Is WordPress a Content Management System?

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Many of us have heard of WordPress but for those who are more interested, they might want to investigate more what the fuss is all about.

WordPress is a Content Management System for a website and is also known in the internet marketing industry as CMS for short.

So what is a CMS?

Back in my days, every website has to be done manually which means we have to learn complicated coding in order to have a good website running.

So that limits the website power to only ONE class – Web developers.

But today, technology is so advanced that there are certain software built to help make the website creation easier and that is called a Content Management System.

They call it CMS because all those things that you put in your website, all those pages or blog posts or articles are all contents.

There are many CMSs today but the top few effective ones are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

No matter what CMS you choose, they are all designed to help you create a website in a split second, meaning that you can literally create a website in less than half an hour!

Overview of CMS

My drawing of what a website comprises of

When you have a website, of course you will want it to last for generations to come right?

And because of that, you will be updating your site several times a week or month which means that you’ll be having loads of images and content files to save.

But have you ever thought of how to save all those files?

I bet my grandma’s fake teeth that you haven’t!

A domain alone is not enough to store files and that’s when you need a web host.

A web host is only a storage for your website, it is like the heart of it because without a web host, your website has no file storage and surely it cannot survive.

A CMS on the other hand, is an extension of the web host whereby you can organize the files better with a simple click compared to 10 years ago when everyone had to code their way for a website to work.

What is the best CMS?

There has been many arguments on this topic but according to a study made by Anything Digital, Joomla ranks number one as of date.

My favourite though, will still be WordPress because it is my first CMS that I have tried and until today, it has never given me problems.

Did you know that even this very website that you looking at is made through WordPress?

I can’t deny that I have heard about Joomla’s credibility but in my opinion, I would give Joomla a bit of time probably a year because it is still fairly new in the market.



If you have ever wanted to create a website of your own, there has never been a better time than now because with the recent technology advancement, creating a website is faster and easier than ever.

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