What is Bring the Fresh About? -My 2016 Review.

bring the fresh reviewed by My Internet QuestBusiness Name: Bring the Fresh

Website: www.bringthefresh.com

Type of business: Online Business course

Price: $47 one-time fee + Upsells up to $2,500.

Owner: Kelly Felix

My rating: 2 out of 5 ⭐️⭐️

[Update] Goodbye Bring The Fresh! As of today, Kelly has closed it down to avoid people using it as he has not updated the courses for a while. He has a new program now at Underestimated.com which I’ll be doing a review on soon.

I came across Bring the Fresh from Clickbank and I was fairly curious about what it was.

I’ve seen many of my friends tried and many of them started to monetize their blogs so that made me a bit curious about what it’s all about because naturally, I own a website as well so I’m quite curious about what it’s about.

Many reviews online say that Bring the Fresh (BTF) is legit and surprisingly, there aren’t many that say that it’s a scam so that made me wonder even more and the fact that there are some people mentioning that the program is a hoax, well it just fuels my with curiosity even more to find out just what the program has to offer in the bigger picture.

Is Bring The Fresh a scam meant to drain all our money, or is it otherwise? Is it even worth all the time we’ll be committing ourselves into? There are just so many questions that need answering.

What are your thoughts on this? You already know my verdict but as for why I rated it in such a way, do continue reading my full Bring The Fresh review below to find out.


Pros and Cons


  • Lessons are updated regularly to suit Google’s algorithms.
  • It’s proven to work.
  • There’s a forum you can go to for questions.
  • 60-Day Money-back guarantee.
  • Very established program, been standing for years.


  • Some people do not like Kelly Felix’s snobbish personality as he was involved in Rich Jerk.
  • There are various upsells which costs a lot once you get inside, and you need to purchase them in order to learn more.
  • Most lessons are in Webinar videos so it’s a bit difficult to keep track
  • You can’t have a free trial.
  • Sometimes when you buy, you won’t be able to log in.
  • Support sucks.
  • The Done-For-You website upsell is very scammy as it does not guarantee the results.

Golly, that’s a lot of Cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Bring the Fresh About?

Kelly Felix owns bring the fresh

Ever wanted to learn how to make money online?

Bring The Fresh (BTF) teaches you exactly that.

It’s basically an Online Business course focusing on Affiliate Marketing which has lessons on how to build a website and monetize the right way and straight to the point.

There were 2 founders initially but they split up, leaving Kelly Felix to run Bring the Fresh on his own, a one-man show.

The program is great for beginners who are starting out especially with the money-back guarantee policy which helps give us a sense of security in case you did not like what you see.

I like the fact that they are being frank with you by telling you that you need to put in effort in order to succeed and there is no such thing as an overnight success.

Still, the lessons are not as in-depth because it does not provide you some integral elements like keywords research through keyword tool and SEO content.


Tools and Training – Are They Any Good?

bring the fresh members area 2016

This is the main part everyone wants to hear – What does Bring the Fresh include and how does it work?

It’s actually only a training course website which teaches you how to make money from your own website that you will be creating by getting your hands dirty and the features are as follows…

  • Website Building Software
  • Fast Start Guide – a 70+ pages step-by-step guide for beginners to learn a bit more about how the Internet Marketing industry works.
  • Bring the Fresh Forum – You actually have to go all the way to the Forum on a separate site to ask questions. They should definitely integrate this into their system.
  • Webinar training
  • Additional tools – Article creator, spinner tools, link builders, etc.
  • The Form of specialized keywords – Bonus for new joiners.
  • Bring The Fresh Backlinks (Upsell)
  • Done For You website package (Upsell)


Red Flags – Things to Watch Out For.

I don’t normally give good ratings on programs, only once in a blue moon I tend to be lucky and find a legitimate program to recommend to you guys.

But even so, no program is perfect as even Bring the fresh has some cons that I thought you should know of…

Red Flag #1 – You May Have a Bit of a Problem Logging in.

Bring the fresh purchase proof

The first time that I tried Bring The Fresh, I actually couldn’t even log in to my own member’s area and for me, that is such a huge red flag because I actually spent $47 on the program.

My first impression of the entire program was a bad one because after purchasing, I clicked on my link and all I got was a blank page which was unpleasant to say the least.

How would you feel if you were as excited as me to try the program out only to find out that you have to wait longer due to some errors?

bring the fresh login error

I couldn’t even see how the member’s area looked when I had that glitch thing because every time I tried clicking on the link, I was always brought to a blank page instead.

At first, I thought that the problem arose from Clickbank so I tried buying Bring the Fresh from their own website instead but unfortunately, they re-directed me back to Clickbank again.

I was patient and gave them the benefit of the doubt so I sent a support ticket to Clickbank to ask them to fix my problem.

bring the fresh error message argument

I waited a week and still no reply.

In the end I was so fed up so I asked for a refund instead.

Clickbank actually has a pretty good record of refunding a product within 30-60 days depending on the program and I actually got my money back within 5 days.

If you’re wondering how to get your refund from Clickbank, I actually wrote a blog post about it here.

After that, I had to try another approach to trying out the program which is by using a friend of mine’s account to log in and have a look at the member’s area as well as the pieces of training.

Red Flag #2 – It’s Not BBB Accredited.

Bring the fresh not accredited BBB

If you haven’t heard of the Better Business Bureau, it’s a non-profit organization that rates a company to protect consumers.

Almost everyone in the US checks the BBB before making a decision to purchase and according to research and not just for brick and mortar businesses but online ones too.

It’s very surprising to me that Bring The Fresh isn’t even accredited by the BBB even after more than five years of operation, that’s highly disturbing.

Bring the fresh get rich quick scheme

But what shocked me the most is that BBB rates the program as a get-rich-quick scheme when in reality the lessons do work which made me even more peculiar.

