Free Traffic Jackpots Review – The Gamble You Would Want to Take!

free traffic jackpot cover

Product Name: Free Traffic Jackpots


Type of Business: Traffic generation eBook

Price: $7.95 + $17 upsell

Owner: Aminul Islam Khodonker

My rating: 1 out of 5 ⭐️

[Update] Goodbye Free Traffic Jackpots! They’ve taken down the website so you won’t be able to access it anymore.

I admit, the name does sound really scammy but I just had to give it a try because I was really curious to find out what it contains inside (I thought that it was a casino guide or something).

When I first bought this eBook, it cost $7 but the moment I refreshed the page, it keeps rising until the maximum price, $7.95.

It was a dime sale which means that whenever someone buys the product, the price will rise up by a dime hence the name and if you haven’t heard of Warrior Forum yet, well this is their specialty method to attract more sales fast.

Most of the products sold at Warrior Forum are of very low quality but not all of them are bad because there are always good people everywhere, even in a war.

After reviewing products for almost a year, I wanted to test myself if Free Traffic jackpots is indeed a scam or not and naturally, I would avoid buying it altogether but something about it interests me hence my decision on checking it out so here’s my full review if you too are contemplating on buying…


What is Free Traffic Jackpots All About? –Allow me to Shed Some Light.

Although the name may be a bit misleading (jackpots sounds like a gamble), Free Traffic Jackpots is actually a 90-page eBook that teaches you how to get free traffic to your website or offer, simple as that.

However personally, I feel like it should be called “9 Ways to Get Traffic” instead because with its current name, people get mistaken for a free traffic generator especially with that jackpot name having something to do with those bar machines in casinos.

Here’s what I mean…

free traffic jackpot table of contents

As you can see from the table of contents, the book tells you of 9 ways on how to drive traffic to your website or offer.

Personally, I think the price should be charged way lesser because around half of the contents inside can actually be found in many blog posts on Google so why pay when you can get that information for free right?

Still, here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn from this book…

  1. IMDB Traffic – Teaches you how to get traffic from the IMDB movie site by spamming comments.
  2. Linked In Traffic – Getting traffic from sharing linked in posts to groups that you need to find and join.
  3. IBO Toolbox Traffic – Traffic through press releases.
  4. Safelists Traffic – Safelists is actually a paid list access but you’ll learn how to get around it do it for free.
  5. Slide Share Traffic – I think we all know this, create slides and upload for the world to see.
  6. Kindle eBook – I think this is by far the best traffic method as you’ll learn how to make use of the free period to maximize subscriptions.
  7. Reddit Traffic – Traffic from commenting around. This is very risky as the Reddit anti-spam system is the best there is, much better than Facebook.
  8. Forum Marketing – The most common one ever! Simply find a forum and spam.
  9. Free Press Releases Sites – More press release traffic to make use of.

I even made a video to show you how it all looks like inside…

If you’ve watched the video, you can see a quick sim through I made while reviewing the eBook.

The content is interesting during its time as the methods are real and practical methods that even I use from time to time but today, not all of them can be used as effectively due to updates and strict regulations on spamming which you’d have to bear in mind before making deciding on getting this product.


Pros and Cons

If you’re a regular reader of my reviews, I’m sure you know that the pros and cons section is a way for me to give a brief overview of what I think of this program before showing you in greater detail later on.

So without further ado, here goes my…


  • The book is made by the owner himself (Believe it or not, a lot of eBooks were made by cheap freelancers because the owner only thinks about money).
  • Some of the free traffic methods are actually out-of-the-box and I think it’s pretty cool if we can take advantage of it.
  • Comes with 2 free bonus eBooks that weren’t promoted on the sales page.
  • The methods are shown in great detail with screenshots instead of plain talk.


