December 2015 Monthly Report – It’s Finally Growing!

december 2015 my internet quest monthly report

December seems like a good month as I am finally back on my blog and it is even the month where I had the most income out of all the months so far.

This proves that Online Business does work as long as you are there to put in effort and grow your site and I regretted hindering my blog’s progress by disappearing for 3 months previously.

It’s also the end of the year where many exciting things happen and of yeah, Christmas!

So how did my blog fare for the month of December 2015? Read on…


My December 2015 Stats

my internet quest Google Analytics or December 2015

My blog’s December 2015 stats

The stats doesn’t look as steady as compared to November as I am still posting content very slowly – I’m still trying to adjust myself to my aggressive writing schedule.

Back then I was able to churn out 3,000 words of article in one day complete with pictures and research for 7 hours straight but now, I’m struggling to write even 500 words day.

This is another reason as to why you should never break your momentum because being busy is a good thing – That means you’re well on your way towards success.

For December, I have about 3,083 visitors – That’s 153 visitors less than last month!

As for the contents I’ve published, I only managed to write 2 contents the whole month which are both in fact reviews…

That’s a good progress considering I only wrote one post the month before.

January however, will be a completely different month as I plan to write at least one post a week and get back my own fiery content-writing aura that you guys are going to love.

There will be more detailed contents which I will write every week and I am also considering on making book reviews based on some demands I keep getting, especially on the “4-Hour Workweek” and “The alchemist”.

But more on that later as I’m quite a slow reader, I’m sure you’re just dying to know of how my social media accounts are faring last Christmas…

It’s not surprising that Twitter seems to be working fine for me, a lot of people connect with me better there because unlike Facebook, they don’t restrict your visibility.

If you haven’t heard of Facebook’s case yet, the reason business pages aren’t getting enough visibility is because Facebook wanted us to spend more on ads which is why I don’t spend much time there.

I do however post my updates there because I still get visitors from Facebook surprisingly asking me all sorts of questions.

Now we’ve got the social media part covered, let’s move on to…


The Best Growth in Sales I’ve Had in Ever!

Take a look at this…

Wealthy Affiliate commission for December 2015

My affiliate payment, I got $401!

I’ve never even reached two hundred bucks in one month and all of a sudden I got $401 just like that, it was a total leap of faith for me and I am absolutely thrilled!

This is mainly because people tend to spend more at the end of the year and a lot of people wanted to have a go at Wealthy Affiliate because they wanted a fresh start in 2016 and change their lives for the better.

If you haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s currently my top ranked program which I am currently promoting on my blog as compared the other reviews I’ve made, it’s the best one so far.

I really love the lessons which is regularly updated, the awesome support, the friendly community, the keyword tool as well as the free website builder it comes with.

I just realized that the webhost that WA provides you with is also a dedicated hosting which means that it’s a high quality fast hosting server you get for yourself instead of the shared hosting which we usually use for Bluehost and Hostgator.

If you’re serious in building an Online Business, Wealthy Affiliate is something you should definitely check out – You still have time to catch up with me!

Although $401 isn’t much, it actually is here in Malaysia as our currency is 4 times more so convert that to Malaysian Ringgit, I earn an equivalent salary of a McDonald’s worker here plus the overtime.

Not bad I would say, but I’m hungry for success and would definitely put in more effort for the next month.


New Year New Me? – Not Exactly.

Riaz on a boulder

Me looking majestic whilst staring at the sunrise.

Not to show off or anything, but I’ve always been a very hardworking person.

I’d love to say that I’ll be working harder for 2016 but the truth is I’m already doing that.

I always have a schedule of what I’ll be working on every day so that I don’t lose time as 2016 is probably the last year I’ll be living in Malaysia.

I’m planning to continue my studies in France and I’m currently learning French (Still in intermediate).

I have 2 more DELF exams to pass – One on March and another on December (Or November I forgot).

If you haven’t heard of DELF, it stands for Diplômes d’études en langue française which is just a French language fluency exam that I have to take at Alliance Française, very much like how we have to take IELTS or TOEFL for English fluency.

I love learning new languages but I can only learn one at a time and so in order to sustain myself while I’m there, I need to work hard and stabilize my business here.

I have a local events company called KAMIRA Event Management here in Malaysia which is also one of the ways I earn income and I’m currently planning on another event to host soon (I’ll reveal that on next month’s post once I have it finalized).

But of course I do get myself a break from time to time, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy after all.

My recent trip was to Broga Hill and I went there at 4 am in the morning to hike with my friend Syed.

Syed on a rock

That’s Syed on a very huge boulder which I had no idea how he climbed!

We went there very early in the morning as we wanted to catch the morning sunrise and since it’ll be New Year already, wouldn’t it sound cheesy if I say that we watched the dawn of a new year?

Well we did, and it was awesome!

It took us an hour and a half to reach the top and I didn’t realize that there will be so many people hiking too.

we were on Broga

I met a lot of wonderful people and we shared our life stories.

We met a lot of friendly people and it was adventure I will never forget – Getting away from the busy life of the city and to not talk about work at all, it feels pleasant.