Kelly is one of the few Internet Marketers that still does his online courses legitimately which makes me wonder more about why is his program rated as such.

I guess the reason for them rating Bring the Fresh in such a way is because of the…

Red Flag #3 – Upsells Are Up to $2,500!

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a game that you like, only to find out that you actually need to pay even more to unlock the journey?

Unfortunately, this is the case with Bring the Fresh.

When you join the program, you will be bombarded with upsells one after another but I will skip all those minor upsells and focus on these 2 big guns starting from the…

Red Flag #4 – Done For You Website package.

This is by far the biggest upsell in Bring the Fresh.

How this works is that Felix and his team will build up your website for you and try to rank it to Google page #1 and hand it back to you to continue.

He will do all the SEO for you but mind you, the cost is not cheap – It can easily cost you from $500 to $2,495 depending on which package you chose.

But here’s the killer – They do not guarantee that your site will rank on the first page.

done for you website package complaint

Being the skeptical pessimist that I am, I decided to look into this matter and research around to see what people are talking about and unsurprisingly, there were tons of negative feedback all around the internet.

People are being skeptical, but the most prominent comment that I thought I should share with you is this screenshot I shared.

Basically no matter how expensive you spend on the done-for-you website package, you are actually gambling away money because you’ll never know if you will really rank or not.

From the looks of it, I have a pretty strong feeling that the team behind it is implementing Blackhat SEO techniques which is something Google really hates which is why you won’t end up on the first page if you cross the line.

This is highly unethical in my opinion and I would advise you to stay away from this upsell because actually you can rank your website yourself through something called Keyword Research and lucky for you, I wrote a whole blog post on that here.

Getting a keyword tool and learning how to rank with keywords is definitely more cost-saving than spending thousands on something you might not get.

The next upsell you should be wary of is called the…

Red Flag #5 – Bring the Fresh Backlinks.

This upsell is not is the second in line in terms of money wasting.

Backlinks are great but they are very risky to do nowadays because ever since Google’s new algorithm update, many websites are being slapped by Google after they found out these sites were trying to cheat their ways to ranking on the first page.

If you’re new to the Internet marketing world, when Google slaps your website, it’s a bad thing because you’ll lose ranks and traffic.

All those hard work will go to waste.

Basically how backlinks work is easy – If a big website like Forbes or something similar links to your site, you’re golden and you get good ranks because there is a reason why a big site might want to link to your tiny site.

That’s why guest blogging on other blogs is a thing now because you can get good backlinks safely instead of buying it from blackhat sellers.

Bring The Fresh provides this backlink service and it costs around a hundred bucks a month but in all honesty, please stay away from this upsell if you want to save your money and save your website because it’s a very risky thing to do.

Although this program is legitimate, not many owners can avoid implementing upsells in their programs because there is a lot of money to be made when consumers are forced to pay in order to get the best of the program.

I’ve reviewed 2 other programs called Affilorama and Chris Farrell Membership which are legitimate as well and they both implement upsells which will really drain your money.

Red Flag #4 – Kelly Felix the Rich Jerk.

kelly felix Rich jerk

Before running Bring the Fresh, Kelly Felix was involved in another online Business program called The Rich Jerk which despite the name, was a success.

He then saw a bigger potential when Bring The Fresh was proposed so he left his previous program on its own with someone else to take care of but then we stopped hearing from it ever since.

It’s good to know that Felix turned over a new leaf (I hope) but even in Bring The Fresh, he brought his old tricks of upsells to rake more money from the members and that already left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I know The Rich Jerk was a good program with workable lessons but I totally despise the way he acts and the way he belittles the little people by saying that they got nothing better to do with their lives and that they are all losers.

In a way, that made all of us who didn’t join his program a loser.

Still, he made quite a huge number of followers despite all those unnecessary flashings of expensive cars and sexy women with the limo.

I don’t know, would you feel the same if you were in my shoes?

Red Flag #5 – Webinars make it hard to learn.

webinar bring the fresh

Another thing that you should know about Bring the Fresh is that almost all the lessons inside are all in webinar form.

Which means that Kelly will guide you through the training by showing you through his webinar.

Some of you might like it but personally, I find it very troublesome to pause between the video to note down stuff because he did not write down all those stuff that we need to be wary of.

There are no transcriptions or anything so it’s really difficult to remember what you’ve just learned in the webinar and you’ll end up putting in more time and effort to rewind and try to catch again what you missed.

This is where it’s different than my top-ranked program where not only is there a video, there’s also a description below the video – A transcription if you might, of the things being taught in the video for you to refer to easily or recap.


It’s Good, But There’s a Better One.

Bring The Fresh is a good Online Business program but those ridiculous upsells kill.

You were shown a $47 one-time fee and that got you really excited.

You purchased, gone through the lessons only to find out that you’ll need to spend up to $2,500 to grow your website and oh yeah, all the constant upsells being bombarded to you.

That in my opinion, that isn’t a way to help people because the reason people join an Online Business program in the first place is that they don’t have money and they would love to start a second income stream like many of us do – NOT spend a bundle just to start.Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

I know another program that is much better called Wealthy Affiliate which is also in the same niche – Online Business.

It is an online course that has everything you need to start getting ahead and it’s currently my top-ranked program out of the many work from home businesses I have reviewed.

There are no upsells, you’ll have access to more tools, the lessons are more updated, they mix videos and descriptions to teach, they provide high speed dedicated web host for the members and you’ll have a great community of people inside who are just as enthusiastic as you are!

This is a program perfect for both beginners and the experienced because you’ll save a lot more money when you don’t spend on upsells.

The lessons work and you’ll learn SEO the right way – Build a website from any niche, learn how to write, learn keywords and ads, and rank on the top page to get traffic hence your sales.

