What is MobRog? -The German Survey Site.

MobRog reviewed by My Internet QuestProgram Name: MobRog Surveys

Website: www.mobrog.com

Type of business: Paid Survey

Price: Free

Owner: Dr. Gunnar Grieger Cie

Overall Rank: 4 Out of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I came across MobRog while I was looking for local survey sites.

There are countless of them on the web of course but one that attracted my attention the most is how MobRog tweaked their site to appear in local countries so that it appears in local Google searches which I find quite unique.

If you go ahead and try to search for it from where you’re at, you’ll notice that there one in your country like Singapore MobRog, MobRog South Africa, MobRog United Kingdom, and of course, MobRog Malaysia which brought me here in the first place.

I was amazed at how something could have slipped my mind and plus, doing surveys has always been one of my interests as it was how I got started in the make money online industry in the first place.

With their massive influence, have you wondered whether or not their surveys pay well?

Do they give enough surveys to around, or more importantly, is it easy to withdraw?

If you’re just as excited as me to see if this program is the right one for you, read on as I unveil my full MobRog review.


Pros & Cons


  • Available worldwide.
  • They don’t use points, just cold hard cash which is awesome.
  • You’ll get emails whenever there are new surveys.
  • Owned by a respectable company.
  • Their website is mobile-friendly.
  • Various payment methods.
  • Has a referral program.
  • Excellent review on Trustpilot.


  • Lack of surveys.
  • Frequent disqualifications.
  • No remunerations for rejections.
  • Unnecessary preliminary surveys.
  • Limited payout options.
  • $6.25 Minimum threshold to withdraw.
  • No accreditations with the BBB.

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What is Mobrog Surveys? -The German Survey Company.

Founded in 2011 by Splendid Research GmbH, Mobrog Surveys is a platform that offers surveys for just about anyone to do with commissions for their time and efforts.

It’s based in Hamburg, Germany and founded by Dr. Gunnar Grieger Cie.

I’m really impressed at Dr. Gunnar’s background as he’s been into the whole survey industry since his studies.

He majors an MBA in Business Economics and even his thesis was on Mystery Shopping which explains how he was able to build a full-fledged business empire as he was on this path even before the company was established.

Though Mobrog started in 2011, it wasn’t until 2013 when it really soared and picked the pace like no other as people all over the world have started to know them.

How they work is by securing research projects for clients through Splendid Research and from there, MobRog operates by collecting data through the form of surveys to their database of over 10 million panel members which is where we come in as survey doers.

It’s all in the name of research and is why they ask so many personal questions during the surveys as they want to streamline everything to make the process easier for us and at the same time, concise for their clients so that they’ll get more projects hence more surveys for us, yaay!

Splendid research portfolio

They have a good track record of client portfolio too, some popular names include…

  • Google Germany
  • Allianz Deutschland
  • Statista
  • Continental
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Cape Town
  • Rubbermaid
  • IKEA
  • Dyson

And many more of those which you can simply check out on their website which I find very welcoming.

It kind of makes me want to go to work there on second thought.

With big names such as those, one cannot help but feel excited to know that your opinions matter and that your voice is going to be heard by those huge companies such as Google, imagine that.

The future seems bright and now that we’ve got the right company picture on your mind, let’s move on to the more important part which is…


How do You Earn? -MobRog Surveys Payout.

mobrog payout

I really like their cash out system.

MobRog has a minimum payout requirement of USD6.25 before you can withdraw.

Though minimum thresholds are always troublesome, it’s considerably lower than most survey sites because usually their minimum threshold for withdrawing is USD10 so I guess it’s a good thing that MobRog’s threshold is somewhat bearable.

Of course there are survey sites that do not have a minimum threshold but at the end of the day, I would choose a company that has a good track record as it’s easier to deal with once you have trust.

There are also no point systems used in MobRog which means that whatever surveys you complete, you can get cash just like that without going through the annoying points calculation which oftentimes than not, can be a double-edged sword.

Once you’ve collected enough cash in your account, you can withdraw using their three payout options…

  • PayPal
  • EcoMatcher
  • Skrill

I’m sure everyone’s familiar with PayPal but if you haven’t heard of EcoMatcher it’s actually a site for buying trees as gifts – Think of them as a premium gift card sort of thing.

Whereby instead of withdrawing your cash through other gift card platforms like Amazon or Walmart, you can withdraw to EcoMatcher where you can exchange for plants of your liking and not just any plant, trackable ones where you can detect with your app complete with blockchain.

