How to do SEO and Keyword Research? 3-Steps to Success.

SEO and keyword research are interconnected.

Leveraging keywords is key to getting great SEO results for your website because you want your posts to be highly searched for and at the same time, have lesser competition.

But just how do you go about doing both SEO and keyword research?

Let’s find out how…


What do SEO and keyword mean?

Before we get to the main part, let’s just make sure we are both on the same page.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s simply a series of practices that anyone can implement to get your website some decent Google rankings.

In other words, SEO helps adjust your website to adapt to Google’s updates and requirements.

Bear in mind always that there are millions of other websites on the internet so that means if you don’t take steps to get your site on the first page, your competitors will.

You want your site to get there because if it doesn’t, it will end up far behind on Google search results and you don’t want that because NOBODY clicks on those Google pages at the back.

Keywords on the other hand, are highly-searched words or sentences that people type in that huge Google search bar.

Like when you want to learn something, you’d probably type in there “How to cook spaghetti” and THAT is a keyword.

I hope you’re not confused yet!

Now remember that SEO are a series of practices?

Researching about keywords is also a part of SEO because understanding the proper keywords can actually get your website great ranking.

Still with me on this?

Now let’s get to the main part of all of this which is…


How to do SEO yourself – Making the impossible, possible.

A lot of people have this mindset that SEO is a mystery and that to achieve that, you need to hire someone who already has years of experience.

Is that true?

Well it used to be.

Compared to 10 years ago, building websites and scoring SEO today is pretty darn simple that anyone even a beginner without prior knowledge can get it done.

Here’s proof…

Quick Sprout University review Google search

One of my blog posts got first page ranking on Google

Quick Sprout University Review is one of the reviews I made to help newbies avoid scams and I was surprised that I managed to make it on the 1st page of Google, and on the FIRST line!

Want to know how you can achieve that too?

It’s pretty simple actually, you only need to know 3 things:


 1) Keyword domination

Yup, like I said before, keywords play a major role in SEO so much so that it is probably the number one most important factor.

The thing about keywords is that it is actually the easy part because all you need to do is find the right keywords.

So what kind of keywords do you need?

You need keywords that are highly-searched because that means potential traffic (People visiting your site).

BUT do bear in mind also the competition because no matter how hot your keyword is in demand, you won’t get far if there’s loads of other highly established websites in the way so how do you find that out?

By using a keyword research tool of course!

There are loads of keyword research tools out there such as Google keyword planner and Word Tracker but the most effective one to date I would say is Jaaxy.

Here’s how I find my keywords…

Jaaxy search results for how to cook an omelet

Search results for “How to cook an omelette”

As you can see, when I typed in “How to cook an omelette”, you will not only get the monthly traffic and competition (QSR), you will ALSO get choices for similarly-searched terms!

This is important because we may never know which sentences are more sought-after and at the same time having lower competition.

For instance, “how to cook an omelette” has 748 searches while “How to make an omelette” has 4283 searches.

JUST by changing the word “cook” to “make”, I managed to get 3535 monthly searches more!!

Although the competition difference is only reduced by a few, it’s still a good keyword for me to use.

Try it out for yourself here…


2) Content is king

Content is King Wealthy Affiliate

One of the lessons covered within Wealthy Affiliate

With Google’s recent update, keyword alone isn’t enough to help you rank your site on first page.

This is because if you only focus on keywords, your overall user experience quality will drop.

This means that although you can surely get traffic to your site, your conversion rate will be significantly lower because, you won’t be focusing on your content enough.

To avoid website owners from focusing solely on keywords and titles rather than what they offer, Google made some adjustments that only real content with a minimum of 300 words will have a better chance at ranking.

If you are passionate about your website, this won’t be a problem to you because surely you’ll write awesome articles on your website, will you not?

But if you are one of those scam internet gurus who only want to make money by scamming innocent people through cheap content, well that’s bad news for you!

There is a community program that teaches you content strategies called Wealthy Affiliate which I would strongly urge you to check out. (Here’s my full review)


3) And of course, a very catchy title!

Finally, there’s nothing better when it comes to luring a person to click on your link than a good old convincing title.

This one should come naturally to you, because the idea is to make your title more “human” rather than all corporate like.

For example, would you rather click on “How to earn money online”, or “How to earn money online as a college student without any capital?”

I’m sure you’d choose the second one because it sounds more human and it’s more specific which makes your site stand out more when everyone else’s ones sound common.



Scoring SEO may sound a bit hard but the truth is that every beginner can do so without even having prior knowledge.

So as long as you keep writing catchy titles, leverage your keywords and write awesome jam-packed content that everyone loves to read, your website without a doubt will reach on the first page of Google in no time at all!

If you’re interested in learning more about mastering SEO, check out my #1 recommended program here.


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