SEO Does it Work? Here’s a Simple Case Study.

SEO Does it Work

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If you’re reading this, you probably have heard of SEO and are probably wondering how, what or even why.

Well you’re in luck!

Today’s blog post is to answer one of the most common questions I often get which is “Does SEO really work?”

Short answer: Yes, it does work.

Here’s the long explanation instead…


What is SEO all about actually?

Wondering on how to get your website on the first page of Google?

Well that’s what SEO is all about!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is just basically a practice that anyone can do to get their website or blog post or anything at all that you have on the web, to appear on the first page of Google.

For newbies, we know that if we post something online, our article can come out in Google.

But once you tried, you’d be amazed that there are some things that you need to know in order to get your website to appear there because you have to know that there are about 2 million websites being created every month.

Imagine the competition!


Why Doesn’t My Website Appear in Google?

If you have a website, you’d probably be wondering as to why your website doesn’t appear in Google.

Worry not because they actually do!

It’s just a matter of which page of Google are they coming up at.

And when it comes to internet marketing, you WANT your website to appear on the first page of Google because let’s face it, everyone only clicks on what they see on the first few pages of Google search am I right?

Try to trace back the last time you searched something on Google, did you click on other pages to see other results?

You probably won’t unless you can’t find what you’re looking for on the first page.

And that my friend, is why you need SEO.


Can we do SEO ourselves?

When talking about SEO, I know exactly how you feel – confused, annoyed, and scared of the amount time you thought you’ll be wasting because there are just TOO many things to learn.

What if I tell you that those are actually what those so called SEO gurus feed upon in order to sell their services?

If you have heard of SEO, you must surely have heard of some people or company promoting their SEO services to you.

If you have a few thousand bucks to spare, by all means go ahead but if you believe that it is something simple that ANYONE can learn and implement for free, then you’re at the right place.

To do SEO is not that hard, you only need to know 3 things:

  • Leveraging keywords

Keywords are highly-searched words people tend to look for on the search bar.

For example, if you want to learn how to cook an omelet, you would probably type in the search bar “How to make an omelet” right?

Well THAT’S a keywords!

To find out more about keywords, I have made a review on the best keyword research platform here.

  • A Convincing title

There is the normal good ole title, and there is the super convincing one.

When you Google about omelets, would you want to click on “How to cook an omelet”, or would you feel more inclined to click on “How to cook a diet omelet with nothing but a spatula”

I bet you would definitely want to click on the second one.

Having a good title is one thing, but having a convincing one would mean everything when it comes to getting high click-through rates.

  • Content!

Yup, who doesn’t like a blog post with great content instead of a few short lines?

Sure few years ago you can get away with writing just a few lines on your page and STILL get first page ranking but after Google’s recent update, all those mean tricks will never work again.

It’s a good thing though, because it means that if you’re passionate about your work, you will surely write great content coming from your heart and that, Google loves.

If you’re interested in learning more about content strategies, I would advise you to check out my #1 recommended program here.


Let’s look at SEO in action.  [Case Study]

So you know now that you need to research keywords, write a cool title as well as having great content in order to score in Google.

But I may be all talk and no show so here’s the results of what SEO did to my page.

For the purpose of this research, let’s take a look at one of my pages “Quick Sprout Review”

Quick Sprout University review Google search

Quick Sprout university review Google search results

As seen from that search screenshot, my post wasn’t only on the first page of Google, it was also at the very top.

I have fit all the criteria too – I have great content (You need to click and see the page), I leveraged keywords and I even have a decent title (Not too extreme but it’s what people expect when it comes to scams).

For every situation, you need to adjust according to what the people expect so that means as long as you write different content according to what people are looking for, you can rest assured that they will click on that particular thing.



Doing SEO does seem tough at first, but the steps are simple so if you continue writing great content, leverage some keywords and make your title catchy, you’ll get your website on the first page of Google in no time!

If you’re looking for more ways to boost website rankings even further, do check out my #1 recommended program here.

Also if you have any questions relating to SEO, do share them below as I’ll be more than happy to reply.


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