How to get My Website on Google? -Skeptic’s Guide to Reaching on Top.

how to get my website on Google

I know what you’re feeling.

I’ve spent so much time on my website publishing content, designing and tweaking… But why couldn’t I find my website on Google?

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to be someone famous in order to do that? I don’t know any technical stuff, should I just pay someone to help me with that? There has to a missing link, right?


The truth is that every website, even the new ones can rank on Google easily because the reason there are websites in the first place, is because you want to find it online.

Unless you want to go through all that trouble of building a website just to hide it, you’ll have no worries on your website not being able to appear in Google.

That brings us to the next question at hand…


Why Isn’t My Website on Google, Then?

riaz shah eportfolio

My e-Portfolio that I made as part of my class assignment last year.

Being a student with no backgrounds on SEO or anything online, I’ve asked myself on how to get my website on Google search many times before I finally created this very blog My Internet Quest you’re currently looking at.

I was a major in hotel management so I had no idea on how to market online but surprisingly, few of my assignments that I needed to do back then was about websites.

One of them was on a Google Sites e-portfolio which has even lesser authority than a full authority website but surprisingly, it is still available on Google search.

riaz shah eportfolio on Google search

Google search results for “Riaz Shah eportfolio”

One of the reasons as to why this is so is because of the fact that my eportfolio was made using Google Sites so because it is under Google, I get the benefit that I wasn’t supposed to get as a new online venture.

This also explains why it is easier to find your pages that you create on other websites such as Facebook or Linkedin and this is mainly because those websites have domain authority as people already know their names and they have huge amounts of traffic (Fancy name of website visitors) every day.

Still, that is the case for huge and already well-known websites. What about new and rising ones like my website and probably yours?

It is still the same for any website though, you will still end up in Google search even if you don’t update your site. All you need, is time.

So how do you increase the time of which your website will appear in Google? That my friend, is when we learn about the mystery of…


Website Indexing – Increasing Your Website’s Google Appearance Speed.

So what is a Website Index and what does it have to do with getting my website listed in Google?

A website indexing (Also known as web indexing or internet indexing) simply put, is the process of search engines indexing your website so that you can appear in their system.

It is how Google notices your new website, your new page, your new blog post, or anything new that you may have online so that they can list it in their search results.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? To know that anyone can see their websites on Google so easily.

However it’s not a matter of how when it comes to indexing, it’s a matter of ‘when’ because for new websites, it will usually take around 2 weeks for Google to index your page.

Meaning that even if you update your site several times 3 days straight, none of them will appear in Google search unless it is indexed.

So what influences Google indexing speed? Take a look at this…

total number of websites graph

The number of websites really shot up in 2014! I wonder how many website’s we’ll have this year?

Did you know that every year, there are hundreds of millions of websites being launched?

Because of the sheer number of websites being built at a very fast pace, Google took up the initiative to index new websites even slower so that other websites who put in effort and update regularly are given priority.

Which means that if you want your website to get indexed fast, you need to regularly update your website because if you do that often enough, Google will start getting ‘used’ to your updating pattern so much so that they’ll come more regularly from once in 2 weeks to once a week and eventually, two times a week to index your site.

In fact, some blogs which update regularly with fresh new content have Google indexing their pages every day so that’s one goal to aim for!


Google’s Edge as A Search Engine Leader

search engine market share pie chart

Google owns a huge chunk of the share!

Why Google exactly and why not Bing or Yahoo!?

Easy, that’s because Google has a huge number of users and owns the largest market share of all the global search engines.

But there are of course other cool benefits that Google has which makes it great for website owners to grow their online business…

  • Specialized for website development – Google has many great features that we all love and use but the real game-changer for website owners are the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster which we can use to monitor our website growth for free.
  • Connectivity – With just your Gmail account, you can sign up for Google+ and YouTube as both are owned by Google. Not only that, you can also rank better on Google because if you’ve set up your Google+ account as Google can recognize you as an author thus tipping the scales to your website’s favour.
  • Precise search results – Google has a more precise search result compared to Bing not to mention more updated and because of this, you will have a better tendency to rank faster by leveraging keywords.

We know Google is big but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the other search engines too.

Although Bing comes in second, 9.86% of the total global search engine market share is actually pretty big considering that there are a few billion internet users all over the world.

You can actually learn how to get your website to appear in Bing with very little effort since it is not as sophisticated as Google, and I actually covered that in my previous post here.

Now that you know how easy it is for your website to get indexed and how crucial it is for your online success, you might want to find out…


How to Check Your Website Rankings?

It’s a closure knowing that your website is doing fine and is on the right track but when it comes to online business, we often want to keep track of our progress and in this case… our page rankings.

Checking a website’s page ranking is pretty easy, there are 2 ways on how to go about doing that and the first is through an external rank checker.

