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Wealthy Affiliate website

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Type of business: Online Business Classroom and Community

Price: $0 Starter membership (Starter account), $47 per month (Premium) or $359 per year.

Owners: Kyle and Carson

My rating: 98 out of 100 (Highly recommended)

1 year ago before this very website that you’re looking at didn’t even exist yet, I was in the middle of “being scammed” as I was in another program called Dot Com Secrets X which was draining all my money dry.

I knew that I was being scammed because it had been 3 months since I’ve been in Dot Com Secrets X but have not made a SINGLE penny although I’ve followed all the modules and spent around $800 of my money every month paying for the membership and promotions which was leading me nowhere.

riaz museum

Hi, I’m Riaz.

After spending all my money for nothing for a few months, I finally found the guts to Google out what everyone else is talking about regarding Dot Com Secrets X.

I found out that it definitely IS a scam and taht many people have lost their money which tore out all my hopes and dreams of ever making back all those money that I had spent.

I kept reading reviews after reviews until one day, I found stories similar to mine – being scammed but not wanting to give up and so many of them joined Wealthy Affiliate.

They never tried another program ever again.

I was curious on trying it out but at the same time very reluctant to try after losing that much money but after knowing that you can actually join for free without any time constraints which is very unlikely as many scams allow trials for only 7 days, I decided to give it a try in the end.

I was blown away by the community of common people who are very humble and share the same goal as me – to make money online.

The community is so diverse, there are housewives, school dropouts, even professionals like lawyers who want to learn and make money online the legitimate way and create a second income stream.

I was surprised as to how low-profile Wealthy Affiliate is as it doesn’t do all those aggressive marketing like other scam gurus do so I instantly regained my spirit and pushed myself to learn again one last time.

2 months afterwards, my website is generating me regular income streams of around $3,000 a month and I was so happy I wanted other people to find out about Wealthy Affiliate so I started looking back at those scams and uncover their plots one by one (Click here to see the list of scams that I have reviewed).

Today, my website is generating regular income for me every month and growing consistently (Having a website means more people will find you) and I am even planning to start 2 more websites on February 2015.

I learned the hard way that there is NO such thing as making millions overnight so if you are like me – believing that efforts will pay off, then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for you so do read my review below to know more about this particular program.


What is Wealthy Affiliate? (And How Does it Work).

WA is an Online Business Course which teaches you how to make money out of any passion you have, by building a WordPress website.

In other words, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to become an Affiliate Marketer and here’s how the process goes…

how wealthy affiliate works

So you see, don’t even NEED to sell!

All you have to do is to provide information to what people are searching online.

By doing that, people will be thankful for you so from there, all you need to do is recommend them to Amazon which will do the rest.

Don’t worry about website building, it is actually easier today than several years ago as you don’t need prior knowledge at all.

The website building is the easy part, driving visitors to your site is another which is why after you’ve built your website, your next task at hand is to drive traffic (Website visitors) and don’t worry!

You won’t need to spend a single cent on marketing because all you need to do is rank your website on the first page of Google which is also covered at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is how my website looks like on Google (And so will yours)…

Google search results for easy listbuilding strategies

Google search results for “Easy listbuilding strategies review”

Admit it, even you will be proud enough to tell your friends of your achievements when you managed to get your website up there as it is no small feat.

Once your website is on the first page of Google, it will stay there forever and that is how you’ll get endless traffic for free.

One last note that I’d like to add is that the amount of money you’ll be getting is dependent on the amount of people you can attract to your site because no matter how beautiful your site looks like, it won’t make money if nobody is the in the first place right?

Rest assured could easily make $10 a day or $1000 a day or anywhere in between with Internet Marketing if you put in effort.

It is important to take not that you WON’T be making money overnight though, because Google needs time to know you are serious and that your website is a quality one.

Here’s how your website will look like initially…

My Internet Quest's Google Analytics for December 2014

The first few weeks will be rough but in the end, hard work will pay off and your visitor rate will shoot off the roof as how it did on my site as well.

So what are you waiting for?