  • Very rude customer service!
  • Some methods are ways of spamming like commenting on forums with links.
  • A lot of grammar mistakes which may be a tad annoying if you’re a grammar nazi.
  • Upsells and downsells are implemented when buying this eBook.
  • Teaches you how to set up your own upsell and down-sell funnels (I highly advise against).
  • $7.95 is not worth the contents in this book as half of it can be found in Google.

Golly, this product gives me the hibby jibbies! Better check out my #1 recommended program here!


What I don’t Like About This eBook.

Now this is where I talk about my problems in detail.

Apart from the pros and cons, there is some stuff that I like as well as those that I do not like about this Free Traffic Jackpots so let’s start with the negative ones, shall we?

Red Flag #1 – Tries to Cloak Comment Spamming.

fancy way of saying promote your offer

If you’ve been to many celebrity websites or free movie sites (Even Youtube sometimes), you’ll notice that there are many spammers around blatantly promoting their products with links right?

Do you like it when they are around?

Some people are okay with this but many of us despise spammers because they are annoying and they make their products look like low-quality trash.

I bring this topic up because one of the traffic methods promoted by Khodonker in his eBook is to take advantage of a popular movie site called IMDB to ‘leverage’ the traffic there.

spammy link tactic at IMDB

By leveraging, I mean wasting your time looking for movies and commenting to people there, hoping they will click on your link which you will learn to set as your signature when you comment.

Sneaky much?

scam aftermath

I often watch my series on free sites too and trust me, it is hard to click around there without accidentally clicking on tricky ads there already!

If you’re wondering why there are so many ads on free hot websites such as those, that’s because due to the very nature of them providing free movies or gossips or clips, they need to find a way to monetize all the effort.

They can’t sell a product because they will risk upsetting their viewers because all these while, their videos are free so in order to monetize without losing subscribers, they place tricky ads hoping that people would accidentally click on because with every click, they earn money and this is something we Internet Marketers know as Pay Per Click (PPC).

I don’t generally do PPC on my website but in the Online Business world, you tend to learn a lot of things to keep ahead of your competitors which is why I can understand the pros and cons of each technique with ease.

Red Flag #2 – Reddit Spamming.

reddit spamming

One of the ways Khodonker teaches you to on building free traffic is by leveraging Reddit.

Again, leveraging in this context refers to spamming comments again and in Reddit, you don’t want to do that because of all the Social Media out there, Reddit has the tightest spam security ever.

Khodonker knows this and he even tells you about the stolen block whereby Reddit secretly blocks you without you knowing, hence giving you the impression that you are still fine.

Worst anti-spam penalty ever!

They want you to suffer slowly because since you won’t know that your account is being blocked, you will think that all your posts and links are seen by people.

Countless bloggers have decided to not make use of Reddit because of the super tight guidelines and on the other hand, more than half-dozen sites have been banned including The Atlantic, PhysOrg, Business Week, Science Daily and even Global Post.

If these established websites are being kicked out by Reddit for having the slightest similarity of spam when they have been running for years, what makes you so sure that you can take on Reddit?

Spamming is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea which is why the method at Free Traffic Jackpots will never come close to that of my top-ranked program.

Red Flag #3 – Forum Marketing.

Yahoo answers suspended me

Falling in number eight of the top nine ways to generating free web traffic recommended by khodoker, Forum Marketing is something… Not entirely new.

I’m sure you’ve been to many forums such as Yahoo Answers, Wiki answers and TechSpot, have you noticed how many spammers were there?

The number of those parasites there is limitless but lately, I have been seeing a decline in people spamming and this is because these forums are starting to take matters seriously – By banning spammers.

Back in my early days of Internet marketing, I’ve tried almost everything to get free traffic and forum marketing is something every course tells you to do.

Being the naïve guy that I was (Hey I was still green okay), I commented on many forums and to my surprise, I have not made even one sale from it!

I was also banned from almost all the forums but the one that affected me the most is Yahoo Answers mainly because I often use my yahoo email all my life since school.

