Does Anyone Use Google Plus? I Thought So.

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Google+ seems like an awesome social media to join (it is) but it seems like nobody’s using it as much as the use Facebook and Twitter.

When I first created my Google+ account, I felt the same thing too!

My first experience was a disappointment because all those marketing Google does, seems like a lie when none of my Facebook friends even have a Google+ account.

So I took up the initiative to do some research and now I fully understand (more or less) the facts on why Google+ seems empty because actually, it’s not!


What is Google Plus all about?

If you know Facebook, then you should have a glimpse of what Google Plus really is.

It is a form of social media made by Google of course but with a focus larger than just casual communication which is – to improve your business.

Sure you can have Facebook’s “like” which is also known as “Plus one” in Google Plus, you can share pictures and post, as well as the fact that you can do just about anything Facebook can!

BUT the reason Google Plus is not popular yet is because it is still fairly new and for most people, new is not always good!

For example, you might be using Microsoft all your life but when Apple start out and created Mac, would you want to lose all your Microsoft skills just to learn how to use a Mac?

Google Plus is going to have a great impact on what you do and will definitely get better for 2015 so trust me, you won’t want to miss out what that happens!


Why does Google Plus look like a barren wasteland?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s thinking that nobody else is using this Google Plus thing.

Sure although there are of course many users as well, they all only consists of famous people which of course will get followers no doubt!

Here’s some of the more plausible reasons as to why not many of us still use Google Plus:

 1) Google+ is still new

Face the truth, the reason you created Facebook was because your friends asked you too didn’t they?

Even if that’s not the case, you would have probably created Facebook out of curiosity to check out why everyone else is using it.

In a similar but opposite case, none of your friends say “Hey add me in Google+” because in reality, that particular social media is all too new.

It would take some miracle to get loads of people to join like for example, if Ed Sheeran says he will talk to you in Google+, wouldn’t you want to create an account too?

Sure Google+ is an entirely new feature but it is expected to rise in popularity in a few years so why not establish your own profile there so that you won’t look like a complete noob when other people are still figuring out on what to do.

 2) The target market is more to business

Every social media wants to capture everyone in the whole wide world and make them join but this is where Google+ starts to differ.

Instead of targeting everyone, Google+ focuses more on the business and entrepreneur market which I would say, is pretty clever.

The G team knows that everyone needs an online thumbprint for business and that the number of people interested in doing business is also starting to rise drastically every month, every year.

If you have a local flower shop, wouldn’t you want your shop to be easily located in the internet so that you can get the upper hand in business and beat your competitors?

And if you are a blogger, wouldn’t you want your blog to be noticed by everyone easily in the internet compared to the other bloggers?

You could also promote your business online by doing paid advertisements which is more than 10 times cheaper than paying billboard rental for a month!

The Google team synchronizes everything that Google has such as the Gmail, the Google search bar that you use every day, and also the Google+ details to make your presence stronger online which I would say is pretty amazing don’t you think?

If you have a local business and you save the address on your Google profile, others can easily find your position on Google Maps no matter how small or ugly your shop is.

Even if you’re not into business, having these features are enough to convince you to have at least an online business so that you’ll make some measly cash at the comfort of your own desk.

 3) Google+ seems overwhelming

As we know now, Google+ is more suited to the business-minded.

But for those who aren’t interested in work and business, it seems a bit too overwhelming with stuff normal people don’t need like a website link, authorship, and long profiles.

Sure it is fun to use Google+ without the purpose of boosting business but we’ll always get that feeling of something is missing which will send us users back to using Facebook instead.

The overwhelming feeling gets worse in Asia because any technology made by the Western World will comes much later in the Asian market.

Would you believe that nobody uses Google Glasses in South East Asia?


Is Google+ Important? –Give It The Benefit of Doubt!

You might be thinking, “If it’s so barren, why should I care?”

Well you might not have to as it might not have much to offer for people who are not interested in building their career but in terms of business, Google Plus can greatly help in SEO!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just a fancy name for a practice of trying to get a website on the first page of Google which is why it is VERY important.

So how does Google+ affect your SEO?

Here are some cool benefits to ponder on…

 1) Rock your SEO by sharing on Google +!

Google Plus maybe new but always remember, it is made by Google!

And one thing about Google that you have to bear in mind is that you will be rewarded if you use their products.

So if you want to get higher rankings on Google search results, simply share your website posts there too!

According to a study made by Tasty Placement, sharing on Google+ will result on a 14.63 average rise organic search position which is definitely higher compared to Facebook’s 6.9 average rise.

google plus shares boost seo

Infograph on how Google+ shares can boost SEO (Click to enlarge)

2) Total integration into everything connected to Google!

If you have a Google+ account, setting it up will be a pain because there is SO many things you need to fill in.

Before you give up hope and run back off to Facebook, know that Google+ has a pretty good reason to ask for those information in such a detailed format and that is because it can greatly help you in everything SEO!

Here are some ways on how Google+ links your account to SEO…

  • You can rank better in YouTube (Yes, Google owns that now).
  • You can type in your name in that Google search bar and see account appearing (Good career-wise)
  • You can add yourself as the creator of any website, as a reviewer, or even link yourself to some books as the author so that whenever people click on that book, your name will appear in Google too!

 3) Advantages for local businesses.

Noticed how many forms you have to fill in in Google+?

Not only will you have to fill in your personal details, you also need to write about what you do, which websites have you created and of course, where you work or more importantly, where your company is.

Nowadays, we live in an area of internet where people don’t use Yellow Pages anymore.

Instead, we use Google+ Local!

Having to link your company details and location with Google+ will be an tremendous advantage for you because that means people can find your place BETTER when they search for it in Google!

Remember, Google wants you to use their products so even though your account is under Google+, it will be linked to all of Google meaning that everyone will find you easier and that’s what you want.

Even better, if you write more about your local business on Google+, you will outrank all your local competitors who doesn’t have an account with your rich keywords!


Learn More About SEO! –Join an Online Business Classroom!

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Besides learning about Google+, there are loads more topics out there to discover and the community also plays it part by helping you grow and inform you of any new updates or changes Google implements that might affect you.

Here, take a look at this…

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Using the knowledge I learned, I managed to get my website up on the first page of Google and almost beat Jay (Another member of Wealthy Affiliate).

I have been a member there for close to a year and never looked back but if you’re looking a way to bring your SEO up, create your $0 starter account here and I’ll help you out inside.



Google+ may look barren but it is no doubt going to outgrow Facebook very soon.

If you are just starting out in business or wanting to bring yourself further, hop on the Google wave before it gets competitive and before you know it, it’s going give your business a tremendous boost of traffic!

For more information on bringing more traffic to your website through SEO, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Do share your thoughts below as I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂


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