It’s a green initiative and a quite clever one too.

Skrill on the other hand, works exactly like PayPal with just a few minor additions such as more currency choices and a higher bank transfer charge but at their very core, it’s a form of payment gateway.

Personally, PayPal works best for me as I’ve been using it for years especially in Malaysia where they’re more popular compared to the other two but it’s up to your own preferences as to which ones you’d like to explore.

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What Tasks Can You do to Earn? -The Moolah Way.

Now that you know withdrawing is easy, I’m sure you’re pumped up and ready to start grinding and earning.

Me too! There are three ways on how you could earn starting from…

Task #1 – Online Surveys.

Survey Process Mobrog

This is the main thing that you will be doing here.

Like any other survey sites, doing surveys is the main priority which is no different here at MobRog.

The only difference is that their surveys are very direct and shorter compared to other survey sites which kind of effects the amount that you can earn because on average, you can make around $1 on for a 10-15 minute survey and on your good days, you could be lucky enough to earn up to $3 per survey.

Since each survey is different, the prices depend on those surveys so my advice is to not worry much about it but instead, keep on doing those surveys because even if those prices are different, it’s not too far off from each other so it’s best not to waste time gauging but instead, add more time doing.

You can do the surveys from your member login page but I very much prefer doing my surveys when I get notifications on emails as you can be one of the early birds to finish one when there’s a good deal.

Task #2 – Contest Time.

contest time mobrog

For this one, you’d need to regularly check their Facebook page.

MobRog’s Facebook page has a very good follower base and with some interesting posts too but one that caught my eye the most is the contests part.

The contests are at random every now and then and they usually give out $5 to $10 for simple tasks which usually include liking their post and commenting on the answer to their question.

The questions are really easy and a no-brainer too such as what candy do you like, what color is your favorite, or even something fun that you like to do so it’s a waste if you don’t join in because who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners,

And as for winners, you don’t have to worry about it as they are very transparent with it.

mobrog winner announcements

All you need to do is to regularly check Facebook because they actually announce it on their page which is one of the plus points why I really like them even with the low amount of cash.

Many survey sites tend to do contests and some even boast that they give out a thousand dollars a month like this survey site I reviewed but they never announce anywhere which made people doubt that those things are real or just for fun.

Companies like those are the ones you need to stay away from because if they can manipulate the truth from you from something like that, then they can manipulate the truth from you for other things as well.

Personally for me, I think it’s best to stick with an honest company that is transparent with you and share everything about their journey because you already know you can trust them.

Task #3 – Referral Program.

Referral Mobrog

I kind of like their Referral Program.

It’s very easy to do without any resistance or forms, nor any restrictions you need to follow in order to become an affiliate.

All you need to do is to head over your member login and click on “Invite Your Friends” and from there, you’ll be given an option to invite your friends either by link (Which you’ll get your Affiliate Link from), or by email which MobRog will send to your friend.

The commission is also good as you’ll get $1 which is a pretty decent number compared to other survey sites which usually give half of that.

There is a catch to it though, as your referral will need to complete 3 surveys in order for you to get that $1 commission but it’s fairly easy as MobRog is very beginner-friendly and their surveys are mostly short.

I remember coming across an old survey site that also allows referral commission but their guidelines are so strict and ridiculous that you’d need to get approval for promoting, and that they can simply hold your referral funds if they want to.

Cases like that are ones I would really advise anyone to go against but for MobRog’s referral income, you won’t have to worry a thing because all of your hard-earned commissions are yours alone and they’ll be happy to transfer it to you as we are in fact promoting their company name for them for free.


Things I Like About Them.

By now I’m sure you’re having positive vibes about MobRog.

You’re not wrong, it’s an awesome platform but there’s more where that came from because they also have some interesting features that are going to blow you away.

Perk #1 – They Have Country-Based Surveys.

location based surveys Mobrog

Depending on your country, you can get special surveys.

Some are normal ones in English but other times, you’ll tend to get one in your national language as MobRog has influences in many countries.

For example, I live in Malaysia and I tend so sometimes get surveys in Bahasa Melayu.

Similarly if you are in a different country with your own national language, you’ll tend to that those specific kinds of surveys which you can only understand if you’re speaking the national language.

For example, you can get surveys in French if you live in France.

mobrog france

And if you look for MobRog in France, they’ll even write everything in French and even on Google.

