What is Copy Paste Income? -Uncovering the Devil’s Game.

copy paste income home pageProduct Name: Copy Paste Income.

Website: Copypasteincome.com

Type of Business: eBook Affiliate Marketing.

Price: $37 + 10 more outrageous upsells.

Owner: Ewen Chia.

My Rating:  0 out of 5 (SCAM)

Ewen Chia is a name I am very familiar with, especially with my review of his previous product Autopilot Profits which was made 10 years ago back in 2005.

I have a bad feeling whenever I look at his name because whatever business he does, only profits himself as he drains more money from you than you can ever make with his program.

However I felt like it’s my calling to personally try out this program and expose Ewen’s plans because due to my recent review of his previous program, I have more knowledge on whether or not this new stuff of his will make a difference to the little people like me and you.

So if you’re considering to buy, it’s a good thing you came to my blog because you are going to read the most detailed Copy Paste Income Review ever to walk the internet…


Pros and Cons


  • Nice visuals (Better resolution compared to his previous product).
  • It’s a ClickBank product so it’s easy for you to get a refund.


  • Anyone can access the member’s area.
  • Exactly the same as his previous program.
  • Use of blackhat tactics.
  • Not telling you up straight what you will be doing.
  • Claims that it’s simple when it is not.
  • Too many upsells.
  • Upsells are unskippable.
  • Those upsells are also in the member’s area.
  • Connected to the MOBE pyramid scheme where he will try to suck you in too.

Jeepers, that’s a lot of Cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Copy Paste Income About?

The Copy Paste Income System is an Internet marketing course created by Ewen Chia which is one of the pioneers in the Internet Marketing world and… One of the best scam gurus around.

Here’s a video I made to help you get a clearer view on things…

[Update] If you can’t see the video, that’s because Ewen Chia made a copyright claim on me as he was scared that I was revealing the true nature of his program. More on this below.

Ewen is from Singapore but his program is mainly targeted for the US, UK, Autralia, Canada or any other western countries because his prices are way too expensive for those living in other countries especially with the huge currency change.

So I’m sure you must be wondering, what will I learn?

As much as Ewen wants to cloak his method and call it a ‘Copy and Paste System’, personally I think that it is just plain old Affiliate Marketing because what you will be doing inside, is to actually use eBooks which of course contains your affiliate link, and promote this very program in exchange for a commission.

downloading mini ebooks

The eBooks are actually Ewen’s products which he paid some freelancers to create and they contain all the promotional ads on Copy Paste Income so that whenever random people read it, they would want to check what the program is about hence your customers.

Do you see why he calls it “Copy Paste” now?

eBooks are a great way to get leads but only if promoted right and only if it has a great value which is both not provided by Ewen.

In the Copy Paste System, Ewen teaches you how to promote eBooks through social media such as SlideShare and Facebook but personally, I find that these methods are not as effective compared to when you do that with a website because when you constantly promote random products especially those which involves the “making money” topics, people often see that as spam.

How would react if you see someone promoting those kinds of eBooks again and again on your timeline even though the eBooks are of different titles?

You would probably unfriend that person or block him.

Promoting products is the general idea of any Online Business but if you don’t have a website, you will only risk making yourself look like a spammer as you’ll be left only with a link where you’ll need to blast everywhere.

Doing that will be banned because trust me, I’ve been there (Yahoo Answers banned me).

Tired of Scams? Me Too! Start a REAL Online Business Here.


What I Don’t Like About Copy Paste Income

I usually write in more detail on things that I like as well as the part that I don’t like when reviewing a particular product or program as I don’t want to be one-sided but in the case of Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income, there are just too many red flags that I have come across and very little upsides that I can talk about.

Which is why I believe it is better if I expose more on what this product is about so that you can have a clearer view to avoid this scam better.

Red Flag #1 – Doesn’t Explain to You the Program Motive.

expectations but no goals

This is a very typical sales tactic used by scam gurus – create expectations but not telling you what you’ll be doing inside!

It may sound a bit dramatic but the reason these gurus do not want to tell you what you’ll be doing inside is that they know that you will leave once you get inside so in order to hook innocent victims, scam gurus are masters at creating curiosities.

