How to Make Money Fast for a Kid? –My Top 10 Tips.

How to make money fast for a kid

When I was a kid, I had always wondered if there are some ways for me to earn money to buy that action figure that I’ve always wanted.

Apart from selling lemonades, there aren’t as many things a kid can do to earn money back then because we weren’t as creative before not to mention the use of technology is also limited (Come on, our phones were as huge as hard drives!).

Today, kids live in an era of boundless opportunities with technology making everything easier which can also mean more money to be earned.

Some parents (The conservative ones) are way too afraid to let their kids start earning on their own as they don’t want them to get bad influence from others so here’s my remedy to that…


Why Should Kids Learn to Make Money?

A lot of people have this perception that kids have to enjoy their lives as much as possible because when they grow up, the working life would mean the end of all enjoyment.

They may be right… but only if the kid enjoyed waaay to much without leaving any room to hone their skills for their future endeavours.

Here are some cool facts as to why kids need to learn how to make money on their own…

  • Nurturing young entrepreneurs – Kids who start going through the process of making money since young will eventually grow up having more ideas as they grow. They will grow up creating jobs for people, not the other way around.
  • Excel in school – As kids go through challenges in life, they will grow up being used to making the best of their surroundings and excel in it. When other kids are struggling to draw clouds, your kid would have reached the extent of colouring his own drawing of Doraemon.
  • Problem-solving skills – Selling lemonade may sound easy but when you actually want to go on that path, you will encounter many challenges such as where to get ingredients and how to make your lemonade irresistibly awesome. Kids who go through these challenges and succeed will grow up with valuable problem-solving skills which helps broaden their perspectives even more.
  • You help prepare your kid for the future – Give a kid $20 and he’ll spend it on 1 toy. Teach a kid how to make $20 and he’ll make ten times more money to buy toys for as much as he wants.
  • Survival skills – Most importantly, they learn how to survive as they grow up without ever needing to depend on their parents to bail them out everytime.


How Can Kids Make Money Fast? –Top 10 Ways to Earn.

Ah finally, the main dish of the day.

There are many ways on how kids can earn money today and here’s some of them…

Make Money #1 – Smuggle at School

This is classic.

School is already boring as it is and for kids, it is the very definition of boring which means only one thing – They would do anything for excitement.

When I was young, I used to sell chewing gums and cool-looking erasers at school and it used to be so hot because it was forbidden due to obvious reasons (Teachers are afraid kids will stick their gums underneath tables).

My little brother took it one step further – He sold pirated CDs few years back and made well over $3,000 at school which surprised even me!

Back then CDs were the rage when it first came out and even teachers helped cover him because they too were his customers!

Today, there are tons of things you could sell at school such as new action figures, collectibles, snacks, and even cool gadgets!

Bubble gum still works but they are risky.

Although this is a naughty way of making money for kids, as long as they are doing no harm, they should have nothing to worry about.

If selling under table is not something you agree on, then there’s always the classic way of…

Make Money #2 – Selling Through a Physical Booth

Selling under the table might teach you how to bend laws when you grow up, but selling through your own booth is a classic way of teaching your kid to become an entrepreneur… and make money out of it.

Traditionally, kids sell lemonades (Which still works) out of wooden booths they usually make in front of their houses but today, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to sell everywhere, even at school fairs or an exhibition hall.

Schools today are keen in developing entrepreneurial minds since school so they usually do small events or fairs with table booth where kids can create their own stuff and sell.

Brilliant kids can sell inventions like those in a science fair whereas normal casual kids usually sell more entertaining stuff like accessories and game competitions.

Oh yeah, and there’s always that choice of doing a garage sale which would attract a lot of people.

Make Money #3 – Ask Parents for Paid Chores

When I was young, we had 3 cars at our old house.

2 of them are small Hondas for my parents to go to work and one of them is a spare MPV which we usually use to go on family trips on the weekends.

My parents are doctors so they spend most of their time working early morning till nighttime and on special cases, the hospital calls them in the middle of the night to go back to work as there always patients who need urgent attention.

They rarely have time to wash their cars and so one day while we were having a meal together, I asked if there is any work around the house that needs doing as I could use with more allowance.

My parents were reluctant to make use of me as they wanted me to focus on studies so I told them to think of it as work instead and they were more than relieved.

So every week during the weekends, I get paid $50 to wash all 3 cars which is not that bad considering it only took me 2 hours.

Kids are always looking for some spare cash whether to go out with friends and watch a movie so it is not something very weird.

Telling them to clean the house or mow the lawns would be pointless as they will always find ways to escape anyway but paying them for it will make them more willing to do work and all of it worthwhile.

Make Money #4 – Tutoring

Sending kids to tuition centers is not only expensive, but pointless if the kids do not want it.

Because of that, classmates, schoolmates, or even other kids who are studying the same subject and syllabus usually are more effective not to mention trustworthy when it comes to giving tuitions.

When I was in school, my neighbours used to pay me $10 an hour to come and teach their children at home so that they can observe if their kids are really studying or not.

This is a great way to earn some money without doing much work because you basically teach again what you were taught in class… Supposing you actually pay attention.

If you have not been paying much attention in class, you now have a reason to work harder.

If you are already a top scorer in school, well it’s an opportunity for you to earn some cash AND impress your neigbours.

Who knows, maybe you’ll also get the opportunity to spend more time with that girl or boy in class you’ve been eyeing on 😉 .