Similarly for me, mine was in Malay since I live in Malaysia.

And if you live in Spain, you might get surveys in Spanish.

This goes a long way to making you trust the survey more as it shows that MobRog does have some clients locally in that country that would need opinions from the locals of that country which I find very interesting as we’d be helping our own local businesses who need our opinions.

Imagine being one of the voices that influence how businesses want to better serve us.

Personally for me, it’s not every day that I find surveys that are tailored to a specific country so It is definitely some exciting to go for.

Perk #2 – They Pay With Cash Instead of Points.

Nobody likes reward points.

They are always uncertain, they can be confusing for us to calculate the conversion rate and oftentimes, reward points are subject to technical issues whereby you wouldn’t even get any points after finishing surveys which is a wonder why they even create those points to begin with.

MobRog did it right with their program by abolishing that.

This means that every time we do surveys with MobRog, we’ll get rewarded with cash directly instead of with reward points which is what everyone wants.

People work because we want to earn, not just to get rewards but companies seldom want to give cash directly because with reward points, they can maneuver and manipulate those numbers as they like since it’s their own algorithm not to mention those points being a bother as you’ll need to remember how much the currency is to convert those points to cash, especially if you’re using multiple survey sites.

If you’re new to taking surveys, it’s actually a pretty normal thing for surveys doers to subscribe to multiple survey sites as we always want to look out for the best surveys with higher pay so you could just imagine how troublesome it would be for us users if those surveys sites have their own reward points because each site have different currency for points – Some sites would pay you $1 for 10 points whereas some would only give you $1 if you convert 100 points or even 1,000 points so it’s very confusing.

MobRog did right by not implementing points and just for the cash as they really care about the well-being of their community.

Perk #3 – They are Mobile Friendly.

app store mobrog

Did you know that they have an app?

Believe it or not, MobRog is so established that have their very own app which can be downloaded from both App Store and Google Play.

I tried going through the survey using the MobRog app and they’re very fast and efficient, they work just as well as the computer-based not to mention using barely any internet as it doesn’t need much which is pretty cool.

This is important because for regular survey doers, we can’t just sit on the computer all day because some of us would have things to do and places to go which means that a lot of people would usually be on the go due to our commitments.

This helps a lot because for me, I like to do surveys in my free time when I have nothing to do such as during my commute to work or waiting for someone to pick me up, or waiting for my friends to come over which would usually take an hour’s ride by train and bus.

And that’s just me.

There are many others all over the world with different obligations of their own like maybe you have to pick up someone, you have a freelance job from an app to wait in line or maybe you have to go outstation for personal reasons, leaving with you with extra time which you could have used to make money.

And having the ability to do surveys on my phone would mean that I can increase the number of surveys that I do and making use of my free time to at least make some money which is really helpful as I can get more done rather than having to wait until I’m home so I can use the computer.

responsive theme mobrog

Don’t have the app?

No problem, you can simply use the browser from your phone.

MobRog does not just prepare an app for its users, they even use a responsive theme for their website which means that even if you go to your member page on their site, the page automatically adjusts to your phone size just like that and I find this pretty useful too since it works just as well as an app would, all we need is to just login every time we use the browser.

Having a responsive theme goes a long way to ensuring a website is smooth as it affects how mobile users interact while on the page since it’s a different device and it also maintains the user experience no matter where you are which makes portability very possible.

This comes in really handy if your app is having some technical problems, or if you’re just lazy to install one to save space.

Perk #4 – They are Honest About Their Winners.

mobrog winner announcements

I’ve never been one to join contests.

Whether it’s lucky draws, sweepstakes, or share and win, I never win anything and not just because I’m unlucky, but because I used to work at companies who do these offers but we never give the prizes even when there are winners.

And it’s easy to get away with it.

Since there are no announcements of any winners, nobody dares to even ask these companies because they’ll just get the same reply “Sorry, we’ve given out the prize to the winners already. Better luck next time!”

When in reality, they never even give those prizes to begin with.

It’s all just a marketing ruse to get people together on their page to follow and comment so they’ll get a free boost without having to invest any more rather than a nice fancy poster or video to make it all look real like it’s really happening.

MobRog proves them wrong.

I was really surprised when I found out that they shared the winners’ names on their Facebook page and not just once but regularly too as their contests happen monthly.