In shorter words, they are just click-baiting you and getting you interested enough to spend.

It explains why this program has…

Red Flag #2 – Too Many Upsells!

annoying upsell stops

WAIT! I have a special offer for you this one time!

Sounds familiar?

Apparently, Copy Paste Income has 10 of them and I find it extremely annoying.

I agree that upsells are important for companies to make extra income but I do not agree if you have more than 2 and I’m sure nobody likes it one bit if those upsells are hidden!

Imagine you having just the adequate amount of $37 to join a certain program you’ve been eyeing on but the moment you made that payment, you have to go through ten more upsells that were hidden and they ask you for more money, how would you feel?

Even worse, those upsells tell you that you need to buy them in order to continue so being an innocent bystander not having enough money to pay, you opt for the easiest solution you can think of – leaving.

This is why many people do not succeed online even if they have the potential to go far and it’s all because scam gurus are so greedy to drain money with hidden upsells which will leave you with even lesser money when you’re starting out.

Red Flag #3 – Unskippable Upsells.

unskippable upsells

What’s even worse than being bombarded with tons of upsells?

Being bombarded with tons of upsells with no way to avoid them.

This is probably the most annoying part of Copy Paste Income because once you’ve made the payment, it is only right for us to get our hands on the product, yes?

Instead, Ewen made it even more difficult for people to skip his upsell pages because he completely removed the skip options which means that you either leave or buy the product in order to get to the member’s area.

What kind of mentality is that?

This is the first case of hiding the ‘skip’ button I’ve seen any scam gurus make by far which made me despise Ewen Chia even more.

Red Flag #4 – You’ll be Prompted to join MLM.

ewen chia in mobe

Two scams are definitely isn’t a good thing and while Ewen Chia is promoting countless upsells to you as though you’re loaded with money, the last upsell which you are definitely going to get is actually not his product at all.

Which is why he cleverly wrote that as his ‘secret’ page because that last upsell, is actually Ewen’s way of getting you to join another program called MOBE!

Imagine that!

He bombarded you with 8 of his upsells and in the end, he promoted you to another program instead. Where’s the value in that?

If his program can really make you that much money, why is he asking you to join something else other than his own hard work instead?

I’ll tell you why – Because MOBE is actually an MLM scheme which means that if you join, you are going to be losing more money than you could earn because not only will you have to buy the product, you will also need to pay monthly for the MOBE membership!

Red Flag #5 – Anyone Can Access the Members’ Area.

ewen chia secret page

It’s true! Just type in copypasteincome.com/access.htm and you’re in!

[Update] The link doesn’t work anymore, it has been taken down. Maybe Ewen might even be reading this review to know that.

Although this may be good news for many of those who want to see how the program is like inside, this further shows how low-quality Copy Paste Income actually is as it has very low security.

It is totally not fair for those who have already paid to be a member because why should we pay if everyone else can get in for free?

This isn’t the only thing that makes this program look cheap though because…

Red Flag #6 – Copy Paste Income is EXACTLY the same as AutoPilot Profits!

This is a screenshot of the previous Autopilot Profits created by Ewen Chia which I did a review on back then…

Upsells in the member's area

And this is a screenshot of how the current Copy Paste Income looks like inside…

copy paste income members area

See the similarity?

Although the title and the lessons might be a wee bit different, you can see that they both look almost the same whereby the sidebar is mostly full of upsells and the real training is only the first three links.

Talk about value for money. Seriously, who does this?

Copy Paste Income is definitely a rehashed version of Ewen’s previous program which was launched in 2005, 10 years and he didn’t even bother to change the interface a little.

At least George Brown (Also a scam guru) puts in the effort to make everything about Google Sniper 2.0 and Google Sniper 3.0 different.

From my experience of coming across duplicate websites by these scammers, it is actually pretty common for them to simply change the name of their program because due to the failure of their previous venture, they want to get off the heat.

I’ve seen people changing their products fully to show that they mean business as they do not want people to affiliate them with their previous burned products but seeing how Ewen Chia used the exact same make as how he did for his previous program with barely any changes, I have a terrible feeling that he simply doesn’t care.