Wealthy Affiliate Call-to-action button


Pros and Cons

There are lot of features that I will sharing with you later on but here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons within this program…


  • Lessons are always updated – How you earn money is through your website and in order for that to happen, your website needs to be in tip-top position to prepare itself for Google’s regular system update. Because of that, Kyle and Carson (The owners) regularly mingle around to share news and new tips.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts – Since the lessons themselves are regularly updated with helpful community members who also post new tips as well, knowledge is never ending in Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Classroom-based learning – There are 13 full interactive classroom with tasks to complete.
  • Suitable for any niche – Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money from your website from any passion you may have so you can choose any niche possible from gaming to gardening. Not the passionate type? No worries, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate itself!
  • 10,000’s of members – Wouldn’t it be nice to have to meet people just as enthusiastic as you fighting for the same cause? In Wealthy Affiliate, people from all walks of life be it students, unemployed, or even professionals are there to learn. That remind me…
  • You’ll never run out of motivation – Since there are so many people who are just only starting out in Wealthy Affiliate, you will tend to feel motivated to make more money than the person who joined only 2 days after you.
  • Live Chat – Having a community shows how powerful a program is and in Wealthy Affiliate, you can chat with just about anyone on the live chat bar to get instant help!
  • Spam-free community – It always amazes me as to how kind people are over there. There are over 10,000 members within Wealthy Affiliate which is clearly a great spot to promote something. Still, nobody promoted anything which gives you a clearer mind to focus on learning.
  • NO hidden upsells – Have you ever joined a program online which shows the price is $2 (For example) but the moment you made that purchase, you will be bombarded with many different upsells which costs 10 times more? Rest assured, Wealthy Affiliate has none of those.
  • Free webhosting – Wealthy Affiliate has their own state-of-the-art customized webhost which they provide for premium members. Since the whole program is focused on helping you create quality websites, the webhost is made specialized for WordPress which also shows your website’s performance which is pretty cool.
  • Free websites – First, free webhost and now free website? What more could you ask!


  • It will probably take you at least 2-3 weeks in order to get your first sale – Building a website may take time as Google needs to understand what you’re doing fist before you can rank of the first page. If you are looking for ways to make money overnight, I’m afraid this program is not for you but if you believe hard work will pay off, then this is perfect program for you.
  • You won’t make millions – Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it is important to have realistic expectations before you get started. On average, I have seen people earning around $300 – $700 on their first month. It may be a small amount but businesses start small and only after that will your website start snowballing and earn you more sales.
  • Do not get stuck in the “Learning only” mode – There are some great knowledge to be learned from Wealthy Affiliate and I have seen many people (Including me sometimes) learn but not Knowledge have never been so sweet, especially if you have been looking for that answer all your life but what good is knowledge if there’s no action, right?


Is Wealthy Affiliate Safe?

Safer now than ever.

As an Online Business platform, Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress due to its speed, popularity and ease of use (You don’t need prior knowledge).

For those who haven’t heard of WordPress, it is the number one mostly-used Content Management System (CMS) in the world and if you don’t know that a CMS is, well it’s basically a tool which controls everything on your website so you don’t have to go through all those technical stuff.

Bloggers use WordPress, eCommerce sites use WordPress, and I’m using WordPress too, as well as many Online Entrepreneurs.

Oh yeah and these few companies too…

List of companies that use WordPress

Some of the companies using WordPress (Source)

However, one thing you need to know about WordPress is that due to its popularity, there are a lot of hackers taking advantage of unwary beginners which is why building a website should not be done alone.

You need an education community to go to in case something happens and also to safeguard your Online Business which is also what Wealthy Affiliate specializes in.

Take a look at this…

Wealthy Affiliate's new security update

Recent Security Update at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has its own private webhosting for members and since we revel in WordPress, security is our number one concern and also our strength!

You can always rely on Kyle and Carson (The owners) to help you out if you’re stuck (Or even ask me!) and in their free time, they help improve your overall experience in Wealthy Affiliate. (P/S – The security update was my idea 😉 )


Wealthy Affiliate Tools and Training – Your Weapons of Success.

