March 2015 Monthly Report – The First After a 10 Months Hiatus.

March 2015 My Internet Quest monthly report

Writing a monthly report of my progress within the Online Business world has always been my dream but every time I want to do so, there is always something stopping me.

In fact, the very reason I named this blog My Internet Quest is because cliché as the name may be, it’s actually my very own quest that I embark upon to show people that making money online is possible and I tend to achieve this by showing my progress and making it public so that people can see exactly what I do.

It has been 10 months since I first built and since this very blog post will be my first ever monthly report, I’ll be sharing all my stories of what I have encountered so far, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Internet marketing so that you can avoid these pitfalls and propel your business faster than I did.


So What’s the Purpose of Me Making My Monthly Reports?

The Monthly Report is a way for you to look over my shoulders as I build my Online Business.

I plan to do it every month and it will include everything I have come across throughout my journey whether it’s the bad things I encountered, or good things that can help propel my website even further.

Here’s a few more reasons I’d like to add…

  • Proof Instead of Plain Talk – Making Money Online sounds impossible for most people and this is mainly due to the fact that they do not know how it works. Many people make a ton of money online such as Amazon or The Huff Post. Sure, these companies are big but they used to start small like what I’d doing.
  • Motivate People Into Taking Action – I’m sure deep down inside, you must want to try and have a go at making money online but with many scams running rampant taking over the web and millions of people getting tricked, you get super cautious. But supposing you get the chance to see the progress of someone who’s actually trying to go through that tedious process, face the pitfalls and find better methods along the way, won’t you feel tempted to try as well and follow your dream?
  • Make Me Work Harder – With most of my readers reading my blog posts every week, they will surely want to see how successful this blog that they’re following is or how I actually fare in the Online Business world. Knowing that, I would surely feel a bit more motivated to work harder because if I don’t, I’ll have nothing to blog about.


It’s Time For Statistics!

If you’re new to the world of Online Business, there are actually many ways on how anyone can earn money from a website but for My Internet Quest, I am only focusing on Affiliate Marketing as I find it the easiest to make money with.

You don’t need to sell and you don’t even need to work to do Affiliate Marketing because all you need to do, is to promote a product or program in exchange for commission.

The program I am promoting is called Wealthy Affiliate and as you might have noticed, I’m not even trying to sell it to you and put price tags everywhere.

I can choose to promote other programs but throughout my journey of understanding Online Marketing, I’ve had my fair share of scams and I’m not planning to promote those programs to my readers just to get more money from you.

After building, I decided to find those scam programs that I fell into and did reviews on each and every one of them here.

I focus on promoting Wealthy Affiliate as to date, it is still the most legitimate program I have ever come across because not only can you create a starter account with no time limitations for you to explore, there are NO hidden upsells which charges you hundreds of dollars before you even start learning.

Of course Wealthy Affiliate does have a premium membership fee but that is an optional choice and they tell you that straightforward instead of hiding it and blindly bombarding you with tons of expensive upsells when you least expect it.

Although I won’t be making as much money as how I did when I was in those scam programs, I can certainly sleep better now knowing that my friends are happy with the amount of knowledge and guidance I can give them at Wealthy Affiliate.

So here are my statistics for this blog…

my Wealthy Affiliate statistics for 22 May till 31 July

My Wealthy Affiliate’s statistics for May 2014 – July 2014

May 2014 – July 2014

I couldn’t get the whole ten months on one page because the graph will be so compacted for you to see which is why I’ll be breaking down the graphs few months at a time, starting from May 2014 till July 2014.

The beginning of my Online Business journey had a terrible start as I know nothing of the internet.

I’m not an IT savvy guy and I don’t know anything about how to build a website because my field of expertise is on managing hotels (I’m a hotel student).

Still, I have the will and passion to succeed online so I started my website journey through a program called Dot Com Secrets X which later I found to be a scam.

If you’re curious as to how I knew about that, it’s because I was actually a member of Dot Com Secrets X before my website was created in May.

After 3 months stuck in Dot Com Secrets X and not making any money at all, I started to doubt the program because each lesson covered there will require you to SPEND more money which was totally ridiculous.