Red Flag # 7 – You’ll be Promoting the Same Products.

By now you may have noticed that almost three-quarters of the program are all about upsells right?

That is because you will actually be spending more time on Ewen Chia’s countless upsells rather than the actual training itself as there are only 3 lessons you’ll ever learn!

In Copy Paste Profits, Ewen teaches how to earn money by promoting his eBooks which he will create with multiple topics for you to download and put your affiliate link in.

One setback though – Won’t everyone be promoting the same eBooks then?

Ewen’s method will eventually end you with a banned account because everyone today is knowledgeable enough to know how to detect and report a spammer when they see one.

Red Flag #8 – Ewen Attacks Videos that Tells the Truth!

Ewen Chia geting agitated by me

So much for transparency.

I actually noticed that email as it’s the very same email I get when I first bought the program.

When I make reviews, I tend to make videos to show you guys how the program looks from the inside as a member so that you can decide better on whether or not the program is suitable for you before you ever spend your money.

I have been doing this for a long time now and companies do not mind this because in a way, they get more product visibility on my videos so some of them do make more sales.

Because I really show the product or program from the inside, some flaws can be seen so Ewen Chia did not like this one bit and he was panicking as he knows his program has a lot of evil schemes to trick you into buying so he took the initiative on making a copyright claim on my video and not just one them in fact, he struck both my videos!

Autopilot Profits is the previous version for Copy Paste Income which has the same amount of upsells, same types of upsells, and the same tricks as before.

It’s an obvious scam so you can bet I did a video on that too which is why Ewen targeted that video as well.


What About the Community? -Are They Alive?

copy paste income community

Ewen Chia is a world-renowned Internet Marketer and if you Google his name, you’d probably see him in interviews and in even the newspaper.

With all that fame and followers, surely he can easily build a community with no problem at all right?


He doesn’t even have a proper Facebook page let alone a community and I have searched for it everywhere but all I get is that empty Facebook page which I took a screenshot of it above.

I wanted to see if there are any communities whatsoever because I was curious to know how the people there are reacting and whether or not they know that they are being scammed because if you want to evaluate how strong or legitimate the company is, having a community plays a very strong role in that.

When you have a community of people interacting like how we interact daily, that only shows that those people trust that particular program and Copy Paste Income, is totally the opposite.

To top it all off, Ewen will also try to upsell you his social media traffic product called Automated Social Cash which he claimed has brought him many sales and followers.

If that is all true, why doesn’t he have an active social media page for his business?

This further shows that Ewen Chia is a hypocrite and obviously a scam guru because whatever he said on his sales page is all but a lie as he himself isn’t actually implementing it.

Want a Program With an Active Community Which You Could Learn and Get Help Easily? Find Out More Here!


Pricing Strategy -Is it Worth the Cost?

I’m very familiar with Ewen Chia’s slimy pricing tactics which he uses to maximize sales for only himself which is why I’m happy to talk about his secrets and expose it to the world.

There are many upsells, downsells and sidesells which will really confuse you but worry not, I actually went through all that and recorded all his moves here…

Copy Paste Income – $37 but will become $27 if you try to click away.

Upsell #1 – Copy paste traffic ($67). Will discount to $47 if you click away.

Upsell #2 – Automated Social Cash ($197)

Upsell #3 – Instant Websites ($197)

Upsell #4 – Free Traffic Software ($297)

Upsell #5 – Complete Business Set Up ($297)

Upsell #6 – Super Affiliate Millionaire ($297)

Upsell #7 – Traffic Millionaire ($19.97 per month)

Upsell #8 – Cash Biz ($29.97)

Upsell #9 – MOBE ($49 + complicated upsells and monthlies)

Upsell #10 – Monthly Viral eBooks ($27 per month)

I have a question for Ewen, why not put all these together at one price?

I’ll tell you why – Because if you add up everything here, you will actually be paying at least $1477.94 and that doesn’t include all the monthlies yet!

Seriously, if you really want to help people make money, why charge so expensive?