But what I like about it the most is the keyword and content strength from WA is way better and stronger than what you’ll learn at Bring The Fresh, which is why they are still standing strong until today which has been more than 10 years now.

It’s straightforward, I highly recommend it and from an overview here’s how the comparison looks like…




The training here is definitely legitimate, very few online courses provide this.

When it comes to Online Business courses, we can actually count the number of workable programs we can join out there, the ratio is 1 to 100 as there are more scams than legitimate ones.

Because the training works, I definitely rate Bring The Fresh as legitimate but due to the outrageous upsells they implement which can cost you a bundle, I can only rate it 2 out of 5.

If you’re serious about making a living out of Online Business, check out my #1 recommended program here instead as it will really save you a lot more and get you traffic the right way.

Thanks for reading this review, I would love to know your experiences down below.

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  1. Bring the Fresh? Rich Jerk? Kelly definitely knows how to come up with unique and weird names for his programs.

    When a company offers upsells to me, I feel pressurized into buying it because I won’t succeed if I don’t fork out MORE MONEY. I think you’re too kind to give them 85/100. There’s just so many flaws in this program I would personally give it a 50/100 at least (since it works).

    • i know right, i used to be so desperate the first time i come across upsells that I scavenged for money just to those upsells. In the end I lose money and never made back a single cent.

  2. I really love this post starting with the name: very catchy and “Fresh” What I really like though is the content. Just what the Dr. ordered (internet Dr. that is) I like how you really reveal what the cons are so that someone like me doesn’t get all caught up with the name and the hype. Very well written indeed. Thank you

  3. Hi Riaz,
    Thanks for your Bring the Fresh review.
    It sounds legit but when compared to Wealthy Affiliate, it comes way down the line.
    I don’t like upsells especially expensive ones like this company’s. So many companies lure you in before you understand what exactly is involved and how expensive the role is.
    Help and support is #1 priority for me and the majority of newbies out there. This seems to fall way behind where help and support is concerned.
    I always stay away from companies that don’t offer a free trial, it makes me wonder why they don’t this – what’s hidden. There’s very few companies regarding affiliate marketing training that offer a genuine try before you buy program.
    Are you tied into a contract here or can you stop at any time?
    Thanks again for your review, I’ll stick with Wealthy Affiliate,

    • Hey Simon,

      Of course you can stop anytime and I totally agree with you on the support part. There are so many scams today that you can never tell the difference online and having great support, well that’s one big way to having a legitimate business. Appreciate the feedback, cheers!

  4. With all the experience I have had with online marketing, I am now pretty careful about subscribing to training sites. Like you I don’t like programs that let you in easily but pepper you with so much upsells that you end up spending more than what you were willing to in the first place. This is a great review that you did and I will be adding this to my list of valuable reviews. I agree with you when you said a better alternative would be Wealthy Affilliate. The guys at WA have proven themselves to be legit and countless members swear by their reliability as a training platform.

    • Awesome to hear that you’re adding this page to your list Kathy, much appreciated thank you! WA definitely is a much better choice and those upsells are a bane in any online marketing programs. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great Monday!

  5. Hi, buddy. Great article as always.
    I think BBB rated Bring the Fresh as a get rich quick scheme is not lying to you because they did not mention who is the one get rich quick! This website is probably a get rich quick for Kelly Felix only, not his customers. Besides, it sounds like he is forcing you to pay before continuing your journey which shows that he is not focusing on bringing more value to his customer but how to make more money.
    However, I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the best alternative, as WA did not teach their member to focus on their sale but create more value to people.

    • Hey there Chun! I’m not your buddy, pal 😉 . You’re right on that one though, whenever there are upsells which are compulsory for you to spend on, they are not upsells anymore. Its extortion.

  6. This is a great, in-depth analysis of “Bring The Fresh”. Whilst I find it completely unethical for marketers to sell crappy programs, it is so important that we also realize that there is no such thing as overnight success. Sadly many people get promised overnight success on the internet – and most of us learn the hard way – through wasted time and money. Having said that, all the lessons are worth it because you then appreciate the value of Wealthy Affiliate. Great Post!

  7. This is a great, in-depth analysis of “Bring The Fresh”. Whilst I find it completely unethical for marketers to sell crappy programs, it is so important that we also realize that there is no such thing as overnight success. Sadly many people get promised overnight success on the internet – and most of us learn the hard way – through wasted time and money. Having said that, all the lessons are worth it because you then appreciate the value of Wealthy Affiliate. Great Post!

    • Hey Peteni,

      I think that 90% of people new to the internet world and new business would believe that money can be made overnight because I was one of those people too. It is possible to make that kind of money on one day though, but definitely not on your first day. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate the feedback!

  8. Why do most affiliate programs include so many expensive upsells. This puts me right off joining them.
    The company the way you describe sounds legit but has many flaws regarding such things like help and support becomes a hassle, webinar training videos that are not recorded, no free trial which is always an issue to me because how do you know the role is suited for you until you try.
    The 5 red flags you mention here is a big warning to anyone as does the fact that it doesn’t seem to bode well in relation to Wealthy Affiliate either.
    I think you have been very kind with an 85% review rate.
    Thanks for bringing ‘Bring the Fresh’ to my attention,

    • Hey Simon,

      Many people see upsells as an opportunity for them to get more money by making people spend more. They are legal, but there’s a line between ethical and non-ethical when it comes to selling. The idea is to sell optional items when it comes to upsells but many of these gurus sell the compulsory stuff instead which is why we have to end up spending more in the long run. Completely opposite of what we’re expected, right? Thanks for the feedback, have a great Wednesday!

  9. Riaz,

    Thanks for posting the review! I hate upsells as well, and find that sometimes there are more to upsells than just financial burdens. What would you say about the extra free accounts you have to share your email with using WA? About how many hours/week would you say you spend to make decent income with WA?

