of the community!

Want to Rank on Google Fast? –Avoid Competition with our Keyword Tool!

what is riway about on google search

Ranking on the first page of Google is definitely possible and you can do it too.

Take a look at my screenshot on the right – That’s one of the reviews I made that I ranked for on the first page of Google.

Blogging is not my full-time thing as I am also working a day job so I have no experience on how the whole internet works but if I can manage to rank my site on the first page let alone build one, then that definitely means that you can too.

Perhaps you’ll do even better than me since you can definitely put in more time into growing your site which will eventually be your full-time business.

How I do this is pretty easy.

You see, Google has millions of websites on the web and each one is competing with one another but what makes us stand out more despite all those heavy competition, is that we know how to leverage keywords and how I managed to rank mine just now was by simply searching it through the Keyword Research Tool here at WA.

what is riway about on google search

How you can utilize our keyword tool to rank any page on Google will be taught inside the program so I won’t spill much on this but just to let you know, it’s something that will definitely up your game even more.

But just to give you an idea, we have a great keyword research tool that you can utilize to scan competitive keywords, and the trick to that is to find ones that are highly searched for but with very little competition.

I don’t normally share my keyword search results as it gives my other competitors the edge they can use to overtake my rankings but for the sake of this review, and to show you what I mean, I guess one secret wouldn’t hurt 🙂

Want a Reply Faster than Support? –Get Access to Member Threads!

wealthy affiliate questions

Not that our support team is slow or anything.

They do reply fast and when I say fast, I mean less than half an hour to be exact but sometimes, we just need an instant answer for very short questions. Like should I do this or not, or even how to solve a problem on your blog.

When we’re working online, things tend to get pretty technical so we’re bound to have questions burning from time to time but worry not, you’re not alone! Other members are most probably asking the same thing when it comes to a website problem so while at WA, you can simply access their threads and get instant answers in a blink of an eye!

There are also other members who share tips and training every once in a while (Even me!) and we often share things that cannot be found within WA’s lessons (Golden knowledge!) so you’ll definitely get access to that as well 🙂

Oh, But I Don’t Know to Build a Website! –Introducing SiteRubix.

Not to worry, you can build one here easily with a click of a button and no technical terms!

At WA, you can build up to 25 free websites to test your game before deciding on buying a full dot com domain for your website and our site-building platform is made especially to help you speed up and rank easily within Google!

We have over 1,400+ beautiful themes for you to choose from and most important of all, they are all mobile-responsive which means that if you check your newly-built website, it adjusts itself right into phone-mode automatically.

This is very important because not only will your readers love you more, Google will also rank you better because in 2020, websites that are mobile-responsive will gain better rankings within search engines.

This also means that if you already have a website now and it’s not mobile-responsive, you’re screwed so if there’s any a time to jump into the WA bandwagon, there has never been a more perfect time than now.

Nobody Commenting on Your site? –Boost them with SiteComments!

organic high quality comments with site coments

Did you know that out of every 100 web visitors, only 1% will comment on your site?

If you have a website but no one is commenting on it, don’t worry because that’s pretty normal, because a lot of people won’t even think of commenting if there’s no conversation within your page at all to begin with.

But when you stumble upon a page with a lot of organic people commenting, don’t deny, you just have to join in or take a closer look, especially at the comments.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we aim to change all that with a little something we call SiteComments.

How it works is that from your WA dashboard, you can request comments from other members to your site and before you start thinking of the quality, it’s guaranteed of very high organic quality because the SiteComments system is actually a give and take system.

This means that if you want comments on your website, you will need to contribute comments on another member’s site too so this way, everyone no matter how old or pro they are will need to comment on other sites and speaking of which, I’m one of the top contributors there too 😉

The SiteComments system is a feature unique only here at WA and you won’t find this anywhere else.

Even if you ask others to comment on your site, it won’t be the same or as detailed as to how we do it here because there are certain rules on the give and take system – Relativity and word length-wise.

It is a form of Give and Take as you’ll get comments from real users who go really go through your page and website to give it engagement from their own perspectives.

For every article that I write, I usually request 5 comments on my site and after that, other readers from the internet who were to come across my page will be tempted to comment too! Just scroll down the comments section below to see what I mean 😉

Did You Know That You Could Earn Through Comments?

Earning through cash credits on Wealthy Affiliate

I’m about to fill you in on a trade secret.

You already know how powerful the SiteComment feature is – We can get real authentic comments from real users, we can view other senior bloggers’ sites who are crushing it and connect with them, but at the same time, we can also earn through comments, wow!

How it works is that for every comment, you’ll get $0.50 which is actually decent amount if you think about it.

If you really do the math, you can easily get $5 a day if you spend an hour doing giving 10 comments.

It usually takes me an hour to do so and if you want to take it up a notch and spend two hours giving 20 comments, you can easily get $10.

Multiply that by 30 days, that’s an easy $300 a month for spending just two hours a day! That’s more than enough to pay for Wealthy Affiliate’s membership.

It’s how I was able to pay when I first joined and if you’re wondering as to why they’re giving away cash, it is to help make sure the members are honest when they are giving comments for each other’s website as the requirement is a bit strict, with a minimum 100-word.

Affiliate Marketing is still the main source of income for all of us as we will need to build a website that we monetize but it will take a few months for your website to finally take off and start snowballing cash and in that initial period of waiting, having a side income by giving comments definitely helps as a new member.

Once your website has started growing and making thousands, you won’t need to use SiteComments anymore and you can fully depend on your website’s earnings as how most of us do.

Worried About Your Site’s SEO Status? –Introducing SiteHealth!

Out of the many features we have here, I’d say this is one of the very best benefits you’ll get because it makes your work so much easier and no other website building platforms have this feature – Truly a heaven for beginners!

If you build a site using other website builders like Wix or Weebly, you won’t know how your website is doing and whether or not it is protected nor is it good SEO-wise. With SiteHealth on the other hand, you can check what exactly are you missing out and how on earth do you keep your site on its top performance so that it can rank better in Google.

Website Too Slow? –We’ll Give You High-Speed Dedicated Hosting!

Never fear, you can host your website here free of charge!

To build a website, you need to have a web host and nobody knows how to find the right one. When I first started, I was using Hostgator as my web host but I’ve stopped my subscription altogether because I realized that I was spending $15 a month which was very expensive not to mention the fact that it was slowing my site down in terms of page load.

I moved my website to host at WA and instantly, this is what happened…

faster page load speed

My website speed increased!

This is because WA gives you first-class dedicated web hosting as opposed to the cheap shared-hosting that we usually come across, which means that you have a whole server for yourself to host your websites!

Other companies like Hostgator (My previous hosting) and Bluehost are using a shared server which means that they cramp all the other websites in their server which results in a very slow website loading time. But by doing so, they are able to charge a low monthly fee.

Still, is the price worth the quality?

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, gives you a dedicated web host which is a killer deal because if you try to get this outside, it usually cost you at least a hundred dollars per month but as a member, you’ll get access to this free your entire lifetime – That’s how serious they are to help you succeed online!

Don’t Know How to Get a Domain? –Introducing SiteDomains!

SiteDomains Wealthy Affiliate

Starting January 2016, Wealthy Affiliate started their own in-house domain registrar so you have absolutely no reason to go out and spend more just to get a domain elsewhere!

We want to provide the best for our members and we understand the cost is a burden so worry not because we’ll give the best rate for those interested in purchasing domains that no other domain registrar companies can beat! Sure there are others who charge lower but the upsells are what’s going to cost you much more in the long run.

This is an entirely new feature that I never managed to get hold of because this bit wasn’t available back then. I’ve been a member for 3 years now and by the time I’ve built this website, it was from another domain registrar instead. New members are so pampered with new features that I’m feeling kind of envious!

Want to Up Your Game Even More? –Introducing SiteSSL!

my internet quest https

Have you noticed how my website URL starts with an “https” instead of the usual “Http”?

You can get this too at Wealthy Affiliate, this is an entirely new feature that just started in November 2016 and it is something that will revolutionize the website world.

free SSL Wealthy Affiliate

Whether it’s a brand new website or a site that has been around for a while, you can upgrade it either way to an https to instantly be on the same par as other established websites like Facebook.

Having SSL is usually used for websites with transactions going on because it makes your site more secure and if you implement this on your site, Google will recognize you even more as it shows how serious you are about your business that you are taking precautionary steps to secure it. This is also important because it knows that you are giving value to your readers.

Nothing Seems Right? I’ll Personally Teach You How!

Personally creating lessons for WA

I’ve been a member for 3 years now and if there’s one thing I want, it’s to see you succeed with your Online Business.

I’ll share everything you need to know about how to get an edge online, what you can do to get a boost on sales, and I’ll even check how your website is doing to give you feedback of my own.

From time-to-time, I also create training to help fix some issues that some members are facing so you absolutely have nothing to worry about as I’ll be there along the way to guide you through.