If there is any way for me to convince you of avoiding Copy Paste Income, this is probably my best bet because by the looks of it, you will be losing more money than you will ever make.


Do I recommend Copy Paste Income?

Absolutely not.

Although the method of using eBook is well-known and legitimate, it can still be considered a scam if you do that with low-quality eBooks which are full of ads instead of good content just for the sake of getting people to click on your offer and that is exactly what Copy Paste Income is all about.

Furthermore, Ewen Chia will only teach you how to promote his affiliate eBooks through social media which isn’t a very effective method because eventually, you will be blacklisted as a spammer because you don’t have your own brand so how do you solve this issue?

By starting your journey on the right foot of course, and that means by starting your own website and the best program for that, is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Business course that teaches you how to build a website and monetize it according to any niche you want at all and currently, it is my top-rated program.

There is a warm community to makes you feel at home, classroom-based lessons to help you keep track easier, tools to help you build websites in less than an hour and of course, no hidden upsells to drain you when you’re just getting started.

The lessons there so far is the best that I’ve ever come across and I still implement them until today because good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you rank better within Google.

copy paste income on Google Search

If you’ve come across this review when searching for it, then you must have noticed that my site is on the first page of Google.

And that’s without me paying anything, it’s by implementing good content creation strategies when writing my blog posts, all provided within the lessons I’ve learned at WA.

With a website, you can have the potential to grow your business even further by getting more clicks to any offer you are doing because your page will always rank and exist as long as your website is still there.

Although not all my pages are on the first page yet, many are slowly rising and it is a very exciting process too because when you manage to get your page up there, you’ll get loads of clicks coming to your offer for free!

What Ewen Chia is trying to make you do in his program is actually through a well-known method of monetizing called Affiliate Marketing and compared to Wealthy Affiliate, you will have a much better choice at scaling your earnings while saving more money as the features you get is way more…



Final Word

As you can see from the features I’ve just laid out above, it is definitely a huge risk to take knowing that you’ll be spending a huge deal of money without knowing if you’ll ever make any sale at all with this program or not.

Therefore due to its super-expensive hidden costs, the lack of value, as well as the tons of annoying upsells you cannot avoid which will waste an hour of your time to just get to the darn member’s area, it is really obvious that Copy Paste Income is a SCAM and receives my rating of only 0 out of 5.

If you’re interested in learning more about the proper way to build an Online Business, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading this lengthy review, do share your thoughts down below as I’ll be more than happy to reply.

Riaz Shah

58 comments to “What is Copy Paste Income? -Uncovering the Devil’s Game.”
  1. This program is a killer for newbie which suck their money in and out. Too many upsells and little value. Thanks for the detailed review.

  2. Hi Riaz

    Just the name itself implies that it is a scam. It is not easy to make money with copy and paste methods and I think that this name is given to the product to make people think that it is as easy as copy paste.

    The real hard truth is that it takes a lot of effort and time to make money online. It is not easy and I hate these products that work on the emotions of people.

    • Hello again Viljoen,

      You’re totally right on that one, it seems to me that these people only target innocent people who have never had experience doing business online which is why we need to expose them. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Man, this was absolutely shocking for me! I’ve heard of annoying, underhanded schemes that look like blocks of enticing text and video, but this one probably takes the cake!

    I’ve always been turned off whenever people try to sweet talk their way into getting you to join whatever racket they’re doing without being upfront with you – I guess they would rather use their gift of gab to make the sale instead of promote a quality product – wait, do they even have a quality product? Guess not.

    I have learned a lot from using Wealthy Affiliate, especially because they encourage you to start a business based on something you love, not something they force-feed you. I hope people give Wealthy Affiliate a shot, it changed my perspective for online business being honest and helpful!

    • Hey Raphy,

      Glad scams like this turn you off, I wanted to warn others that there are many schemes like this to watch out for on the internet and it seems that my hard work is finally helping some people. Awesome to hear that you had a great experience with WA, its how I finally learned how to build and monetize my passion as well. Thanks for sharing the feedback, hope you have a lovely day!

