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Interested in earning money online?

I’m here to help! If you do not believe that becoming a millionaire can be done overnight, than this opportunity is definitely for you.

I am here to show you that if you are willing to dedicate yourself to consistent work, you will get the proper results equivalent to your efforts that you deserve.

riaz with his kitten Oreo

That’s me with my cat just 2 years ago.

Let Me Show You the Correct Path to Get Started Online

Are you tired of getting scammed by make money online gurus?

I too have been wondering over the internet and wasted my money over countless scams, which some includes Dot Com Secrets X and Google Sniper.

In fact, I made a whole list of them here but after finding the proper way to start making money online, I began creating reviews of those scams to help get people out of similar mess that I’ve been through.

How to detect a scam?

There are countless of scams over the internet today and to my experience, the amount of scams are almost 50 times more than the amount of legit home business products.

After trying out many scams, I noticed that they all share some similar things which are:

Sign #1 – Scams will ALWAYS ask you to pay first in order for you to earn.

Seriously, if those gurus really want to help us, they should only ask us to pay AFTER we start earning am I right?

Sign #2 – Scams do NOT let you try for free

If those products really do help us make money, they should be more than happy to let us have a tryout. But if they are real live scams, they would not want to risk you finding out so therefore they charge you beforehand because they know you will leave.

Sign #3 -Scams have many upsells

Have you ever tried a product which, after you paid, offers more stuff for you to buy in order to proceed?

Those are upsells and usually scams implement this in order to make more money than you first thought. Upsells are very unethical because they did not state earlier that you need to buy them so whenever you come across these offers, run and never look back.

I am here to share and recommend only products that allow you try firsthand so that if you do not like it, you can quit and choose others without losing any of your hard earned money anytime. But before I show you how to get started online, let ask you one thing…

What is the Most Crucial Thing That is Stopping You from Online Success?

Is it the fear of getting scammed? Or the fear of trying something new? Or simply the disbelief that anyone can make money online?

Everyone must have a fear in something so do let me know below (the comment box), I would love to hear them out and help you overcome those obstacles!

Few years ago, I did not believe that anyone could make money online because as primitive as I was (I did not know much about computers), I thought that nobody can make money by typing something in Google (That was about the only thing I only last time).

But after learning from my mentor that there is actually a blueprint to earning, I began to understand how the money flows online which helped me overcome my hesitations. In fact, almost all of my colleagues said the same thing when I asked them what determined their success online…

3 Essential Things that Determines Your Business Success Online

I have been within the online business World for a few years now and I couldn’t have done it alone, at least not for someone who isn’t tech-savvy like me.

I met many people who shared the same interest as me so when I asked them what made them succeed online, they all said these same things:

Key #1 – They have help

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you need help but the cold hard truth is that you do need assistance from time to time.

Even if you have a degree in computer technology, that won’t be enough to help you make money online without knowledge in business. My main point is that that on our journey online, we WILL face times when we are just simply “stuck”. And to get that needed direction, we will need someone who can help us out because nobody can succeed alone.

Key #2 – They have their own website

Websites are the core of online businesses.

While I was trying out those scam home products, those online gurus all told me the same thing – to find someone with a website and let me put some ads to help get me income.

Did it work? Yes, but my income potential wasn’t big because I had to share it out with the website owner.

And worse, finding websites who are willing to accept me was extremely difficult because they did not want to risk tainting there image. So that is why websites are very important.

Why go through all the trouble when you can just build your own website and create your own legacy?

It is actually even easier today as literally anyone could create a site within a few minutes and believe me, I had to learn coding back in my days just to have website running.

Key #3 – They keep on learning and training

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times over – You’re never too old to learn!

And its true because similarly in business, every successful people starts from somewhere and they achieve their success by keeping consistent on their learning curve.

Take Mariah Carey for example (Yes, that singer). Do you think she became a well-known singer overnight?

No, she practices a lot with her family, at church, practically everywhere she goes she tries to find an opportunity to excel. Only after she reached a certain level of achievement can she relax and just wait for people to come to her with million dollar events.

And the same goes for online businesses too because only after working tirelessly will our business grow and people start to notice our potential.

Your Opportunity to Start Your Own Online Empire

As I’ve stated earlier, I will only recommend quality products that are free to try to your liking so here’s how to sign up.

These are what you will get by joining my course:

1)  Personal help by real people

  • I will keep in touch and guide you personally. If you do decided to join, my username there is “Riaz”.
  • Opportunity to meet over 200,000 users if you want to make new friends or look for inspiration.
  • Live Chat support
  • Ongoing topical discussions

2)  2 Free Websites

  • Fully functional WordPress Sites that you can start at no cost

3) Ongoing education

  • Live video classes every week
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Entire Classrooms

It sounds crazy that you will be getting all of these for free because it is and that is how I got attracted to Wealthy Affiliate in the first place.

Riaz Wealthy Affiliate

Find me inside!

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time now so if you’re heading there as well, do say hi to me! My username is exactly the same – Riaz.

As far as I know, the community and continuous education are the two most important parts that will lead you to a successful online business.

I strongly recommend this because so far, there has not been any other internet marketing products that can match up to Wealthy Affiliate (Go ahead, check out my reviews and see for yourself).

For a more detailed explanation on Wealthy Affiliate, check out my full review here.

Feel free to drop your comments below if you have questions on how to get started online. I’ll be more than happy to hear and reply 🙂

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  1. Wow, did you start building this website at the time of joining WA in May? If yes, then I gotta say I’m really impressed. It’s a really neat site and you started off well. I wish you luck moving forward, Riaz! 🙂

    To others reading this, I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate as well. Real education there with a ton of support.

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