I love helping out people because when I first started online, the owners Kyle and Carson personally helped me out and I was touched that I began helping others as well after I started standing on my 2 feet so rest assured you’ll have me and the rest of the community to back you up 🙂

Join Wealthy Affiliate now button


People Want to See REAL Content!

If you’re new to the online world, every beginner makes the mistake of wanting to succeed online without putting in the effort.

It doesn’t work like that because this is now how business work. Similar to the outside world, people want to see how trustworthy you are and how good your business is and here at WA, we teach you exactly that through a little something called Content Creation.

Would you rather buy from a cheap-looking website, or would you rather check to see a website’s credibility before spending?

The reason why popular websites like Amazon and Hubspot makes crazy conversion is because of the content they have that makes them authentic and real and believe it or not, it is more important now than ever…

affiliate marketing trend 2020

See the graph trend rising? That’s how important proper content creation is!

There are so many scams today out there that build cheap websites with no proper content only to lie to people and steal their money so you should be happy to know that after Google’s updates, only websites with proper content can survive which means, those cheap low-quality ones will die.

In fact, your website will be much easier to rank now if you do it the right way which will be covered here at Wealthy Affiliate within our lessons so if you believe in working hard, this is definitely the place for you.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Safe? -Introducing SiteProtect!

The new SiteProtect feature at wealthy Affiliate

Safer now than ever.

Sometimes you get too busy with work that you won’t have time to learn how to do antivirus or how to protect your site from hackers… At least not until it finally happens to you.

You’ll get super frustrated and you’ll start to panic because when that happens, the hacker takes control of your whole website so you can’t even log in.

All your hard-earned money, your business… gone!

A scary experience, I know because it’s happened to me once and I lost everything because I was too naive to believe that nobody would hack me.

Wealthy Affiliate understands this issue and created its very own security feature called SiteProtect exclusively for its members so if you were to join, you’ll get access to it free of charge!

I have a website already before I joined but even now, I’m experiencing better security than last time before I joined. And It’s very simple to activate really, all you need to do is to just click the On Button and you’re good to go!

Wealthy Affiliate's new security updateTheir WA team will handle everything for you so you can take your head away from the technicalities and focus on building your business. What a way to increase productivity, eh?

The SiteProtect feature is something you will never find anywhere else because it’s unique and is made by their own technical team and it’s really going to impact your business in the long run because Google will notice how established you are with a high-end system.

As an Online Business platform, Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress due to its speed, popularity and ease of use (You don’t need prior knowledge). It’s quite a popular method for working on the internet because WordPress makes it easier to understand everything so you don’t have to worry about this part at all.

The WA team strives hard to increase your overall security experience (Very important for business) and until now, I have never had anyone hacking me compared to last time when I was trying to do everything by myself.

They are always working on new features and to make sure it goes well with all of us users including you and me so they often share their updates from time to time with the community so you can talk to them freely about your issues or even how you feel towards the updates. So in a nutshell, they’re…

  • Synchronizing your site with the WA platform
  • Creating strong passwords for your account
  • Saving your site account details so you can just log in from here.
  • SiteProtect – Their own inhouse Spam blocker!
  • Scanning your websites regularly to detect suspicious activities like hacks.


Can I Really Create a Website About Anything At All?

Of course you can.

Wealthy Affiliate applies for all types of interests that you have so whether it’s gardening, meditation, or a beer blog, there are boundless possibilities on growing your site and monetizing it!

I’m more of a show person rather than telling one so here are some of my friends who proved that you can take any type of passion work and become a long-term business for you…

Website niche #1 – My Archery Corner

My Archery Corner screenshot

A friend of mine is crazy about archery so guess what? He decided to start a blog about it!

As some of you might know, archery is not something people would check out online unless they want to buy arrows or bolts to restock, or if they want to find some info about what that sport is all about.

Moritz saw this as an opportunity, so he created content diligently on everything archery related – Bows, crossbows, tips on aiming, even historical facts.

When he first started, he was just like me.

We both had zero traffic and nobody came to our site but now, check this out…

my archery corner on the first page of google

He got on the first page of Google!

In the Online Business world, if your website isn’t ranked on the first page, you’ll be lucky if even one person clicks on your link that month.

If you’ve made it on the first page, on the other hand, that’s when you know you’re halfway to success.

Want to know how he did it? Take a look at this…

archery for blind people jaaxy search

Using the knowledge and a keyword tool provided by WA, Moritz was able to pinpoint a specific keyword.

QSR stands for “quoted Search Results” which stands for competitors so seeing that there are only 13 competitors for that specific keyword, he was quickly able to seize that opportunity.

The traffic might not sound many but trust me, it’s a lot because one thing that you need to remember is that content like this lasts an eternity so just imagine how many visitors he would have accumulated from just this one post when he has many more where that came from!

Moritz WA

Moritz is one of my dearest friends here at WA and we always share info on how to grow our sites better so if you’re interested in keeping in touch with him, you can find his profile at WA where he goes by the name of MoritzS.

Website Niche #2 – The Island of Rhodes

the island of rhodes home page

Chris isn’t from Greece but his love for travel brought him there.

He has been staying in Rhodes for quite some time and has absorbed himself well into their world like how a native would – he can speak their language (And multiple others), he knows where to get the best deals, and he knows more about their history than most of the people there!

Impressive how interests can drive you!

After joining WA, he found a calling in him to start a niche website on Rhodes because he was totally in love with their culture.

He didn’t know what to focus on at first but after writing piece by piece, he discovered that there are limitless opportunities for him to talk about.

He wrote about the history of Rhodes, the popular icons, even the best places to visit and believe it or not, his site became one of the top sites in his niche!

And just like Moritz and me, he too started from scratch but look at him now…

anastasia of rhodes on the first page of google

His site appeared on the first page of Google!

Of course he still has a lot of content to create in order to grow faster but it’s still the first page nevertheless!

Let’s have a look at how he achieved that…

anastasia of rhodes jaaxy search

Woweee! 72 traffic with only 16 competitors!

Just so you know, a good number of competitors to look out for is anything that is below 300 because you’ll definitely be able to rank up faster when a keyword not too competitive.

Everything will be taught within the lessons inside Wealthy Affiliate so I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for you much but just so you know, the information you’ll get there works and it can be applied to any website and just about any businesses you have in this world.

Chris WA profile

Chris has been in WA for quite some time since 2014 and I actually learned a lot from him on ways to grow my site even further.

Look out for him when you’re inside, who knows he’ll drop you a knowledge bomb or two!

Website Niche #3 – Japanese Tactics

japanese tactics homepage screenshot

Did you know that in June 2018 alone, Japan reached its highest tourism rate month with over 2.8 million visitors?

Seeing that Japan is quickly becoming a popular destination for tourism, work and studies, my friend Nick decided to start a blog about it.

On his site, he teaches the Japanese language to help people better understand the language and culture through his language tips, immersion techniques, and fun facts to help you absorb faster.

Of course with that huge demand, there are tons of competitors so let’s have a look at how he fares now…

meaning of noni google search

He still managed to rank up high on Google despite all those competitors!

Now it’s important to bear in mind that when it comes to ranking on Google, the ability to rank up high on search engines depends on the quality of content you create, the search demand and of course, the number of competitor sites there are on that specific keyword.

nick hoyt WA

I love reading facts about Japan as I’m addicted to anime and manga so from time to time, I check out Nick’s site to learn more plus things get much easier when you can have direct access to him too in our membership area.

Website Niche #4 – XBrewX

xbrewx home page sreenshot

There’s always a huge market for beers anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Nate loves his beer as much as he loves making one so he decided to share with everyone his favorite beer spots, his brewing techniques, and his reviews to give everyone a better experience.

He proved that you don’t need to have a huge factory to create one and that just about anyone can brew one at home. Look where that got him on Google…

types of priming sugar google search

On the front page!

And this is not his only site, he has several others too which are all ranking just as well if not better.

This proves that no matter the niche or passion, you can make your site grow into an authority site if you’re willing to put in the effort.

nathaniell WA

I’ve been in WA since 2014 but even now, I am still learning new things from different people to keep my site up to date on today’s trends and Nate’s helped me a lot whenever I get stuck on my site.

A community of like-minded people is very important especially if you are in the online business world so if you’re excited to give WA a try, we are all here to help you out!

Website Niche #5 – Cure My Erectile Dysfunction

cure my erectile dysfunction homepage screenshot

Did you know that erectile dysfunction affects every 1 in 4 modern men today?

Taboo as it may be to talk about this topic, it is still on the borderline of health and wellness so to teach people how to overcome this problem is of great importance.

A lot of my friends are experiencing this problem and it gives them great despair not knowing what to do, especially after marriage.

Believe me, it’s scary because it involves your future.

With his knowledge in curing this problem, Derek saw this as an opportunity to share his solutions so he decided to write articles on how to solve it and share his experiences with everyone.

How did his site fare you ask? Let’s get a sneak peek…

tongkat ali dosage google search

It’s a little way down but hey! It’s still on the first page of Google!