  4. Riaz,
    Well done in doing this research to educate us and expose scammers. I recalled that I almost sign up one of Ewen’s program quite some time ago but I was not comfortable when I realize that the program kept mentioning that the discount will only art for certain period but I went into check the offer after the time lapse – guess what. The offer is still there!!! From that moment, I avoid Ewen’s program as I don’t feel comfortable. Your article further confirm my assessment. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Stanley,

      Great to hear you decided not to go along with Ewen’s program! The price trick is a very typical trick every scammer use to attract people into taking action fast but they always left out the part that there will be curious people like us who will check every detail to see if its true or not. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  5. Hi Riaz
    I couldn’t even read your whole review of Copy Paste Income without getting upset. I really hate these scammers and the worst part is that it appears they can just get away with it over and over again. Surely there is a way to stop these people from simply shutting down one scam and starting another when the heat gets too much. Shouldn’t these people be sitting in jail?
    Oh it makes me so annoyed.

    • Hey Lynne,

      I feel the same way too but the’re scammers, they always find ways to get away from stealing other people’s money. Some do go to jail but some others keep changing their programs right after they shut one down of them. It seems like there are no endings to this and all we can do is to be on the lookout. Thanks for dropping by Lynne!

  6. So many red flags for this product I can’t even begin to explain.

    This is a scam that is unfortunately way too common online, tricking people and stealing their money without any hesitation.

    Good on you for exposing such a BS product, I hope the right person sees this before deciding to buy this horrible products.

    Good job Riaz!


    • Hey Chris,

      A lot of people do this apparently, scamming people with ease just for the love of money. I don’t know how they sleep at night but at least we can now knowing that there are others standing up to their regimes.

  7. Hi Riaz,

    Great to be back on your blog again. I have heard of Ewen Chia here and there but never really got an insight to his training details.

    Wow, those up-sells are ridiculously expensive. My question is, doesn’t ClickBank screen through the validity of these vendors before allowing them to sell their stuff online? This is not the first time that we are seeing scam products in the marketplace, right?

    It feels like ClickBank and Ewen Chia are doing a complicit act together…

    • Hello again Cathy!

      It’s so great to see you here again. I’m not particularly sure on the rules of becoming a vendor in Clickbank as I have never sold anything there but judging from the numerous scam products on Clickbank, I would guess that they are not very strict when it comes to putting products there to sell.

      Ewen Chia has been operating for many years and I have no doubt that he’s making millions just from that but I hope by exposing his secrets I can save money people time on money on better things than what Ewen is offering. Thanks for dropping by Cathy, hope to see you again soon!

  8. Hey Riaz,

    Great review, there needs to be more like these so people understand which programs out there are scams and which are not…

    I am a little curious, did you try it out before or after knowing that it would not benefit you?

    I hate to say it but it seems like the only way to find out if something is a scam is to put it to test…

    What are your thoughts about wealthy affiliate? Seems great until you’ve been in it for months and still have made no money…

    • Hey Chris,

      Yes I did try it out and I also made a video of it recording everything but I guess Ewen Chia (The owner) panicked when I unveiled the true nature of his cutthroat program and put it on YouTube because he put a strike on me hence banning my YouTube video. Not only for Copy Paste Income but for his previous program as well called Autopilot Profits which I also made a video on.

      Wealthy Affiliate is great as it teaches you how to build a business by monetizing your website but since your website is still new, you won’t be making any money for at least the first 2 months because there are millions of new websites being created every month so Google will put you through a test to see if you’re serious or not. But if you persevere, you’ll definitely be growing at a much faster rate and make more sales to get a clean profit which is cool. You won’t see big money for the first few months but it will keep increasing if you put in effort and keep creating content as that is how your website grows.

  9. Hi Riaz, just stumbled upon your website.

    Nice review on yet another scammish offer. I have never been too keen on Clickbank products as they have little to no diversity. Your post just confirmed that for me.

    I might explore WA as per your suggestion. Seems legit and offers more choice.

    Do we need any special knowledge to keep up with the courses?

    • Thanks George!