I realized how clever the scam gurus are and how oblivious innocent beginners can be which is why I’m writing regular reviews to uncover their plots and help more people avoid these scams as how I did.

Nearing the end of May 2014, I quit Dot Com Secrets X, joined Wealthy Affiliate and realized what I’ve been missing out all these while.

There are many people just as enthusiastic as me (And you) within Wealthy Affiliate, and it is very encouraging to know how freely they all interact within the program.

Wealthy Affiliate's online business community

Community interaction in Wealthy Affiliate

Almost all scam programs DO NOT have an open community because obviously, they know that their scheme will probably be known by one of the members and he’d spill out the beans.

If a program has an open community where people can interact and chat freely, that shows how powerful that specific program can be because all those thousands of members couldn’t be wrong!

Wealthy Affiliate’s lessons are very easy to learn as they are broken down into classroom-based learning style where you cover one topic at a time which is pretty cool.

As I was still a beginner there, I took my own free time exploring and learning which explains why I had ZERO clicks on my Wealthy Affiliate promotion all the way until 9th of June 2014.

Fast forward all the way until July, I had no sales whatsoever for that 3 months but I was actually quite content that I was able to get 277 clicks on my offer.

My Internet Quest's WA clicks August 2014 till October 2014

Quick graph overview on clicks i get on my offer August 2014 – October 2014

August 2014 – October 2014.

The graph seems to look a lot better from August to October and I received a total click of 472 which shows that my efforts are not in vain as more and more people are starting to recognize my website.

Another interesting news I found out is that I managed to get 1 referral finally!

He didn’t become a premium member so I did not make any sales but I was very happy that he decided to give it a try because it shows that my website seems to be lifting of and appealing to more readers.

Just to clear the air, these clicks are all based on my program that I’m promoting, which is Wealthy Affiliate.

The statistics for my website will be uncovered later on 😉 .

My WA clicks from November 2014 to January 2015

I finally made a few sales somewhere between Nov 2014 to Jan 2015

November 2014 – January 2015.


This is when my website is finally lifting off and I managed to get my first income which was $69!

It isn’t much but it was enough to fill me back with hope because starting your website will be very difficult in the beginning as Google will ‘test’ you out first.

There are millions of websites being created every month so in order for Google to determine if your website is one of the promising ones, you will usually have to go through a few months without having much support from Google when it comes to ranking.

I was happy to know that my website is finally lifting off and making sales, and for that three months, I had a total 723 organic clicks on my offer which is something huge for me.

Now we’re down to our last 2 months which are…

Feb 2015 to Mar 2015 WA statistics

More sales on Jan 2015 to Feb 2015!

February 2015 – March 2015.

Progress is a bit slower but in just 2 months, I managed to get $61!

Previously, it was taking me almost forever to get my first $69 and two months after that, I made another $61 hence giving me a total of $130 for my 10 months in Online Business.

Wealthy Affiliate earnings for 31 March 2015

My first paycheck after 10 months!

Although it is not much, my sales are slowly growing and so is my website because most of the pages are on the first page of Google already.

I’m confident that I can make sales every month but of course the starting point will be a bit low.

I have met many mentors and all of them told me that after a year, every website will propel even further because that gives Google even more reason to rank you up as your website just beat 90% of all the other new websites who started at the same time as you but built without a purpose and are struggling to sustain.

The longer your website exists, the more it will grow and you have nowhere to go but up.


9 Things I’ve Learned While Building My Website

Google Analytics for May til March

Google Analytic stats for My Internet Quest

It took me 10 months to make a Mere $130 and although it may seem like a small amount, it proved that I can reach my goals and that making money online is possible for everyone.

According to my Google Analytics screenshot above, my website is growing really well.

I started my website on May but the reason the data isn’t on my website’s statistics is because I messed Google Analytics when I was trying to set it up.

I find technical stuff very challenging as it is not my background but throughout those 10 months building my site, I managed to pick up many things when it comes to building a successful Online Business…

Lesson #1 – There is No Such Thing as Making Millions Overnight

I’m sure this is obvious to most of us but you would never believe as to how many people believe in this.

