The Jaaxy Review – The Best Market Samurai Alternative.

Jaaxy reviewed thumbnailName: Jaaxy


Type of business: Keyword research tool

Price: Free trial or $19/ month (Pro) or $49/ month (Enterprise)

Owners:  Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Rank: 5 out of 5 (Fantastic!) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

If you’re reading this, then I guess you must have seen my site on the first page of Google.

You can do that too, through the use of a keyword research tool and that’s exactly what Jaaxy is about. Before I came across it, I was having problems ranking my blog on Google.

I was angry with myself for wasting so much time writing content every week because somehow, it wasn’t ranking as well as I hoped.

But as you can see today, I finally managed to get it on the top page and not just this one particular page though – Almost all of my pages are now ranking well too and I’ll show you how as we go so if you’re interested in finding out if this is the right tool for you or not, do continue reading my full Jaaxy Review below to see what it entails…


Pros and Cons


  • Very straightforward and beginner-friendly 🙂
  • Comes with a free trial.
  • Come with a bonus of ready-searched keywords to make your lives easier.
  • Can search from not just Google, but Bing and Yahoo as well.
  • Efficient, fast and lazer accurate.
  • Has about 9 cool features in total, including the keyword research tool itself.
  • Works with ANY niche.
  • No installations required as you can access it on the web.
  • It can help you find related keywords with lesser competition to up your game.
  • Comes with a very reliable support.
  • Cheaper keyword research tool compared to market Samurai and Long Tail Pro.


  • You can’t get local search results, it automatically searches global search results.
  • Language is set to English only.

Golly, it seems like a clear-cut choice. Gotta check out this Jaaxy keyword thing now!


What is Jaaxy All About? – Every Blogger’s Best Friend.

Are you facing trouble trying jaaxy homepageto rank your website on Google?

Do you not even know if your page still exists or not?

How do you keep track on which position are your pages currently at?

Introducing Jaaxy! – An efficient, organized, and neat keyword planner which helps you uncover words and sentences people are looking for which also at the same time, have lesser competition.

You’re not alone, every new blogger faces the problem of “Not being able to see where my website is” and this is due to only one reason – There are too many competitors!

total number of website 13 April 2017As of April 2017 alone, there are over 1 billion websites all over the internet.

And seeing that those numbers are growing at a really fast pace, Google is taking precautionary steps to filter out websites that aren’t very active.

Still, even with great content your website won’t be able to rank and this is because there are so many other websites which are facing problems – They all want to rank for the same keywords!

Jaaxy helps you slide in through those competitors by finding relatable keywords which have lesser competitors and considerable amounts of traffic.

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Why Do You Need Keywords to Succeed? -Reasons to Behold!

I’m sure you’re wondering to yourself, “Why are keywords important in research?”

Heck, not just research but for every business and websites because…

Reason #1 – You can find out the exact number of competitors that you will be facing.

Reason #2 – Helps in big decision-making as you can know whether there is a demand for a certain trend or not.

Reason #3 – You can find related keywords for you to target on and take advantage to add to your arsenal of ideas.

Reason #4 – You basically know how to rank just about any website with ease.

Reason #5 – Add to your skills arsenal as you can charge clients for this (People pay a lot for articles that are keyword-rich).


What Do You Get With Jaaxy? –Features That’ll Excite You!

Jaaxy has a lot of features that can make your keyword research experience a whole lot better…

Feature #1 – Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

jaaxy keyword search tool

This is Jaaxy’s main feature that got everyone excited.

It’s so powerful that a lot of people wouldn’t even bother to use the other features because they got so absorbed into seeing how much power they can get from utilizing keywords.

I got absorbed too before I decided to explore more because the other features are going to help boost your results by a whole lot as well.

Feature #2 – Site Rank

Jaaxy site rank

Ever asked yourself, “Where did my website go?”

