What is the Best Way to Earn Extra Money? – Learn How to Invest Without Any Capital.

What is the best way to earn extra money

When we hear about investing, the first thing we think about is money.

Money makes money but if you don’t have any, how do you invest?

Fortunately for you (And most of us today), you don’t need money to start investing today because there are other ways of investing without a huge capital and the most effective one? – Starting an online business of your own.


What is an Online Business and Why Should I Do It?

An Online Business is simply as its name implies – a business you make online.

The concept is simple, create an offer to sell and lead people to your site which will result in conversion.

The best and most effective way of starting an online business is with a website because this ensures that you are serious about business and it also helps in creating trust from your readers (They see you as established).

Some might argue that you won’t need a website to make money which is true but there are some drawbacks to that which is… money.

Since you don’t have a website, you will need to spend more money on marketing everyday which is really risky considering that you will never know if anyone is really going to buy your offer or not.

Some people spend up to $2,000 on risky marketing techniques and programs which doesn’t make any money for them in the end so it is only wise to have a website.

Here are some important reasons as to why you need to have a website for business…

  • ZERO startup cost – You can actually start for free from a free website provider!
  • You don’t have to spend on marketing! – Strapped on budget? No worries! Google will be your friend on getting website visibility.
  • Huge scaling potential – Like any business, a website will not give you great success immediately but if you work hard on it, it will keep scaling up and make you more sales than you could ever imagine.
  • A website to be proud of – A lot of people have great respect on those who start their own websites because it takes some guts to build one. Sure starting may be free which everyone can do but maintaining one is difficult which will eventually make you a legend if you persevere.
  • ZERO risk! – Hey, you’re not spending on your website are you? So you have nothing to lose but all to gain! You earn money every time you put in effort but if you’re not doing anything, you’re not losing anything too.
  • You can quit your job! – Most website owners I know of and those who I teach have already quit their jobs to go full-time on their online business. Here’s my 2 cents, do NOT quit your job yet until your income from your website is more than that of your job. It might take several months for your income to grow but believe me, it will all be worth it in the long-run. I used to be a hotelier (And I really love my job) but I quit anyway to focus more on my online business as I am already earning as much as my old salary.


How to Start Your Own Online Business?

Now without further ado, let’s get to the main business at hand – Building your own website.

Don’t worry, you don’t need any prior knowledge at all to start and just about anyone can do it no sweat.

You just need to follow these fabulous 5 steps…

Step #1 – Choose a Passion

You can’t sell anything if you don’t have the passion for it right?

In the Online World, we know this as a niche which is actually a specific field of interest that your website business revolves around.

For example, a bakery serves a food niche and yoga serves the health niche.

The sharper (More specific) the niche, the better.

For example, My Internet Quest (this very website you’re looking at) serves the make money online niche.

However that is way too broad as there are millions of websites doing the same thing as what I’m doing and most of them have been in the industry longer than me so how do I still make by?

By targeting a smaller more specific niche which is making money by blogging.

Doing this will allow you to laser target your audience and reduce your competitors by a long shot not to mention help you plan better.

I specialize in helping beginners make money online by building quality website and blogs of their own which is why I’m helping you build yours for free.

The difference between a blog and website is that they are actually the same thing – The only reason as to why some call it a blog whereas some others call it a website is because a blog is updated regularly. A website on the other hand, is made only for show to boast to people and say “Oh I have a website!”

So don’t worry about making a blog or website because they are both basically the same thing.

Have a niche in mind?

My advice is to choose something you like or good at, like gaming or working out.

If you don’t, I’ve written a blog post of the top 10 niches to choose from here.

Step #2 – Create Your Own Website

Believe it or not, this is the easiest part of them all.

Back then, it will take you some generous amount of time and money as you have to pay people thousands to create a website.

Now, you can literally build one in less than a minute!

Here’s a video on how…

Create a website under 30 seconds

Click to watch in another tab

That video teaches you how to build a website in less than 30 seconds and the website platform for that, is Site Rubix.

There are of course many free website providers out there but if you’re planning to make money and do online business, you need a fast and high performing website which is what Site Rubix is designed for.

Have you heard of WordPress?

Well Site Rubix, optimizes your website experience through WordPress which is why it is so effective (And easy).