    • Could you be more specific George,

      what extra free accounts are you referring to? Each person has only one account. How many hours or weeks is an answer I cannot answer because the way blogging works is that you work hard to create content, and you’ll be rewarded after. The more content you create, the better visibility your site gets and the more conversions you’ll receive.

      You work for a month or two with low return but those posts are going to reward you on later months by still giving you good returns to your blog for each content that you create. Even if you stopped blogging for one month, people will still come to your site and spend so really, you need to work first in order to understand how the Online Business world works but roughly, I would say that working everyday for at least 3 hours on your site, you’ll definitely get a full-time income in 3-4 month’s time. Hope that helps!

  10. I’ve heard about Bring the Fresh in the past but I’ve never actually tried it, so thanks for trying it for me. It’s great that the training actually works and they keep it updated to make sure it always works with the latest Google algorithms. It’s a great shame they try to upsell you so aggressively, though. That’s always a huge turn-off for me. It sounds like I am better stick with Wealthy Affiliate where they don’t force you to pay more to get each bit of training.

    • Hey Marcus,

      I guess the upsells are a huge turn off for many. For a make money program, we are supposed to help people make money right? not make them spend more. Awesome seeing you here again my friend, hope you have a great wednesday!

  11. The moment I learned from you that the training are in webinar form, I concluded it’s not for me. Internet connection costs here in the Philippines are too expensive, we always make sure that we don’t over use allocated megabytes per day, so with videos and webinars, they are not ideal for us here.

    Then, when I learned about your experience with the program, I made the verdict: Definitely not for me!

    Anyway, thank you so much Riaz for this review of that program. This will help a lot of newbies be empowered and not waste money.

    • The internet is expensive here in Malaysia too Gomer, and there’s stupendously slow too. I bought high speed packages and they are really unstable. As with all developing countries, only the capital cities are advanced, right? Appreciate the feedback, hope you have a great Thursday!

  12. Riaz, thanks for your review of Bring The Fresh. Sounds like a very awkward program to work. The prices of those up-sells sound scary. Support does not look great either. I’m surprised you gave it as high a rating as you did. The Wealthy Affiliate program you’re recommending sounds like a much better choice! I like the flat price.
    Cheers, Oren

    • Hey there Oren,

      I gave it a good rating because because its categorized under the legitimate programs that work and out of 100 programs out there, sadly only 2 are legitimate in the Online Business industry. WA remains my number one recommendation and its been that way for 2 years now because I believe in the program.

      After all, I wouldn’t have this website if it isn’t for them. Appreciate the kind feedback, hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Hi Riaz, after reading your article I am truly wondering why you have rated bring the fresh so high at 85 out of a 100. Not being able to log in, so many up sells and sucking support, I would rate it a lot lower than that. I guess that because it is not a scam, you rated it quite positively. What about is money making potential: how much work for how much money?

    • You’re quite right Jerry, its because that its legitimate. Despite the hiccups, the lessons do work whereby you can actually create a fully-functional website based on what they teach there. However I can’t quite answer your question because how much money you can earn depends on how much effort you put in.

      What I can say though, is that if you’re planning to go for long-term while minimizing costs, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the better choice as you’ll get a ton of stuff complimentary (Even the dedicated webhosting) just by being a member. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate the feedback!

  14. I have never heard about bring the fresh. it is good.
    your recommendation wealthy affiliate is more suitable for a beginner of affiliate marketing.
    I have experienced wealthy affiliate, it works very well for affiliate marketing. No other training course is good as wealthy affiliate.
    you give a perfect recommendation for affiliate marketing.
    I highly recommending wealthy affiliate.

  15. Hi there

    Nice review on bring the fresh that lays out all the details that anyone would need about the program. These reviews really help because so many non legit schemes are out there and it is becoming difficult to differentiate what is real and what is full of hot air. I myself have tried several programs and many of them offer the sun and the moon and end up delivering zilch.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Hi Riaz,
    Thanks for the in depth review. The fact that you actually paid money on this program to test it out gives me confidence in what you are saying. I don’t like the up sells in this program. Some of that stuff should be included in your membership. When I read that you suspect they are implementing black hat SEO techniques alarm bells went off in my head. I’m with Wealthy Affiliate and what you see is what you get. Good value for the money.

    • Hey Celeste,

      So glad to hear that, I do actually spend money on the products and programs before writing the review as I want to be as transparent as possible for me readers. By spending, I am putting myself in the shoes of a consumer and that helped open my eyes more to watch out since I am at risk of getting conned.

      Its definitely worth it even though I do make some losses most of the time as it shows that there are so many scams out there that I need to keep busting. Its comments from readers like yours which keep me going. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great weekend!

  17. A $47 one-time fee is not bad, but I think I will pass on this one. First of all, how can they be up-to-date with SEO tactics if they still concentrate heavily on backlinks? We all know that they don’t work anymore. I think he kept the backlink service because he wanted to keep the upsell, and he didn’t have any real up-to-date service to replace it.

    • Right you are Ben, I think people generally find this technique effective because of the way it was promoted. People are attracted to shiny things and even the most logical person on the planer would succumb to some good persuasion. Appreciate the feedback, cheers!

  18. I have never heard of this one before. From what you said in the post, it seems like a legit program. I agree with you on the webinar part. I do not like it very much. I would rather read or see a video demonstration instead so I can rewind or skip unimportant parts. And also it’s good to know that they have upselling inside. I personally hate it since it makes me feel like they just care about making money for themselves lol

  19. Wow. I have heard of bring the fresh but didnt really know much about it. Your review gave me some very good information and I will not be giving that “rich jerk” a dime of this losers money.