Chances are, it’s already been on Google long before you realized and the reason you’re not seeing your site is because it’s not ranking within the first few pages where you might have looked.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

I wrote a 2,000-word article and never even saw it appearing anywhere, even after the 10th page and it got me so worried that I thought there was some problem on Google’s end.

Turns out it wasn’t.

Instead, it’s still on Google and chances are, your missing page is there too and that’s what the Jaaxy’s Site Rank feature is for – To detect as to where your page is at within Google.

Feature #3 – Video training

Jaaxy training

Don’t know how to use? No worries!

The beautiful thing about Jaaxy is that it’s very straightforward to use and very beginner-friendly too and there are videos made by the owner Kyle himself to teach you how to properly utilize it.

Don’t worry though, there are only 3 videos so you won’t be overwhelmed but by the time you finished them, you’ll be really hyped to get on to work immediately as I did.

Feature #4 – Bonus keywords

Jaaxy bonus

This is not just any ordinary bonus giveaways that we usually throw away, this one’s worth a lot of money.

Do you know why we do keyword research?

To find golden keywords with good traffic and less competition, right? Well Jaaxy’s bonus has a lot of ready-searched keywords that are extremely powerful because they have a huge demand but very few competitors and the best part?

Nobody knew about it except for us Jaaxy buddies 😉

Don’t worry though, there’s a lot to go around and too few of us to take advantage of so what are you waiting for? Join now!

Feature #5 – Alphabet Soup (Google)

Jaaxy alphabet soup

The Alphabet soup is a secret method that only we know of and by we, I mean Jaaxy subscribers.

You can’t find it anywhere because this method is unique only to us. Go ahead, try to Google it out. You’ll be disappointed with only those alphabet soup food but on a side note, doesn’t it just bring you back to childhood? 🙂

It’s not a big secret though, basically it’s a way for you to discover more ways on what relatable keywords are there so that you can add them in your content to rank it up easily.

Feature #6 – Saved List

With so many fresh keywords you’ll be discovering, you can save them all here within Jaaxy instead of writing a note somewhere to keep track of it.

All those times you put into research will all be saved here so you can have the ease of working anywhere without bringing a thumb drive with you.

Feature #7 – Search History

Jaaxy search history-min

What’s even cooler is that you can trace back what you have searched last time to help give you an idea to see where you’ve left off the last time you were at work.

Sometimes when we take too long of a break, we tend to forget everything so when you log in, you can simply check where you last stopped and just continue from there.

Feature #8 – Search Analysis

Jaaxy search analysis-min

As a blogger or a businessperson, grabbing opportunities should be your main priority and in this case, did you know that Bing and Yahoo still have a huge margin of users as well?

the search engine powerhouses-min

Believe it or not, as the giant as Google already is, they only have about 65% of the total population of internet users throughout the world, followed by Bing second and Yahoo third.

This is a powerful knowledge for us because we can grab all those untapped market and utilize your keyword strength to take control of their search results.

Feature #9 – Brainstorm

Jaaxy brainstorm

Sometimes even when you think you’re good (No arguments as you are), there will come a time when you will eventually run out of ideas.

Jaaxy spotted this problem earlier on and helped make it easier for you to research trends and they’ve picked up the most referenced places for that too…

  • Google Trends
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Alexa Topics
  • Amazon Best Sellers
  • Twitter Trends

This is very helpful because everything has been laid out for you – All you need to do is search for something and Jaaxy will show you the trends on all 5 platforms!

This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of a trend and absorb it into your own idea before everyone it gets viral.

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Understanding the Jaaxy Language – Lingoes of the Internet Marketing World.