When creating an authority website, the longer your website exists, the more mature and established it becomes in the eye of Google so as long as you keep doing what you do to maintain it, your website will slowly rank upwards in time.

derek wa profile

Derek is one of my closest friends in WA and even a mentor for me when it comes to content creation strategies so if you were to happen to see him while inside the member’s area, do drop by and say hello! He’s a really cool guy!

These 5 examples I’ve listed down are definitely not the only ones who were successful because every day in WA, there is always someone who shares his or her progress within the community so yes, there are definitely more where that came from.

No matter which country you are from or what passion you may have, you can make it work if you are serious enough in building it and committed enough to maintain your business in order to have sustainable and passive growth.

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So Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Everyone! – From newbies to experts alike.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what qualifications you have, whether you are a work from home mom, whether you even go to college or not or even if you’re unemployed!

Here, take a look at this screenshot of ambassadorship within Wealthy Affiliate…

wealthy affiliate ambassadorship

A screenshot of Wealthy Affiliate’s list of Ambassadors

The list goes on for those ambassadors but what I wanted to point out to you is that the beautiful thing about being an ambassador is that anyone can do it!

You get the ambassador title randomly depending on your activities on Wealthy Affiliate, how helpful you are, how communicative you are, and how performing your website is.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, don’t be surprised that most newcomers are fresh newbies to the Internet Marketing world (Like me!), meaning that they have no experience in making money online!

But as they go through the lessons provided, they develop and eventually surpass even the most established members (Except for Kyle and Carson because they are the founders after all 😉 ) there so yes, everyone is equal here.


Surround Yourself With Those in the Same Mission As You!

Getting stuck is the number one reason internet marketers fail.

You can join as many home-business programs as you want but if you don’t get help and direction whenever you’re stuck, you won’t get far but it’s different in here because as you join, you get to meet all sorts of people from various backgrounds welcoming you.

Kyle talking to me

You’ll know that you’re getting great support when the owner himself is actually talking to you!

Look at the picture above, I was surprised when the founder Kyle was welcoming me the moment I joined Wealthy affiliate! Okay I was exaggerating a little bit, it was actually one day after I joined when Kyle started talking to me but he did!

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 founders – Kyle and Carson. And both of them really care about how the well-being of the users because no matter how busy they get, they will still try to find time to reply to you. (Although it may take 2-3 days).

And it’s not just one-time support where other programs will tend to charge you higher if you want to speak with the seniors, no. Everyone is equaled here which is why we get along pretty fine and you’ll get access to speak with anyone without the pressure of paying more.

In fact, I ask for help a lot and although my questions are really annoying because I have no background in website building and even after a year, Carson still finds time to reply to me…

carson being nice

Carson helping me with my problems.

Having the founder himself guiding and talking to you will really make you feel valued as it shows responsibility and trust because the person who created the program himself will always be there for you.

There are loads more benefits of having a community such as…

  • Hope in dark times – When you’re feeling down or depressed, having a supportive community who understands exactly how you feel may be just the remedy to get you back in action.
  • Faster support – The community can help you answer your questions faster than relying on support tickets which would take days to reply.
  • Personal advice – You can even ask for advice from the senior members on what methods or tricks they are using to give you a powerful edge.
  • Greater motivation – A community will motivate you to work harder as you will ultimately feel envious when others who start about the same time as you, are already achieving massive success.
  • Expert feedback – What better way to get professional feedback from experts themselves? People pay for this consultation while we get it for free!


How Much Does it Cost?Wealthy Affiliate Price 2017

Starter membership: $0 (Join here)

Premium membership: $49 per month or $359 per year (join here)

Wealthy Affiliate may not be the hottest product in the market but after reaching their targeted goal of having 200,000 members, Kyle and Carson decided to open up the doors to more people by introducing the Starter membership which you could join for free.

So how long can you join for free? For as long as you like!

Unlike other home business programs which give you only a few days to try out, the Wealthy Affiliate membership allows you to join for as long as you like until you’re ready to join as a premium member.

So do take advantage of that and experience the Wealthy Affiliate platform first-hand.

After you have learned everything there is to know about (And make some money along the way), you will want to consider joining as a premium member.

It’s designed to help you gain an edge in your online business by removing those pesky problems we tend to face like expensive hosting fees, pesky keyword tool fees, those website builder fees, searching the net tirelessly for answers, outsourcing people to help… all those removed with a low payment.

The membership contains everything you need to know about making your first dollar online. You can look at the premium membership as a living breathing Wikipedia whereby people can just give you answers whenever you’re stuck or even give the advice to boost your income.


Make Your First Sale and Share Your Stories!

Every day, there are hundreds of people who make their first sale at Wealthy Affiliate.

They share their happiness with everyone within the community and I really love reading their success stories as it warms my heart seeing how happy they are not to mention proving to everyone that making money online is definitely doable and that everyone can do it.

Some of these people have even completed their lessons on Wealthy Affiliate but are still here because they love the community, and they give back by helping others succeed too online.

Besides being a living beacon, it’s an amazing opportunity to get in touch with them and learn more to help build your own Online Business too as they are never short of tips to give which is an amazing opportunity for you too.

Before I joined WA, I remember how hard it was trying to get other bloggers to help me with something or give me advice because all of them are very huge and making so much money so they don’t have any reason to reply to me.

It was one of the reasons I stopped and didn’t pursue my online hopes.

Why would they reply to me, right? After all, I’m just a number and there are of course hundreds of thousands of people emailing them so of course, they’d pick who they want to reply to.

At Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, you won’t get that preferential treatment as it is after all, a platform to help people earn and everyone here brings each of us up.

When someone comes across something that helps them with their earnings, they share with the community and I find it pretty cool as there’s always something new I could learn every day.

Some make money by blogging about civil law, some by teaching Japanese or providing translator services, and some even use the knowledge they earned to make money not only through Affiliate Marketing, but also by providing SEO or website services to clients to diversify their income source.

Whatever it is, there are just so many success stories to go around here and they’re there because it works and it is definitely possible for anyone to make money like how these people do.

AffTraining, John MKS, JerryHuang, Thabo4, RD40, are all real people and you can check and reach out to them yourself inside the platform.

In fact, there’s more where that came from and I can’t possibly share all of them with you because honestly, there are a lot of people we’ve been helping inside and they’re making their own income online from their own websites and ventures all over the world.

You can actually just head over to our dashboard and see the number of success stories there.

It’s endless.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories Leaderboard 2020

Every day there’s something new that people are sharing and you’d notice the variety of ways of earning which is really inspiring and you’d be instantly infused with vigor to work harder because if others can do it, why can’t we, right?

And the best part is that everyone is so warm and welcoming here as we’re all looking to build a future for ourselves and our family so you’d be surprised as to how nice everyone is and how they’re willing to share their secrets to success with you which I find very valuable.

When I first started I had no idea too and everything is such a mystery to me, especially when I’m not internet savvy and that I come from a totally different industry – I was working in a hotel.

But if it weren’t for the amazing people here which I constantly bug for help and guidance like Derek, Roope, Nathaniell, and many more, I would never have actually made it to my first sale.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you did wrong that hinders your progress like why is your site not converting, why are you not making enough, or even opportunities that can affect how you earn which not many people know of when just starting out and having the chance to connect with successful bloggers can be a game-changer for you.

It’s also great to interact with the community because you’ll also eventually meet some people that are on par with you and are doing just as well as you which would give you the fire you need to work harder and overtake them which can a healthy competition too whilst making friends with them.

Truly, the community here is unlike any other.

My Final Word + Bonus Gift

Some ways back, starting an Online Business would be an impossible task.

One would think that it’s next to impossible and the only way anyone could earn is through eCommerce which obviously would take huge amounts of capital to start but not today.

There are countless ways to make money online and the best part of it is that we can start immediately with no prior knowledge, no boundaries, and no need to meet anyone online which is perfect as it can save so much time and give us more flexibility to focus on growth and how much we make.

Affiliate Marketing has evolved to make sure we get the best when it comes to conversion and earning online as it’s very simple to do and we do not need to even focus on the product and there’s no better platform I can recommend than Wealthy Affiliate.

Bear in mind that it is also not a get rich quick scheme and to start making money on your website, you need time for Google to recognize it so only after that will you start and get your endless supply of visitors thus your income. I’ve been part of the platform since 2014 now and still am so should you decide to join, my username within the community is “Riaz”. Do drop by and say hello!

I’ll also give you a bonus if you decide to join as a premium within the first 7 days (including a 59% discount). This is something I’d like to call an “action takers” bonus as I would really want to help you out by giving you my personal guidance and some cool traffic building tips I have learned to build up my business from scratch.

Any questions at all that you have, please do leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to reply. Looking forward to meeting you and hope to see you there soon!