There are many free external page rank checkers online and one of the most popular ones is SERPs.

The way to utilize this is pretty simple – All you need to do is key-in your keyword of the page title, your domain, and choose Google as your search engine.

keying in the keyword and domain in SERPs

Just fill in those blanks…

It’s pretty cool knowing that you can check your rankings not only on Google but also on other search engines but for this example, let’s have a look at my website’s ranking according to the rank checker…

SERPs rank checker results for copy paste income review

Looks like this page in at the 14th position!

According to the results, my page is in the 14th position which is somewhere around the second page since one page has only 10 results. Let’s have a look on Google’s search results shall we?

google search results for Copy paste income review

Found it on the second page! Looks like I went up a rank 🙂

There you go! An easy way for you to check your site’s page rankings in Google and this is very useful especially if you publish content on your site often and you want to see how your new article is doing.

SERPs is cool and all but if you want your website to grow, another way to check your website ranking is to have it attached to Google Analytics because you’ll be able to monitor your website’s growth in more detailed statistics.

Google Analytics is a free service made by Google to help website owners monitor their site growth in statistics and graph.

It’s a wee confusing to get started as there are several terms that you might not understand if you’re new to the website world so just in case, here’s a quick a video on how to set up your Google Analytics account…

Google webmaster and Google Analytics video WA

Clicking will open you a new tab to Wealthy Affiliate where the video stored.

It may look overwhelming at first glance but trust me, it’ll soon be like second nature to you because you won’t be doing much inside anyway – You’ll just log in from time-to-time to check up on your site’s statistics, graph, rankings and sources of traffic.


Why is Hard for My Website to Rank? –I Want to Know How to Get My Website on Google Page1

Now that you know your website is alive and is within the ranks of tens of thousands of websites all over the world, it’s about time we learn how to beat all those sites and rise on the first page.

Your website may have already been in Google, you just haven’t ranked it well yet so to know what influences Google rankings, there is a little something which we Internet Marketers implement daily and that is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Simply put, SEO is the practice of getting your website ranked to the first page. It is actually a very wide subject – So wide in fact, that you could learn as a separate subject in universities (Which I never even knew till I graduated!).

Fortunately for you, you do not need to learn everything in order to rank on top – All you need to learn are the essentials which are low competition keyword research, impactful content creation and content promotion which every successful website owners do.

Of course, it also helps if you learn some cool tactics to tip the SEO scales to your favour such as the “Fetch as Google” trick which can help you get Google to index your page much faster by actually ‘telling’ them of your new post.

fetch as google Affiliate marketing nichesOr submitting your site to Bing so that you can grab their traffic as well when everyone’s distracted with focusing on Google alone.

Bing submit for My Internet Quest

Bing traffic is still traffic!

Website traffic hacks, SEO, proper content creation methods – All of these can be learned at Wealthy Affiliate which I highly recommend you to check out if you would like to learn more on how to rank easily and grow your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business course which teaches you how to build a winning website and monetize by ranking it on the first page of search results because that’s where the traffic is.

The lessons are regularly updated because you always need to be in front of the news when it comes to SEO, the keyword tool is great at finding keywords with low competition, and the community is also very helpful and friendly that you can always ask your friends on how to solve your dilemmas almost immediately.

When I first started my blog, I had no knowledge on how a website works and I almost gave up hope until Kyle and Carson (The owners) helped me get through and now my website is growing well…

google search results for affiliate marketing niches

One of my pages on the first page of Google!

Although not all my pages are ranked on first page of Google yet, many of them are and I’m focusing on bringing my previous pages on top too but what’s important is that my website is already on the first page now and I can finally spot it on top if I searched for my blog name.

I was grateful for having these great people backing me up as without them, my website wouldn’t have appeared in Google so if you ever decided to join, I’ll personally lend you a hand inside with my tips and support.



Getting your website on Google is pretty easy, the real challenge is to actually rank it up all the way to the first page.

Though it may look overwhelming, learning SEO can actually be pretty fun and eventually you’ll even forget that you are ever learning because in the end, it’s all about getting more traffic and tweaking your website to make your site grow and rise through the ranks.

If you’re interested in learning more on how to rank your website on top, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading, do drop your comments down below as I’ll be more than happy to reply!


Riaz Shah

16 comments to “How to get My Website on Google? -Skeptic’s Guide to Reaching on Top.”
  1. Hello Riaz Shah
    First of all I have to agree with you about wealthy affiliate.
    It is a great platform from which to launch anyone’s career as an online business man or woman.
    Of course once they do join, just as you did they would have all the training, help and support they could ever hope for all in one place.
    With this article already ranking on Google perhaps there will be people reading it who will get the idea into their head that just like you they could build a website and get it indexed and ranked as well.
    I sincerely hope so because without proper training and that all-important support becoming the owner of a successful online business will be hard work.
    Robert Allan

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback Robert, indexing is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Glad you liked the article, cheers.