  20. Hi Riaz,

    This is a great review…

    I have come so close to buying this product on many occasions, so am very glad I came across your article before I did.

    The same goes with the Rich Jerk.

    P.S.Your website has a great look and feel!

    Thanks for providing such great info.

    • Thanks for the compliment Logan, glad my review helped you out and I’m really happy to know that you liked my website. Hope you have a great weekend!

  21. Hi Riaz,

    Excellent review! and thanks for sharing it with us. Interestingly you mention a few times that the training is taught via webinar and that not being a good thing. I attend weekly webinars as part of another program (WA, in fact) and find the webinars by Jay there to be an excellent way of learning. Is it that this guy at BTF just does n’t have the skill as a teacher or perhaps webinar are not your best mode of learning?

    • Hello Derek,

      Good point you’ve laid out there, actually webinars are great – They are very personal, and it is easier to teach perhaps just as good as writing content. However just by plainly uploading video webinars without any writing content or anything to back it up, they are nothing more than videos which we watch and forget the next day.

      WA differs with the webinar in BTF because they provide you with live comments section, powerpoint presentation emphasizing the bulletpoints, choice to watch back those videos even after 2 years (They are catalogued) and there will always be people replying to any question or help you might have.

      Imagine learning at school, which one is a better form of teaching? A teacher who just says out loud everything, or a teacher who says and shows you on the whiteboard so that you can copy and see better what the teacher is trying to say from his point of view.

      Great question by the way, hope that clears the air. Cheers!

  22. I appreciate your really good, thorough review here. I’ve been researching and this company has come up a few times in my research but I haven’t found a review as telling as yours. The red flags all kind of scare me even though it is a legit program. It’s good to know that there are other more reputable programs out there with NO red flags. Thanks for sharing the information and I look forward to reading more from your site.


  23. To be fair, this might be due to my paranoia, but I avoid upsells like the plague! I don’t have a lot of money to give as is and I don’t like wasting it!

    Especially on scammy snake oil, and other things that may or may not help me. I just started Wealthy Affiliate a month ago and while I’m still new to the whole thing, I already like it a lot more! Even without having made anything just yet, I can tell that if I just keep learning and pushing, I think one day I can make something really huge out of this.

    Still I always keep my eyes open for any other LEGITIMATE money making method online. Thanks for the review but personally i think I’ll pass on this site.

    • Totally understandable Jaylin,

      While upsells are legal, nobody likes them still because while offers are tempting, it also means that we have to fork out more money. Everyone is looking for ways to make more money and these gurus find a way to drain more money from us than to help us.

      No matter how useful their programs are and no mater how honest their intentions are, having those many upsells bombarding you can really reflect the type of person the seller is.

  24. Very good review on bring the fresh I did know the same guy comes from the rich jerk. There are a lot of red flags with bring the fresh. The biggest issue with the red flags in my opinion the blackhat Google you definitely need to stay away from. I am glag you mention Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the best. What is your thoughts on Jaaxy?

    • Hey Tim,

      Glad to hear your feedback, the blackhat Google is indeed a serious matter to take into account seeing your blog is going to be a permanent. I find Jaaxy quite effective, very powerful as it has helped me rank so many of my pages on the first page of Google. I actually wrote a post about it here, do check it out. Cheers

  25. I really hate upsells, unless they are really providing value and when the value between the upsell and the entry value doesn’t vary that much. $2500 and $47? I’d rather not join in the first place. As for Wealthy Affiliate, I’m almost a year with them and so far there’s no single upsell. The best of it is the knowledge base is so vast that I think I barely scrape 5% of it.

    • Awesome to meet a fellow WA-er Kenny, and you’re right on the knowledge part, there are answers to everything here, like an online library that I wish sometimes I can have the time to go through all of them too. Thanks for dropping by, hope the Monday blues aren’t getting to you!

  26. Funnily, I was looking at Bring the Fresh before joining up with Wealthy Affiliate, and I almost joined them. Thanks for the review, as I didn’t realise that there were so many upsells. This is enough to bankrupt one before you even start to earn a dime.

    If you haven’t had any training it is very tempting to take the done for you offer, but it is far more rewarding to build your own online business.

    • I definitely agree with you on that one Michel, building your own Online Business is the way to go. Many programs offer this and some trainings do work but those hard upsells are the ones causing failures in eh first place since you will already be losing more money than you originally thought.

  27. Hey, thank you for this review. I like the fact that you have been thorough with the review. I basically hate up sells.
    It is what many offer these days. You join a program, pay some cash only to realize you have to pay even more cash to be able to complete a task. I also like the fact you also provided an alternative wealthy affiliate. Thank you for posting this.

    • Totally Rachael, paying for your next step within a program that you have purchased, that’s practically cutthroat. Its as though the developer never intended to help people in the first place. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a good friday!

  28. Hey Riaz.
    Right off the bat, you have to question what you are in for when you can’t even access the site you have paid for.

    I understand that Clickbank does hold a few questionable products that may lean towards the scammy side.

    I believe a $2500 upsell screams UNETHICAL, especially when you are pitching to newbies in the online world.
    It would be like going to the used car yard and seeing that cool car at $500, but then when you have paid, the salesman says and you can have the 4 wheels just pay another $3000. Yeah Right.

    I think your warnings are enough to keep me out of BTF, and be very cautious of anything Kelly Felix is doing.

    BTF = Not recommended in my books, go to Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to make your own money making website, then make as many as you want.

    My 2 cents


    • Hey there Wade,

      Since you’ve put it that way, the upsell for wheels when you’ve basically spent money to buy a car part is pretty on point now that I think about it. Upsells are actually okay IF we sell optional items that we don’t necessarily need as a choice for our customers but making an upsell on essential items, well that’s just plain cutthroat.