But seeing myself banned was the last straw and it’s something I had to go through every day because as much as I want to comment, I can’t and plus, it has been over a year already!

C’mon Yahoo, give me a break here!

Disappointed, I started to analyze the situation and found out that the reason as to why nobody trusts spammers on forums is because they have no class.

Cheeky, but true.

If your product or program really is that high quality, you wouldn’t have wasted time on forums waiting for a question to pop up just so that you can drop a comment with your link on it.

It’s a lazy way to portray your business and if you really want to succeed online, it is better if you opt for other methods instead such as Guest blogging.

Don’t go looking for people, make them come to you.

Red Flag #4 – Press Release is Not In-Depth.

Screenshot of my charity Press Release

Writing a press release can be really powerful and I agree with Khodonker that it can generate some nice traffic for free.

The best ones are usually paid such as PRWEB but the price might not be as attractive to beginners as they can reach up to a few hundred just for a press release.

That leaves you with the free ones and Khodonker actually did a great job in listing you 11 of the best working ones which you should totally make full use of.

I used to do Press Releases back then and I often get around 200 to 300 reads per release so even for a free version (Which comes with ads), you still get a decent amount of traffic which is why I agree with this method.

However in my experiences, the traffic is only a one-time spike because if people miss out on your release, less than 5% will still read it the next day.

Still, the reason I mark this particular traffic method as a red flag is not because of its usage, but rather more of the information provided.

Khodonker did a great job of giving you a sample. He explained what it is, and even gave you a whole list of them.

However he doesn’t go in-depth in telling you how to write Press Releases properly – You have to think about the submission, the description, the links, how long should the words be, how to attract people in the content, the quotes, even the title.

Not all press releases are published by the admin and you wouldn’t want to waste time writing for hours but ending up without results so when if you want to delve into this method, you have to do it right.

Red Flag #5 – False Claims.

false claims

There’s nothing that yells “I only want your money!” more than putting up huge claims that are not entirely true.

Call me a perfectionist but when it comes to spending money, a lot of people actually do care about keeping track of what the sales pitch says before they buy into the program.

Some people do it because they like being analytical, while some others have a hard time letting their money go mainly because they don’t have enough, or that they have to spend a lot more due to the currency exchange when they’re in different countries.

On the sales page itself, Khadonker says the traffic will be on autopilot, the traffic is secret, and that you won’t get freebie seekers, only buyers.


Those claims weren’t at all true because first, your traffic won’t be on autopilot if you have to keep commenting on forums, keep writing press releases and keep publishing ebooks in the first place. Autopilot means you getting it without doing anything which is totally the opposite!

Second, how secret is press release writing or even forum commenting?

I admit the kindle eBook trick is probably the best one so far but for the other methods, I have been doing that for 2 years back! And if I know about it, obviously everyone else should know too since I was just a newbie back then.

Last but not least, the “no freebie seekers” thing really gets on my nerves because if you advertise at free sites, how sure are you that those people are buyers instead of freebie seekers?

Online Marketing is not a client-based business where people come to you because they want to hire you for a project, it is online where everyone can see!

The Online Market is definitely bigger than local businesses that are restricted demographically, but it also comes with the fact that there will be loads of freebie seekers around because just about everyone can have access to the internet.

You can’t control whether you’ll get buyers or freebie-seekers when on the internet so that’s pretty much a claim too huge to make.

Red Flag #6 – Very Rude Customer Service!

I know personal touch is important but take a look at this…

khodonkers reply

Khodonker stated that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you implement the techniques and it didn’t work.

I felt that it isn’t right to make everyone implement all of his techniques because most of it is basically spamming comments apart from the LinkedIn sharing and kindle publishing methods which are the only ones that I like so knowing that, I wanted to test the water and send him an email instead.

I was totally shocked by his reply…

  • He replied with exclamation marks (To give the impression that he’s shouting at me)
  • Boasted about his product’s achievements.
  • Mocked me by saying “I’m not sure what you expected!”
  • He spelled my name wrong!!!