There are thousands of people getting scammed every day and all of these people fall for the same lure used by evil men feasting on innocent people’s weaknesses.

Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire overnight?

Many people actually know that this is totally untrue but they reason they join those scam programs in the first place is because they have hope that maybe they will be the one who can make it when others cannot.

Does this sound familiar?

Scam programs like Empower Network, iPas2 and Coffee Shop Millionaire having been using the make-millions-overnight trick to prey on people who are desperately looking for answers.

I too was one of them and I have tried countless programs to know that it is not possible to make a million overnight, not unless you have millions of dollars to spare for some massive marketing campaign.

Lesson #2 – Good Content is the Best Marketing

People spend thousands of dollars on various marketing ads for their websites.

They do PPC, solo ads, bulk traffic, Facebook Marketing, twitter marketing, Linked professional and so much more but with very little result.

This is because those marketing tactics do not work anymore in getting your website high rankings in Google.

After Google’s recent update, they focus more on a website’s content rather than the promotions or links you paid for because this is not fair for the little guy who are just starting out.

A lot of people are upset that Google is doing this but in truth, it only means one thing – You need to put EFFORT in order to reach success!

Lazy people who are only thinking of getting rich fast will get upset but this in turn gives hope for the legitimate websites (Like mine and possibly yours) who have good content to rank better in Google.

I learned that Google will rank you much better if you write an in-depth content of at least 1,000 words.

So how is writing good content the best form of marketing for your website?

Simple, because people come to your website because they really are looking for you!

This is totally the opposite of paid ads whereby people pay a ton of money just to get their advertisement promoted everywhere which can get annoying because really, who likes ads popping up every time you click on something?

Youtube ad

YouTube ads are really getting on my nerves

Even if you watch Youtube and there’s an ad on every video, would you be tempted to click on it to quit?

I’m sure you would because why would you read ads which have nothing to do with you?

That is why organic clicks on your website through SEO is the best form of marketing because instead of you promoting to users everywhere, they come to you.

Lesson #3 – Consistency Plays a Huge Role in Ranking.

Google will rank you for your content, that is understandable but did you know that consistency also matters?

You have to keep publishing fresh new content on your website every week because if you don’t Google will see you as an inactive user and reduce your ranking capabilities, take a look at this…

Google Webmaster decrease

Sudden drop down on my graph

I left my website for almost 2 weeks and the graph went down really fast!

Having a website means you are subjected to Google’s rules so it best to abide by their rules and publish your content regularly for at least 2 times a week.

Not only will you rank better, your readers will also increase tremendously.

Lesson #4 – Share Your Posts on Social Media

There are billions of users on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Pinterest combined so leveraging these platforms is crucial to your website success (Or just about for any type of businesses).

When I first delved into the Online Business world, I was very anti-social.

I didn’t know how to use Twitter, I never updated my Facebook, and I never even knew Pinterest and Google Plus existed but if there’s anything I learned about getting website visibility, is that you need to BE social and get people to know you in order for your business to grow.

Sharing your freshly created content on all your social media accounts is a must if you want a free extra booth in website traffic without doing anything.

Lesson #5 – Transparency is Crucial

Before creating my website, my first thought on it is that if I add my picture on my website, it will be viral and spread all over the world.

Ridiculous, I know.

Being afraid of that, I never even put a profile photo which was a cowardly move but after being convinced by my readers to put more pictures, I decided to come out of my phobia and add a few photos of me, mainly on my About page.

Little did I know that people react much better when they see your face which instantly changed the way I handle my website that moment on.

Transparency is important when it comes to convincing people because if you are afraid to show yourself to them, why would they believe you?

Lesson #6 – Reviews Help a Lot

People are constantly looking for product reviews before they buy anything.

They read product reviews to determine whether or not that product is affordable, or whether or not it is much better compared to other similar products.

People read reviews before buying an iPhone, they read reviews on the best Nike shoes, and some even read reviews on the best Porn websites.

