What is Google Keyword Planner? Is it Really That Accurate?

You’d be amazed that Google has a lot of cool features that can be used for free such as the keyword planner.

Like any other keyword research tool, Google Keyword Planner helps website owners and internet marketers find out about what keywords they should use to get their websites ranked fast.

However it is not as easy as it looks because if you have no idea on what to look for or anything at all regarding how a website ranks, then you’re going to have a problem using it in the first place.

So before we get to the good part, let’s make sure that we’re on the right track and look back at…


What exactly is a keyword research tool used for?

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work on your website, it just doesn’t come out in Google?

Well actually, it does!

It’s just somewhere far back in one of the Google’s pages as there are millions of other websites all over the world millions more being created every month.

So is this a good news?

Nope, not at all because if you don’t manage to get your website on the first few pages of Google, you won’t get any clicks at all.

People are always in a rush today that they will only click on the first page whereas a lesser percentage will actually click on the next few pages.

So how do you get your website on the first page then?

By leveraging keywords of course!

Knowing your keywords is important because not only will you know the number of competition you will be facing, you will also know the number of monthly searches (Traffic) that you can expect.


How to properly search for keywords [Case Study]

In order to use keywords, we need a keyword tool.

So what do we need to find when using a keyword planner?

  • Average monthly search
  • Competition (Website competitors)
  • SEO (Whether you have a good potential on getting first page or not)

Let’s take an example by throwing a random search for “How to cook an omelette” using Google Keyword Planner.

Google adwords search

Google Keyword Planner search results for “How to cook an omelette”

As you can see from the search results below, we do get average searches but NOT on the exact keywords that we are looking for which is “How to cook an omelette”

Instead, we get what seems to be a broken down result of the sentence we are looking for like “Omelette pan” and “Fast breakfast”.

In terms of competition, we only get information like “high” and “Medium” which not only are they not detailed enough, but also useless since we cannot find information on the exact sentence that we want.

And in terms of SEO, well you tell me whether this information is good enough for a keyword or not.

Because of the lack of information, I would say that Google Keyword Planner is not useful enough when it comes for looking for keywords.

There is another keyword planner called Jaaxy which makes up for Google’s lack of accuracy and I am happy to say that it is by far the best keyword planner I have ever used.

I find it really accurate and has the exact information that every online entrepreneur needs when it comes to looking for keywords for your website.

Take a look at the results when I typed in the exact keywords that I’ve used in Google Keyword Planner below.

Jaaxy search results for how to cook an omelet

Jaaxy search results for “How to cook an omelette”

Can you tell the difference?

Not only do we get the exact number of monthly searches for that specific sentence, we also get the exact number of competitors and the SEO condition!

And plus, we even get some other ideas on what we should search for.

For instance, “how to cook an omelette” has 748 searches while “How to make an omelette” has 4283 searches.

JUST by changing the word “cook” to “make”, we managed to get 3535 monthly searches more!!

And although just by a bit, we know that he competitors are lesser too!

Go ahead and give Jaaxy a try here…


Using keywords wisely

Having great power doesn’t mean that you need to use them all the time.

Similarly to keywords, although it IS good for Google, we still need to think of how readable it is for the readers.

You can’t just use keywords all the time as those users will definitely think you’re only in it for the money and rankings and not for them.

So here’s a couple of friendly tips on how to make your keyword usage more human:

  • Long-Tail to the Rescue

Long-Tail titles have less competition and have a higher conversion rate than short-tail.

For instance, “How to Get a Girlfriend in College” is always better than “How to get a girlfriend” because the competition is way lesser and it is more specific too.

This means that you can stand a better chance at ranking even though your website is new.

  • Write a more attention-grabbing title

Would you rather click on the Google link “How to eat a chicken” or “How to eat a chicken with bare hands whilst climbing down a chimney on Christmas?”

Titles should grab the reader’s attention with active and persuasive language.

Try not to be too formal because you want to make your site to look more personal and user friendly not to mention fun!

  • Do NOT apply keyword stuffing!

As mentioned before, stuffing your article with keywords is NOT healthy for both your site and content.

Google might think that you’re up to no good and your readers won’t feel as engaged as they should because your article is awesome (or at least they should be!)

Use those keywords moderately and write more casual content as that is one of the most powerful attractions in a blog post.



When it comes to finding keywords, we need to find a keyword planner that has accurate information to help us make better decisions.

Sure Google Keyword Planner is great but in order to get more accurate information on the monthly searches, the number of competitors as well as the SEO condition of that keyword, there has never been a better keyword tool than Jaaxy.

If you’re interested in learning how to generate more traffic for your website, check out my #1 recommended program here.


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  1. Google keyword planner does a lot for a free program and I’ve always though of it as an okay enough tool. Gotta check out this Jaaxy thing, looks super!

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