Wealthy Affiliate classroom

Classroom-based lessons – Very Interactive!

Training is abundant in WA and new information is added every week. A lot?


But as the saying goes, “You’re never too old to learn!” so here’s a breakdown of the training provided:

  • Live video classes every week with questions and answers period.
  • Access to all previous questions other members have asked OR are asking currently.
  • Organized classrooms (on Specific topics)
  • Interactive discussions
  • Live-chat
  • Task-Based courses

With all those training, you are going to need to implement them afterwards in order to catapult your website further.

Wealthy Affiliate keyword search

Screenshot of Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword research tool

For this reason, WA also provides complimentary top notch tools that you can get within WA itself instead of buying more services outside:

  • Keyword and competition research tool (to help you take advantage of low competition words for Google)
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  • Access to over 1,400 website templates/themes
  • Rapid Writer, your content “friend”
  • Unlimited website hosting for business (premium members only)

So Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Everyone! – From newbies to experts alike.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what qualifications you have, whether you are a work from home mom, whether you even go to college or not or even if you’re unemployed!

Here, take a look at this screenshot of ambassadorship within Wealthy Affiliate…

wealthy affiliate ambassadorship

A screenshot of Wealthy Affiliate’s list of Ambassadors

The list goes on for those ambassadors but what I wanted to point out to you is that the beautiful thing about being an ambassador is that anyone can do it!

You get the ambassador title randomly depending on your activities on Wealthy Affiliate, how helpful you are, how communicative you are, and how performing your website is.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, don’t be surprised that most newcomers are fresh newbies of the Internet Marketing world (Like me!), meaning that they have no experience on making money online!

But as they go through the lessons provided, they develop and eventually surpass even the most established members (Except for Kyle and Carson because they are the founders after all 😉 ) there so yes, everyone is equal here.


Can I Really Create a Website About Anything At All?

Of course you can.

Wealthy Affiliate applies for all types of interests that you have whether it’s gardening, meditation, or even a beer blog!

I’m more of a show person rather than telling one so here are some of my friends from Wealthy Affiliate who proved that you can take any type of passion that you have and make an awesome money-making website out of it…

Website niche #1 – Flats for women

Carla's website created by Carla is a women’s shoe blog created by Carla who is a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

To be honest, I have no clue whatsoever on girls shoe fashion but Carla does and she proved that her passion for it allowed to make money out of it.

Now let’s see if the website really is successful and ranks in Google…

Carla's website on Google

Google search results for “Get the hottest and best boot socks”

Mamma Mia, it does!

As you can see Carla’s website ranks number 1 and she even beat which is a powerhouse company and is more well-known!

Carla joined Wealthy Affiliate on July 16, 2014 without having any experience on making money online but she quickly went up the ladder and become one of the most popular members there.

Here’s a look on Carla’s website…

Carla's Wealthy Affiliate profile

Carla’s Wealthy Affiliate profile

She’s inspired many members including me and oddly enough, sometimes I feel like starting a shoe blog for women myself!

Website niche #2 – Advice for mothers

Angela's website created by Angela is a website created by Angela which gives mothers advice from a real mother’s point of view.

I know what you’re thinking – This website doesn’t look pretty! Therefore it’s not successful!”

Oh really?

Let’s ask Google if being “pretty” can stop a website from being successful…

Angela's website on Google

Google search results for “The great hoax about normal”

Sacré bleu!

What I like about Angela is that she proved that content is more important than making your website look pretty.

Sure making your website look nice is great but remember that the main thing people come to your website is because they want information, NOT to just stare at pretty pictures.

Have you heard of Craigslist?

It is one of those websites which are successful because of the content that it has, not the visuals.

And did you know that Angela too, is a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Angela's Wealthy Affiliate profile

Angela’s profile on Wealthy Affiliate

What is even more shocking is that Angela only joined Wealthy Affiliate on September 2014 but already she is in the top 10 Ambassadors which is pretty cool.