If you have never went on a hike before, I suggest that you do as it will definitely change your life.

You’ll have time to reflect and the best part is that at night, you will see the stars and the moon so close to you – Plenty more than what we usually in the city.

That’s it for what I did last December, I’ll leave you with this one last picture of me at on the highest peak at Broga Hill…

Peace Out

Peace Out!


My Final Word

Of all the months I had, December was the most decent one with the highest revenue so far.

Although it’s not much, it did push me to work harder to make more than what I earned the next month.

I will definitely be posting more contents and I’m targeting one each week and when I’m confident enough, maybe I’ll write two. We’ll see.

I hope my journey so far gave you an insight on how Affiliate Marketing works and as always, thanks for reading.

I’ll see you on February, cheers!


Riaz Shah

14 comments to “December 2015 Monthly Report – It’s Finally Growing!”
  1. I know this post is a couple of years old, but it’s still a good reference for someone who is starting out this year.

  2. Hi Riaz,
    Well done on your $400 month!
    I am still waiting for my 1st dollar but its early days and I haven’t really monetized yet – but stories like yours inspire me to keep going!
    I know what you mean about momentum.
    I try to write every couple of days and it does get easier when you don’t have a break.
    But like working out that creativity muscle is still there so with a bit of practice you’ll be churning out the good stuff again in no time!
    Congratulations again,
    – Luke

    • Thanks Luke, you will definitely get your first dollar very soon if you persevere and not give up. Best of luck on your site, hope you have a great Tuesday!

  3. Hi there Riaz,

    What a motivating article to read. It’s interesting to see how each of our website traffic differs and what it really takes to sustain an online income over time.

    I read about your hiatus and honestly, I have this fear of leaving my blog unattended even for several days. Ever since the beginning of 2015, I spend at least 2 to 3 hours a day researching and writing content.

    I can’t say the same for my publishing frequency though because I am still jam packed with SEO stuff. That really takes up a lot of time.

    How do you go about your content publishing and SEO? Do you have a routine for it?

    Thanks for your advice!

    • Hey Cathy,

      I don’t have a routine for it previously but now I do. No matter how busy I am, I need to find time to at least do my research one day before I write because after that, writing will be smooth as I have all the information I needed. Usually the research and drafting part is the tedious part.

      It’s actually okay to write one post per week, totally fine. I left mine for months so one week definitely wouldn’t hurt. Hope that helps, thanks for dropping by! Do let me know if I can help you out with anything else.

  4. Hi Riaz-

    Thanks so much for sharing your progress during 2015. You do seem like a very hard working, and determined young entrepreneur, and I hope lots of people wishing to build an online business will read this to gain inspiration from you.,

    It’s pretty cool you took 3 months “off” and yet you have your business going with enough momentum you only experienced a “dip” in activity – nowhere near a real collapse you would have to rebuild in a major way.

    Again, thanks for this transparent, candid, factual and inspiring article, kudos on your best month ever, and go get ’em in 2016!

    • Hey Marvin.

      Thanks for the compliment, I guess responsibility starts to hit you as you get older. I do hope I’m able to inspire some people. Those 3 months could have been used to boost my blog up and earned me at least triple revenue though, but I guess i learned some important lessons from that. Thanks for dropping, cheers!

  5. Hi Riaz,

    That was great reading your success of December. Now keep it up and keep in on! The harder you work the more you will succeed.

    Interestingly you mention Malaysian Ringuut, I’ll be in Malaysia (Penang) from 23 jan to 4th Feb. pretty cool if you coudl meet up, hang out and perhaps “co-blog!”
    yes 1600 MYR for the month is actually a decent full time income in Malaysia, so well done. Looks like you are well on your way to an online success 🙂

    • That’s awesome Derek, would love to meet up but unfortunately Penang is rather far from me, about 5 hours drive from KL. If you happen to be in KL then it would be much easier to meet up. Thanks for the kind words, cheers!

  6. Hi Riaz,

    It’s always a pleasure and inspiring to read your posts. I find it challenging to come up with new posts every week and so far, I’m averaging one per week. I’ll do my best not to break the momentum too. Sometimes when we’re away for too long from our ‘work’ it can be harder to get back into the swing of things. Well, at least for me anyway. Wishing you much luck and success with your studies in France! Keep those posts coming in 🙂

    • Hello again Yvonne!

      Its not just for you but for me as well! I could’t even finish one article for a few days, it used to take me half a day to finish writing a long post previosly. Thank you for the wish, good luck on your website as well!

  7. Wow Riaz. I am very happy for you man. Wealthy Affiliate has also worked for me in several ways. It is a lot of work but it will eventually pay off once you make money.

    I see that your bounce rate is 80% and your dwell time is 01:30 avg. This is not bad and my website has the same stats. Keep going and because it will not be long until you reach the $1000 per month mark 🙂

    • Thanks Viljoen,

      Hoping to reach the thousand mark in a few months time. I’m working harder now that I know I can actually grow my blog much better if I actually spend more time on it. The Bounce rate is actually die to my affiliate links as people tend to click on that and the dwell time also just increased too. Thanks for the feedback man, hope you have an awesome Thrusday!

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