MobRog’s transparency goes a long way to getting more people attracted to their page because they really care about the community and judging from the amount of time and engagement they have on social media, it’s not surprising if they actually hire someone to take care of the community.

Although the prizes of the contests aren’t really huge as they’re usually around $5 to $10, I would rather join a company that announces the names of winners as I know that company is an honest one and cares about their community.

Perk #5 – They Have a Massive Community.

Mobrog Facebook Page

I was scrolling through their Facebook and I noticed something.

Did you know that they have over a hundred thousand likes and follows on their Facebook page?

Wow, talk about engagement!

MobRog’s Facebook page has about a hundred to two hundred likes and on their best performing posts, almost six hundred with over a hundred of comments and shares.

Survey sites often have millions of users but when you check out their social media, they bare have any posts let alone like or followers despite having that many users and it really reflects back on that company because you’ll start asking yourself whether it’s a real business or not.

There are only a handful of good survey sites which really take care of their community and you can see from the amount of reaction and engagement they have on their social media and MobRog, is definitely one of them.


Red Flags – Are the Risks Worth Taking?

Now that you’ve seen all of the positive sides of Branded Surveys, nothing is perfect and it’s time I let you in on the negative sides too to help you gauge better.

Red Flag #1 – Lack of Surveys to Do.

Lack of surveys complaints mobrog

This one’s a pretty common problem.

Survey sites operate by procuring research projects from their clients which is a long and arduous procedure so it’s pretty common among survey sites to sometimes have an increase in projects, and on other times, barely any surveys at all.

The reason why there are many survey sites out there is because regular survey doers usually jump from one site to another so when one website is having a bad day and do not have enough surveys to go around if any, there are other survey sites to go to so you’ll need to keep your options open.

I used to be a hardcore survey goer and me and my friends would usually sign up to multiple sites, we would then open different windows on the computers and dedicate our time to do surveys non-stop in a certain time period before classes so if one website doesn’t have enough, we just move on to the other site.

It is troublesome as not everyone has a computer and switching between survey sites from your phone can be very strenuous so it’s not for everyone.

But then again, if you have to go to another site to do surveys, its a sign that the company might not be able to cope with the rising number of members.

Red Flag #2 – Frequent Disqualifications.

Frequent disqualifications complaint mobrog

Getting rejected after spending so much time is stressful.

Especially if you’ve tried multiple surveys in a row and not qualifying for either one of them, it can break a person’s morale and tests the user’s loyalty towards a certain program.

Disqualifications do not just depend on the type of surveys but rather on MobRog’s strict rules on what user criteria they want which they do not usually let you know.

All you get is just an instant disqualification without even knowing what is it you did wrong or what part about you they don’t want, something like that.

So if you do not know the criteria of that survey before taking it, how are you supposed to know if you’re eligible for it or not?

This is one of the unsolved mysteries that we’ll never get around with.

Red Flag #3 – Preliminary Surveys are a Waste of Time.

hard to qualify for surveys Mobrog

Why do the surveys when you’re not going to qualify in the first place?

One major flaw that I noticed when doing surveys is that we needed to do a preliminary survey before getting to the actual real survey that we were eyeing on.

Call it a filter if you like, one that MobRog sets to know which user passes their criteria.

But instead of wasting our time filling up the preliminary surveys only to be rejected, a much better solution that MobRog could have set it is to put a criteria list before taking that particular survey which could really help save our time.

For example, Survey A requires only panel members that owns a car.

Obviously, users without a car would automatically stay away from that survey hence saving their time without going through that preliminary test.

We can just read the criteria first and from there, decide for ourselves whether that survey is worth spending our time on or not, that would definitely be a much better approach.

At least we won’t waste time going through a preliminary survey just to be rejected as we would have already known beforehand.

Speaking of rejections…

Red Flag #4 – No Remunerations for Rejections.

It’s only right to at least gain something after we’ve put our time in it.

And I’m not just saying this just for the sake of it, it’s actually a common practice that many other survey sites offer to their members who get disqualified when filling a survey by at least compensating them a bit.

Some sites compensate disqualifications by $0.10, some compensate with $0.05, at least something to let the users know that they care but no, you won’t get a dime after being disqualified from MobRog’s surveys.

Red Flag #5 – Low Earning Rates.

This one comes to no surprise.

Survey sites do pay cash but it’s a known fact that you can never make enough money from it as payment amount is very low especially with the lack of surveys to go around coupled with the lower percentage of getting qualified, you’ll be lucky to even get a dollar or two per day.