Angela proved there is equal opportunity for everyone to grow their business no matter what your background is because if a humble grandmother can become way more successful than her daughter, why couldn’t you?

Website niche #3 – Blog for beer!

Nathaniel's website created by Nathaniel

This is one of my favourites – created by Nathaniel.

Nathaniel loves his beers and he proved that no matter how weird your passion is, you can make a website out of it and there will ALWAYS be a market who are willing to buy.

Now let’s see if goes well with Google…

beer 7 on the first page of Google

Google search results for “How to keg homebrew for newbies”

By Odin’s beard! It’s on the first page of Google!

It is VERY successful in fact, that Nathaniel scored first position and he even beat other more established websites such as the popular which has books all around the world in every bookstore.

How cool is that?

Nathaniel's Wealthy Affiliate profile

Nathaniel’s profile at Wealthy Affiliate

Nathaniel is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and is one of the oldest ones at that as he has been one since 2010!

Yet he’s very humble and approachable which spends his time helping out his second family – Wealthy Affiliate.


Surround Yourself With Those in the Same Mission As You!

Getting stuck is the number one reason internet marketers fail.

You can join as many home-business programs as you want but if you don’t get help and direction whenever you’re stuck, you won’t get far but it’s different in here because as you join, you get to meet all sorts of people from various backgrounds welcoming you.

Kyle talking to me

You’ll know that you’re getting great support when the owner himself is actually talking to you!

Look at the picture above, I was surprised when the founder Kyle was welcoming me the moment I joined Wealthy affiliate! Okay I was exaggerating a little bit, it was actually one day after I joined when Kyle started talking to me but he did!

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 founders – Kyle and Carson. And both of them really care about how the well-being of the users because no matter how busy they get, they will still try to find time to reply you (Although it may take 2-3 days).

And it’s not just a one-time support where other programs will tend charge you higher if you want to speak with the seniors, no. Everyone is equals here which is why we get a long pretty fine and you’ll get access to speak with anyone without pressure of paying more.

In fact, I ask for help a lot and although my questions are really annoying because I have no background in website building and even after a year, Carson still finds time to reply me…

carson being nice

Carson helping me with my problems.

Having the founder himself guiding and talking to you will really make you feel valued as it shows responsibility and trust because the person who created the program himself will always be there for you.

There are loads more benefits of having a community such as…

  • Hope in dark times – When you’re feeling down or depressed, having a supportive community who understands exactly how you feel may be just the remedy to get you back in action.
  • Faster support – The community can help you answer your questions faster than relying on support tickets which would take days to reply.
  • Personal advice – You can even ask for advice from the senior members on what methods or tricks they are using to give you a powerful edge.
  • Greater motivation – A community will motivate you to work harder as you will ultimately feel envious when others who start about the same time as you, are already achieving massive success.
  • Expert feedback – What better way to get professional feedback from experts themselves? People pay for this consultation while we get it for free!


How Much Does it Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate Price

You can get started for free!

There are 2 types of membership that you could choose:

Starter membership: $0 (Join here)

Premium membership: $47 per month or $359 per year (join here)

Wealthy Affiliate may not be the hottest product in the market but after reaching their targeted goal of having 200,000 members, Kyle and Carson decided to open up the doors to more people by introducing the Starter membership which you could join for free.

So how long can you join for free? For as long as you like!

Unlike other home business programs which gives you only a few weeks to try out like Dot Com Secrets X (2 weeks) and Google Sniper 2.0 (7 days), the Wealthy Affiliate membership allows you to join for as long as you like until you’re ready to join as a premium member.

So do take advantage of that and experience the Wealthy Affiliate platform first-hand.

After you have learned everything there is to know about (And make some money along the way), you will want to consider joining as a premium member.

It’s designed to help you gain an edge in your online business by removing those pesky problems we tend to face like expensive hosting fees, pesky keyword tool fees, those website builder fees, searching the net tirelessly for answers, outsourcing people to help… all those removed with a low payment.

The membership contains EVERYTHING you need to know about making your first dollar online. You can look at the premium membership as a living breathing Wikipedia whereby people can just give you answers whenever you’re stuck or even give advice to boost your income.