      We just have to buy in order to proceed and that’s what makes people hate upsells, especially on online Online Business course such as BTF. Appreciate your feedback, thanks for taking your time to write it out and share it with us here. Hope you enjoy your weekends!

  29. This is extremely interesting. I cant believe how many different courses there are online. I really like the fact that Bring the Fresh has a 60 day money back gauruntee. I mean, you obviously believe in your product if tha’ts what you’re offering. Thanks for this honest review. It’s obviously not a scam and seems to be legit!

    • The money back guarantee is indeed attractive but bear in mind though, that should not be the only aspect you look at when searching for programs because there are better programs out there which doesn’t come with money back guarantees too. Cheers!

  30. Wow! this is the first time, knowing about this product “bring the fresh” but your content really gave me a detailed insight about it and helped me to take a better direction. But it would be a great help if you can tell me if it has a free trial period and is there any product better than this.

    • You can’t try it for free unfortunately Xin, but it works and its in one of my list of legitimate programs for Online Business so you’re definitely good to go if you’re planning to give it a try anytime soon.

  31. Thanks for this review. Based on all the information that you’ve provided I think this is one I’ll stay away from. I think the biggest turnoff when looking at programs that are out there to assist you with your business are ones that start with a small price and then have numerous upsells once they get you in the door. Thanks for letting us know what it’s really like.

    • Those upsells really are a bit too much, wouldn’t you agree? One is okay but multiple is just plain obvious that the owner just wants more money. Appreciate your feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  32. Bring Th Fresh doesn’t look that great after reading your review and I completely agree with you. It doesn’t have as great of a community, support or structure as Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a great tool to build out your site and guide you, while BTF doesn’t look that much compared to WA. I’ll recommend WA to anyone who is thinking about Affiliate Marketing.

  33. Bring the Fresh sounds like a total rip off. I am the type of person that is willing to take risk to get a return but I’ve been burned a few times in the process. I’m glad I never heard about them prior to now.

    I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate back in April. My thoughts on WA are 100% great! No complaints! But when I first heard of them, I didn’t jump right on board because it was free so I thought there must be some gimmick.

    What would you say for those people who are just like I was and just sitting on the fence?

    • My advice is to choose a program that you’re willing to dedicate yourself to and document your efforts and achievements for that month, the month after and the following one. Each month should have a bit more effort than the previous, that’s how you prove whether a program is good for you or not, and whether that path is meant for you or not. Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  34. Hi Riaz,

    Well done post on Bring The Fresh Review. I like how you incorporated great images to assist boosting the interest in your article.

    I have found that I can find great information on the internet with a little investigating. It’s free!

    With out a doubt, WA is the best program out there. I have been a premium member for three months and have learned an amazing amount through the lessons.

    Thanks for a well written article.


    • Great to meet a fellow member Tim, thank you for the kind words. It definitely is an awesome program, appreciate your kind feedback. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  35. Hi Riaz

    Hope all is well

    Stunning post. i like the comparison at the end of your post between WA and BTF. Green is the way to go…

    Yes it is a nightmare when you pay for something and you do not have instant access to the platform..Trust me i know how you feel and many a platform support staff have walked through my extreme creative language selections about how i feel in that point in time..

    Luckily WA have not experienced it yet from me.. Their support and accessibility is tops..if i have to say it myself..
    And no BS.. i just love that..

    Thanks for enlightening us with your BTF review…

    One Question : How long does it take to start seeing a good flow of google traffic to a newly built website with a new domain ?

    • Thanks for understanding Jaco,

      it is rather depressing isn’t it? When customer service puts you down especially after you’ve committed enough to start throwing in your money to them. To answer your question, if you constantly churn content writing and publishing on your site, your website definitely grow in 3 months time.

  36. Love your review on “Bring The Fresh”. You have covered all the questions I would ask about a product or service and answered them in incredible details.
    I also like the fact you elaborated on the pros and cons listed in your review.
    With the amount of detail, you have included it is very easy to make a decision on buying or not buying this product.
    Thank you. Cheers Kev

    • Thank you Kevin, I try to write my reviews as detailed as I can so that you can see from both sides of the coin before you make any prior decisions on joining or not. I’m glad you liked my review, hope you have a great Thursday!

  37. This is a great review although I agree with the other poster who mentioned that he thinks your review is too kind. With all those red flags that you pointed out it sounds like a scam to me and I’d be very nervous about investing in money into this type of product. Is there really something out there call the Rich Jerk? To each their own I suppose. Thanks again for sharing!

    • I like to think that I see the both sides of things before judging Momma Bear, and I do get those kinds of comments quite often, sometimes on almost every review that I write. Thanks for dropping by, hope you hvae a great Wednesday!

  38. There are a number of sites online that are genuine and deliver what they say they will and Bring The Fresh is one of them. Perhaps if people stopped to think about some of the outrageous things the scam sites are promising they would realize those things would be impossible to deliver. What do you think? Wealthy Affiliate is definitely number one in my book and I won’t be going anywhere else.

    • Agreed Margaret, BTC is indeed a cool venture to delve into but Wealthy Affiliate remains my top ranked program. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great Tuesday!

  39. This online business seems to have more cons than pros going for it. Online business isn’t a very easy business to start in especially for me. There are a lot of learning involved and a lot of patience needed also. I like the fact that the lessons are updated regularly and offers a sixty day money back guarantee. They are right about there are no over night success and you need a lot of hard work to pave the way.

    • Right you are Kenneth, there are no easy businesses to delve into. Blogging at least can give you passive income in the long run so you won’t have to worry much if you’re feeling like taking some time off. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  40. Hey, great review you have here. If I weren’t on WA myself, this website is one I would really look into. Although to be honest, the cons you have highlighted are a bit scary 🙂 It seems to me you should know at least something about affiliate programs before start here in this page and not having a free trial is bad too. Your #1 recommended program sure is the best one yet.