I’ll show you the good part in a sec but before we get to that, you’ll need to understand some terms used in Jaaxy and those are…

  • Avg – Stands for Average Monthly Searches for a particular keyword.
  • Traffic – An estimated number of clicks you will be getting from this particular keyword. Don’t be fooled by greed, small numbers are also great because you’ll get clicks from other related keywords as well when you’ve published your content.
  • QSR – Stands for Quoted Search Results which basically just means how many competitor sites are there targeting the same keywords as you. A good number to always bear in mind is to not exceed 300 QSR for one particular keyword.
  • KQI – Key Quality Index is simply a traffic light indicator to make things easier for you to decide. Red means that it’s not a good keyword to go after due to the high competition, yellow means that it’s slightly better and green means that it’s a go-go with good traffic and few competitors.
  • SEO – This is basically an indicator too, just that it’s in numbers. From 0-100, the higher the number the easier it is for you to rank for a particular keyword and to play safe, pick any which is above 80 and you’re good to go.
  • Domains – This is their latest feature whereby you can search for whether or not there are available domains with that particular keyword. This is because some people would buy domains out of a keyword so that people will be prone to clicking on the entire website to see what it entails.

Getting back to the average monthly part, you will get more clicks from other keywords too and not just the one you’re targeting so don’t worry much about the few numbers.

Think Nikki Minaj for example. Although she gets interviewed at Ellen Degeneres, you know very well that people searching for her wouldn’t come solely from that particular search.

Instead, there will be other sources too which will direct people to her like Jimmy Fallon’s show or even the American Idol. The related keywords research is a powerful thing that can get you more clicks which I’ll be covering later on.

Now that we’ve got the lessons down, it’s time to use your newly-acquired knowledge to understand how to use it on the…


Case Study – How I Rank My Pages Using Keywords Research.

This is the part that I love the most.

I don’t like to see people sharing success stories, I like to see people sharing the method they used on how they reached there so without further ado, let’s get our hands dirty and dive straight into the technical part…

Case Study #1 – “How to get your website noticed by Google”

how to get your website noticed by google search results-min

This is a post that I wrote back in 2014 and it lasted up to 2020 on the first page of Google before finally falling down from grace as I haven’t updated my review for years.

Keyword research work, you just got to update your website regularly to give Google the signal that you are still alive so that whatever posts that you have which are already ranking well, will still remain as usual.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the search title is “How to get your website noticed by Google” and if you see the other competitor websites, they are all very established authority sites.

I used to overtake all of them in position as number one for that specific keyword and lasted a few years too, all by using proper keyword research and I did it through Jaaxy…

how to get your website noticed by Google Jaaxy

As you can see, there are about 24 average searches, 5 clicks, and 6 competitor sites.

Never mind the search results though, the most important thing that you want to be looking for is the number of competitor sites which is very important to bear in mind.

A good number to go with is any amount below 300 competitors so seeing that there are only 6 of them based on the search results? Well, you’ve got yourself a low hanging fruit right there.

This was way back when I first built my blog which is why I chose an easy picking. Let’s have a look at another one…

Case Study #2 – “Truth about Melaleuca”

truth about melaleuca search results

Melaleuca is an MLM company name that I had a very bad experience with so I decided to write a review about it and as you can see, that page is on the first page of Google as well.

This is even better, if you searched for it on Google, you’ll notice that the websites I beat are really huge sites like Forbes, Ripoff Report, and Pissed Consumer.

And unlike the previous keyword before, this particular review managed to stay on for many years on the top page of Google as I updated it quite regularly which, as I mentioned before, is great SEO-wise as Google wants to see your content regularly updated to know that you’re alive.

How I did this is basically the same answer as before – I researched the keyword and here’s how it looks like in Jaaxy…

truth about melaleuca jaaxy results-min

96 searches, 17 clicks, and 33 competitors!

Don’t let the search numbers fool you, although they look like a small number, they are still giving me a lot of clicks because it doesn’t just come from the exact keywords that I used – It comes from other searches related to Melaleuca.

For example, people might not search for “Truth about melaleuca”. They might be looking for something related and ended up on my site hence giving me more clicks in the long run.

Bottomline – Do not judge a keyword based on the search traffic you get. Instead, focus on the competitors you need to be avoiding. Speaking of which…

Case Study #3 – “What is MailerLite”

what is mailerLite google search results

MailerLite is a new email marketing software that was just launched in 2016.