Make Your First Sale and Share Your Stories!

Every day, there are hundreds of people who make their first sale at Wealthy Affiliate.

They share their happiness with the world and I really love reading their success stories as it warms my heart seeing how happy they are.

It would really make my day if you were there too and I would do everything in my power to guide you into making your first sale as how these people have…

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial collection

My Final Word + Bonus Gift

Riaz Wealthy Affiliate

Look for my account in Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 ranked program on my top 10 list of legitimate home business programs and it receives my rating of 98 out of 100.

Bear in mind that it is also not a get rich quick scheme and to start making money on your website, you need time for Google to recognize it so only after that will you start and get your endless supply of visitors thus your income.

I’ve been part of Wealthy Affiliate for close to a year now and still am so should you decide to join, my username within the community is “Riaz”. Do drop by and say hello!

I will also give you a bonus if you decide to join as a PREMIUM within the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).

This is something i’d like to call an “action takers” bonus as I would really want to help you out by giving you you my personal guidance and some cool traffic building tips I have learned to build up my business from scratch.

I look forward to meeting you, and I’ll see you there!

If you have any questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate, please do leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

Wealthy Affiliate Call-to-action button


Riaz Shah,


Riaz 88kb

P/S – If you haven’t already, click here to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Hey Riaz, that was a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. They truly are the absolute best training platform available for starting an online business. I personally know a few very successful business owners who got their training from WA and they are part of the reason why I got my training there too.

    Everything that you said about Wealthy Affiliate is true because I am now successful online because of WA. Not only do I know and see my online business growing everyday as well as have several of my web pages and posts on Google Page 1 but I know that WA is truly the best there is available online…or offline too.

    Thanks for sharing this great review Riaz!

  2. Hey there Riaz.

    Really nice and comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate here. I’ve been a part of the WA community for a few months now and I could definitely recommend it for anyone. They got training and lessons on every single aspect of running an online business, they provide you all the tools you need, and the community is so helpful and takes care of eachother like no other. If you want to make money online and run an online business, WA is the thing for you!

    Thanks for enlightening us and keep up the good work!

  3. Hello, Riaz

    This is an awesome review on the Wealthy Affiliate and thanks for sharing such value 🙂

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and it’s the best decision I ever made when I was in search of starting an online business.

    I highly recommend WA as a starting point for any newbie. If I’m succeeding online, they can too.


  4. This is a great review Riaz – you’ve covered the important benefits of learning all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. You make it clear that WA is a wonderful learning platform without any of the hype so often associated with other online programs.

  5. Riaz,

    Good representation of Wealthy Affiliate. No hype just the facts! Anyone that tries it will love it and I for one don’t believe there is a better platform out there for educating oneself on internet marketing. Great job!

  6. Hi Riaz, I love your review. It’s all about what Wealthy Affiliate truly is. It’s not an over hyped product, it’s about the community and the education. I’m a member too and I always recommend it to others. You can hardly find a better place if you want to learn.

  7. Hi Riaz! That is a great recommendation. In reality, there is no business that let you get income without doing some work. Great review and all the best for you!

  8. Riaz, this is absolutely perfect. If I didn’t already have an account, I would most certainly be purchasing one after this! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best website building site out there. Good work!

  9. Great WA review! I love how I could try for free, and they did not ask me for a credit card number. Everybody there is so supportive and helpful. I have always been able to help with any questions I have. Best of luck to you!

  10. I did a lot of research when I was looking for some training to start an online business and it is hard to know what’s good with so many scams out there. I found Wealthy Affiliate and it was the best thing that I could have done.

    I have gotten farther than I ever could have on my own and although fast wasn’t something I was specifically looking for (slow and steady wins the race) I have gotten where I am much faster than I would have thought possible, especially since I knew absolutely nothing when I started.

    You hit all the key points that makes WA such a great program and a great community. Keep getting the word out!