Have a go at a website name here…

Step #3 – Monetizing Your Website

Once you have a website, you will need to learn how to monetize it.

People are going to drop by your site to check out your cool features and most importantly, your content which is all good but how are you going to make money if there is nothing for them to buy?

There are 2 ways of making money from your site and that is by selling your own products that you create, or by selling other people’s products.

If you ask me, I would highly recommend you selling other people’s product instead of creating your own because there is a great deal of money to be made out of it with no money to lose.

Creating your own product will take months probably years which is very time-consuming as you need to think of split-testing, reputation building, proof-reading and of course, re-testing your product again and again to see if it’s working properly which would cost you some money.

Selling other people’s products on the other hand, is WAY better as you can basically leverage the product owner’s hard work and get sweet commission of at least 50% of each products you sell.

Just to let you know, it is also the very method I’m using to make money off my website as well.

I’m planning on creating my product one day as well, but I am still in the midst of writing my own eBook and it has been a month already.

The practice of selling other people’s product is known as Affiliate Marketing and it is a legitimate type of online business which is recognized by everyone and every big companies worldwide.

Amazon.com has an affiliate program, eBay has an affiliate program, Wallmart has one too and would you believe that even hotels offer affiliate commissions for people referring guests at their hotels?

I used to work at a hotel called The May Fair Hotel in London and it was my first time encountering an affiliate opportunity for Internet Marketers…

THe May Fair hotel affiliate link

The May Fair Hotel’s affiliate opportunity for marketers

Still, for the sake of this lesson, I’m going to recommend you the best and widely-used platform for Affiliate Marketing which is Amazon.com.

Now Amazon has another name for Affiliate Marketers which is known as Amazon Associates so you need to head there in order to become an Amazon Affiliate.

So how are you going to make money through Amazon?

Simple, by referring your readers to your Amazon affiliate link which you will recommend they buy and Amazon will do the rest.

Here’ a video on how to insert Amazon links on your content…

How to use links for amazon

Click to watch the video in another tab

Basically the idea is to create content around the Amazon product that you wish to sell and provide a link which your readers can click on to go to Amazon and check out your offer.

A word of advice, don’t get too overwhelmed with promoting everything you see at Amazon even if it has nothing to do with your website.

If your niche is about cooking, stick to cooking-related stuff like your recommended spaghetti sieve or even a recommended blender (You get the idea).

I’ve actually wrote a blog post on how to become an Amazon Affiliate here.

Step #4 – Create contents

So you have a great website, a specific niche you target and you’re ready to make some money.

The question is, how do you get customers in the first place?

That my friend, is by writing fresh contents!

Marketing is risky and expensive but contents are everlasting as it will appear in Google forever so the better your content, the more likely you will get people to read and purchase your offer.

There are millions of websites on the web today which means that your articles should be a good one that you will be proud to read, and not just a short 100 word essay.

Today, Google has made some changes and they value quality content which is why writing articles also has a few guidelines you need to adhere to if you want to rank on top…

  • Length of articles – Google set a minimum bar for your articles to get ranked which is 300 words. However, a lot of amateurs will be doing that hoping to get ranked so it is important to write at least 1000 to reduce competition and gain Google’s favour and it is something which I practice on all of my articles as well.
  • Write regularly – Since there are many lazy website owners who simply build the sites and leaving it as it is without updating, Google took initiative to lower their ranks and reduce visibility, thinking that they are not active anymore. Writing contents regularly on your website will not only show that you are still in business, it will also gain you Google’s favour in ranking higher and higher every time. How often should you publish your content on your site? About 2-3 times week.
  • Use long-tailed keywords titles – Never write your blog with short titles because not only is it too broad, it is also very competitive to get ranked as many big established websites will be using it. Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to make your titles unique and eye-catching as well because they are your first chance to grab attention of readers who would want to click on your link whenever they see your site on Google!

Step #5 Sharpen Your SEO Skills!

SEO is your master of traffic generation by content.

It stands for Search Engine Optimization and the reason it is so important is because it is the one thing that determines whether your website will appear on the first page of Google or not.

Don’t get me wrong, writing content is just as important, but SEO is the one thing that actually determines how you get your contents on the first page of Google hence the word optimize.

While contents are great to get readers more attracted to your website, SEO is great to attract readers from Google which is where the majority of your traffic will be coming from.