I was switching from software to software so after I heard about MailerLite, I decided to give it a try and it was really amazing so as you might have guessed, I decided to write a review about it.

Within a few hours, I managed to rank my website on the first page of Google! Yaay!

It’s not on the top of the search results but regardless, it’s on the first page so I am pretty satisfied.

It’ll take a few weeks for it to slowly rank up the ladder bit by bit but as long as you visit your page often and update it from time to time, you’ll rank it up in no time.

Now let’s have a look at what made me rank so easily…

what is mailerlite jaaxy search

Holy mother of god, 3566 searches, 607 clicks, and only 17 competitors? Just so you know, this is 100% real and it’s very common when something’s trending.

Usually, trending keywords are relatable to celebrity gossips like Kim Kardashian’s color of the day or Justin Bieber’s new hair but in any other niches, things like this happen as well.

For example, I’m in the blogging niche and trends like this happen when there’s a revolutionary product for us bloggers and the same goes to other niches as well – Like the fashion niche, the health niche, or even the diet niche.

This is when Jaaxy comes in handy too because we have a feature for this called the “Brainstorming” section where you can detect new trends and be the first ones to ride the wave and boost your site rankings even further.

Case Study #4 – “Uber Malaysia Review”

uber driver malaysia review

This one’s on another post that I wrote which also managed to rank me on the first page of Google and it’s on Uber Malaysia.

I want to point out that the keyword I searched for is NOT “Uber Malaysia review” even though I got first-page ranking because of it. Instead, it’s actually “How to become a Uber driver in Malaysia”.

Let’s have a look on the Jaaxy search tool and see what it has in store for us…

how to become a uber driver in malaysia jaaxy search results

As you can see, there are 72 searches, 13 clicks, and only 4 competitors but don’t let those numbers fool you – It’s actually more than you think.

As I mentioned before, I got ranked on different search results too and this, in turn, leads to my page clicks every month. Cool, no? That’s the power of related keywords!

Case Study #5 – “The Jaaxy Review”

The Jaaxy review Jaaxy search results

Now for the finale, I’m going to do a research on this very blog post that you are currently reading.

If you’ve come here from my other blog post, did you know that this review made in on the top page of Google? It did and here’s why…

The Jaaxy review Jaaxy search results

According to the Jaaxy review, there are about 72 searches, 13 clicks, and 35 competitors.

Again, less than 300 competitors are the target and in this case, I’ve surpassed it quite well and it’s even below a hundred QSR which is really good.

Now I’ve shown you 5 proofs of how it has affected so if you’re wondering to yourself, “Does Jaaxy really work?”, it definitely does and you can see from my site as the living proof.

Feeling the hype already? Here, have a go at a keyword research…


Jaaxy Pricing – How Much is it Going to Cost You?Jaaxy price plan

The Jaaxy account is divided into 3 categories:

Trial version – 30 free searches (Try it out for free!)

Pro version – $19 per month or $199 a year (Save $40!)

Enterprise version – $49 per month during this special promotion then $69 a month after the promotion or $499 yearly (Save $98!)

The Pro version is the most sought after version many bloggers use even me and it’s more than enough especially if you are working on things by yourself as opposed to the Enterprise version which is normally used by those running SEO firms as you’d have multiple websites to handle at once and you have a team who are using the keyword research tool simultaneously to look for the keywords for your clients.

I started out using the free version as those 30 searches are more than enough to get several of my blog posts up on the first page of Google which has been giving me good conversions and only after that did I decide to go for Pro as I started writing more and wanted more concise keyword action for my blog posts to rank better for more competitive keywords.

Keywords are great at getting you to rank your website easily to capture more traffic and personally, it’s worth a lot more than the price but if you have doubts about the price, have no fear as it’s cheaper than most keyword research tools out there such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Long Tail Pro which all costs way more than Jaaxy.