There are always product reviews on any niche and since my website is about blogging and Online Business, I review Online Programs on the internet which claims to help its members make millions overnight.

A lot of people get tricked by these scams and when they did get tricked, the first thing 99% of those people would do, is to Google for a review and look for an answer.

When I first did a random review on Dot Com Secrets X, I get a lot of readers who really supported my decision to leave that and they loved my review which gave me the idea to write more reviews.

From that moment on, I write reviews regularly almost every week.

Lesson #7 – Progress is More Important Then Perfection

A lot of people spend a LOT of time trying to make one thing ‘perfect’.

STOP doing that!

Nothing is perfect in this world and if you spend more time on trying to make one thing look nice, you will never get your work done.

When I first built my website, I spend a great deal of time trying to make my website beautiful but by the time I realized it, 2 weeks have passed and my website has not had a single article published.

When it comes to getting Google ranking, Google doesn’t see how beautiful your website is because to them, they only see you in coding form instead of visual.

Because of that, the more words you have the better ranking you will get which proves that beauty isn’t everything.

Craiglist is one of the most visited websites in the world and it doesn’t even look nice.

However the reason why it’s still well-known is because it has great content and user interaction and that is the number one thing people look for when they come to a website.

Lesson #8 – You Can Actually Become a Freelance Website Builder.

When I first built, I thought that it was a small feat that anyone could do.

But when my brother came into my room and saw my website, he was so impressed he told all his friends and even they were impressed as well.

My website was talked about by juniors and one of them was actually looking for an affordable website builder who doesn’t cost thousands to build a website and the next thing I knew, I’m on the way to building a website for a client!

I made $300 from my first website and it was the best moment I ever had.

I know my price was dirt cheap but I didn’t want to charge high because I know how hard it is to start something you’ve always wanted.

Moral of the story – If you can build yourself a website, you can surely build one for other people as a means of side income.

Lesson #9 – Commenting Fast Shows How Serious You are.

When you have some problem with something you paid for, don’t you wish you get a swift reply from their support?

As much as you wish for them to reply you immediately, they rarely do that because they have tons of other customers to attend to and very little staff to handle.

Websites on the other hand, has very different effect whereby people do not expect the owner to reply.

Using the element of surprise, I answered any questions that I get on the spot just to surprise my readers.

It turns out, they surprised ME because little did I know that replying immediately can have a huge effect on your readers.

The will trust you more because they know that you are serious about what you do and that you’ve got their backs whenever they need help with anything.


15 Mistakes I Wish I’ve Avoided When Starting Out

My mistakes that have brought me down countless of times and my website ended up paying the price.

Throughout those 10 months, I have made many mistakes that have slowed the growth of my website by a long shot and now, I’m writing those mistakes down so that you can avoid them on your journey to online success too.

Mistake #1 – A Mentor Isn’t a Mentor Until You Can Converse

Speaking with Kyle WA

Me speaking with the founder of Wealthy Affiliate

When I first started my Online Business journey, I was jumping from scam to scam and in most of the cases, the owners usually say “I will take you by the hand” but in the end, they never did.

It was all just a lie to get you hooked to buy their program.

But when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was surprised that the first 2 people that actually spoke to me were the founders!

Well okay, it took several hours before Kyle and Carson dropped by and said hello but they did!

I was on a free account and having the opportunity to speak with the founders and ask them anything you want convinced me that I should become a premium member and get more of Wealthy Affiliate’s features.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity of speaking with the founder and having that cool opportunity in a program determines whether or not you should go for it full force.

Mistake #2 – There is No Such Thing as Knowing Too Much.

When trying to grow your website, the process is never-ending – You have to keep reading, writing fresh content, and find topics to talk about.

But sometimes when you’ve been at it for a while, you tend to get hard-headed and start rejecting great knowledge because you think you already know enough.

Well knowledge is NEVER enough!

It was a mistake that I did when I didn’t read on Google’s new update and how to counteract that because after Google updated itself somewhere last year, my website visibility dropped down really bad and I didn’t know what to do.