    • Glad I was able to give you insight Franni, trails aren’t really necessary though but for an online course which you will be having continuous commitment every month, trials are definitely important. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  41. I have also heard a whole lot about Bring the Fresh. I see many sites do reviews of them and quite a few people feel the same way you do in that it is not a scam. The question of course is whether or not it is actually the best option out there. Upsells running that high really scare me because it makes it seem like you simply can’t succeed unless you continue to fork out money – even if the information is helpful and legit.

    Like you mentioned, Wealthy affiliate as well as a few other programs offer the same information at literally a fraction of the cost with all the live support that someone needs. I finally jumped into WA a few years ago and while there is no denying that I could have spent months or even years trying to find all the information and put it together correctly to be profitable there is no doubt that simply paying a small monthly fee to be hand held through the beginning processes is the most efficient way to start to become self sufficient.

    Even though I am sure bring the fresh does allow members to see results it is simply not a program that I want to invest in when I have already found one that works great and provides everything I need without constant upsells.

    Thanks for the in depth review,

    • Great point you have there Jean,

      I completely agree with you on whether or not it is the best option. Bring the Fresh is definitely not a scam but its something we have to take into consideration before giving our commitment to the program as their costs are in fact pretty steep.

      If you see a program without those super costly upsells, then you just know that’s something you should hold on to. Appreciate the feedback, hope you enjoy your weekend!

  42. Hi Riaz,

    First off, I find the name quite original, Bring the fresh! It sounds like they are selling food products!

    I also hate upsells and for me, it raises red flags as being a scam, even though you are saying it legit. Furthermore the fact that there is no support also makes me wary. And with all the negative that you mentioned in your review of Bring the Fresh, I find your rating of 85 too high! Programs with upsells even if they are legit shouldn’t get a passing grade in my opinion!

    Thanks for sharing this excellent review with us,


    • You’re not the only one skeptical on the 85 rating Sonia, almost everyone is and I’m glad to get feedback from you as well. Upsells are actually pretty normal in business but its not acceptable to implement it in such a way to force people to be spending more of it.

  43. Hello Riaz,
    thank you a lot for your investigation. I think that is a lot of work that you did and then you find out, that the system does not work. I mean, that you make the experience, that you can´t log in and did not get any response from the service, unbelievable. I don’t understand this behaviour. The owner should help you to start because otherwise you will claim your refund.

    • Absolutely Bernd, I actually did claim my refund. I wanted to try the program myself so desperately and I gave them a week to sort things out, they din’t do anything. Terrible customer service, its a risk some people might face when they buy the program.

  44. Hi Riaz,
    Thanks for the honest review. I think I’ll skip Bring the Fresh. Few things irk me more than upsells. Particularly up to $2500. I’d ask for my money back at the first upsell 🙂 Between the upsells and technical difficulties logging into and using the system, not to mention lack of Better Business Bureau ratings I think that you are right…there are better options out there for learning how to make money online. Thanks for saving me time and headaches!

    • Glad you’re with me on this Alyssa, that upsell alone is worth a lot of things, even years worth of membership at WA. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate the feedback. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  45. Hi Riaz,
    I have really enjoyed reading your review on Bring the Fresh. I have heard of this program but have not tried it yet, so it was really good to come across your review first. There seem to be a few issues that you have highlighted that definitely wave red flags to me too. I am lucky to have found WA earlier so I have not had to look further since then. All the best and thanks again for your thorough review. It will save people time and money.

    • Glad you liked my review James, I was glad to be able to inform you about the program firsthand before you come across it. Glad you decided to give WA a try, I would definitely help you get started. Cheers!

  46. Hi

    This is a great honest review about online money making. There are so many different programs out there and its hard to know which ones to go for.

    There are a few warning signs with this one that you have pointed out quite well, if it isn’t providing you with enough value before it asks for money then it is just a worry that immediately makes you take a step back and think twice.

  47. Hello Riaz, great review about “bring the fresh”. I still remember when I was trying to purchase the rich jerk before but my card was malfunctioning at that time.

    Then the next day I was gonna try it again but the price escalated, that was the time that I started doubting the legitimacy of the rich jerk program.

    Luckily I have stumbled across WA by the help of Ian and I’m very lucky that I haven’t waste any load of cash from other program that would only give me frustrations.

    The reddest flag I found with this “bring the fresh” is the $2500 worth of up sell. That really hurts.

    • Hey there Norstad,

      The sudden price changing tactics of Bring The Fresh is very unethical in my opinion, its not fair for everyone because we weren’t informed that there will be a promo and how long. Promos are good, but sudden price changing is terrible, and the $2,500 is definitely the most outstanding price I have ever seen. Appreciate the feedback man, cheers!

  48. Hey buddy! I appreciate your honest review about Bring The Fresh. I have never really been a fan of anything that involves several upsells. I believe in hard-work, persistence and patience. I’m sure that this program is useful, but it just doesn’t seem like something I would go for. I would definitely rather Wealthy Affiliate than Bring The Fresh. Thanks for the review, very interesting!

    • Glad to know which one you preferred Pianoforte, persistence pays and there is no shortcut to success. Appreciate the feedback, hope you have a good Friday!

  49. Hello and thank you for this review. I like how the website offers a 60 day money back guarantee the customers. This would make me feel comfortable about purchasing in the first place. Another cool thing is the constant updates that goodle requiers. Thank you once again for this informative review.

    • Glad you liked the review Jason, that money back guarantee is definitely obtainable if you don’t like what you see so don’t hesitate if you feel like checking it out. Cheers!

  50. Hi Riaz!

    I have to agree with you in many points! I hate to buy a game and have to pay the journey. Well, I prefer not to pay because what guarantees do I have that they will not charge later for the vehicle? Do you know what I mean?