Doing surveys is only good for some side pocket money aimed to only lighten your payment load and one should never rely solely on survey site earnings as a full-time venture.

Red Flag #6 – No BBB Accreditation.

mobrog bbb

It’s always wise to be cautious.

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that consumers refer to when researching a program to know whether that company is a legitimate company or not.

They partner with various bodies to uncover scams whether online or not and being non-profit, they’ve grown to be one of the most trusted organizations protecting consumer rights by spotting which companies to avoid and which ones are trustworthy.

I was surprised at first when a company so huge as Splendid Research which owns MobRog, does not have an accreditation but being based in Germany, they are outside the BBB’s range influence reach since BBB is mostly used in the US which is why their name never pops up.

When a company does not have a BBB rating, I usually do research the traditional way to find out whether that company is doing well or not before I decide to spend my time and energy with them but I was even more surprised to know that…

Red Flag #7 – They Seem to Be Dropping in Stats.

Alexa rank Mobrog

Is MobRog okay?

I was doing some digging on their stats to see if they’re doing well or not but looking at their graph, I was surprised to find out how they have fallen from grace from being the top #15,050 website globally, to dropping in rank to #17,109 in just three months.

Although they do have a small site growth towards the end of the month, what’s surprising is how they experienced a steep fall from having very healthy stats to almost going out of business if one might call it.

It might be due to the pandemic as it does affect all economies globally so I decided to check out Google Trend to see the amount of search they get.

Google trends 2013 till 2020 Mobrog

I found out that they were doing great end of 2017 as you can see from the huge spike on the graph but after that, the stats go nowhere but down and it is not going back up again as how they were initially during their golden days.

I remember some users mentioning that MobRog might not be what they used to back in the olden days but I never really understood what they meant as I just started joining them this year but after seeing their graph, I began to understand why.

They had a glorious fall but at least they’re slowly getting back up which explains why their surveys aren’t as numerous as they were before.

Let’s just hope they get better in 2021 next year when the COVID-19 vaccines are finally making a good impact on the economy.


How to Increase Your Income? -Let’s Hustle.

When it comes to income, I like to keep my options open.

Sure, surveys are great but the earning potential is very limiting, especially when you have to put in so much time for very little pay.

After doing them repeatedly every day, you’ll definitely feel like me – Tired and bored of doing the same tasks over and over again with no proper income potential.

So I decided to explore another source of income online which is how I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page 2

It’s an Online Business platform that helps you get started in Affiliate Marketing by providing you with evergreen content lessons and cutting-edge features like the keyword research tool for one – Basically all that you need to succeed online.

How it works is that you’ll learn how to build your own website and from there, learn how to monetize through the various ways being taught there.

What I love most about it is that you have the flexibility of choosing any niche that you like out of any passion or interest you want which is pretty cool as most programs I’ve reviewed only want them to promote their own program.

You do not need to have any inventories whatsoever, no need to even meet anyone online, basically all you need to do is to just create amazing content and worry not, there are also guidelines provided to help you so it’s all smooth sailing.

And the best part which attracted me there at first is that there is the section where you can get some cash through their SiteComment feature, basically you can earn just by commenting, really helpful to know that there are so many ways on how to earn online.

I was a bit broke and fresh out of being scammed when I first joined so I had nothing, but the founder and the community are so nice and helpful, they guided me until eventually I was able to monetize my own site and now, I’m sharing it with you.

Comparing an Online Business platform to a survey program is never fair but just to give you a clear view of what I’m talking about, here’s a table to help you gauge better…



Final Words

I like how transparent MobRog is with their surveys.

Despite their lack of surveys, MobRog is not a scam and definitely a good program to try as their surveys come with interesting features like the country-based questionnaires, not to mention the direct cash you earn without any of those reward points we keep seeing on the internet.

It’s a great program for you to try and get some quick pocket money but I would never recommend anyone to do surveys as their full-time venture as you can never make enough.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make money online full time with a business that you can control, check out my top-rated program here to know more.

Phew, that’s 4,500 words! It was so exciting to review this program I never knew how much I’ve written.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or want to share your experiences with the program, do share them below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

70 comments to “What is MobRog? -The German Survey Site.”
  1. From what I read in this article I was able to pull out that the only difference is that their surveys are very direct and shorter compared to other survey sites which kind of effects the amount that you can earn because on average, you can make around $1 on for a 10-15 minute survey and on your good days.  