I quickly lose my annoying ego and simply embrace the cold hard truth that everybody needs to keep learning especially in a field that you are in because not only will that help you avoid pitfalls better, you will also find useful tips that you didn’t know of like.

Mistake #3 – DO NOT Post Everyday

It is not unusual for beginners to get excited at their website and start committing themselves to writing blog posts everyday hoping that they’ll rank fast.

Stop it, because you don’t!

It is much better to write a full-packed 3,000 words content every 3 days rather than spending everyday writing 500 words of useless articles.

I actually did this for a month and out of my 30 blog posts, only one came out on first page and NOBODY actually commented which was really disappointing considering how much effort I put in.

Google is changing the way they rank websites and guess which website will be more likely to rank – Quantity or Quality?

The answer is both actually, but there’s a more emphasis on quality.

Quantity works when your website is already established and that you have a certain amount of loyal followers or readers.

For example, newspaper websites sometimes write about ONLY 100 words on one of their news but people still like it because it touches on a certain controversy.

However if a new website with 2 or 3 followers were to do that, their website won’t grow.

Writing deep content is the way to go and I learned this the hard way after I stopped posting every day to see how it would affect my blog.

Turns out that your website will grow even faster and better with quality content because that way, each and every one of your articles will be more meaningful.

Mistake #4 – Do Not Get Attracted to New Things Easily

Have you ever felt like trying out something new when it looks amazing?

Like if you’re reading Harry Potter and halfway, the Game of Thrones book came out, don’t you just feel like buying it and reading that?

If you’re playing World of Warcraft when suddenly Guild Wars 2 came out, wouldn’t you feel like switching games?

Or if you’re trying to learn how to play Ed Sheeran’s song “Don’t” halfway on your guitar when suddenly he releases another song called “Thinking Out Loud”, wouldn’t you feel like changing songs?

Everyone is attracted to new things like it or not but what many people don’t realize is that this always ends up in leaving your current work unfinished.

I was really attracted to any new program on the web and I always tend to check them out but whenever I do that, I left my work unfinished and that hurt my progress badly.

Procrastination is annoying but when it comes to business, a rule of thumb to always bear in mind is to finish your work first whether you like it or not before jumping to other things because if you keep letting yourself get distracted on new things, you’ll never finish your job at hand.

Mistake #5 – Never Spam Affiliate Links

Okay this is pretty self-explanatory and if you’ve been in the website world for a while, everyone knows this.

However I was pretty oblivious to any rules (Typical youngster) and I was chasing money too much to even notice that I was chasing away all my readers as well as Google.

This was one of the worst things I’ve ever done to my website and it has cost me dearly because after that, Google ranked me lower for misusing links whereas my readers on the other hand, were not satisfied with the message I am bringing by posting affiliate links everywhere.

Blatantly placing affiliate links everywhere is a no-no because it gives the impression to your readers that you are more interested in selling rather than giving valuable info.

Mistake #6 – Never Change Webhosts if You Don’t Know How

Changing webhosts is a delicate process and one slight mistake will render your website unavailable.

I learned that the hard way when I wanted to move all my websites from Hostgator to Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting.

I didn’t do proper research before attempting to move my website and that mistake cost me 2 whole weeks of downtime where my website was inaccessible by anyone.

I was in a panic so I quickly learned how to move my website from Hostgator the hard way and after that, created a tutorial to help others (As well as get good traffic back to my site).

When my website wasn’t accessible for 2 weeks, my visitor rate dropped and that hurt my website’s growth even further.

Mistake #7 – Focus on Promoting One Thing is Better Than Promoting Ten Products.

If you’ve checked out my website, you’d probably have noticed that I only promote Wealthy Affiliate as my number one recommended program.

There’s actually a reason behind this.

When you recommend a product for people to buy, they will be more likely to buy that product because they trust you.

That’s a plus for you right there but if you were to promote many different products at once, you won’t be getting as many sales as you thought you would and there’s a good reason for this – People want only the best!

You CAN’T tell them to buy one product and promote another at the same time, you’re not an e-Commerce site!

