How to Get Your Website Noticed by Google? –Let’s Learn SEO.

howt to get your website noticed by google coverWondering on how to get your website noticed by Google?

I was thinking the same thing when I first built my website. I had no knowledge so I tried various methods to bring it up but to no avail.

That is, until someone asked me to check out SEO.

I was reluctant at first because I had no clue on what all these technical terms mean but slowly but surely, I’ve finally managed to bring my blog to where it is today.

You can too, and I’ll teach you how starting from…


What is SEO? – The One Thing That Will Help You Rank.

SEO photo baby

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and you may have already guessed, it is the practice of doing things to your website in order to optimize its presence within search engines.

The SEO world is humongous – There are websites dedicated to teaching you that, there are students who learn that in college as a whole entire subject, and there are firms making money by selling their service to people who do not want to go through with SEO.

Many people are afraid to learn SEO because it sounds very hard and too vast.

It is indeed very vast but you don’t need to learn all, just a few basics is enough to help you boost your site and if you’ve felt success and you wanted to boost your website even more, you can learn more advanced methods which I will be explaining a bit more as we go.


Why Do You Need To Know SEO?

number of internet users 7 March 2017

Did you know that in March 2017, there about 3.8 billion internet users globally?

Staggering numbers, if this doesn’t convince you to learn SEO, I bet these points do…

  • Security – If you know SEO, you can avoid making your site look crappy and people won’t mark you as a scam.
  • Prevent yourself from being tricked – Thinking of cheating your way through by hiring an SEO firm? Here’s the truth, they know nobody understands SEO so they charge super high for simple things that you can do on your own. Moz did a survey on how much they charge here…

Hourly rates for SEO consultation

  • Avoiding doing the wrong thing – A lot of beginners who want to do SEO themselves end up doing a lot of mistakes because they do not want to learn. They tend to cheat using blackhat methods and when Google found out about it, they’re screwed. You wouldn’t want to experience that, would you?
  • Save time – Really, SEO can take a LOT of time if you don’t know what you’re doing. I spent 5 hours a day doing tweaking and trying to beautify my website which I learned afterward is totally unnecessary.
  • The world revolves around SEO – Anything you do online requires SEO knowledge be it creating a marketing campaign or a website for corporate clients. No matter how established your business is, that doesn’t assure you good standing within Google. SEO does so invest in that.


How To Do SEO Yourself in 3 Simple Steps.

Although these steps that I’ll be showing you are basic, they are pretty powerful.

The steps for SEO are simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Without further ado, let’s hop on straight to those three crucial steps…

Step #1 – List Down Potential Keywords For Your Niche

keywords semantic search

If you’re in the dog niche, keywords could be things like a dog collar, best dog snacks, or even ways to take care of your dog’s health.

If you’re in the gaming niche, your keywords would be something like first person shooting games, tips to level up your character faster, or how to craft armors fast.

If you don’t know what it is – Simply put, keywords are highly searched terms or words people type into the Google search bar (Click here to read more on keywords).

So you can know now that by learning keywords, you are learning about what it is that people are typing.

Anything you do, bear in mind that your keyword revolves around a problem people are looking for so don’t forget to include your winning solution for that which I’ll explain more on as we go.

You can use keywords in many ways like marketing campaigns or project research but the most beneficial way to get your website ranked is for you to find a keyword to think of and write content about it because when people come across your website blog post, they will appreciate that and bookmark your page for later use.

Step #2 – Do Some Keywords Research

Now that you have a keyword in mind, we are going to need to check for the strength and potential of that keyword and to do that, we’ll need to use something called…a keyword planner!

There are various keyword tools out there such as Google keyword planner (Inaccurate) but the one I would highly recommend you to use is Jaaxy.

Throughout my experiences with keyword tools, Jaaxy is so far the best in terms of accuracy, organization, and performance which is crucial for a successful website.

The reason why we need to research the strength of a keyword is because you may never know if your keyword has got a mighty high competition.

For example, “how to lose weight” will surely have loads of other websites writing about the same thing in other words, high competition.

