What is Organo Gold About? – Masking MLM Through Coffee.

organo gold reviewBusiness name: Organo Gold

Website: Organogold.com

Type of business: MLM

Price: $49.95 – $1245

Owner: Bernardo Chua (Founder) and Shane Morand (Co-founder)

My rating:  4 out of 100 (Pyramid SCAM)

I came across Organo Gold when my friend started to talk about it non-stop last year.

I knew at that moment that it’s another typical MLM scam that he wanted to promote but I kept quiet and ignored him as I didn’t want to bring him down.

After a while, more and more people started talking about Organo Gold and were trying to push me into buying their coffee which I didn’t need as I already have a coffee machine at home and plus, I like to drink my coffee fresh from the beans after grinding… NOT those instant ones.

When a close friend of mine joined and started to get headaches and diarrhea from drinking the coffee, I took matters into my own hand and joined Organo Gold to find out their real story.

What I found was shocking and I wrote all of my findings within this review so do continue reading if you’d like to know my full Organo Gold review and what this program entails…


Pros and Cons


  • The coffee tasted okay, but definitely not as mind-blowing as they say.
  • Their products are visually appealing.


  • Their coffee contains Ganoderma Lucidem which can cause blood thinning.
  • Massive amounts of complaints everywhere.
  • Not BBB accredited.
  • You need to buy the coffee yourself for testers. You ARE the main customer.
  • Most of the sellers are very rude.
  • Contains a lot of controversies.

Yikes! Those are a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead.


What is Organo Gold About? 

Organo gold founders

Organo Gold is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company founded by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand back with Holton Buggs as the Vice President of Sales back in 2008.

All MLM companies have a product as a medium to attract people into buying and as for Organo Gold, they sell coffee with network marketing intentions behind it.

To make their coffee unique, they use a mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum which apparently also causes adverse effects to those with low immune system which I will explain further later on.

Their brand name is actually spelled as OrGano whereby “Or” means gold in French and “Gano” refers to the mushroom they use in their coffee called Ganoderma Lucidem.


What is the Compensation Plan Like?

MLM companies always have many levels of compensation plan Organo Gold included. There are 7 ways of earning money through this scheme and those are…

Method #1 – Retailing

Since coffee is their product, you can choose to sell it to others as retail and mark it up by at least 50%.

Method #2 – Fast Track Bonus

For this method, you earn money when your downline recruits someone. The amount you earn is a bit complicated though, as it depends on the package they chose…

  • Bronze Pack £125 Fast Start £12 (150 CV)
  • Silver Pack £320 Fast Start £55 (400 CV)
  • Gold Pack £1000 Fast Start £100 (875 CV)

Method #3 – Dual team Commissions (Also known as Binary commissions)

This method is the most profiting method of all as it lets you earn weekly.

Of course you would need your own referrals as they are your main source of income but how this works is by recruiting one distributor on your left team and one on your right.

Confused about what teams am I talking about? Here’s something to help you get a clearer picture…

organo gold dual team bonus

You have a team on your left side and another on your right.

You see, naturally you are always at the top of your team but when you start hiring, your referrals will be places like in a pyramid scheme like in the picture above.

So every week, the system will check your organization and pay you according to how many down lines you have.

Method #4 – Unilevel commission

Once you have some downlines, you will start to get recurring commissions as they pay for their reorders and this is what this method is all about.

Method #5 – Matching Bonus

The matching bonus is still under the unilevel commission part, just that it’s for members you’ve personally sponsored, and up to three generations deep on their down lines.

Method #6 – Generational Leadership Bonus

I hope you’re not confused yet because this part is starting to get confusing for a lot of people.

There are a lot of levels in MLM and Organo Gold has 9 of them and they put in fancy jewelry names too to make it sound catchy…

  1. Representative
  2. Marketing Associate
  3. Supervisor
  4. Consultant
  5. Sapphire consultant
  6. Ruby consultant
  7. Emerald consultant
  8. Diamond consultant
  9. Blue diamond consultant
  10. Black diamond consultant
  11. Crown consultant
  12. Crown ambassador consultant

So when you first join Organo Gold, you will start off as a Marketing Associate which is like your first level.