  2. Hi Riaz,
    Wow I am blown away by your story. and what a very informative website! It is very well done. I’m gonna have to follow and stalk it everyday. I am an extreme newbie and trying my hand out at earning online.
    How long ago did you start making the site. It seems that i’m gonna have a lot of reading and note taking to do.

    • By all means, stalk away Ann! I’ll be here almost everyday so I can surely help you out here if you do have any questions whatsoever. It was on July 2014 so I’ve been at this website for a year plus already it seems. Thanks for the kind words, best of luck on your online career!

  3. I absolutely love your article Riaz.

    It’s so informative! Full of things I knew nothing about… and yes… the wait for something to happen with your website is annoying!

    How long is ‘time’? Is that months.. is that years…

    You have explained the process so easily… you clearly understand it all!


    • Hello again Sammi!

      Not years lol, its only a couple of months so it is very achievable 😉 . I won’t say that I understand it all but you’d be surprised just how you can rank well by learning those essential parts. Great to see you again Sammi, hope you’re doing well!

  4. That is an incredible article. SERPs seems like an awesome tool to give you an estimate of your progress with your website assets.

    I like your site. Feels like a great source of information for newbies.

    I am just only starting with my online journey and this is an awesome place to fill in many blanks.


  5. One of the hardest parts of trying to obtain first page rankings in google is the fact that it takes time. All of the sites that are ranking high right now didn’t just get there overnight so I think patience really comes into play with this. Once you can move past that slight discouragement and you can continue to publish awesome keyword targeted content, you can get there.

    • Right you are Skigh!

      You have a cool name! Time is essential in ranking but it will all be worth while in the end as the traffic we’ll be getting is awesome. Keyword targeted content is also important in helping us rank well, thanks for the input.

  6. Hi there Riaz , nice costume and tie , you look very serious.Perfect.

    You are so correct on the enormous competition that new websites bring into play.Every year these numbers are growing.Indexing takes a lot of time , especially if your niche is a high competitive one , like the “make money online.”

    I had to keep on blogging for quite a few months before I watched an increase on my traffic and my posts to get indexed.In fact I keep on blogging every day.Not to disappoint anyone but with this huge competition there is no other way.But every business demands the same dedication and hard work.Offline businesses are no different at all.

    Nice recommendations on setting up a G+ and You Tube account , that can help rankings and authority.

    What I do to check my pages and posts for rankings is entering the Google webmasters (now search console) and they provide an average for all the keywords.

    Exactly , Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate training in learning everything about SEO , website development , content creation.I am proud fan of WA and I never stopped from recommending it.

    Excellent extended article , very in depth info

    • Hey there Tasos,

      Actually, indexing can be pretty quick if you publish your website regularly. Just like you, my blog was stuck with no growth for several months but after that, indexing is a breeze and I can see my pages in Google in less than an hour. And you’re absolutely right about business too, it won’t grow if you don’t put in effort because really, there is no such thing as becoming a millionaire overnight. Thanks for your feedback Tasos, so glad to know that you find my article helpful.!

  7. Hey Riaz,

    Wow!!! This is one of the best post I ever read. I learned a lot. Your post is very informative! I know and sure that WA will fully support its member. The things you mentioned, website indexing and rankings I am familiar but I don’t know yet to do it well. I bookmarked your post because I will use it as a reference in finding more interesting things about rankings in google. And I will try the instructions you recommended. Please keep on writing post like this. Thanks a lot for this post.


    • Thank you for your kind words Marcy,

      It may look overwhelming at first but after a while, you can already guess your statistics before even realizing you could! Website indexing might be a bit slow in the beginning but after a while, you won’t need to worry about it at all as your page can get indexed pretty fast automatically. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great day!

  8. Hi there,

    Wow that’s a bunch of great information you’ve got right here!

    I never knew about the serps website, where you can check your rankings under keywords… That’s a great online tool, thanks for that tip.

    I always wonder if there are any more great secrets to the SEO world… There’s always people that rank very well with all their websites, and I wonder if there’s more to it that they’re holding back 😉

    To be honest it would be a bit weird to give away all your secrets no? Why would you let others overtake you on the first page? 🙂

    Cheers and thanks for the amazing article!

    • Hey there Marteen,

      Great question you have there! Actually there are many keywords to rank for and it all depends on how much effort you put in so its okay for you to share you secrets. I know how to rank myself but sometimes I get too lazy that I don’t feel like putting effort to work on my pages so there’s loads of keywords and posts for you to rank, don’t worry 😀

      Plus people will love you more if you share those valuable info which they cannot find anywhere else. If you share great secrets, you will spark more curiosity within them as they will start thinking that if you can share that much info, imagine what they will get if they buy your program. Thanks again for your kind words, hope you have a great day!

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