But if you were to go a bit more specific with “how to lose weight through meditation”, you’ll definitely reduce the competition. THAT is why keyword research is important, – its purpose is to refine your keyword by eliminating competitors and helping people finding your website easier.

I recently did a blog post on “What is MailerLite” this month (March 2017) and believe it or not, here’s how it looks like on Google…

I got my site on the first position within 2 hours!

And how did I do that? Through keywords research of course. Let’s have a quick look on how it looks like in Jaaxy
what is mailerlite jaaxy search

As you can see, there’s 3,264 searches for that particular subject, 555 traffic (People who will click), and most important of all, only 16 competitors (QSR).

Powerful, isn’t it? If you’d like to know more on keywords research, I actually wrote and entire blog post on “How to Find Top Keywords With Low Competition” and speaking of which…

how to find top keywords

I also got the first page Google ranking for that particular keyword!

And how did I do it? Simple, I did a keywords research on Jaaxy…

how to find top keywords jaaxy search

From the research, I managed to find out that there’s 104 searches per month, 18 clicks and 29 competitors which I would say is a very good number.

Again, traffic stands for the number of people who clicks on that particular keyword whereas QSR stands for Quoted Search Results which basically just means the number of websites targeting that particular keyword hence, competitors.

A good number of competitors to bear in mind is not to exceed 300 and looking at the number 16, it is definitely a low hanging fruit and I managed to rank my website super easy!

Have a keyword in mind you’re just itching to find out? Have a go at it here…

Step #3 – Write a compelling content around it!

As of 2017, Google emphasizes on content.

Cheap websites with no updates or any new contents at all will have a hard time maintaining its rank on Google and for good reason too – They are simply too many websites on the internet and many of them are made by lazy people who just build and leave it be untouched forever.

If you’re like me, a person who works hard, then you’ll definitely be able to rank your website pretty easy because the next step for getting your website noticed on Google is by writing a compelling content around it.

Titles are very important as it is the very first thing your readers will look at.

When they first type something on Google, they will look at which titles are the most attractive and only after that will they decide on whether or not the body is worth going through with.

Not good with titles? I got you covered. Twelveskip wrote an awesome info graph on various titles you could use here…

74 clever blog post title templates by Twelveskip

Don’t underestimate that title template, it’s pretty powerful and I still use it even after 2 years of blogging.

Sometimes we think that we know everything but when it comes to business, it’s best that we double check with other people no matter how awesome we think our ideas are and that is why using templates can help you save a lot of time.

Still, title alone is not enough to make you rank your site on Google – Content still play a role.

No matter what you write, 500 words and below will hardly rank on Google. Just be sure to write at least 1,500 words on your content and you’ll rank pretty easy… That is, unless there are top notch websites like The Huff Post or Forbes writing about the same thing.


Want to Learn How to Boost Your Website Even Higher?

2 years ago, I did not know that Google changes its systems regularly so after they applied the updates, a LOT of websites went down.

Because of that, the way rankings work were altered so your website stopped ranking properly which is a pain.Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

As I was searching for answers, I came across Wealthy Affiliate which is an online business classroom with an excellent community of like-minded individuals.

After learning their lessons bit by bit, I managed to rank my website easily and it gets even easier as there is a community of very friendly bloggers there too so I could just ask them to guide or share some of their veteran tips.

There are a lot more to cover on SEO and what I just shared with you today is barely the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more, you definitely need to learn from the best.

As of today, WA has added so many new features like the free SSL, domain registrar, and high speed dedicated hosting and more to help boost your website even more.

I’ve tried many programs and reviewed them but there’s a reason why WA is rated as my #1 recommended program out of the others I’ve written about.



SEO may be simple but it can be tiring and boring after some time.

As long as you stick to a supportive community which can give you regular updates, do your keywords research well and write compelling contents that kills, you’d be surprised as to how fast your website will rank on Google!

