What Does a Solo Ad Look Like? The Anatomy of a Great Solo Ad.

What Does a Solo Ad Look Like

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Did you know that there are over 3.6 BILLION email accounts being made already on the World Wide Web?

It’s almost impossible to see someone in the city without an email as technology has made it so crucial for us to communicate efficiently.

With that many email accounts being present on the net, email marketing is growing stronger than ever and solo ads being a branch of it, is quickly capturing the attention of many entrepreneurs which is why today, we will be learning more solo ads.


What is a Solo Ad About?

A solo Ad is a form of Email Marketing, but how it differs from the broader commercial Email Marketing is that it is aimed to get other subscribers’ emails instead.

You see, when you send a solo ad, you DON’T just send it to anyone you please.

You actually have to buy those clicks (Price ranges are usually around $40-$110) from reputable list owners which are solo ad vendors who lend you access to their list of subscribers.

Pretty tricky right?

The reason for these list owners charging so high is because they are also at risk of losing their own subscribers every time they agree to send you solo ad offers to their list.


Why Do People Still Do Solo Ads?

Solo ads are not for everyone and if you’re wondering as to why there are people thriving at it, you might still not have a clear view on this whole solo ad thing.

Here are a few important benefits as to why many people still do solo ads…

  • You can create a list – Even though you are promoting your own offer on someone else’s list, the solo ad link usually brings the clicker to a landing page which will result in you getting their emails.
  • Great way of split-testing – What better way to test out the demand and popularity of new methods or products than by choosing a highly targeted niche of people for results?
  • Money! – At the end of every solo ad campaign, everyone hopes to get some money back through some sales from all that money spent.


How Does a Solo Ad Look Like? –Discover the Anatomy.

So you have an idea of what solo ads are and what they consist of?

Great! Let’s get into details on how solo ads look like in real life by learning to differentiate a good solo and a bad one.

Here’s an example of a terrible solo ad I received from a person named Sam Parker…

terrible solo ad by sam parker

An example of a bad solo ad copy

Tell me, would you even click on this solo ad if it were to fall in your inbox?

Maybe you would due to the title injecting curiosity but here’s what I think of it…

  • Misleading title! – Using misleading titles in order to trick your readers are a BAD way to do business because not only is it unethical, you are also making a bad name out of yourself.
  • Improper greeting – As seen from that solo ad, Sam just called me “Hey” without my name afterwards. Never do this! Not only is this rude, you make it even more obvious for people that you are sending this to everyone else. Where’s the so-called personal touch in that? If you don’t know the person’s name, don’t even bother to say “Hi” or “Hey” at all!
  • Cloaked URL – Sam cloaked his URL to “Watch this video here” instead of leaving the original as it is which a bad move as people WANT to see where that URL leads to. We don’y want to end up clicking on a virus, do we now?
  • The old “free money” trick – Whenever we see any offers saying free money, we know already that it is a sure scam so why bother putting that up?

On the other hand, here’s an example of a good solo ad I received from a famous Internet marketer called Patric Chan…

Patric chan great solo ad

An example of a great solo ad written by Patric

From the looks of it, we can tell already that Patric’s solo ad is more decent compared to Sam’s right?

Here’s why Patric’s solo ad is way better compared to Sam’s and why you should follow as well…

  • Clever use of title! – Titles are your first line of attraction and in patric’s case, writing something like “I don’t know which one excites you more…” is a clever blend of casual and curiosity.
  • He shows the URL! – Although Patric stuffed 3 URL’s there, you can see that one of them shows the original pathway which if you don’t know, is a powerful tool in making your readers trust you enough to click on that.
  • Elaborate on the message – Perhaps the most powerful thing about writing a great solo ad is to elaborate on what you have to offer while hiding the important features at the same time.

If you’ve read Patric’s solo ad, you would already be able to picture what the offer is all about and this is something very important that every solo ad marketer needs to take note of as this will highly increase the rate of click-through and conversions.


Reasons as to Why People Do NOT Open Your Solo Ads.

You might wonder though, why aren’t people clicking on your Solo Ads which you have spent many times revising?

To understand that, you need to put yourself in their shoes and understand why won’t YOU open up some emails that you receive as well?

Still don’t have a clue?

Well here are some of my personal reasons as to why I don’t open up certain emails…

  • Misleading! – I really hate misleading emails which are aimed to actually trick you into clicking such as those “PayPal password change” trick or even the usual “Your account has been hacked” trick.
  • Lies which are obvious – some people still send emails like “You’ve won $1,000! Click here to claim” Which everyone already know that those are scams. I mean come on, we live in a modern era!
  • Caps lock carnage! – Don’t you just HATE it when someone types in all capital letters just to get your attention? Nowadays there are so many of those that we instantly categorize anything with caps as a scam.
  • The lame story about yourself – Have you ever received an email of someone random starts telling you about himself? Something like “I am a millionaire today but I wasn’t always like this…” Nobody cares about your story! We just want to know HOW you can help us! Speaking of stories…
  • Not getting to the bottom of the story – A lot of solo ads I receive try to get me to click on the link by making me feel curious. DON’T DO THIS! There’s nothing worse than being tricked into clicking something that you expected differently so make sure you elaborate briefly on what your message is about instead of leaving people to guess what it is.


Become an Online Entrepreneur! –Learn How to Succeed Online.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

A wise man told me once “If you can’t get your website on the first page of Google, what makes you so sure that people will click on your solo ad?”

I’ve thought of that for days until eventually I realized that in order to get your website on the first page of Google, you NEED people to click on it which is why I decided to bring my online business to another level which is by building a website.

The best Online Classroom on the internet for that, is Wealthy Affiliate and if you want to improve your Internet Marketing skills even further, I would advise you to give it a try.

Although you will be learning about email marketing, Wealthy Affiliate focuses more on getting your website on the first page of Google.

This means that instead of you needing to spend $40 for 100 clicks on your solo ads, getting your website on the first page will guarantee you never-ending clicks for free which is more affordable.

Take a look at what I mean by that…

does anyone use google plus search rankings

Using the knowledge I’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate, I managed to get my website on the first page of Google and this got me loads more traffic a day for free, so much so that I almost forgot about Email Marketing.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your email marketing skills even further, having a website to complement what you’re selling will greatly enhance not only your copywriting skills, but your conversion rate as you are more established and specific.



Solo ads are short, fun, and profitable.

However they can be even more lethal if you learn how to write better copies, avoid common mistakes and build your website to target the campaign better.

If you’re interested in learning more about building a viable business online, do check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading, don’t be shy to ask away all your questions below as I’ll be more than happy to reply.


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