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There are a lot of CMSs to choose from today when creating a website but really besides the ease of use, we users care about one more thing – security.

A website is meant to exist many years to come and in other words forever but there’s nothing worse than having all those data and content that you work hard in creating to disappear in a split second.

So is WordPress safe then?

Yes, WordPress is safe as it is designed to counter hackers and accidents people tend to have when creating a website.

To be honest, this very page that you’re looking at is actually a WordPress website and I personally have been using WordPress for many of my websites.

The WordPress team works really hard to keep up with WordPress’s reputation as it is one of the World’s most famous CMS that users tend to choose when creating a website.

Steps you can take

As a cautious user you still need to take precautionary steps in order to make your website even safer because if you really care about something, you would want to be extra careful that nothing goes wrong:

1) Use a stronger password

The most common thing you always hear when creating any account.

No matter how safe a website is, everything can be a target for hackers.

These cyber bullies will try very hard to break into your site because to them your site is pure gold (It is).

So do create a strong password by adding numbers and capital letters.

For example, don’t use common words as password like “carrot”.

Instead, use a mix like “000caRRotttttt45” because when your password is complicated, you ward off other users from trying to get in.

2) Update WordPress

WordPress has an in-built system to maintain security and protection.

However, it is not perfect so they always do trial and errors to find which ones that work and which don’t in order to improve their system.

So when they find ways to improve, they will add that to your WordPress updates so whenever you see that notification for a new updates, do yourself a favour and click on that!

It is the easiest way to increase your level of security within WordPress.

3) Backing up your files

The probability of WordPress getting hacked is 1/1, 000, 000, 000.

I have been WordPress for many years for many websites and my websites has never been hacked at all so I’m confident when I say that it’s safe.

However we can never be too sure because in life, we always tend to learn to have a backup on important things especially work related.

So just to be extra sure, backing up is really important so that you’ll sleep better at night feeling more than confident that nothing can go wrong.

Creating a WordPress site

Before you get started, let me tell you beforehand that there are 2 types of WordPress sites – paid and free.

The paid version is called whereas the free version is called

The only difference?

Is that the free version requires you to set up your website yourself whereas the paid version is much more simpler as everything is taken care of so all you need to do left is just write.

But personally, I would really recommend using the free version because you will have the flexibility to do anything with it like installing plugins to make your site work better.

A lot of people think it’s hard but it’s actually pretty easy because you just click on things from the dashboard without needing to use coding.

I remember 10 years ago where it takes me 3 months just to build up a website but today, WordPress has made it so easy that you can literally build a website in less than 30 minutes.

It’s that simple!



Cyber thieves are getting more and more today that no matter how efficient a system is, nothing beats old fashioned personal safety so always remember to take extra measures to make your site safer than it already is.

For more information on creating WordPress websites, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


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  1. I’m trying to put some calssic album covers on t-shirts and some other merch to sell. I’m not sure how I would go about licensing the images I’m thinking maybe the label owns the image rights? It would seem like a pain in the neck to try to contact each label and actually get through to someone who would be responsible for such things. I’m wondering if their is an easier more efficient and standard way to go about this. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

    • Hey Denilsion, you’re totally right on that one. The label does own the rights so if you want to sell t-shirts with copyrighted image, you best contact the company first to get their approval. Otherwise things will get pretty messy. I wanted to sell T-shirts imprinted with the DoTA2 logo but in order to do that, I needed Blizzard’s approval.

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