My Final Take

Is Jaaxy good? My answer is no. It’s amazing!

By far it’s the best keyword tool there is out there today which is not just efficient – it works, it’s of high quality and definitely the most affordable keyword research tool compared to the other industry standards.

Needless to say, Jaaxy is definitely LEGIT and I’m giving it rating of full 5 out of 5.

I rarely this high and so far, there are less than five reviews with this many stars as I do have my own guideline standards that I follow when making a review.

Have any questions about keywords? List them down below and I’ll be more than happy to reply! Thanks for reading through, you guys are awesome 😀

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14 comments to “The Jaaxy Review – The Best Market Samurai Alternative.”
  1. I am currently creating my own website and have been looking for ways to get ranked higher on google.

    This keyword tool really seems to do the trick. I have signed up for the free trial and am impressed so far with what I have found.

    The alphabet soup feature really is a great help and I have benefited greatly from it.

    • Great to hear that Craig, even the free version is pretty cool. I used it for a month until I decided to upgrade it. Appreciate the feedback, cheers

  2. Hi,

    I am so happy that I came across your article. I guess that most people have heard of keywords but don’t really understand how to use them to their advantage. After reading your article I can really see how Jaaxy would be of benefit by helping people to select the right keywords. That is words that are commonly searched for in your area but words where there isn’t a ton of competition. This can really help people get more bang for their buck. people could get the same results for much less effort by just using this tool to help them with their keywords.

    I am curious. What is the difference with the enterprise edition?



    • Hey Xin Zhang,

      As you can see from the table comparison above, the Enterprise has the most benefits of all and is meant for huge blogs because you’ll need to deal with huge data as much as possible to be in the game. It is much more faster than Pro, and you can open 5 multiple tabs at once which can come in handy if you’re doing it with a team to have an extra set of eyes.

      Data Analysis will also be provided for you, the site rank speed will be updated 5 times more the usual speed, you can have up to 50 alphabet soup search results so you can choose the right keywords from all of them without spending an hour typing and looking one by one. The related keywords will all be shown to you and this alone, is very powerful and can save you a lot of time indeed. The enterprise is amazing but I’m only using Pro because I don’t need it yet but by end of this year, i might 😉

      Hope this cleared things up Xin, do let me know if you anymore burning questions!

  3. That is a very nice and detailed review of Jaaxy. It really is a must have for any website owner. Keywords are a very important part of content and with Jaaxy it is so use to find those keywords.
    I have used Jaaxy and it really is something that everyone should have.

  4. This is a lot of tool for your money…wow! It makes absolute sense to have a tool like Jaaxy in your arsenal if you’re intent is to make the most of the SEO strategy. I’m totally impressed with the power of Jaaxy and as an online business owner myself, it seems to me that you can’t go wrong with this one. Awesome!

    • Glad you liked the article Rina, it is indeed a must-have tool for website owners. There’ a reason why they call it a keyword search tool a blogger’s best friend 😉

  5. This is really informative and breaks down exactly what needs to be known about why websites fail and how to succeed. Backed up by some stats as well…I did point out a spelling mistake as you wrote Jaaxy helps you “slid”, instead of “slide”. But otherwise keep up the good work!

    • I’ve corrected that Mark, thanks for pointing it out! Proves how well keywords help you rank even if you do have some spelling mistakes here and there eh 😉

  6. Keyword is very important when it comes to rankings. Before your website known to public you need good keywords to be rank.

    I am wealthy affilIate member and I do used I build keywords tool. It works perfect and gives my good ranking.

    What is the difference between jaxxy and wealthy affiliate keywords tool? Am getting more interest in this so i want to know more about the two.

    • Hey Collins, The Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool only gives the traffic and competitors but Jaaxy gives you the whole package including all the features I’ve mentioned earlier. WA doesn’t have that. Hope that helps, appreciate you dropping by!

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