  2. I’ve just cashed out $6.25 from MobRog. Not only is it is a legit site, it also gives you lottery ticket when you don’t qualify for a survey. The lottery would pay $100, although I have never won it yet!

    I prefer those survey sites that pay through PayPal, and of course MobRog is one of them. Straightforward and no hassle. Just cold hard cash that one can use for anything.

    • Awesome to hear that Clark! MogRog’s great but it can be even better with more surveys for more people to take advantage of.

  3. I am from South Africa and haven’t had much luck with Survey sites in the past and found that they either don’t have enough surveys or I get kicked out halfway through the Survey as I didn’t qualify.

    I haven’t heard of MobRog and it is great that for a change they pay out in cash rather than other forms of rewards like the other sites do, but I have moved on since then and spend my time focusing on building out my websites.

    Do you know of anyone who actually makes a full-time income doing surveys?

    • South Africa’s beautiful and I totally understand about the qualification problems, it seems that the countries with the most surveys are always UK, US, and Canada. And nope, I haven’t met anyone making a fulltime income doing surveys though, that’s because the pay is just too low to be made into a fulltime venture.

  4. I have always been interested in online surveys but have been scammed too many times in the past. This company sounds legit, and I know most of the clients listed. Just one question, on average, how many surveys can you expect per day? I have just started my online adventure and always thought that this might be a good alternative to fund the website’s overheads until it is profitable.

  5. Hi there,

    Great review of the MobRog Survbey system. Based on what you’ve outlined here, the average earnings are about $1 per 15 minute survey “on a good day” as you’ve out, equating to about $4/hour, which I wouldn’t consider a living wage anywhere. Personally I’ve found survey programs to be largely a waste of time but if others have success with them, more power to them. Do you have any recommendations for programs that could earn a little more than $4/hr?

  6. Thanks for this MobRog review. I like your way of presenting different providers that have an option to work on surveys online. I have been interested in these sites for some time, I always check first if it is possible to apply from my country, how the payment is possible, and if they have enough surveys.
    Unfortunately, this combination is very rare in my case. Most providers have a lack of surveys, which is definitely a con. As you stated, so is the case with MobRog.
    Given that life on the internet is becoming more active, I hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future.
    Friendly greeting,

  7. I really enjoy doing online surveys even though the hourly rate is very low.  Mobrog, being published in a completely different place, seems to be a very interesting alternative to some of the run of the mill survey sites.  Unfortunately, I am not competent enough in any language but English to take some of the surveys because of the subtleties of language.  Mobrog being in English looks good.  Thanks.

  8. Hi Riaz. I used to love answering online surveys. At some point, I stopped because it was too time consuming for the little rewars you get. Id on’t mind answering surveys just for fun, but when it comes to enrolling in a company that provides surveys and you get paid for answering them, I just stay away. It’s really hard to qualified to do the surveys so it’s hard to make money from that.

    Thanks for the review!

  9. Thanks for the review on MobRog.  I like the fact that their payout amount is not very high and it’s a great bonus that they pay out in cash. You couldn’t earn a full-time income from it but it would be good as a side hustle to enjoy a little cash on the side. I am going to sign up and check it out further.

  10. There is a lot of survey sites around the globe. Not all pay in cash. Some of them pay with points, and works fine. In one of them I can get Travel MIleage for my next travel I have planned, It also pay with gift cards from different stores, magazine subscriptions, and other mechandise. Before use the hard cold cash surveys, check about them and if they are valid on your country.

  11. Thank you for your review on MobRog. I came across this the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. I love the face that there threshold is not that high and also they pay cash which is always a blessing. I do not think that MobRog can replace your full time income but it doesn’t hurt to do it as a side job and enjoy a little cash on the side. I am going to sign up and check it out. 

  12. Wow! A great post with a lot of detailed information on the MobRog survey site! I have to be honest, I only skipped through it at this stage but you did peek my interest in whether survey sites such as MobRog could actually generate real worthwhile income.

    You stated that that doing surveys was how you got started in making money online. I wonder with your experience whether you believe that if you became efficient and proficient at using survey sites such as MobRog could you earn a reasonable wage?  I’m not talking about getting rich but more along the lines could you earn something equivalent to the minimum wage for your country?

    Looking forward to your answer, thanks again for a great post! 