    • So glad to hear that Candy. Unless we have some massive money backup or anything, nobody can make huge bucks overnight. Although it will take some time, WA will give you success for your online business to shoot up when you covered the necesairy steps. Thanks for sharing with us, Candy, all the best in your journey!

  11. Hey Riaz,
    Wealthy Affiliate sounds great! Like you I have also been tricked many times by scams. I am reluctant to try another course but since it’s free, I think there’s no harm in trying. See you in WA mate! Thanks for this great review, I enjoyed reading it

    • That’s wonderful news Andrew, I look forward to seeing there as well. And don’t worry about being scammed or not, I will also be there and will personally guide you too ;). All the best!

  12. Hi Riaz, Wealthy Affiliate is so convincing I wanna give it a try but I’m worried of ever paying for it. Do you think I can make $5,000 a month with this?

    • You can earn more than that if you are consistent on your website, Monica. The internet is massive and people are willing to pay for a solution you are offering. But a little note to bear in mind is that you are building a business and like any other businesses, your income will grow from scratch. Of course you will barely even get $1000 on your first month but the longer the hold on, the more your business will grow hence the profit scaling. I have seen many make an average of $2,000 – $7,000 on their first year and after that, the numbers just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Great question Monica, thanks for asking and I wish you all the best!

  13. I’ve heard a lot about this Wealthy Affiliate and your review has got to be the most honest write-up i’ve seen. Thanks for spending your time writing this, Riaz, I’ve seen your reviews and have compared these programs myself and I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best one so far. Gonna give it a try 🙂

    • Glad you find my article helpful, Connor. I’ve seen your profile at WA already and sent you a message with my personal bonus ;). Don’t forget to check your messages!

  14. Hey I know one of those people! I’m so proud Gregg is in there too I’d never thought anyone can make money online, I was wrong. Boy have I lost a lot of time, I bet Gregg’s quit his job already. Hope I can see you inside!

    • Gregg is one of my friends there and he’s one of the budding online entrepreneurs there too, Darcy. That’s so great you’ll surely surprise him when you join, I’ll help you get started 😉

  15. Hello Riaz, thanks for this review. Actually I was searching for an auto pilot internet business platform such as ipad2 and mlsp to help me leverage my Herbalife business. Then I found Your website and have to confess, I got very interested. It seems you are very serious and honest. Please could you tell me if this system can help me to increase my business online? Looking forward for Your answer. All the best from Brazil, Mario Bruno

    • Hey there Mario,
      Sure you can! Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build your Online Business from any niche at all whether it’s new or existing. Like my blog right here is on the blogging/SEO niche, your Herbalife business niche should be somewhere on nutrition and business. Building a website is one thing, getting traffic is another and at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how to do that through SEO which I would say is the best form of traffic you need because instead of traditional marketing whereby you chase after people through paid campaigns, SEO makes people come to you because they want to. It is much more affordable and since they come to your site on their own accord, they will have a much higher tendency to buy what you’re selling. Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to comment on my site Mario, I hope this helps and if you have more burning questions, feel free to ask 😀

  16. Riaz, Great review. I have looked at both Affiliorama as well as Wealthy Affiliate and I have to say that they both have a lot to offer but I’m leaning towards Wealthy Affiliate as I really like their setup as well as it seems like the community of members are more willing to help each other out. The only drawback to either one is that it just takes a long time for someone to get to $5,000 or more a month which is where I need to be.

    I understand that it is a business and not a get rich quick scheme and it takes time to build a real business online or off. I just wish there were a way to help speed up the process a bit.

    • Hey Roger,
      Wealthy Affiliate is more affordable and the features outweigh Affilorama so its definitely a great choice for you. But you’re right about one thing – business takes time and you won’t make that much money in a month or two. Especially knowing that new websites are a bit difficult to rank but there are ways on how to can explode your growth such as guest blogging and creating a schedule to ensure exponential growth if you’re willing to put in the effort. If you want a huge sum of cash in a short period of time, Forex would be your best option but it’s highly risky and you would need a huge capital too.