All that because I sent a one-sentence email (The rest are all my transaction details) to which he replied with a whole paragraph of pure madness.

If his product is so great, why is Khodonker throwing tantrums in the first place?

Khodonker is very rude and he needs more lessons in customer service. With that kind of reply, I don’t think I would ever buy any products from him in the near future.

Customer service is an important element that I weigh when writing product reviews but for Free Traffic Jackpots, I would nevertheless still deem it as a legit product because some of the contents are not pure fluff.


What I like About This eBook.

Of course there are some things I find interesting enough to go into great details and share with you the things that clicked with me the most…

Respect #1 – Shows You Screenshots Instead of Plain Talk.

actually showing you how its done

This is probably one of the main reasons as to why I rated this eBook as legitimate – The fact that it goes into details and shows you screenshots of how it’s done!

I write blog posts on my website regularly and believe me, a lot of people do not like doing this mainly because they have to waste time cropping, think of where to add those little arrows, or the biggest barrier of all – Knowing how to edit images in the first place!

Getting a quality screen capture is expensive, I personally use Snagit by TechSmith and that cost me $50 already! Just for that software!

So I understand how much effort it is for Khodonker to go to the websites he stated in his eBook, screenshot and edit each and every one of it and best of all, he did it himself unlike other internet gurus out there who just pays someone to do it instead of doing it themselves.

Respect #2 – The Kindle eBook Trick is Out of this World!

kindle ebook publishing screenshot

Have I mentioned how I love original and out-of-the-box ideas?

Although other free traffic methods shown in this eBook are mostly common (Like the forum commenting thing I talked about earlier), there are also a few unique ones such as the IMDB commenting traffic (Which I dislike due to its spammy nature), and the kindle eBook publishing trick.

kindle ebook trick

If you’ve never heard of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), it is basically a platform for authors to upload their books on Kindle for free, publish it and become an author in less than 5 minutes!

All of this is done online so it is much faster than the process physical book authors go through like J. K. Rowling or George R. R. Martin which would take months or even a year for their books to finally get published.

The KDP is actually something normal which is already known by many but what I didn’t know is that you can actually have 5 days to give out your book for free before putting a price on it to test the market!

Do you know how big an opportunity this is?

This is a great way for you to get a huge stream of downloaders which means a huge stream of emails because everyone loves free stuff, especially just before the owners decide to charge for it!

All you need to do basically is to just write a book, publish it on Kindle with 5 days’ grace and just wait for people to just give you their emails!

And if that 5 day period ends, don’t worry! You can still make money when people buy for it which is pretty much a win-win situation.

Respect #3 – The Linked In Technique is Actually Pretty Good.

seo groups in linked in

I particularly like the LinkedIn technique mainly because I’ve seen how it works (I’ve got many companies sending job offers to me), and that I see the potential and going with the plan… plus it goes really well if you have a blog as people notice you better.

The idea is simple – join as many groups as you can within the same niche and share your new blog post with the group!

By doing so, your name will come up as a contributor and people know and trust you even more.

Why? Because Linked in has a “Top Contributor” section which gives you a better image compared to Facebook and Twitter.

linked in sharing URL

You’ll even learn how to directly share your posts and make yourself look like one of the professionals whilst giving your blog a good name and some decent amount of traffic!

Pretty cool, right? If you’re on Linkedin too, do add me here so we can connect!


Price Strategy

Free traffic jackpot funnel

When you want to buy this particular eBook (Even though it costs less than ten bucks), you will go through upsells and downsells which is one of the downsides of the program.

I understand that every product or program should have at least one upsell because that’s where they make income from but making it so hidden that customers would not expect that there are price tactics in the first place is not very ethical let alone fair to everyone.

Imagine you have just $10 left and you want to buy a batman action figure which costs exactly that but the moment you get into the store to buy, the shopkeeper tells you that the actual price is $15 only for you.