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209 comments to “My #1 Recommendation”
  1. Congrats to your success Riaz, great name! I enjoyed reading your blog, chock-full of information. I was wondering, do you have to work from a computer/laptop? I have a tablet, down the road, once I “take off” I can purchase one. 😉

    • Thanks Kathy!

      and yes, you can use any tablet or ipad it works fine as long as you can type. WA requires you to create content by blogging mainly, it would be best if you get a keyboard attachment for your tablet to help you type faster. I use that too for my ipad when i’m away from the computer 😊

    • Nope, you don’t have to work from a computer. Your tablet’s fine as long as you have internet access and can type easily. I would suggest you get a keyboard attachment for your tablet though as you’ll tend to get immersed when typing.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your journey. And I absolutely agree with you that we can make any amount of money on the internet if we put the effort into it. It takes longer than just a few weeks or even months, it may take a year before you really see some traction and it’s a lot of work around having a website or two, but it’s well worth it because you are building something for your future. Nothing is secure in today’s world, the only thing we know for sure is that the number of people using the internet is growing and the technologies also go forward. No matter at what age you start, in a few years your website can be your full-time income. 
    Wealthy Affiliate would be my number one recommendation as well for everyone who wants to start an online business.

    • Definitely agree with you on this one Lenka, hard works always work especially in Online Business as the site grows each day we work on it. Appreciate the kind feedback!

  3. So, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for years now. I have been on and off, trying to find the best and fast ways to make money. But I can sincerely tell you that I have found nothing better than Wealthy Affiliate. In terms of quality of the training, great and interactive community and awesome hosting platform.

    So, yes it is my number recommendation too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Riaz! That is a great recommendation. In reality, there is no business that let you get income without doing some work. Great review and all the best for you!

  5. Wow Wealthy Affiliate does sound nice! The community part is really important, almost all scam products don’t have this feature

  6. Hi Riaz, great review on WA. Well written!

    Do you use email marketing tools or autoresponder in your online business here to capture leads?

  7. I am skeptical about WA. I have heard a lot about this. Now, how convincing is this and what relevance will have on my consulting business. Thanks

    • It will definitely build your consulting business too Faith, because you’ll learn how to market your business event further. I too am building my other event business and you can see how I achieve that through my monthly report here.

  8. Wow so much information. I’ve been a member for a month and I can say I’m impressed by how its going so far. I got a good website going, and I have learned so much. All my posts are indexed through google which I’ve learned how to do on here, and under one keywords I’m in position 2 on Google, position 1 on Yahoo and Bing. Which just made me so excited in less than a month! 

    I can tell anyone signing up under you will have a very valuable mentor, and so much help there is no way they can’t succeed, unless they just don’t apply themselves. Fantastic story you have inspired me. Full speed ahead.

  9. You have really done well for yourself and I believe you put in a lot of hardworking,consistency and patience to be where you are today. It is important that you stressed the fact that “Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme”, so that people who are looking for that kind of program can steer clear or decide on if they are ready to put in the work to get to where you too.

    Websites have been made really easy to build and there are so many resources to ensure you get what you need for success. I hope to get to your level of earning too very soon. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your review of Wealthy Affiliate is the best, most comprehensive review I’ve seen and it’s definitely the most relatable and enticing too.

    I like how you have laid out the pros and cons, and the cons actually are not bad, but they are what they are.

    Making money online is hard and difficult, but this seems to be a way to make the dream happen.

  11. Wealthy Affiliate does have second to none training. It’s very thorough and helpful. Typically, if you get stuck, there’s somewhere or somehow that you can find the information you need to get re-inspired and unstuck.

    Blogging is serious business and for most, the success is not going to happen overnight or just come to you easy. It takes time, serious effort and investment and the right understandings of the different platforms, techniques, technology, etc.

    But I do believe that WA helps build a solid foundation of which to build upon. Your review was definitely detailed. Nice job. I wish you nothing but success!

  12. I’ve been on wealthy affiliate for awhile now and i can say the platform is quite self sufficient in how i can actually build a full website using it alone! I love the site domain buying feature, how it will automatically install WordPress, there’s SSL certificate, and other features. From my reading, these kind of stuffs require quite a bit of time to learn and implement correctly and wealthy affiliate actually helped to do all of this with simple clicks! It’s definitely a great platform for those not wanting to be bogged down by the technicalities and just want to start making their own websites. 

    • It also helps us focus more on the important parts for growth like content creation and marketing while thinking lesser on the technicalities which is why I love WA so much.

  13. Hey Riaz, I decided to check out your website on Wealthy Affiliate.  Itspretty cool. I hope to also become an affiliate soon and possibly mimic what you’ve done.  The 1st thing that caught my eye was the I couldn’t find your name.  I think you should put it with the plane pic.  The overallscheme is very clear.  The first paragraph told me that you are making money thru W.A.  So I knewthe site would elaborate on that, which is cool. 

    The subject of internet marketing and affiliates is major.  So I’m curious.  Whenyou decided to create this site did you want to focus more on helping others avoid the “hoopla of the Get Rich Quick Schemes or have you been thru it and now you know? 

    There are a few sites out there dealing with Wealthy Affiliates, however your site is veryconvenient in how it tells us straight off the back, WA is NOT a get rich quick scheme .  Not Bad. 

    I look forward to exploring more about Wealthy Affiliate affiliates. 

    Thanx Again for Sharing




    • Hey TP,

      Mine name’s one of the easiest and shortest there, you can type Riaz and you’ll see my name pop up. Plus I’ve been there for 4 years so I have a badge there, it should be easy to find.

      I’ve been on my Affiliate Marketing journey it for over 4 years now, an I have different sites on different niches too. The training you’ll learn there applies for almost any business you like because My Internet Quest is the only one on Affiliate Marketing and my other websites are on Event Management and eSports and instead of affiliate sales, I get calls on project as both of them are my brick and mortar business that I started first before I decided to create the website.

      Awesome to hear that you’re interested in it, there are boundless niches you can discover and monetize on regardless if its affiliate marketing, or your own consultancy business.

  14. Hey Riaz! Nice airplane;) yes, I know, it’s not yours. You’ll get there, I am sure of it. We joined Wealthy Affiliate about the same time, and I have seen all those people you mention, grow, and grow big! I am so pleased I found this business platform. Creating SEO fame takes time, it is a long term goal, but a lasting investment. I can see my business and profit  grow too. When you have the right attitude and perseverance this course can teach anyone to make a profitable online business.

    Cheers! To our successes, Riaz.


    • Thanks Loes!

      Targeting for that jet plane ride first by next year! Thank for sharing the awesome feedback on WA, always a pleasure hearing from one of the pros. Hope on your site growth is doing better than ever!

  15. For me this is one of the most intresting articles I’ve read. Before signing up to wealthy affiliate, I had a hard time building my business online. I was looking for many opportunities that cost me money and brought me nowhere. After a lot of time wasted and money wasted, I came accross wealthy afiliate. I decided to do some research to see if this program was for real. After seeing all the reviews it motivated me to sign up, and I have no regrets. I definitely applaud you for creating this review, more people need to know about this.

    • I went through the same if not similar thing too with the other programs, Jamiro!

      I was naive and ended up getting tricked by scams and wasted a lot of money on their ridiculous upsells and program after programs that I’ve tried, I was quickly losing cash until if found WA. I decided to give it a try since it’s free for trial and now, I’ve learned to build this website and have never looked back.

      Appreciate the feedback man, great day to you.

  16. Let me tell you, if I was ever on the fence about the Wealthy Affiliate program, this clear, concise, instructive article about the program has made me see the value of this program. I have heard many good things, and I’ve been thinking of signing up. With this offer of a free trial, with all that access? Free website? This is really just a no-brainer, so thank you so much for really breaking this down so I could see everything first hand.


    • Thanks so much for the awesome feedback Babs! It really is a no brainer, and they keep updating new features there, I’m so thrilled for that too. Hope you have a great day!

  17. Great, thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate.Years ago, I stumbled on an article just like this. Little would I know that it would totally changed my life and open a possiblity to a new world of passive income. I’ve basically learned everything i needed from WA and built a decent website that generate a decent amount of earning each month. It’s great that you’re sharing this with others.

    • Thank you Kenny! WA changed my life too, I learned so much and the knowledge I learned not only helped me create a blog, it also helped me to start a local shop here in Malaysia too! Appreciate the feedback, have a great Monday!

  18. The word thatcaught my attention was “request”. I was like…ooooh… lolI think people don’t pay attention t the future and how working from home can really help you and sustain you with a good income. I think some people only look at the now and don’t think 5 years ahead pertaining what will be effective then. It is truly a blessing to do this now,

    • Definitely Linda, an Online Business is a marathon, not a race. If you start now, you’ll definitely arrive at where you want to be even before that 5 years goal. 

  19. Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best site at what it offers. Which is pretty much why I decided it join. I immediately upgraded to the premium membership because I want to make sure I get the most out of the site and what it has to offer. So many trainings, courses, etc. at your fingertips. Maybe I’m biased lol

  20. Hey Riaz, this is by far the best and most honest Affiliate marketing blog I have read! So thank you!

    I signed up yesterday and am working my way through the courses.