A lot of new blogs I came across (Including mine initially) often promote many products at once because we are too concerned with making money and this is not really effective.

Your readers will have a hard time deciding because if you promote two products at once, it would more likely sound like “Buy product A for maximum effect but product B works well too”

Which is why I only promote one product which I find the best.

So what if you want to promote different products at one?

Simple, choose different products that solve different problems!

For example, I promote Wealthy Affiliate as the best Online Business course for beginners but at the same time, I also promote Jaaxy as the best Keyword Research tool around and I’m seeing sales coming in better because keyword research tools are essential in helping you find less competitive niches for your Online Business.

Mistake #8 – Build One Website at a Time

Some of my websites

Some of my websites that I’ve created

When you first learned how to build a website, you’ll surely get the feeling of building another because why not?

Building a website is fun!

You get to choose the theme, the website name, what niche it will be, what logo you want, and best of all, you can build one in less than 30 minutes!

When I first learned how to build a website, I got so carried away that I built many different websites when I’m bored and some of them for my university project.

So what seems to be the problem?

The problem is that when you focus in quantity, your quality fades at least not unless you’ve strengthen your core.

I was having trouble handling multiple websites at once when all I needed to do was to actually focus on one website until it’s established before focusing on another.

After all, isn’t better to give your whole attention on one thing than on many things at one?

Mistake #9 – You Don’t Have to be Unique, You Just Need to Be Found.

Seriously, you only need to focus on creating content because your identity will come to you eventually.

When I first built my website, I was really skeptical on choosing this niche because I had no idea on what my website is going to be like and how to make it unique.

The truth of the matter is that uniqueness DOESN’T matter one bit if your visitor cannot find you in the first place!

Take YouTube for example, the reason why it’s booming is because many people are using it and it’s easy to find.

No matter how much video developers hate YouTube (Because of the annoying copyright), we can’t do anything about it because the traffic is already there.

Another example would be this very website you’re looking at – There are tons of other similar websites such as mine with more unique features but the reason you are here reading my blog is because you found it.

I know many would argue about this because in the brick and mortar business, the business with unique selling point would attract more people demographically.

Websites differ when it comes to that because our visitors are not only found locally, they come from all parts of the world.

Mistake #10 – Start With Affiliate Marketing Rather Than Creating Your Own Product.

Another silly mistake that I did when starting out is that I immediately went for creating my own eBook to sell.

The idea was actually a brilliant one because selling your own product meant that all of those profit will go to you as opposed to the commission-based earnings when you opt for Affiliate Marketing.

However when you’re just starting out, going for Affiliate Marketing is actually the best choice you will ever have because you don’t need to know anything, you just leverage other people’s hard work and reputation to help them sell their products in exchange for some sweet commission.

Because I was too eager to start earning more, I went straight for eBook creation and wasted 4 months of my time writing it because up to this day, I still haven’t finished yet and I left it hanging in case I feel like writing it again.

That is why a good strategy to use is to opt for Affiliate Marketing while you don’t have a product to sell so that you can fill up your time and make some money while you inspiration to write a compelling eBook of your own.


Become an Online Entrepreneur Today! –Kickstart Your Business By Avoiding My Pitfalls

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Building an Online Business is slow, but it is a sure business that will boom in the long run.

It took me 10 months to finally make my first $130 and along the way, I have come across so many pitfalls which have really slowed my progress and now, I’m sharing my journey with you.

If you’ve been wanting to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate is the best Online Business course for you.

Our community is huge and we help each other grow by sharing tips that we find along the way which works for our website and what doesn’t.

You’ll get updated lessons on website building, awesome tools for SEO, free website builder and of course, an awesome community of people just as enthusiastic as you!

Building a website is easy, ranking it on the first page of Google, well that’s the challenge every website owner tries to solve and guess what?

It’s covered there too! Here’s a screenshot of one of my pages that reached first page…

Google Search results for Niche Revealer Review

Google search results for “Niche Revealer review”

Although I am not reaching a full-time income yet, I am slowly getting there and when I reach there, I want to bring as many people as I can with me.