  17. hello,Raiz I want to know if we newbies in Africa countries like Ghana can also join, already Am in mini importation in Ghana and I would like to blog on it to make more cash.
    Is there anyway available for us?
    Thank you!!!

    • Definitely Eric,
      Wealthy Affiliate is open for anyone and I can personally help you out on your blog. Just click on that huge join button I added above to start creating your account and before you know it, you’re halfway there! Let me know if you need help with anything!

  18. Hi Riaz,

    I have nearly get scammed with REAL TRANSLATOR JOBS Page and luckily I found your text on web regarding this scam. Also I have read your suggestion on WA. Look interesting and I wanted to join too. But I’m a bit confuse on the online business. Can you help me?

    • Hey there Uma,
      Awesome to know you didn’t decide to go with Real Translator Jobs! I’m glad I managed to save your money on something not worth your time. Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommended program for Online Business as I find that it has everything a beginner needs to succeed online so don’t worry, I am with you every step of the way :). Everyone needs a mentor even myself so if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to help your out Uma.

  19. Hi Riaz, I joined Wealthy Affiliate and, I absolutely agree with you. There are thousands of advices and tips available, and I love the community. If there’s any question to ask, someone would help me within hours, if not minutes. I have a feeling that I’ll be happy with my membership with WA for a long time, and hope I’ll be able to help someone in the community in the future.

    Thanks for the great & informative article,

    • Awesome to meet a fellow WA-er Ray, the onlien community here is definitely very welcoming than most programmes, its what makes WA unique and great. Thanks for dropping by, hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

  20. WOW man. This is one of a kind review about Wealthy Affiliate. I am also with for more than a year now and I am very impressed.

    And I must say that they are not a scam and is the best place to get started as a newbie. It took me about 3 months to earn my first sale, but now I am making more that $400 with just one of my websites.

    All I can say is that the training in WA works and there is a lot of success stories to prove it.

    • Wow that is definitely a great success Viljoen, start small and eventually it’ll explode in growth as your website gains visibility. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, all the best in your online career!

      • Hi, interesting post. I’ve joined WA free account to check it out. Username is MWT

        I see Carla’s very dressy flats website the last article that she created is from November 2014, the one you show ranked in Google. Is she no longer working on the site, and why if the program is so good and the site was starting to rank?

        • Hey there MWT,
          I added you in WA, cool! To answer your question, the program is good because it teaches you how to build a website the correct way and monetize any niche that you like. Its awesome because you can follow your passion and build a business around it online fully and rank it well on the first page of Google to where the traffic really is. Carla on the other hand, disappeared and although her account is still active, we could not reach her at all. I used to chat with her a lot but since last year we never could reach her and we have no idea why. Still, her website proves that with effort you can rank any niche well even if you are not attending to it afterwards.

  21. Hi Riaz,
    First of all thanks for this awesome review. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best training platform to learn how to start your own online business. I’ve have come across many other trainings products but most of them are either scams or just way too overpriced. One of the best features I like about W.A is the fact that the owners are openly active to fellow members which is definitely a great plus point. These guys are in this field for a very long time, getting advice from them is definitely very helpful.

    • You’re definitely right on that one Kumar, I was really impressed when Kyle and Carson actually helped me bring my website up and solve the minor technical bugs. It means a lot to us knowing that the big guys are coming down to give more encouragement. Its what sets apart a successful community with those get-rich-quick scams. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, cheers!

  22. You have a really great review here. What really helps all the time are the testimonials and proof of people actually making progress. I hear a lot of positive talk about Wealthy Affiliate definitely is not a scam. The other day my girlfriend was searching on the internet for a way to make money, and she found Wealthy Affiliate as number 1 pick for making money. This website was doing a top 10 ways you can make money from the internet. Thought that was pretty impressive.

    • If Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, then there wouldn’t be so many reviews all over the internet, People wouldn’t take the time to write something if they don’t believe in it and best of all, they are also easily contactable too so they’re always there to help you out, you need only to ask away, even me :D. Cheers Brandon!