SEO is very technical and there are many things you need to know of like how to make use of PPC, keywords, how URLs affect your ranking, how relevant topics affect Google’s auto-detect, how links work, which methods are considered blackhat, social media and much more!

Basically, SEO is the art of tweaking or adding little things to make your website more Google-friendly.

It is the language of Google and if you can understand it, you can basically rank anything on the first page of Google and believe me, you can master the highest quality of traffic of all – organic traffic.

Like how Merlin understands the language of the dragons which then allows him to control and summon any dragon in Albion (I watched too much TV).

However you don’t need to know everything as I for one only implement a few of them and here are the important ones you need to take note of…

  • Social Media helps – Sharing all of your posts every time you finished writing on all of your Social Media channels will significantly increase your website’s ranking in Google.
  • Keywords research – Keywords are terms that people type in the Google search bar when they look for something. Learning this will give you the ability to understand exactly what people are looking for, how many of them are looking for it and how competitive that keyword really is. It is actually easy and fun though, especially if you have a keyword research tool and the best one for that is called Jaaxy.
  • Linking your old articles with the new ones – Google wants all your content to be just as important so if there is any old articles which are several months old or even a year old, try adding a link together with your new posts and both of them are going to go up high in Google.

See how cool these tricks are?

There are more of them and it keeps updating year after year so how do you keep track of all them? Here’s a clue…


Join an Online Business Course! – Be in the Know

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

A lot of beginners know how to build a website but what really sets them apart from the pros is their knowledge of SEO because no matter how great your site is, you are never going to make any money from it if no one is visiting it.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best Online Business course out there for beginners and experts alike because not only does it have updated lessons and tools for website building and SEO, there is also a great community of people who are just as enthusiastic as you!

When I first started building my website, I had no idea what I was doing until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

There, I learned the proper way of building a quality website and in just 3 hours, I managed to get this…

Google search results for easy listbuilding strategies

Google search results for “Easy listbuilding strategies review”

I managed to get my post on the first page of Google!

I was wondering as to why some of my posts never got ranked on the first page of Google before until I found out that the keywords I was doing was way too broad and was heavily infested with massive amounts of other established competitors.

From there, I learned how to avoid competition and find niches of keywords that are highly searched for but with very few people knowing about which leaves me with plenty of opportunity to dominate that market.

So what are you waiting for?

Wealthy Affiliate Call-to-action button


A little Note From Me

In the website game, you are doing a business and it is very important to never give up because traffic does not come easily.

Here’s what I mean…

My Internet Quest's Google Analytics for December 2014

Building constant traffic takes time and probably, one article you post on your site will only get you 10 visitors a day (Some even more).

But what if you write 100 articles?

Even the thought of is enough to scare many beginners to give up hope halfway BEFORE they even reach success (Believe me, I have seen many of my friends giving up).

Before people are going to go to your website in tsunami waves, it is important to understand that it will be a roller coaster journey for every new website.

The first few weeks will be hectic and disappointing but if you continue working despite those disappointing results, your efforts are going to pay off in the end.

As you can see from my analytics screenshot above, it was the same for me initially as well because I had a hard time believing that I am doing the right thing.

But in the end, you can see that my efforts paid off and I am now getting a constant steam of traffic (Fancy name for website visitors) which is continuously growing and increasing my sales as well.

I hope someone have told me this when I too first started this website last year but now, I’m giving you this advice instead – Never give up!



Doing an Online Business is fun as you can basically control anything that comes in and out of a website which is definitely something to boast about.

People spend thousands of dollars to study web development in order learn how to build a website plus SEO but if they know where to look, they wouldn’t have spent all those money realizing that just anyone can learn how to start a simple website, build a business out of it, and still earn money out of it regardless of their backgrounds.

That is why if you’re looking for a way to learn how start a viable business stream online, check out my #1 recommended program for that here.

Thanks for reading, do drop any thoughts you might have down below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.


Riaz Shah

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  2. I’ve heard how people make money on the internet but never knew how. Your blog has great info, Riaz and I’m starting to believe that there’s still hope in this. Is Wealthy Affiliate your recommended program? I’ll give it a try 🙂

    • It is, Kelly and it is free to join too. It is also where I learned how to create this very blog you’re looking at. Welcome to the family then, I’ll guide you inside 😉

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