If you’re interested in starting your own Online Business, there has never been a better time than now as on my blog, I will be sharing with you all the pitfalls that I have come across to help you avoid the same mistakes that I did.


My Plans For April 2015

Me at PD

I have so many plans on April – Some on business and some for pleasure.

Outside, I am actually planning a food festival in Malaysia called Makan Fest whereby “Makan” means “eat” in Malaysian tongue.

The planning process has been great as I managed to secure a collaboration with a huge event company which initiated the eSports arena in Malaysia.

One obstacle though – Capital.

To book the venue for Makan Fest which will be in Setia City Mall’s Oval Lawn costs RM50,000 ($13,793) which is an amount I do not have.

However I do have several investors in mind so my plan is to finish up my business plan, proposal, and agreement form so I can finally approach investors.

Although my upcoming food festival have nothing to do with the internet, I’m actually trying to build a whole website dedicated to my event mainly because of these few reasons…

  • A website shows how happening the event will be.
  • A website can help secure more sponsors (They get more confident to join in).
  • Free traffic from SEO.
  • Free website costs (I can literally build one for free and host it at Wealthy Affiliate).
  • Who doesn’t like a website!

Amidst all that work, I plan to take 2 days off from my chaotic work life to enjoy the crisp air at Singapore’s beach.

If all goes well, I should have one fully functional website which I can add to my monthly report as well as my funds for my event.

It’s amazing knowing that there is a huge currency difference between the Malaysian Ringgit (RM) and the USD because all the money I get from my website, can be multiplied by almost 4 times more!


My Final Thoughts

In the Internet marketing world, you will see that there are hundreds of Online Business programs that promises you millions overnight.

In fact, I’ve even come across programs that try to be clever and say that “Making millions overnight is impossible but if you buy this program and follow me, I can promise you that you’ll make your first million in a week or two.

Sounds familiar?

These are all SCAMS and I have encountered so many of them that I can sense their patterns anywhere. The cold hard truth to Online Business is that you won’t be making millions overnight, not even in a month, nor in your first year.

You will get there, but in due time.

In fact, Online Entrepreneur Pat Flyn who have been in the Internet Marketing industry for many years with many websites and online ventures at his disposal have only reached the highest of $109,071 for a month and he’s one of the top Internet Marketers there is!

Building an Online Business is a slow progress because before your website can start getting a huge chunk of sales daily, you first need to pass the first test every new startups face – Getting visibility.


This is by far the longest blog post I have ever written, it’s over 6,000 words!

I really appreciate you reading all the way through (If you DO read through) and thank you for being so awesome!

My next monthly report shouldn’t be this long though, and I hope it wouldn’t!

Till then, cheers to all and I’m rooting for your success.


Riaz Shah

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  1. Thanks for this great info! It was a tad bit longer then I expected, but really helpful! I took some notes that I now plan on implementing (: You also gave me an idea for a new keyword and content and angle to work on!

    • Thanks Alicia, it took me a really long time to finally finish writing it! It was my first monthly report after 10 months so I compiled everything into one page which end up being around 6,000 words lol. I even had trouble proofreading but you managed to read this through, really appreciate that! Hey it’s almost the end of May, just a few days and I’ll write my report for this month 😉

  2. Hey Riaz,

    You’re making some great progress! I love reading these reports, and I actually read all 6000 words of it. I don’t really mind them being long at all. All the tiny details are what makes it helpful to people that are going through the same process.

    Thanks for reminding me to post some reviews on my site by the way (lesson #6), still haven’t gotten into that much.

    I’ve got your site bookmarked and I’ll be spying on how you’re doing from time to time.

    • Hey there Guido,
      Thanks so much for reading! I was actually surprised as I thought I may have written it a bit too long. I’m glad you liked my report, it was huge leap of faith for me to take as it took me a few days to actually finish writing. Writing reviews (lesson #6) is one of the best ways of driving traffic as three quarter of my traffic comes from there, you should definitely have a go at it! Reading your comment inspired me Guido, thanks for dropping and thanks for bookmarking my site 🙂

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