    • To be completely honest Lawrence, 

      it’s totally not worth putting your time in full time because the payment compensation for the endless hours we put in can barely make enough. Working in McDonald’s can earn you way more compared to doing surveys. For me, I find the online world very intriguing which from there, prompted me to explore other avenues such as Affiliate Marketing.

  13. I have heard of doing online surveys for a pretty long time and gave it a try myself and at first it wasn’t the rewarding system I thought it was. So I started to do some research and found this wonderful page. What I like about MobRog is that it doesn’t use a point system and it works in South Africa. Signing up straight away is what I will be doing and hopeful I will get some surveys soon.

  14. Mobrog look to me from what i have read as a platform, where i can engage in to enjoy both professional knowledge of research and as well earn income, online, there are only few i have seen like this and am not hesitating to jump at this opportunity, thank you for bringing it my way

  15. Never heard of Mobrog. Kinda name you remember easily. Surveys are not really my table, but I do think that it seems like a good program. Everyone knows that doing surveys are not the most effective way to earn money online, but for those who like it it could be an easy way to get some extra cash without investing too much except from your time. Affiliate marketing is more my table and I agree with you that it would be a better way of working from home, start an online business and earn some real money online.

  16. Very nice review on MobRog! Surveys are a great source to earn a little bit of extra income but sometimes the downsides are simply not worth the effort. The fact that they pay you the actual cash and e-mail you whenever new surveys are available makes me want to try it. I will check it out for sure.

  17. Some people probably really enjoy the whole process of taking surveys. Not me, I tried but I seem to have a bit of trouble concentrating on the process and often got sidetracked.  The fact that you can make a bit of cash, and withdraw at the $6.50 spot is surely a benefit but In all honesty, I was never able to meet any withdrawal amount 🙁

  18. Wow thanks for the article my guy! From your article, Mobrog seems very legit. It seems like a reliable place to make money doing surveys, which there’s a current lack of. However, its lack of surveys and frequent disqualifications kinda make me stray away from it. I’ll stick to affiliate marketing. Thank you tho!

  19. You have clearly made an effort to write a really detailed and comprehensive review on Mobrog. This would be really helpful for those who are wanting to make an informed decision as to whether Mobrog is really worth it.

    I my experience with survey sites, I’ve earnt pocket money multiple times but this is because I make sure it is a quality survey site like Swagbucks, Prizerebel and others.

  20. Thank you Riaz for such a detailed review of MobRog and what it offers. l have searched for ‘MobRog South Africa’ and l was impressed. They even have an option to take surveys in Africaans, which is a popular language here in South Africa. As you said, they’re too many pre-qualifying surveys which are a total waste of time.

    While the withdrawal threshold seems to be very low and attainable, it depends on the number of surveys and how much they pay per survey. After being kicked out of a number of survey sites, l am not willing to waste my valuable time on this. l will be checking out your recommendation and build a real business online than live other people’s dreams.

  21. Hi Riaz.  Thank you for publishing this article about MobRog.  Surprisingly, I had never heard of it.  I recently posted an article that talked about various ways to make money from home for free and one of the methods I discussed was online surveys.  I may have to give them a try.  I do like the low payout threshold and the fact that it is a cash payout as opposed to a point system and the fact that it is regional.  Thanks again for the great post!

  22. To my surprise, I’ve been on an extensive search for local survey platforms but haven’t come across MobRog for once. When I first saw this post, I thought the survey brand was just started recently, but with its current rank status of 4 out of 5 stars, I guessed it’s been for a while.

    If I must consider some of its pros such as diverse payment methods, mobile-friendliness, a referral program, and worldwide accessibility, I would say it’s the right survey site for me. But with the unavailability of surveys, it may be frustrating sometimes. Thanks for the information!

  23. I have used survey sites in the past and, while it’s been interesting and gratifying to give my opinion (and think that it really matters), I find the process of getting paid to be frustrating.  It’s long work for little pay.  But still, I do like to give my opinion and, with the client portfolio you’ve shown here, I’ll bet the surveys are very interesting!

    I like the fact that it’s a mobile-friendly site, which makes it easier to do surveys during downtime such as on the train, sitting in traffic or on my lunch hour.  I also like the $1 referral bonus.  I’m sure most people would do at least 3 surveys!  These are the biggest bonuses for me!  Thank you for sharing this information!