    I was looking into joining inbox blueprint by Anik Signal. I’ve only heard good things about him and done a lot of research and read one of his books. Have you heard of him or tried this course?

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how you get on and would love to know a bit more about how you’re doing now (i.e. what niche your website is in and how much you are making online each month)

    Thanks again

    • Hey there Mike!
      Yup, noticed your account and I’m going through your site now as we speak – Amazing work you’ve got there, loving your content! I’ve heard of Inbox Blueprint, it’ actually one of the programs I’ve been meaning to review and it’s a legitimate product. However, you’ll end up spending more money there before you even start especially on the marketing part so that $397 would actually go to $500. To succeed in these type of high ticket programs, you’d need at least 2 times more the cash so that you can continue and not get stuck on a certain step which is why I wouldn’t recommend those types of programs to beginners or those with a tight budget.

      I’m earning more now though its fluctuating as I’ve been experimenting with a few other businesses but you can see my monthly report on my usual blog posts. Check it out to see my progress. Cheers!

      • That’s great Riaz! It sounds like you’re doing really well.

        I did think that about the course it was around $1,000 to get started. It does seem legit and pretty good from what I can make out (with my limited knowledge) but it would be good to hear from people that have tried it before.

        I certainly will keep an eye out on your progress!

        I left you a message on WA about my niche idea, thanks for your support already!

  21. Fantastic article. I’ve been searching the web for an online affiliate program and I came across your article.
    Your article is packed with information and not just the same old for thousands of dollars you can get rich quick.
    It definitely looks like wealthy affiliate wants to help you succeed and looks like I’ll get all the help I need.
    Thank you so much for this great article and I will be giving wealthy affiliate a try.

    • Glad my review interests you David!

      WA definitely is all those! I’ve tried so many things online but nothing can compare to the platform they provide here. Free https, keyword tool, Site speed enhancer, and SiteHealth analysis to only name a few! If you ever find yourself, inside, I’ll be there with you every step of the way to help you out and make sure you start making that first sale.

      Appreciate the kind feedback, hope you have a great day!

  22. Hi Riaz. Your blog was very detailed, however when I tried to look up the 3 Niche examples you listed, I couldn’t find any of them. Can you please provide some current blogs that I can look at as I’m doing my due diligence on WA? Thanks!

  23. Hey Riaz Great Review very thorough, much appreciated. I’m just starting out here working to learn as much as possible. I wanted to ask you does WA teach lessons on how to sell products from mlm websites? I belong to an mlm and they set me up with a few free websites. This company says to sell by word of mouth, is it possible to learn how to sell their products online. their site, logistics, shipping is all setup already I can only imagine if I could market it to the right customers how many conversions would be possible. Also is drop shipping covered as well I was curious about those? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • Hey Joseph,
      I know exactly what you mean by those free MLM sites, I used to join Pure Leverage and Empower Network before and they both give free sites.

      I would totally advise you on creating your own unique site with your own fresh and unique content rather than relying on their free given sites because those free sites are all full of blackhat SEO which is why they never rank well on Google. Try searching it out by typing your site in on the Google search bar, you’ll probably not see your site at all. This is because all of those sites are duplicated sites and believe it or not, all the other MLM joiners all get the exact same site as yours.

      WA teaches you how to monetize any type of websites from just about any niche including MLM. I too was once a die hard MLM supporter but after a while of learning the full potential that I can achieve by myself on my own blog, I decided to not do MLMs anymore. It was the best decision I have made and you can see how many years I’ve been with this site. I generate income not only from this blog but from other businesses that I started using the Online Marketing and SEO techniques I learned from WA.

      Give it a go and try it for yourself. You will learn a lot a lot and will definitely get more ideas on generating your own content and path. Hope that helps! Awesome question 🙂

  24. Hi Riaz, thank for the preview and awesome explanation, i really want to join, but when i got to the sign up for the account, i was told it is not available in my country, any help

    • Hey Michael,
      Awesome to know you’re interested but as I mentioned before to some of my readers, there are certain countries that are barred from taking the free started account because the rate of spammers and scammers are higher than 90% but more importantly, it’s also because we have had bad experience of scams and spammers so much so that your country is marked. You still can join though, but as a premium member only but rest assured I will personally help you out throughout the way.

      I’m from Malaysia so I understand your financial struggles as our currency is really going down as well. I too joined as a premium member and now I am able to sustain and so can you if you are serious about putting the effort in. Besides the Nigeria, here’s a list of other countries which Wealthy Affiliate to do not give the starter membership to:
      1. Bangladesh
      2. Egypt
      3. India
      4. Philippines
      5. Pakistan
      6. Vietnam

      Hope this clears the air!

  25. Hello Riaz… firstly, really great review on WA.. thank you for the effort.. secondly, i found that you and some other WA members i found online are genuine and sincere… can feel it from the way of your writing and sharing. Thirdly, great site you have here. Keep up the good work. Salam 1M.

    • Thanks Michelle! When I write, I try not to get too formal but instead write more in a way of how we usually talk with friends. Glad you liked the article, appreciate the feedback! Awesome to meet a fellow Malaysian, which state are you from?

  26. Wooow found this post very helpful….I have been researching and researching 2weeks now how to start my blog and only some sense from this post thank you so much I’m super Intrested. I just opened with godaddy and their hosting for me but is it still possible to join with the same company….I would like my blog to be one of the best out there and I’m super kin

    • Definitely angel,
      I once registered with Hostgator which is just about the same thing as GoDaddy. Soon after, I realised that I can buy domains and also host them here at WA so I moved all of them here and quit my Hostgator subscription. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m positive it’ll be the same for your case too. Take this blog for example, its ongoing for more than 3 years and I’m still doing well even though I’m not writing as regularly as I used to. Hope that helps, do let me know if you need answers on your blog growth.

  27. Hye Riaz Shah, i’m aiman from malaysia , live in shah alam. Right now, i really want this affiliate program, but my English language is my biggest problem. Can you help me to solve my problem?

    • Hi Aiman, English is not a problem. Like you, I also speak Malay so English is not my mother tongue but once once inside, all you need to do is write. It’s fun and easy, go ahead and give it a go, good luck! Salam satu malaysia bro hehe

  28. I’m really interested in learning more about this program but I’m confused on what exactly a “sale” is. Are we creating a website that advertises products/services that we offer and market the website to achieve sales? Or is it more of a blog promoting other companies’ products/services and if someone purchases we get a commision from it? I hope my question makes sense. Haha.

    • I get what you mean Kendra, sales refer to the sale you get when someone buys something from your blog. You don’t need to advertise, all you need to do is write about it like what I wrote up above. Write about your experiences and stuff that interest you, it’s fun and very addictive and the best part? Is that everything will be taught inside. Let me know if you need help with anything, cheers

    • Definitely Lor, I manage a gaming hub and an event management company using WA. Real Estate will reach a broader audience online and you’ll be able to beat your competitor’s rankings 🙂

  29. I was a free WA for awhile and you get some pretty good resources just from that. I’ve moved away from affiliate/niche marketing but if I come back WA is where I’ll go as pretty much every review site I’ve found say it’s their number one.

  30. I did WA a ways back but stopped because it felt “blog” heavy and I wasn’t interested in blogging. Is the program still heavily reliant on blogging or have they incorporated other means of being an affiliate marketer?

    • It’s not heavy at all Renko,
      A lot of people including me start with zero knowledge and now we’re all managing our own online businesses, and some even manage local shops too using what they learned as Online Marketing to grow their businesses. There are no shortcuts to success that’s why WA teaches you lessons on how to get there.

      So to answer your question, yes they do teach you to rely heavily on blogging but you have 2 choices – Either to focus on that alone, or use what you learn to grow an existing business. Either way, you need to put in effort to grow your income, especially in the Online Business world.

  31. Hi Riaz,
    Thank you for really informated post about WA.
    I am few months member but I didn’t continue in their courses. I was overinformed from many affiliate programs, landing pages, clickbank university and it was to much for me.
    I am thinking about start again with WA – but I have few issues about it.

    I have passion, good knowledge about my job (let’s say dream job. Right now I am doing it like part time job, because it doesn’t bring me the money which I need).
    Is it only about content? Because that’s for me BIGGEST problem – I am not well skilled in English and express myself.
    Can I still be successful it WA??

    Thank you, and keep going with these perfect review!

    • Hey Martin,
      Yes, you can still be successful but like any other business or ventures, you’ll need to invest in time and effort to watch it grow. The biggest part of lessons covered in WA is mostly content creation, SEO, and blogging as it is the most underlooked part of all the Online Business world. I’ve grown a few businesses under me and all using Wealthy Affiliate’s lessons so it doesn’t just help you build a business, but rather grow an existing one instead. It may be overwhelming but after a week or two, you’ll get pretty used to it. Hope that helps!

  32. Hi,

    Very informative indeed!

    I am interested and my mind says I wanna try but
    English is not my first language and content creation is one of my weakness.