      Clickbank used to be awesome with quality products you can buy without doubt but as of late, there are many scam programs such who teach people to create cheap quality ebooks to sell for easy money which is why we need to be cautious the next time we’re there. Great that you’re interested in giving WA a try! You’ll definitely enjoy it there and I’ll also be your personal guide and mentor if you need help with anything. And no, you don’t need any prior knowledge to start at all so don’t worry – I’m actually a hotel student so I have no idea on how to build a website but now I have this blog 😀

  10. It sounds like Copy Paste Income is a rehashed version of another useless product designed to generate up-sells and to encourage their customers to perpetuate the cycle.

    I like how you dig deep into this and point out the hypocrisies. Like the fact that he wants to teach you how to profit with social media when he doesn’t even have a proper Facebook page. Not enough people do that kind of research on products.

    • Hey there Steve,

      Copy Paste Income is definitely a rehashed version of the typical online scams out there alright. These programs all have the same content and course but they rehash it again and again because after some time, people will find out that they are cheating them out of their own money so their do bad reviews and those programs will get tarnished.

      As a consumer myself, I write my reviews as detailed as I can because it involves using my own money and I totally agree with you on the Facebook part, telling others how to profit through social media but in reality you’re not implementing it yourself is really a funny mistake he forgot to cover. I hope he learned his lessons and not scam people anymore but I can bet that Ewen will still go on doing that because once you’ve tasted good money, its hard to turn back on it regardless of whether its right or wrong.

  11. Wow! That was a mind blown Review you have done on Copy Paste Income Riaz. Sure the name sounds catchy. But, I cannot believe the amount of Upsells this guy forces down on you. I don’t like the Price Change happening either if you Refresh the Page, boom the price went from $37 to $27 instead within a split second!

    This truly has the word Scam written all over it.
    Thanks so much for raising awareness on this so we can learn to avoid this at all costs!

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hey there Angel,

      Totally! There’s nothing more annoying than seeing the price go up and down that fast. Not only is it unfair for those who have paid in full, money is a sensitive matter that we worked hard for and seeing programs like this can really make people insecure. Thanks for the wish and kind words, wishing you the best of luck to you too!

  12. Well I certainly wish things were as easy as this – I would love to simply copy and paste something to a page to get some cash!
    Great article on copy and paste income – hopefully it will guide A LOT of people in the right direction for earning online. In my expereince – it’s never this simple ( unfortunately! )

    • Hey Chris,

      I know right, its like having your own cash creator machines at home lol. If making money is simple, I don’t think anyone would be doing any work because people tend to appreciate more things in life, especially on things that they struggle to have. Thanks for your feedback Chris, cheers!

  13. Hi Riaz,

    To think I actually considered buying this Copy Paste System in Clickbank about 3 months ago! That was about $20 I remember.

    I was searching for ways to make money online then, and I still am.

    I should thank you for uncovering the scam that Ewen Chia has skilfully hidden in his products. Saved me the tons of money now and in the future. Ewen actually has a whole team of internet marketers. Are they all the same, scammers I mean?

    Hopefully many will find your site so they will know the real score and be saved from all the troubles, wasted money, headache, frustration and all.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Porfy,

      I’m preeeeety sure that Ewen’s team of Internet marketers will be doing something taught by himself which means that they will bee implementing the same evil schemes as Ewen does. Glad you didn’t fall for this program 3 months back, you could save up for something more important, like buying me coffee 😀

  14. Wow, I certainly won’t be buying into the Copy Paste Income business. You have done a fabulous job in exposing this scam. I love sites like this, as it’s so easy for people to get caught up in hype, and hand over their hard earned cash. I would be pretty annoyed to find out that anyone can access the members area too! Thanks for turning me away from this product.

    • Thanks Todd!

      I would be really annoyed if other people can get free access for the program too, especially when we have to pay a huge amount just to log in. Why should we pay when other random get to join for free, right? Glad my review helped give you an idea of what this course can turn you into, hope you have a great day!

  15. Nice review! I like the title of the post – I believe that you are referring to Ewen Chia as the Devil. Very amusing! This program sounds horrifying. I would never have made it past the first page without realizing this was a scam. How much money is he making by people only getting through the first upsell and then quitting. Wow… If only I had the lack of a heart to be a scammer!