Make Money #5 – Graphic Designing

Note: This will only work if you have skills in designs.

As we live in an era of technology, there are plenty of kids today who grow up with designing skills which would make everyone from my era jealous.

Back in my age, people only learned how to do designs on computers when they are in college.

Today, software are made vastly available everywhere that any child can take up designing at a very young age as a hobby.

At 9 years old, my brother was able to draw this…

my brother's drawing

My little brother’s drawing

He got the inspiration from playing too many games, particularly one that’s called Black and White.

From there, people saw his potential and started paying him to draw more which made him very happy.

Although he doesn’t know how to design digitally, he knew how to scan his drawings and made alterations through Photoshop which made people even more impressed, including me!

With his great drawing and conceptualization skills today, my brother is now currently studying architecture and I’ve never been happier for him 🙂 .

Moral of the story – If you are good at drawing, you can make money by drawing for people.

You can also become a freelancer through platforms like Fiverr and eLancer to get more jobs.

Make Money #6 – Sell Your Stuff on eBay

ebay sell

Perhaps the easiest way to make some quick cash is selling your used (Or not-so-used) stuff on eBay!

But in life, there is always a catch – nothing is always easy.

eBay is very competitive as there loads of people who are also selling their stuff there so what are the chances of people selling the same stuff?

Take a look at this…

eBay price difference

List of people selling PS4 on eBay

If you want to sell a PS4 on eBay, how do you know those buyers are more interested in your product than that of your competitors’?

There are so many PS4’s around and your competitors may reduce their prices to more than $100.

Studying your competitors and learning how to grab the market is one of the challenges you have to go through when selling in eBay.

Make Money #7 – Babysitting

Perfect way to make money for those who love children!

People travel all the time whether it’s on vacation or work and most of them have kids that they cannot bring.

Some parents do not prefer sending their kids to day care centres which leaves room for you – an independent freelance babysitter!

If you are close to your neighbours or relatives, they wouldn’t mind having you around to take care of their kids as they trust you.

Becoming a babysitter doesn’t have any requirements, you can do it regardless of your age which is a great way to earn some quick cash when your neighbours are away!

One catch though – You NEED to love kids (Some people hate kids so much so that they don’t even want one).

Make Money #8 – Write for People!


Writing gigs on Fiverr

Are you a great writer?

One of the best advantages of being a kid is that you are still fresh in the learning curve, especially writing.

You learn the correct way of using words and grammar which could also be your salvation in earning money so why not become a freelance writer while you’re at it?

There are many websites out there who pay loads of writers but if you want to start small, FIVERR should be your best bet because you can charge people $5 for every write-up that you do.

Becoming a freelance writer is perfect for those who are still learning as you will learn how to improve your writing better and for those who are already good at it, it is time to earn some good money from it.

In case you don’t like writing for other people, I think it’s high time you…

Make Money #9 – Start a Blog!

collection of kids' blogs

Some of the successful blogs made by kids

I know this isn’t a quick way of making money fast, but blogging will earn you a continuous stream of income in the long run.

Every business needs a website or a blog and for kids, this is the most fun part of all.

Contrary to 10 years ago, today there are PLENTY of kid bloggers who are getting a famous and making a killing out of blogging already.

Some blogs to check out…

  1. Biba’s photos
  2. Super Tom
  3. Never seconds

So how do you make money from a blog then?

The concept is simple.

See when you blog, you get traffic (Fancy name for website visitors) to your site.

When people come to your site, they click on what you offer on Amazon and you get money!

Here’s how little Martha makes money by selling through Amazon…

Never seconds Amazon offer

How Martha sells her stuff by directing her readers through Amazon

Simple, no?

And building a blog is not hard at all, here’s a video on how to do that in less than 30 seconds…

Create a website under 30 seconds

Click to watch in another tab

Have a blog name in mind? Well what are you waiting for? Type it in here!

And that’s it!

If you’re wondering what is the difference between a blog and a website, they are both basically the same thing – The only difference is that a blog is updated regularly.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Before I leave you to handle the blog on your own, there is a program that I would like to recommend called Wealthy Affiliate which is an Online Business course which teaches you all you need to know about making money from a blog.

It has all the tool you need – A free blog builder, updated online classroom, keyword research tools and even a community of people just as enthusiastic as you so you won’t feel alone and overwhelmed!

Wealthy Affiliate Call-to-action button

Make Money #10 – Teach Someone How to Use a Computer

Kids today are so connected with technology, it is very hard to find someone who doesn’t know what an internet is.

When I first got my first cell phone, I was 16 and I was already happier than a witch in a broom factory.

Today, kids have phones as early as 8 and they can even complain for not having an iPhone!

In the city especially, kids live one with technology that I often see my neighbours being taught on how to use technology BY their own kids which is amazing!

This is a great opportunity for kids to earn some extra cash by helping those who are IT illiterate because not everyone knows how a computer works.



There you go, my top 10 ways on how kids can earn money which took me 5 hours to finish writing (phew).

Being a kid today is awesome as there are boundless opportunities for them to make money.

As long as you are good to everyone even your neighbours, you will have no problem at all when you want to approach them for some quick work and if you’re lucky, people would give you extra money just for being a nice helpful kid!

If you’re interested in learning more on how to earn money by blogging, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading, don’t be afraid to drop any comments you may have down below and I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂 .


Riaz Shah

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