    By the way, Bring the Fresh is a very expensive program is should work perfectly for the price. I think that is not the case!

    I also don’t like when a training is based on webinars… I like to read stuff because written information sticks better in my mind I think.

    Well, I am an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and I think there is no better place to learn IM. I can afford my membership there and I get great value for money.

    All the best

    • Hey there Stefan,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences on both programs, webinars are great but I would rather see an organised video with things prepared beforehand because they are very unprepared in my opinion and we had to sit through their spontaneous acts which are time-consuming.

      Having both an article description helps speed up the learning process, we’re too old to take down notes from videos lol. Great to see you again here man, hope you have a great Tuesday!

  51. Omg Riaz, this guy is hilarious! The rich jerk! What have we come to! Well, honestly you gave it a better review than I think it probably deserved considering all your red flags. I think it’s important to read that and take notice. Also I’m glad you mentioned webinars are tough to follow and keep track of – pure video training is actually hard because if you have to go back you don’t want to have to go back through an hour long video just to find one thing you forgot. I’ve started taking copious notes on webinars because you think you’ll remember things but you inevitably forget. 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    • You’re right on that one Maria, webinars tend to take very long and you have to keep re-winding to learn back what you missed, its not a very effective way to learn and they do get boring after some time so we’ll be sure to wonder off during those long talks. Appreciate the feedback, cheers!

  52. Hi Riaz I just viewed your site. I had never heard of the one your reviewed. But I have tried others that did the up sell. Luckily I had not invested much money just a lot of time and effort. So I choked it up to experience and went on to search again. Like you I found WA and its the best. Your review was wrote very well and very informative. I liked your style. Wish you the best. Vera

    • Thanks Vera, a lot of programs out there offer these upsells and though it is normal to do so, it is not normal to make it compulsory to buy those upsells as that is very unethical. Gad you liked my review, Cheers!

  53. You smashed it!
    Not just that you tried to review Brig the fresh, but was clear on the red alerts. Ouch! Those were clear indicators that it’s an endless pit that swallows a starter’s limited resources. More so, Your last table comparing Wealthy Affiliates with Bring the Fresh was a hit! It was clear and detailed. Only the blind will ignore this. Well done!

    • Thanks Nnanna, everyone deserves to know what they are getting themselves into before buying a product which is why I outlined those examples. Glad you liked my review and the table comparison, WA is indeed an awesome program you definitely need to check out. Appreciate the feedback, hope you have an awesome Monday!

  54. I have seen several websites around lately promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I notice they have a free program and a premium member program. Do you think on the free member program a person could learn enough to earn a good steady income. I imagine being a premium member you would earn a good income in a much shorter time than a free member, but are there any free members doing well online with their business.

    • Definitely Jeffrey,

      With the free starter account, you can already learn enough to implement on your site and earn a bit of money though it is very limited as you haven’t learned the traffic generation methods yet. But, you can still earn and use that money to go for premium.

  55. I think your review of Bring the Fresh is too kind. I joined Bring the Fresh when it first launched and found it to be a total rip off. The only reason I joined was because someone I trusted recommended it. Before I got to the first lesson I was hit with over $600 worth of upsells and one-time-offers.

    I swear in some of the training videos it looked like the instructor had been snorting coke. He kept sniffing and would not pause the video to blow his nose. Whatever was in his nose, he darn well wanted to keep it there.

    Also, it was evident that the video was made in the middle of the night. Many of the training videos were nothing but mindless rambling. I struggle for nearly two months with Bring the Fresh before I saw it was pointless.

    If you join Bring the Fresh you will be pressured to buy more stuff, including their very expensive done for you websites. These done for you websites are a total joke.

    Do not waste your time on Bring the Fresh. If you want to learn how to really make money online with an honest to goodness business, with easy to follow, step-by-baby step training and support you will ever need, check out the #1 recommendation mentioned here. It’s where I finally learn how to really make money online.

    • Hey there GC,

      Wow thanks for sharing all those points with us, I too felt the program is shallow and the upsells were ridiculous. They do in fact work though, but I couldn’t stand those webinars because being obsessive compulsive, those snorting sounds were extremely annoying.

      Some might prefer webinars as they seem casual but personally, I do not like it especially since I’ll be paying that much money, its only right that they create a professional revised video for the members don’t you think? Thanks for the very detailed feedback my friend, I hope you have a great day.

  56. It looks like a pretty cool place for newbies to start out there internet marketing training or new webmasters to take control of their sites. The one thing I did notice is that you didn’t mention video tutorials! I like to see what I am learning – are there any video lessons involved with this course?

    • Actually, I did Chris. The video tutorials are in he form of webinars and yes, newbies will definitely make good use of this program to get ahead in the industry and get prior knowledge on how Internet Marketing works. Great to see you here again man, hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  57. I’ve heard the Bring The Fresh program the first time. With your great review, I won’t even try going for it.

    I’ve also tried Wealthy Affiliate since Jan 2016. So far it has created some structures in how I do my business online and has corrected some basic ones.

    Keep up these kinds of reviews Riaz. You’re doing a favor to so many newbies.


    • Glad you liked my review, WA will definitely bring you far in your blogging career and its getting pretty exhilarating too. Cheers!

  58. As a fellow WA member, I can relate. Buying membership into a program only to find them throwing upsells at you is not quite a nice feeling. You feel frustration and eventually give up, having spent the first money for nothing or almost nothing. WA is overall a much better alternative to, may I say, any similar websites.


    • Hey there Aless,

      I agree with you on that one, you’ll definitely get more out of WA and its much more practical and efficient as your website making journey is actually simplified. Instead of learning all those webhost and domain things personally, Wealthy Affiliate is actually making things simpler by handling all of those for you, you can focus on blogging better and not worry about all the technical stuff.

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