    • Thanks Maura!

      Correcta mundo! I am referring to Ewen as I have been following him for many years and he has scammed countless of people and making millions out of it. Scammers make a lot of money by tricking people to spend a lot on something so simple and getting away with it.

      I guess that when you can make a million so easily, it can be really tempting for some people that they wouldn’t mind trading their conscience for that. Still, that doesn’t mean we should go down that path as there are many people who barely make enough money to get by and as many of them would want to change their lives by investing all they have into one program. Knowing that they’ve invested all their money into the wrong program and have their whoel life savings crushed, that is sometrhing many people could not live by. Thanks for dropping by!

  16. Hello
    While surfing the net l came upon a site that led me to copy paste income.It looked too good to be true so i decided to look for reviews and got to your site.
    l must admit you have reviewed things so openly and honestly and in a way that every one will understand the pros and the cons and make an informed decision if copy paste income is worth the time.
    Thanks so much for this open review.

    • Glad my review helped you our Roamy!

      There are many scams running rampant and I’ve personally fallen prey to countless programs already before finally ending up at my final destination. I wanted to help other people avoid these pitfalls and save their money for something better and judging from your comment, I’m halfway there!

  17. This copy and paste game seems to have been going on for years and years now – there’s always a new one popping up somewhere!
    To be honest – most of the reaction I see to them is pretty bad ( ie most of them are scams! )
    Great review you’ve done here – keep on covering these types of poor poor offers

    • Right on Chris!

      Even the name itself sounds fishy. People with a good sense of conscience will start asking themselves, “Why do I want to copy someone else’s work?” while those who do not really care about scamming people will not mind promoting this program. Its a cruel world we live in and I appreciate people who are trying to flush out these scammers from having the chance to trick others. Thanks for dropping by Chris, good day to you!

  18. Hey Riaz,
    Great article, you really go in-depth about Copy Past Income. People need to take the time to do some research before signing for any kind of program. So many scam out there on the web, glad to see some one like you trying to help people make the right choice. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for your kind words Jonathan,

      I got tricked many times before into buying worthless programs such as these and when I lost all of my school savings for on a make money online seminar back then, it was the last straw. I can’t keep on getting tricked every now and then and if I can get tricked that many times, many other people especially newbies are easy prey for these scam gurus. I wanted to help other people avoid these evil masterminds and save their money by steering them away and I’m glad that my efforts are starting get to recognized :D. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a good day ahead!

  19. Very well written Riaz. I cannot really put a clear line between scam and legit. However one thing I do not like are those words like make money fast and secrets revealed. I believe there are many people who can and is willing to pay thousands to join a program but this program must be transparent enough as not to mislead people. Having so many upsells is really a no no to me. Thank you very much for sharing. Btw, I have written a review about CB Passive Income 3.0. Can I know your thoughts about this program too?

    • Anytime Florence!

      Upsells are acceptable as many companies are doing that but having 10 of them slapped in your face is not very ethical and is greedy form of marketing. I’ve never reviewed CB Passive Income 3.0 but I have reviewed the previous version and all I can say is that it is not a very viable program to join.

      Patric will tell you to focus on Solo ad marketing as your priority and you’ll end up wasting thousands of clicks for nothing as the sales conversion rate is pretty low. However I do have people complaining to me about the 3.0 version saying that it is pretty much the same – focus on heavy ads but with very little return which can result in a loss. Hope that helps give you an insight on what to research on!

  20. Hi Riaz,

    This is a fantastic review! Your site looks awesome too and its great that you’ve made a video as well. That’s something I’m always pretty lazy about doing!

    This sort of review makes me feel so lucky that I found WA first! This sort of stuff is not only unethical but also pretty scary!

    Thanks for bringing this information to people in such a clear and detailed way.

    All the best

    Katia 🙂

    • Thanks Katia, they are pretty scary when you look at their true colours, aren’t they? I’m happy to know that my review helped you and I hope you have a lovely day.

  21. You will save a lot of people a headache. The moment you see the bottom line is almost $1500, you know it’s a scam. Great segway into the WA offer.