Do share your thoughts and opinions as I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂


Riaz Shah


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  1. Hi there.
    My name is Sam Waltemyer. I’m a 10th grade student and I have a dream to run for president in 2036. I’m working on a very low budget- free actually, for my campaigning. It was only through a gift from Weebly that I have a real domain name. Is there anything free I can do now to help my site?


  2. I find your insight and perspective on keywords and quality content to be very practical and useful. This is a well written and informative article. I think the blog post template is a great tool to help generate some amazing blog titles and will save a lot of time. Thanks for providing the 500 to 1500 words guideline. This is a very good metric to use in assessing content quality. Thanks for a great article.

  3. Hi Riaz,

    This is exactly the information I was looking for. I’m new to the whole online thing and never heard of SEO before visiting your site. I just signed up for the Jaaxy tool. I saved your website to my favorites so I can come back for more info. You are a life savor putting out this info for beginners like myself.

    Thanks again,

    • That’s awesome to hear Pete, Jaaxy will definitely save your time and help you rank faster. All the best in your site growth!

  4. Hi everybody, I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member.

    I have to to say beside the training they offer to their members about seo, this post gave me a good kick to remind me how important search engine optimization is.

    I’m very good in other things as a digital entrepreneur, but not really good with search engine optimization.
    I’ll keep coming back to this post for further info.

    After all, Not knowing about how to optimize your website or online business, i’s like trying to drive your car without wheels.

    • Great example there Alex, learning SEO is something I believe every marketer should invest their time on, it’s worth it in the long run and it can save you a lot of money too. Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  5. What great info about SEO. I’m still very much new to this subject, and so it’s really interesting to me to learn about all the different ways you can promote your business to build organic traffic. I have never even seen that blogging title template and am totally gonna use it now! One of my biggest challenges as a blogger is creating articles that are long enough, and this post has given me even more reasons to work harder at that. Google equates length with quality! Thanks again for the info.

    • Not everyone has the motivation to write lengthy articles Penelope but those that do always reach success easier. Do it for passion and everything will fall into place easier. Thanks for drooping by, appreciate the feedback!

  6. Riaz,
    It is easy to see why your website is successful.Your content is very useful, current, and relevant to the theme of your site. I am struggling to get rankings and traffic but you offered some great suggestions that I can apply to my website. I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member but need to reapply myself after reading your motivating site. Thanks again

    • Hey Jim! Appreciate the compliment. the trick is writing content that sets ou apart from your competitors. That’s what matters and that’s what Google wants too. Sharpen your content creation part and everything will follow – traffic, sales and people. Good luck!

  7. Great info and great ideas on how to use SEO to boost your google ranking and congratulations on making the first page. I also prefer jaaxy but do you know of any other sites that offer keyword searches other than jaaxy, other than google? There may be some that cannot afford to join jaaxy after the free searches are used and may be wondering other ways to find them.

  8. Hi Riaz,

    Thanks for the SEO tips, I can see SEO is not only the solid foundation of a website but the lifeblood too. I, myself find myself tempted to outsource SEO as it can be a pain to learn but I am sticking with it due to a fear of company plaguing my site with underhand black hat techniques and killing my site forever. Even some so called trusted experts with $1000/day businesses I see using google prohibited PBN techniques and that technique has incurred google penalties for like 3 years now!

    Only way really is DIY!!

    That template by twelveskip – wow! New screensaver for me! Thanks!

    • Hey Derek,

      Definitely, its very risky to trust SEO firms and if you were to hire them, we need to ask and monitor them what kind of activities are they planning to do and how much efforts are they putting in. If they’re not putting much effort as we have hoped, then it’s much better if we do everything ourselves. Great to see you here again man, thanks for dropping by!

  9. Hello Riaz,
    This was very useful information! I especially found the title template to be of interest. I am always looking for title ideas. I have a question about keyword research. I use Jaaxy free version, and I researched keywords for a topic. These are my scores. The searches=458; traffic=78; QSR=17; SEO=96. It appears that my keyword would be a good one to use. I decided to use it; however, I am not ranking. Were these scores not good? I appreciate any help you would be able to give. Thanks!

