How does SEO Work with Google? [Case Study]

Did you know that there are over 600 million websites on the internet?

With that amount of websites, have you ever wondered how difficult it is for websites to compete with each other?

To learn how to survive, there is a legendary practice called SEO which allows a website to be seen when you type in anything through the Google search bar.

When I first started building my own website, nobody even noticed it exists because it was located faaaaaar back in Google search which nobody goes to (Admit it, you only look on the first page of Google didn’t you?)

However after applying SEO, I can get my website AND its blog posts on the first page of Google hence getting me immense traffic and visibility.

Bear with me as I show you more about…


What is SEO about?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that you do to get your website good rankings within Google search.

Basically, we just make sure to get on Google’s good sides because ALL websites are within the Google World.

There are of course Bing and Internet Explorer but nobody uses that nowadays due to reasons such as slow and spammy which can be very irritating after some time.

SEO can work with either Google, Bing or Yahoo but due to 90% of the world’s internet users using only Google, people automatically think of Google only and not the rest.


How to do SEO? Let’s get our hands dirty.

I’m going to go straightforward and tell you that doing SEO yourself is always better than paying companies for it.

Since Google’s latest update, all black hat SEO tricks that gets you instant ranking on Google without any proper content are cut off, so is this bad?

It’s bad if you are lazy and do not believe that hard work pays off.

If you believe that all those work you put in will be rewarded, then good news for you because you’ll have no problem getting your site great visibility and success.

Here’s how to do proper SEO for your website…

1) Keyword research

Never underestimate the power of keywords.

Have you ever wanted to find something online and you type in the Google search bar hoping that something will come out?

Well THAT is a keyword already!

Keywords are highly searched word or sentences people look for in a Google search so researching about those will really get your site the upper hand.

Things like “Dating” or “How to cook an omelet” have loads of searches because remember, millions of people are using the internet so of course there will be a certain percentage of those people looking for the exact same thing as you!

So how do you leverage keywords?

By using a keyword planner of course!

The best one so far that I am personally using and so should you is Jaaxy (Read my full review here) because it enables you to find out not only the competition and searches on the particular keyword, but also the choices you could add!

Take a look at this…

Jaaxy search results for how to cook an omelet

Jaaxy search results for “How to cook an omelette”

I was looking for “How to cook an omelette” and managed to get all the information I needed on whether to proceed or not.

Not only did I get the exact number of monthly searches for that specific sentence, I also got the exact number of competitors and the SEO condition!

And plus, we even get some other ideas on what we should search for.

For instance, “how to cook an omelette” has 748 searches while “How to make an omelette” has 4283 searches.

JUST by changing the word “cook” to “make”, we managed to get 3535 monthly searches more!! (I might use this in this in the future)

And although just by a bit, we know that the competitors are lesser too!

Have a go at keyword research here…

Now that you have a keyword, here’s what you need to do with it…


2) Write awesome content!

Writing content on your website or blog posts is important because the more you write, the more valuable it will become in the eyes of Google.

Try not to make your website look all too corporate because not many people can relate to that.

The idea is to write in a more personalized writing because that shows effort that you are writing yourself and NOT some random person that you pay to write (Companies like to hire freelancers).

Think of it this way, it is YOUR website so just be yourself and write out anything you want according to your heart’s contents!


3) Finish up with a cool title

When scrolling down titles in Google search, won’t you feel more inclined if the title is more personal and catchy?

For example, would you rather click on “how to cook an omelette”, or “How to cook an omelette with a fork while you’re hanging upside down on a ceiling?”

I’m sure you’d click on the second one right?

Because it seems so personal and outstanding, you just HAD to click and see how it looks like inside.

Curiosity is your best weapon to attracting people so don’t be afraid to add personal touch in any opportunity you get because it might just change your life.


Become a Master of Google SEO! Learn From the Best.

Wealthy Affiliate website

There is an online business classroom called Wealthy Affiliate (Read my full review here) which not only teaches you how to exponentially boost your SEO, but also gives you updated lessons and news on how to better prepare yourself for Google’s upcoming updates which I would really recommend you to join.

I have been a member there for close to a year and have learned so much on how to keep my website on tip top shape AND get it on the first page of Google.

But personally though, what I like most is the awesome community there which seems to have the same vision as us so here’s a random competition I did with another member there called Jay…

Quicksprout review first page

My website ranked 3rd place on Google search results

Even though I managed to get first page, Jay’s website gets number one while mine is number 3 (Darn!)

But the main point is that you WANT your website to be on the first page of Google because that’s where the traffic is and the only way for you to keep learning and be on the know, is to join a community which specializes in it.



SEO can be a tad dull, however it is achievable by anyone and you can do it too for free.

As long as you learn proper keyword strategy, write awesome jam-packed content, AND compliment it with a really catchy title, you’d be amazed at how fast your website will come out on the first page of Google!

If you’re interested in learning how to master SEO on Google, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts and feedback!


Riaz 88kb


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