    Is there a way to help me these? Is content provided also in the process?

    • Don’t worry filjun, you don’t have to be a master in content management to blog, everything will be taught within WA’s lessons. English is not my mother tongue too, I speak Malay but I learn and grow thanks to the awesome community here 🙂

  33. What an amazing review!! The time and details you put into this shows your dedication and confidence in this program. I am a newbie and have been researching for a way to supplement my income working from home online. I have a bachelors degree in nursing so this will be a totally different realm for me. However I look forward to the challenge of learning affiliate marketing. My mind keeps returning to the question of, How do I choose what to do a website on? And Do you create a blog where you promote products for companies? And lastly who chooses the products to be promoted? In reality I have many more questions than that but I’m just trying to wrap my mind around this program.

    • I suddenly remembered another question. Does this program introduce or teach you how to do affiliate marketing using soci media?

    • All of those questions will be answered within the program Kate, my background is hotel management and I was thinking the same thing when I first started. So many possibilities and chains of relation that we could only dream of but inside the lessons, you will see how everything adds up and how you can build a business off your passion and interest. Go ahead and try, you’ve literally nothing to lose over the free trial 🙂

  34. I just got to know that Nigeria cannot join the starter membership and I don’t know anything regarding online business. I really need help, how do I go about it?

    • Nigeria cannot join Kamji, the only way for you to pay as there has been so many cases of fraud and deceit from that particular country. Not just Nigeria but others like Phillipines are also banned but if you are serious on making Online Business as you career, you can definitely reflect on it and join as a premium member.

  35. Riaz,
    With affiliate marketing do you have to actually talk to the customers directly and “close” them or does the websites you build do the closing and selling for you? I’m looking for something I can run my own business but not have to talk with thousands of people to make a great income.

    I have heard a little bit about affiliate marketing and one website talked about getting people on email lists. I believe its called the squeeze page where the website has a pop up to enter your email. Does this training teach you how to do that as well? Then does it have any programs or recommendations for an auto emailer to then send the follow up emails?

    I believe affiliate marketing is where you become a partner for someone that has a product, make your own website to advertise that product, then you get paid a commission on the products sold correct? For the websites you build do you have to pay a monthly fee to keep them active?

    I’m assuming you get commission from people signing up for this training program with your link as well, is that correct?
    Sorry for all of the questions. I hope to hear from you soon!

    • No Kirsta, as I’ve mentioned, Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require you to do hard direct selling. Instead, you just stay behind your computer and blog away which is just as you’ve mentioned – website, email list, products. Go ahead and try the WA short course, everything you’re asking has already been mentioned to you on my review above but in any case, the lessons will show you in greater detail.

  36. Hi Riaz,
    I don’t have an online business now. Can I start with WA without an online business?
    Please, is WA an online business opportunity too?
    Is WA worldwide? I am from Ghana(West Africa).

    • WA is worldwide Kokouvi, I’m from Malaysia and I have friends from Indonesia, Phillippines, the UK and even from Cairo who’s a part of the community. I’ll help get you started inside and do regular boosts for your business too.

  37. Hi Riaz

    That’s a really good and thorough review of WA and just by reading through it it’s taught me several things that I wasn’t aware of at all especially about the SSL certificate.

    I’ve rejoined recently and I know I’m in the right place thanks to people like you and the rest of the WA family 🙂

  38. For so many months I’ve been trying to find ways to make some extra money every month. I’ve looked at so many different opportunities. But so many of them are false or just plain scams. Does this Wealthy Affiliate place really work? Could I turn a simple website into a real full-time business?

    • You definitely can Caleb, I’ve been there so I can totally relate to the getting scammed part. Give it a go, if you need help with anything, you know where to find me!

      • Hi Riaz,
        I am tired of scams. I looking for a legit online business.
        Please, is WA an online business opportunity?

        • Hey Kokouvi, yes WA is a legit online business. I created man blogs and businesses using their platform but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself with the free version, it’ll help you decide better 🙂

  39. Great Review in Wealthy Affiliate. I’m also new to affiliate marketing but this review make me feel confident to join Wealthy Affiliate.
    I’m enjoying the WA community so far when everyone is helping each other on comments and feedback!
    I’d also recommend people to join WA to learn about online marketing.

  40. The most awesome & comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate, i have read so far .You really go into all details. I love the fact that you name other successful members and give reference to their site>
    .I am rejoining WA after an unfortunate break, and i am happy to go though the great training and support given by all here.
    WA is really a big family..
    I am looking forward to my journey of success. !

    • We’ve all been there Myriam, I took 3 months break myself and regretted soon after enough because I would have used that time to grow my blog triple times. Awesome to know that you’re back in business, let’s bring your site up!

  41. Hello Riaz, this is an excellent review of WA. I totally agree that it is a great training platform that teaches people how to properly make money online. It takes work and time to achieve true success but it is definitely worth it. The community is very helpful and there are so many people that can assist you with your questions. I am glad I joined. Much Success to you!

  42. Hello Riaz,

    Wow that’s a great, detailed review for wealthy affiliate, love the way you explained everything in this amazing platform, I am a member since October 2015 & at the beginning as you said I got bored & started to lose confidence because of no traffic coming to my website but after some time by focusing & righting quality contents I found that traffic increases! & now I believe I can do it.

    I really enjoyed reading your post.

    Cheers, Ehab

    • Great to hear that Ehab, building a website takes time but once it increases, it’ll never stop growing and ‘m guessing that your site is finally pulling off. All the best in your site growth and thanks for sharing the awesome experience! Cheers

  43. Hi Riaz !

    I stumbled upon your website and found your review on WA. I found it to be convincing and joined the free starter membership. Cheers to your success !

  44. Hello Riaz
    As you have mentioned that we can have a free membership on this website. But logging into my account it says.
    “Hi Shailendra,
    Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!”

    Should creating a new account help?

    • Hey there Shailendra,

      I would love to help you out but unfortunately India is one of the countries which we exclude from giving the free starter membership because we have had bad experience of scams and spammers so much so that your country is marked. You still can join though, but as a premium member only but rest assured I will personally help you out throughout the way. I’m from Malaysia so I understand your financial struggles as our currency is really going down as well ($1 is four times our money!). I too joined as a premium member and now I am able to sustain so its well worth the investment if you decide to commit a few months. Besides India, here’s a list of other countries which Wealthy Affiliate to do not give the starter membership to:
      1. Bangladesh
      2. Egypt
      3. Nigeria
      4. Philippines
      5. Pakistan
      6. Vietnam

      Hope this clears the air and I apologize if your country is in the list.


  45. All I can say is WOW!! I am a newcomer to WA, just a couple of weeks.

    Agree with you 100%, look at guys like you as encouragement and mentoring.

    I wish you the most success,

    Leon Barnes

  46. Outstanding Job on your WA Review. I really like the set-up and the flow of your page.
    I really like your introduction into your review. The one thing that really sticks out is the fact that this is not a program that makes millions overnight and you stress that point several times making your sense of reality on point.
    Your success examples are fantastic with how you backed them with screenshots of the WA Members comments and profile pics.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Greg, making money online is the same as any regular business – It takes hard work and it doesn’t make you a millionaire overnight. Thanks for the kind words, stay awesome and I hope you have a great day 😀

  47. Great review on Wealthy Affiliate. You have shown not only what is available to the “newbie,” but also what a great resource for someone who is experienced in the Internet marketing field.

  48. Thank you so much for this information on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I guess it is safe to say you are living proof that it is possible to make a business online and make a comfortable living from it too.

    It seems like a great course you are talking about here and I can see it offers training right from the beginners level and up!

    I presume it is a step by step course?

    I know some people (including me) need to be taken by the hand when it comes to technology 🙂

    I will be honest and say i have heard of Wealthy Affiliate before and not heard something bad along the way either.

    I can see from your pros and cons section that it is not a get rich quick scheme, which has to be a good thing! and 3 weeks to make your first dollar is not too long to wait 🙂

    Thanks for this, I will look into it more now!


    • Hey Chris,

      It is a step-by-step course indeed, very helpful to get started and you’ll be hand-held along the way. The owners are there to guide you as well as the community like me and others. Thanks so much for the kind worlds, I really appreciate them. Have a great weekend!

  49. Hey Riaz,
    you got a great, informative site and I think this just may be the most complete Wealthy Affiliate review I have read so far.
    It sounds like you’re describing some sort of super hero of online marketing university – awesome abilities and features, with a very human side as well 🙂

    I have been involved in some pretty “expensive opportunities”(If you know what I mean), but none came even close in terms of value.

    Thank you for sharing this & all the best

    • Hey JT,

      Awesome feedback, I’ve never thought of it but now that you’ve mentioned it, it is some sort of Online Business hero, isn’t it? I do know what you mean by that and I too has burnt my money on all those scams but at least I’m in the right place now and that’s all that matter. Appreciate the feedback man, enjoy your weekends!