How would that make you feel?

It is not fair for everyone plus you have to go through the trouble of checking your bank for money and all that.

The process of upsells and downsells to manipulate customers into becoming more willing to spend is called a sales funnel and the one used by Free Traffic Jackpot is the image above.

It looks very complicated but trust me, this is a simple one for a simple eBook.

Bigger programs like Empower Network or iPAS2 which have more products will be even more complicated that sometimes it’ll take me at least 10 minutes just to understand what I just read!

So you see, Free Traffic Jackpots isn’t all that bad in terms of pricing although $7.95 is pretty

Free traffic jackpot upsell

costly considering most of the content here can be found online in many blog posts.

At most, the real price should be around $3 as the only unique ideas I found are the Linkedin traffic and Kindle traffic as I have never heard of those before.

There is also one upsell called the Complete (Done for You) List Building & Email Marketing Funnel which costs $17 which can be discount to $7 if you try and click away.

I didn’t buy the upsell because after seeing how the sales funnel in Free Traffic Jackpots works, I have a pretty good guess that it’ll be pretty much the same thing – creating your email funnel of upsells and downsells which is an even more reason to stay away.

Want to Find a Quality Online Business Program Which Has More Value Than its Price? Click Here!


Do I Recommend Free Traffic Jackpots?

Surprisingly, yes I do.

When I first bought Free Traffic Jackpots, I have no idea what it was going to be. Jackpot sounds like a gamble but traffic implies that it has something to do with Internet Marketing.

I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be a legitimate product or a scam so because curiosity got the better of me, I decided to give it ‘gamble’.

To my surprise, the quality of the content was beneficial and straightforward which means that the owner Khodonker must have had some experience in Internet marketing as the whole book was written by himself.

You can determine if it’s written by a cheap freelancer or the owner himself because freelancers are paid to make the eBook look packed so they will always end up writing with lots of fluff to give you the impression that the book has got lots of pages.

Owners on the other hand, have no time for anything because as businessmen, we like to keep things straight to the point so that we can focus on other matters afterward and that is exactly what I find when reading through Free Traffic Jackpots.

However this book is meant for those who already have a blog or some sort of offers to promote because Khodonker didn’t even touch on how to build your business in the first place.

If you wish to start an Online Business and implement that knowledge to good use, there is a platform which I recommend you to check out called Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s basically a platform that helps us build a website of our own, drive traffic to it and monetize through Affiliate Marketing.

The lessons are top-notch, must more in-depth and updated regularly as SEO is very time-sensitive since Google has algorithms that keep changing so being one step ahead will make sure your website remains on the top page of Google search.

It’s a bit unfair to compare an eBook to an Online Business platform but just to help you give an overview of what they entail…




From the title alone, one can have doubts on whether to trust the content or not but I guess in this case, one can never judge a book by its cover because once inside, you’ll start to see that the topics are actually pretty useful and out of the box which I believe every Internet marketer should take advantage of.

Due to that, I find Free Traffic Jackpots pretty legitimate and it receives my rating of 1 out of 5 so if you ever come across this eBook, you know now what it contains inside.

If you’re interested in finding out more on the best way to build and grow an Online Business, be sure to check out my #1 recommended program here instead.

Thanks for reading, do drop down any comments you may have below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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  1. Damn that Khodonker guy sure is very rude, you’re too kind to still give him a 74 out of 100 rating, Riaz. If it were me, I would bash him and report him.

    • Trust me, I do feel the temptation to do that too Christopher but what’s important is the content provided which is still helpful for people because that’s my number one priority.

  2. I know the content is important but man, that Khodonker is such an ass. The most you should give is 20 out of 100 rating because nobody would like to deal with rude customer service let alone coming from the owner himself.

    • You do have a point there Kurt, but some people do follow facts more than the service quality so if I were to rate it down, I would be doing a disservice to those people. But thanks for the suggestion, really appreciate that!

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