  23. Hi Riaz,
    What an awesome review on Wealthy Affiliate. This is my first time hearing of this and I dived in to join but I couldn’t because my country isn’t supported.
    Am from Nigeria, do you think there’s any fix for this?
    Have a great day

    • Hey there Peace,
      So glad to know that you liked my review! I would love to help you out but unfortunately Nigeria is one of the countries which we exclude from giving the free starter membership because we have had bad experience of scams and spammers so much so that your country is marked. You still can join though, but as a premium member only but rest assured I will personally help you out throughout the way. I’m from Malaysia so I understand your financial struggles as our currency is really going down as well. I too joined as a premium member and now I am able to sustain 🙂

      Besides the Nigeria, here’s a list of other countries which Wealthy Affiliate to do not give the starter membership to:
      1. Bangladesh
      2. Egypt
      3. India
      4. Philippines
      5. Pakistan
      6. Vietnam

      Hope this clears the air!


  24. Hello, Riaz. You are 100% right about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a real, legit and transparent company, which has hundreds of thousand members.
    You show real stories of members who succeed online and will long years ahead.
    I can feel your enthusiasm because I love this company too. It is good to learn how to navigate business online, how to be friendly with Google and how to share our work using social media.
    There are many things, which help us to succeed such as constant learning, communication with community members, helping each other.
    I wish that your review would reach many people as possible because Wealthy Affiliate is a real thing.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Thanks for the kind feedback Nemira, its great to see a fellow member here. I wish I could reach a lot more people with this review too. Hope you have a lovely day!

  25. Hey Riaz,
    I have been looking at Wealthy Affiliate on and off literally for maybe 3 years. It always seems to pop-up, and it always seems to make a lot of sense. I guess over time, its dawned on me just how solid it is. Are you sure that Kyle and Carson didn’t write this for you? Just kidding. Thats how good it is. I don’t think I’ve ever been more convinced. Well done! (-:

  26. Hi SALAM
    Interesting post. I want to join WA as a free member. I am from USA. Previously I was planning to join O2 worldwide.

  27. Hi Riaz,

    I understand Google loves and rewards those blogs and sites that have really hot, engaging content. My writing always comes across as dry and boring. Does WA teach us how to write that engaging content that Google loves?


    • Hey Breg,
      As a matter of fact, yes WA does teach you that. I come from a hotel background with no experience in anything online at all besides using Google and Facebook but after joining WA, I was able to create this very blog that you’re looking at. All of the content are all taught inside so don’t worry, I’d say you’re pretty much covered. Cheers!

  28. Hi Riaz!

    Great review! I realize it could take 3-4 months to really start making any money, but I’m curious about the amount of time & effort in those 3-4 months. Is it an 8 hour day, 5 days a week kind of thing or is it more? After those 3-4 months is it a 4 hour day, 4 days a week kind of thing? I’m only asking so that I can better understand if I need to be full time on it to get it started and then back off to part time so that I can then build another site, etc… What are your thoughts on that? Thanks!

    • Thank you Tami! About the time and effort part, you definitely need to work hard and put effort into creating content for your site so you need to work on it almost every day in the beginning. But once it gains the momentum, you can leave it for weeks and you still get income as your website would have been known in Google. You don’t have to do it full time, though, its part time and many people are actually doing this while they have their day jobs to commit to. I started while I was still studying. Hope that helps!

  29. That is a powerful review. Nicely done.

    Like many others, I tried to see what making money online really is. Thanks to the internet, there’s way too much information. So many things to pick up on and no proper way to really learn them. It’s overwhelming.

    Until I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. This may sound super cliche but it’s true. Everything Riaz outlined here is true. It’s a place where learning is properly streamlined and everything you need is under one roof.

    • Thank you for the kind words Andrew, its true that there’s a lot of opportunities today than ever but without action, at the end of the day your dreams are merely wishes still. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  30. Great review Riaz. i have used wealthy affiliate before i just didnt commit to it 100% but that stops today. i will join as a premium member as of today. i really enjoyed reading your blog and i also like how interactive you are with your page viewers.. i strive to do the same. keep up the good work and i will see you at the top!!

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