  50. Hello Riaz
    Lovely to be at your site again.
    I like the way you have explained Wealthy affiliate so well that anyone reading your site for the first time will know what to expect should they join Wealthy affiliate.
    Wealthy affiliate has so much to offer, from total newbies to experienced marketers anyone can benefit.
    Personaly, I find the price you get at Wealthy Affiliate is a steal, upgraded members get so much that one does not need to look anywhere else to succeed online because all the tools, chat, keywordtool, hosting are all included in the membership price.
    In my opinion,anyone looking to build a successful online business should be lucky enough to find and join Wealthy affiliate and enjoy all this wonderful program has to offer.
    thanks for sharing your experience.

  51. You nailed it. This page is perfect and I wouldn’t change anything. The picture of your clients plane is a great addition to inspire someone who wants to improve their life.
    I was confused when you mentioned a lot of calls and a lot of projects until I read you are an event planner. Then I understood what you were referring to.
    Writing about your story is touching and it makes your success real.
    Great job.

    • You’re making me blush Karen, yes I used the knowledge and skills I learned at WA for my work as well and it has helped me out tremendously. Thanks for dropping by, wish its doing you great too!

  52. Like you I’ve tried several courses and programs before and had not much success.

    I now use Wealthy Affiliate and have found that the information on their site and the way it is structured to be excellent. The support of the community also helps with any questions I have and there is always a video, post or community member that can help

    I wish you the best of luck with your journey.

  53. Hi there Riaz,

    That is certainly one of the most outstanding and in depth reviews I have read about WA – period!

    I gotta say I love WA and how they keep growing and keep on improving such as the latest and at no additional cost or price hike for new or existing member Free SSL!

    I chose WA over others due to the ongoing training available via webinar and the fact that I didn’t need to spend a penny more! – you know hosting, keyword tools and support can all add up! Not with WA!

    • So awesome to hear that Derek! The SSL is surely an update to die for along with the domain registrar by WA, I’ll be updating that soon. Appreciate the feedback, enjoy your weekends!

  54. Dear Riaz, you infact made me a hot fan of WA. But unfortunately, I could not move a step ahead when it was revealed to me that Free signin option is not available to Pak residents. Please suggest some alternative. Regards.
    Jawad zia

    • I could not suggest you any other way on how to get around this issue Jawad, the best way is to become a members ans try it yourself and take advantage of the 7 day discount.

  55. Great WA Review Riaz. It’s a great training program and definitely one worth checking out if you’re a Noob in affiliate marketing 🙂

    • Hey Joker,
      If you want money without effort, the only way for you to achieve that is either through Forex or gambling but of course those two come with huge risks as well. Working hard is the only way to success.

  56. Great review. You are very articulate. Already paid for prime for a year and want to get started. Your blog gives me great incentive. Thank you grace

    • It’s true Will, but you don’t have to be a premium member in order to be an affiliate. You can still be an affiliate as a free member too, the lesson inside will teach you how.

  57. Hi Riaz I joined Patrics CB few days back just for 1$ 14 day Trial keeping a caution in mind how would he do all work and earn us profit.

    Your Review is a good Info. Let me learn a lesson anyways just spending 1 dollar.

    More over the Website outlook of wealthy affiliate and Digital Profit Course look alike . Do you have any idea of it.

  58. Great review Riaz. i have used wealthy affiliate before i just didnt commit to it 100% but that stops today. i will join as a premium member as of today. i really enjoyed reading your blog and i also like how interactive you are with your page viewers.. i strive to do the same. keep up the good work and i will see you at the top!!

  59. That is a powerful review. Nicely done.

    Like many others, I tried to see what making money online really is. Thanks to the internet, there’s way too much information. So many things to pick up on and no proper way to really learn them. It’s overwhelming.

    Until I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. This may sound super cliche but it’s true. Everything Riaz outlined here is true. It’s a place where learning is properly streamlined and everything you need is under one roof.

    • Thank you for the kind words Andrew, its true that there’s a lot of opportunities today than ever but without action, at the end of the day your dreams are merely wishes still. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  60. Hi Riaz!

    Great review! I realize it could take 3-4 months to really start making any money, but I’m curious about the amount of time & effort in those 3-4 months. Is it an 8 hour day, 5 days a week kind of thing or is it more? After those 3-4 months is it a 4 hour day, 4 days a week kind of thing? I’m only asking so that I can better understand if I need to be full time on it to get it started and then back off to part time so that I can then build another site, etc… What are your thoughts on that? Thanks!

    • Thank you Tami! About the time and effort part, you definitely need to work hard and put effort into creating content for your site so you need to work on it almost every day in the beginning. But once it gains the momentum, you can leave it for weeks and you still get income as your website would have been known in Google. You don’t have to do it full time, though, its part time and many people are actually doing this while they have their day jobs to commit to. I started while I was still studying. Hope that helps!

  61. Hi Riaz,

    I understand Google loves and rewards those blogs and sites that have really hot, engaging content. My writing always comes across as dry and boring. Does WA teach us how to write that engaging content that Google loves?


    • Hey Breg,
      As a matter of fact, yes WA does teach you that. I come from a hotel background with no experience in anything online at all besides using Google and Facebook but after joining WA, I was able to create this very blog that you’re looking at. All of the content are all taught inside so don’t worry, I’d say you’re pretty much covered. Cheers!

  62. Hi SALAM
    Interesting post. I want to join WA as a free member. I am from USA. Previously I was planning to join O2 worldwide.

  63. Hey Riaz,
    I have been looking at Wealthy Affiliate on and off literally for maybe 3 years. It always seems to pop-up, and it always seems to make a lot of sense. I guess over time, its dawned on me just how solid it is. Are you sure that Kyle and Carson didn’t write this for you? Just kidding. Thats how good it is. I don’t think I’ve ever been more convinced. Well done! (-:

  64. Hello, Riaz. You are 100% right about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a real, legit and transparent company, which has hundreds of thousand members.
    You show real stories of members who succeed online and will long years ahead.
    I can feel your enthusiasm because I love this company too. It is good to learn how to navigate business online, how to be friendly with Google and how to share our work using social media.
    There are many things, which help us to succeed such as constant learning, communication with community members, helping each other.
    I wish that your review would reach many people as possible because Wealthy Affiliate is a real thing.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Thanks for the kind feedback Nemira, its great to see a fellow member here. I wish I could reach a lot more people with this review too. Hope you have a lovely day!

  65. Hi Riaz,
    What an awesome review on Wealthy Affiliate. This is my first time hearing of this and I dived in to join but I couldn’t because my country isn’t supported.
    Am from Nigeria, do you think there’s any fix for this?
    Have a great day

    • Hey there Peace,
      So glad to know that you liked my review! I would love to help you out but unfortunately Nigeria is one of the countries which we exclude from giving the free starter membership because we have had bad experience of scams and spammers so much so that your country is marked. You still can join though, but as a premium member only but rest assured I will personally help you out throughout the way. I’m from Malaysia so I understand your financial struggles as our currency is really going down as well. I too joined as a premium member and now I am able to sustain 🙂

      Besides the Nigeria, here’s a list of other countries which Wealthy Affiliate to do not give the starter membership to:
      1. Bangladesh
      2. Egypt
      3. India
      4. Philippines
      5. Pakistan
      6. Vietnam

      Hope this clears the air!


  66. You have a really great review here. What really helps all the time are the testimonials and proof of people actually making progress. I hear a lot of positive talk about Wealthy Affiliate definitely is not a scam. The other day my girlfriend was searching on the internet for a way to make money, and she found Wealthy Affiliate as number 1 pick for making money. This website was doing a top 10 ways you can make money from the internet. Thought that was pretty impressive.

    • If Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, then there wouldn’t be so many reviews all over the internet, People wouldn’t take the time to write something if they don’t believe in it and best of all, they are also easily contactable too so they’re always there to help you out, you need only to ask away, even me :D. Cheers Brandon!

  67. Hi Riaz,
    First of all thanks for this awesome review. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best training platform to learn how to start your own online business. I’ve have come across many other trainings products but most of them are either scams or just way too overpriced. One of the best features I like about W.A is the fact that the owners are openly active to fellow members which is definitely a great plus point. These guys are in this field for a very long time, getting advice from them is definitely very helpful.

    • You’re definitely right on that one Kumar, I was really impressed when Kyle and Carson actually helped me bring my website up and solve the minor technical bugs. It means a lot to us knowing that the big guys are coming down to give more encouragement. Its what sets apart a successful community with those get-rich-quick scams. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, cheers!

  68. WOW man. This is one of a kind review about Wealthy Affiliate. I am also with for more than a year now and I am very impressed.

    And I must say that they are not a scam and is the best place to get started as a newbie. It took me about 3 months to earn my first sale, but now I am making more that $400 with just one of my websites.

    All I can say is that the training in WA works and there is a lot of success stories to prove it.

    • Wow that is definitely a great success Viljoen, start small and eventually it’ll explode in growth as your website gains visibility. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, all the best in your online career!