  24. Riaz, 

    Thank you for your full honest review. Is anybody actually making money doing surveys? It just seems like so much work for such low pay. I’ve done some over the years, but never actually been paid because I never got to the minimum cash convertible. I think I received a few gift cards over the years. 

    By the time I sign up and complete a survey to do a survey and then the real survey, then I’ve used up like 2 hours of my day for $1.50 or 100 pts. I think the best thing about MobRog is that they pay 100% cash and don’t use a point system. I used to think that taking surveys for low pay is better than not earning any money during free time. However, I now value my time a lot more than that. I still take surveys and do reviews, but only for things that peak my interests. Needless screen time flies in the face of a healthy lifestyle.

    I agree that you WA comparison is quite unfair. That’s life apples to monkeys, right. But, your point is well taken. WA is superior. Everything else is just details.

    • I totally agree with you Rachael, it’s the same for most of us, time is something we cannot buy back and so using it wisely especially by avoiding surveys that do not pay a lot is important to make way for things that are going to make a lot more.

  25. Thanks Riaz, I must say  MobRog has quite the touch giving direct cash rewards instead of reward points, nice. It’s quite interesting and it seems to be one of the life-changers for the better. We learn everyday and life really gets interesting with gaining some new knowledge so I don’t know, maybe I might give this a try.

  26. The amount of Survey  that is available online is just too many to mention.  So when choosing a course to do,  many things should’ve put intO consideration but in this case, I think it’s Fine,  I like it that they have a mobile app which seems to suggest to me they are well established, I mean how many has an app right now? 

  27. This is another Amazingly honest and detailed Review from you Riaz! We cannot thank you enough. Read quite a number of blogs , not seem anyone who does reviews on surveys as well as you do them. First time hearing about Mobrog! Well you did  alert us on the unavailability of Surveys, I am still willing to give it a try

    • Hello again Josh, always a pleasure to have you here! Glad I was able to give insight, hope it’ll be smooth sailing for you with the surveys, good luck!

  28. Help Riaz, a good review here. How this is also a mixed review with the mobrog having a good part to it especially how you get a specialized type dog your country and all that but it seems making money with it will be really hard and there is just too many options for you meet before you can cash in on it. I’d better not try it out.

  29. Hello Riaz, After reading this awesome article I made a decision to give a trial, although not all that glitters are gold and if we don’t take some risk we may never know where the honey is. Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has helped me.

  30. I like the fact that those that are in charge are known publicly also I agree that having mobrog in each countries is unique and I think it’s great. But obviously, surveys can’t really make one rich just some extra income. Personally, I didn’t like surveys cause most times there’s either not enough surveys or I might not be qualified

  31. Ah, survey sites – the abyss of scams and hidden gems that are nearly impossible to differentiate. I’m happy to see that you have done a review on MobRog! The worldwide availability is certainly awesome here and I hope their lack of surveys can be sorted in the future. The referral program seems promising for affiliates! 

  32. You did such a comprehensive review on MobRog. I always see surveys here and there, too many in fact but I never knew we can make money from them.

    MobRog, as you say, is a legit and a paying company. It’s just sad that their company is hardly surviving nowadays. Despite the cons you presented, I was actually enthralled by the idea of getting paid doing surveys and even get referral commission. So I actually, want to try it even for experience purposes only! 🙂

  33. You did such a comprehensive review on MobRog. Though I’m not familiar nor have any experience in paid survey, it’s very interesting to know that you can get paid doing surveys.

    MobRog, as you say, is a legit and a paying company. It’s just sad that their company is hardly surviving nowadays. Despite the cons you presented, I was actually enthralled by the idea of getting paid doing surveys and even get referral commission. So I actually, want to try it even for experience purposes only! 🙂

    • That’s great Rose, good luck! Don’t worry if there are not many surveys, it’s not meant to be a full-time thing after all, but rather a side pocket money. Hope you have a great day!

  34. I was very excited with all the positives about MobRog. But when I read the cons, I think I might hesitate to join. I like it that they have a mobile app which seems to suggest to me they are well established. And an active Facebook makes them sound credible that they are still active. Perhaps with COVID-19 as you said, survey activities are even lesser? Let’s hope things pick up again in 2021.

  35. Here’s an interesting survey site! I used to live in Germany, never knew this one existed. I like finding survey sites, but the problem is none of them actually seem to do what they say they do. Hard to find qualifying surveys, thanks for sharing how to make money with wealthy affiliate at the bottom!

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