    • Hey Kathy,

      Those scores are very good indeed but as I mentioned, we also need to take into consideration the competitor’s quality. Even if you only have 10 competitors, if those websites are powerhouse like The Huff Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur or QuickSprout, you’ll have zero chance of competing with them because people are much likely to click on them. So the next thing to do after researching a keyword is to know first the quality of the competitors.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions, have a great weekend ahead!

  10. Riaz – what an incredible website. I came across you while researching Alex Jeffreys “Launch Bible”. You did an exceptional expose on this product and helped me make my decision.

    I gotta tell you, if I were not already a WA member and user of Jaaxy I certainly would be compelled to do so from your information. I will be reviewing the rest of your site for other SEO tools, however to help my site gain traffic. (Any recommendations?)

    Great job! I am bookmarking you.

    • Hello Loretta!
      Thanks so much, really appreciate that! So great to meet a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member 🙂 . Actually, everything I do to bring my site up is from Wealthy Affiliate – from keyword tools right down to content writing. There isn’t much advise I can give you but what I experienced recently that can really boost your SEO is the length of your content. Although Google accepts a minimum 300 words of any contents, writing at least 1,500 words can significantly increase your rankings by a long shot! This is mainly because of Google’s recent update emphasizing on content rather than links, how I wished I knew of this earlier! Thanks for dropping by Loretta, all the best to you 😀

  11. SEO is such a taboo that not many people believed in it. I like how you shows us instead of plain talk, might just change my perspective 😉

    • I think its a taboo because a lot of scammers claim that you can rank anything fast by cheating people of their money when in reality, it is actually free. I understand that feeling Hank, just stay tuned to my blog posts and you’ll get convinced soon enough 😉

  12. Keyword and content. keyword and content. I’ve been trying to avoid this for a while but I guess it’s time for me to put some effort into it

  13. I like how you tell and show, Riaz. Most people tell you what to do but doesn’t even show you how to do it if you know what I mean

    • I do get what you mean, Cyrus. There are a lot of people doing that and frankly, those posts are not very effective at all in helping us out if you don’t show us how to do it which is why I’m showing how on my posts here 🙂 . Thanks for dropping by!

  14. Wow! This can be one particular of the most useful blogs We’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Actually Fantastic. I am also an expert in this topic therefore I can understand your hard work.

  15. I’ve always though ranking in Google is impossible and would take lots of time and money but you showed us that anyone could do it. It’s men like you that makes the world a better place, thanks for such a splendid article riaz 🙂

    • I wish I could live up to that expectations, thanks Christy. I share tips like this every day which to help newbies succeed online as I too was exactly at the same place as you guys. Thanks for dropping by, do let me know if there’s anything I could help you out with.

    • Thanks Liam! building a website is actually easy though, filling it up with content is a bit time-consuming. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a very happy New Year!

  16. Truly splendid post Riaz, I have to admit I am impressed as to how in-depth your blog post is, this should get more likes. Thanks for sharing with us and showing us exactly how to do it, really love your style of writing 🙂

    • Thanks Delbert, truth be told I’m not much of a writer but after blogging for some time, I realized that my writing style has improved tremendously that I have too many ideas to write about. Thanks for dropping by and Happy New Year 2015!

  17. I have been surfing online more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be much more useful than ever before. I couldn’t resist from commenting. Very perfectly written!

  18. Wow so packed with info! Another great write-up Riaz! Normally I wouldn’t believe this but I saw your site on the first page and it blew me away. Sorry to be such a snob but I much prefer seeing proof before anyone can make claims which is why you deserve a thumbs up!

    • Thanks Ezequiel, I understand fully what you mean because truth be told, I am like that as well. When dealing with things online, you can easily get scammed so showing proof is one way to get the readers’ trust. Thanks for dropping by and hope you have a very Happy New Year!

    • Hey there Geoffrey, I’m glad my article helped you. I was exactly where you were last time, searching for information for hours but now i’m giving back by helping my readers overcome obstacles better. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed awesome, I guess I’ll see you on the other side!

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