    • Thanks Lacy, yeah typical guru tactic – Gives you the cheapest price to get you hooked but in reality, the actually price is more than 10 times more. Thanks for dropping by!

  22. Great in-depth review Riaz! So many people have been desperate in their search to make money online. So many have fallen victims to such schemes as Ewen provides.
    Sorry that you had to be one of them at one time, but those lessons of hard knocks sure make us grow and learn quick.
    You have provided anyone searching info on the Copy/paste program the real value they need to know. 😉

    Keep up the great work and reviews.

    To Your Success!

    • Thank you for you kind words Linda, really appreciate that :). Well you know what they say, each failure is a chance to learn from and I guess knowing that I managed to keep myself together from doing anything foolish (Like making court case), that will really benefit my business in the long run. Plus being scammed firsthand gave me all the info I need to expose his schemes and help other innocent people avoid his program better. Hope you have a lovely day Linda, thanks for dropping by.

  23. Hey Riaz,

    Just the part where they don’t make it clear about what their doing and also using black hat techniques is just a recipe for disaster building a house of cards on top of a mud hut.

    Good article staying away from this

    • I know right, these gurus know that once people buy their product, they won’t stay long as there are no value in it. So, they decided to take advantage of people’s curiosities by building hype and not telling you what you’ll be doing inside so that people will get curious enough to make a purchase. Typical sales tactic. Thanks for dropping by man, much appreciated!

  24. Great review Riaz! Programs like Copy Paste Income are absolutely useless and should be avoided. This guy has created products like Autopilot Profits and Commission Money Machine and both of them have been added to not recommended list of products on my site. Though he is not a complete scammer and provides some value in his products, he always makes unrealistic promises and promotes poor products like MOBE. The truth is that making money online requires dedication, hard work and patience and it’s not just copying and pasting

    • Right on Rufat! Unless you already have millions in your pocket for you to invest, there’s no shortcut to making millions quick. Earning that much is possible, but it requires hard work and dedication to finally see your efforts lifting off. Like someone wise once said, entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

  25. Great insight on this business. I know that many people look to these kinds of get rich schemes, and I hope that they might be able to read your review first. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you,


  26. Wow! This program is a killer for newbie which suck their money in and out. Too many upsells and little value. It should be turned down for many reasons. The worst sales funnel I have ever seen.

    You make a complete review out of Copy Paste Income. Well done my friend.
    Hope people out there can save their money and time from this scam by visting your review.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Edy, I appreciate that. Ewen put in a lot of work into his sales funnel, you can see that from the amount of upsells he made (10 upsells altogether!) which no other programs have done before but all of those does not benefit the users one bit. Sometimes I wonder why and how can people be so corrupted to even think of mastering the technique of scamming others. Although I can’t expose all of them at once, I can try starting with the top scam programs like this one. Thanks for dropping by!

  27. This is really detailed. There are so many programs like this that do not provide any value but keep pushing you to pay more and more, and before you know it you will be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars. These so called gurus do not care for your success but rather their pockets. There did not realise that people who need help to make money online do not or will not have that kind of money in the first place. Im glad that you expose this program and show us what kind of person Ewen Chia really is.


    • Totally agree with you, Jack. I’ve come across so many programs like this before and after a while, spotting scams come naturally to me especially if you’ve experienced it first-hand. Ewen Chia was one of the first scammers I had experience with online which is why I know his tactics well enough to write a whole review on it.

  28. I came to know about WA because of Even Chia. I was attended his free preview at a hotel. But didn’t sign up because experiences ask me to google first. Then I found WA and here I am. Great review Riaz!

    • Hey Murphy,
      I know exactly what you mean, I actually went to Ewen Chia’s preview too at Intercontinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur back then but I was young so I actually believed everything he said until I joined his program which costed me RM6,000 ($1,665). It was all a waste because I never made any money from there and I was even more devastated knowing that all my life’s savings were gone for nothing and as a kid, that was a lot of money which is why from that moment on, I aim to expose Ewen Chia’s scam tactics for everyone to see so nobody else has to go through that disappointing experience. Thanks for dropping by Murphy!

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