      • Hi, interesting post. I’ve joined WA free account to check it out. Username is MWT

        I see Carla’s very dressy flats website the last article that she created is from November 2014, the one you show ranked in Google. Is she no longer working on the site, and why if the program is so good and the site was starting to rank?

        • Hey there MWT,
          I added you in WA, cool! To answer your question, the program is good because it teaches you how to build a website the correct way and monetize any niche that you like. Its awesome because you can follow your passion and build a business around it online fully and rank it well on the first page of Google to where the traffic really is. Carla on the other hand, disappeared and although her account is still active, we could not reach her at all. I used to chat with her a lot but since last year we never could reach her and we have no idea why. Still, her website proves that with effort you can rank any niche well even if you are not attending to it afterwards.

  69. Hi Riaz, I joined Wealthy Affiliate and, I absolutely agree with you. There are thousands of advices and tips available, and I love the community. If there’s any question to ask, someone would help me within hours, if not minutes. I have a feeling that I’ll be happy with my membership with WA for a long time, and hope I’ll be able to help someone in the community in the future.

    Thanks for the great & informative article,

    • Awesome to meet a fellow WA-er Ray, the onlien community here is definitely very welcoming than most programmes, its what makes WA unique and great. Thanks for dropping by, hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

  70. Hi Riaz,

    I have nearly get scammed with REAL TRANSLATOR JOBS Page and luckily I found your text on web regarding this scam. Also I have read your suggestion on WA. Look interesting and I wanted to join too. But I’m a bit confuse on the online business. Can you help me?

    • Hey there Uma,
      Awesome to know you didn’t decide to go with Real Translator Jobs! I’m glad I managed to save your money on something not worth your time. Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommended program for Online Business as I find that it has everything a beginner needs to succeed online so don’t worry, I am with you every step of the way :). Everyone needs a mentor even myself so if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to help your out Uma.

  71. hello,Raiz I want to know if we newbies in Africa countries like Ghana can also join, already Am in mini importation in Ghana and I would like to blog on it to make more cash.
    Is there anyway available for us?
    Thank you!!!

    • Definitely Eric,
      Wealthy Affiliate is open for anyone and I can personally help you out on your blog. Just click on that huge join button I added above to start creating your account and before you know it, you’re halfway there! Let me know if you need help with anything!

  72. Riaz, Great review. I have looked at both Affiliorama as well as Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say that they both have a lot to offer but I’m leaning towards Wealthy Affiliate as I really like their setup as well as it seems like the community of members are more willing to help each other out. The only drawback to either one is that it just takes a long time for someone to get to $5,000 or more a month which is where I need to be.

    I understand that it is a business and not a get rich quick scheme and it takes time to build a real business online or off. I just wish there were a way to help speed up the process a bit.

    • Hey Roger,
      Wealthy Affiliate is more affordable and the features outweigh Affilorama so its definitely a great choice for you. But you’re right about one thing – business takes time and you won’t make that much money in a month or two. Especially knowing that new websites are a bit difficult to rank but there are ways on how to can explode your growth such as guest blogging and creating a schedule to ensure exponential growth if you’re willing to put in the effort. If you want a huge sum of cash in a short period of time, Forex would be your best option but it’s highly risky and you would need a huge capital too.

  73. Hello Riaz, thanks for this review. Actually I was searching for an auto pilot internet business platform such as ipad2 and mlsp to help me leverage my Herbalife business. Then I found Your website and have to confess, I got very interested. It seems you are very serious and honest. Please could you tell me if this system can help me to increase my business online? Looking forward for Your answer. All the best from Brazil, Mario Bruno

    • Hey there Mario,
      Sure you can! Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build your Online Business from any niche at all whether it’s new or existing. Like my blog right here is on the blogging/SEO niche, your Herbalife business niche should be somewhere on nutrition and business. Building a website is one thing, getting traffic is another and at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how to do that through SEO which I would say is the best form of traffic you need because instead of traditional marketing whereby you chase after people through paid campaigns, SEO makes people come to you because they want to. It is much more affordable and since they come to your site on their own accord, they will have a much higher tendency to buy what you’re selling. Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to comment on my site Mario, I hope this helps and if you have more burning questions, feel free to ask 😀

  74. Hey I know one of those people! I’m so proud Gregg is in there too I’d never thought anyone can make money online, I was wrong. Boy have I lost a lot of time, I bet Gregg’s quit his job already. Hope I can see you inside!

    • Gregg is one of my friends there and he’s one of the budding online entrepreneurs there too, Darcy. That’s so great you’ll surely surprise him when you join, I’ll help you get started 😉

  75. I’ve heard a lot about this Wealthy Affiliate and your review has got to be the most honest write-up i’ve seen. Thanks for spending your time writing this, Riaz, I’ve seen your reviews and have compared these programs myself and I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best one so far. Gonna give it a try 🙂

    • Glad you find my article helpful, Connor. I’ve seen your profile at WA already and sent you a message with my personal bonus ;). Don’t forget to check your messages!

  76. Hi Riaz, Wealthy Affiliate is so convincing I wanna give it a try but I’m worried of ever paying for it. Do you think I can make $5,000 a month with this?

    • You can earn more than that if you are consistent on your website, Monica. The internet is massive and people are willing to pay for a solution you are offering. But a little note to bear in mind is that you are building a business and like any other businesses, your income will grow from scratch. Of course you will barely even get $1000 on your first month but the longer the hold on, the more your business will grow hence the profit scaling. I have seen many make an average of $2,000 – $7,000 on their first year and after that, the numbers just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Great question Monica, thanks for asking and I wish you all the best!

  77. Hey Riaz,
    Wealthy Affiliate sounds great! Like you I have also been tricked many times by scams. I am reluctant to try another course but since it’s free, I think there’s no harm in trying. See you in WA mate! Thanks for this great review, I enjoyed reading it

    • That’s wonderful news Andrew, I look forward to seeing there as well. And don’t worry about being scammed or not, I will also be there and will personally guide you too ;). All the best!

  78. I did a lot of research when I was looking for some training to start an online business and it is hard to know what’s good with so many scams out there. I found Wealthy Affiliate and it was the best thing that I could have done.

    I have gotten farther than I ever could have on my own and although fast wasn’t something I was specifically looking for (slow and steady wins the race) I have gotten where I am much faster than I would have thought possible, especially since I knew absolutely nothing when I started.

    You hit all the key points that makes WA such a great program and a great community. Keep getting the word out!

    • So glad to hear that Candy. Unless we have some massive money backup or anything, nobody can make huge bucks overnight. Although it will take some time, WA will give you success for your online business to shoot up when you covered the necesairy steps. Thanks for sharing with us, Candy, all the best in your journey!

  79. Great WA review! I love how I could try for free, and they did not ask me for a credit card number. Everybody there is so supportive and helpful. I have always been able to help with any questions I have. Best of luck to you!

  80. Riaz, this is absolutely perfect. If I didn’t already have an account, I would most certainly be purchasing one after this! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best website building site out there. Good work!

  81. Wow Wealthy Affiliate does sound nice! The community part is really important, almost all scam products don’t have this feature

  82. Hi Riaz! That is a great recommendation. In reality, there is no business that let you get income without doing some work. Great review and all the best for you!

  83. Great review, Riaz. Congrats!
    You make very clear everything people need to know before joining WA.
    As a member, I totally agree with each word you wrote.

  84. Hi Riaz, I love your review. It’s all about what Wealthy Affiliate truly is. It’s not an over hyped product, it’s about the community and the education. I’m a member too and I always recommend it to others. You can hardly find a better place if you want to learn.

  85. Riaz,

    Good representation of Wealthy Affiliate. No hype just the facts! Anyone that tries it will love it and I for one don’t believe there is a better platform out there for educating oneself on internet marketing. Great job!

  86. This is a great review Riaz – you’ve covered the important benefits of learning all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. You make it clear that WA is a wonderful learning platform without any of the hype so often associated with other online programs.

  87. Hello, Riaz

    This is an awesome review on the Wealthy Affiliate and thanks for sharing such value 🙂

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and it’s the best decision I ever made when I was in search of starting an online business.

    I highly recommend WA as a starting point for any newbie. If I’m succeeding online, they can too.


  88. Hey there Riaz.

    Really nice and comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate here. I’ve been a part of the WA community for a few months now and I could definitely recommend it for anyone. They got training and lessons on every single aspect of running an online business, they provide you all the tools you need, and the community is so helpful and takes care of eachother like no other. If you want to make money online and run an online business, WA is the thing for you!

    Thanks for enlightening us and keep up the good work!

  89. Hey Riaz, that was a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. They truly are the absolute best training platform available for starting an online business. I personally know a few very successful business owners who got their training from WA and they are part of the reason why I got my training there too.

    Everything that you said about Wealthy Affiliate is true because I am now successful online because of WA. Not only do I know and see my online business growing everyday as well as have several of my web pages and posts on Google Page 1 but I know that WA is truly the best there is available online…or offline too.

    Thanks for sharing this great review Riaz!

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