Only as you recruit more people will your level increase and you get the rest of the catchy titles and the reason they did this organizational hierarchy is to motivate people into working harder.

So coming back to the Generational Leadership bonus, this sort of bonus will only start to kick-in once you reach the Sapphire Consultant level which is level 4.

It’s automatic and you will get commissions if your down lines are of Sapphire levels as well.

Method #7 – Global Bonus Pool

This part is pretty interesting, you get money from Organo Gold’s overall unilevel profits.

The Global Pool is split between membership ranks as follows…

  • Ruby – 32%
  • Emerald – 24%
  • Diamond – 15%
  • Blue Diamond – 10%
  • Black Diamond and above – 10%

The catch? It’s calculated based on how much you contributed to the company’s global unilevel sales so the more you sell, the more you get.


Organo Gold Membership Ladder

Every MLM company has levels – You start out as a beginner (Level 1) and as you make sales and generate more money for the company you’re in, you’ll bound to go up the ranks.

The names are always pretty catchy like “Diamond” or things like that and Organo Gold is no stranger to this as they have 12 levels altogether starting from…

Level 1 – Representative

This is practically you when you first join in Organo Gold as someone’s down line.

Level 2 – Marketing Associate

To go up this rank, you need to either make 200 sales or alternatively, makes 50 sales while securing 2 down lines under one month.

Level 3 – Supervisor

For this, you need to make either 500 sales or alternatively, 50 sales with 3 new down lines under a month.

Level 4 – Consultant

You need to make either 1,000 sales (Damn, that’s a lot) or alternatively, 100 sales while securing 5 new down lines AND make them get their own down lines each. All under a month of course. Think you can do it?

Level 5 – Sapphire Consultant

Starting from this level, it’s going to be a tad complicated as you’ll need to fulfill all the following criteria…

  1. Make 100 sales a month
  2. Generate team volume of 14,000 a month from their unilevel team (personally sponsored down line) with no more than 40% of this coming from any one lineage leg.
  3. Get 4 down lines who have achieved Consultant status.

Level 6 – Ruby Consultant

That’s a lot of pressure already just to get to one level, here’s how you can get to the next one…

  1. Make at least 200 sales a month.
  2. Generate team volume of 40,000 a month from their unilevel team with no more than 40% of this coming from any one lineage leg.
  3. Get 6 down lines who have achieved Consultant status.

Level 7 – Emerald Consultant

It’s not over yet, to get to this level you need to up your game even more…

  1. Make at least 200 sales a month.
  2. Generate team volume of 80,000 a month from their unilevel team no more than 40% of this coming from any one lineage leg.
  3. Get 8 down lines who have achieved Consultant status.

Level 8 – Diamond Consultant

Getting to this eight level will surely blow you away, you won’t believe how ridiculous the sales conditions are…

  1. Make at least 200 sales a month.
  2. Generate team volume of 200,000 a month from their unilevel team with no more than 40% of this coming from any one lineage leg.
  3. Get 10 down lines who have achieved Consultant status.

Level 9 – Blue Diamond Consultant

As if the ‘Diamond’ name isn’t powerful enough, they decided to add the colour blue to show dominance, here are the critera for achieving this particular level…

  1. Make at least 200 sales a month.
  2. Generate team volume of 500,000 a month from their unilevel team with no more than 30% of this coming from any one lineage leg.
  3. Get 10 down lines who have achieved Consultant status.
  4. Make 100,000 group sales from your teams.

Level 10 – Black Diamond

I don’t know if you still feel motivated at this point or scared but to qualify for this level, you need to…

  1. Make at least 200 sales a month.
  2. Generate team volume of 1,000,000 (Yes, that’s one million!) a month from their unilevel team with no more than 30% of this coming from any one lineage leg.
  3. Get 10 down lines who have achieved Consultant status.
  4. Make 200,000 group sales from your teams.

Level 11 – Crown Diamond

This is only one more level after this one so please bear with me. As usual, the criteria for this particular level includes…

  1. Make at least 200 sales a month.
  2. Generate team volume of 2,000,000 a month from their unilevel team with no more than 30% of this coming from any one lineage leg.
  3. Get 10 down lines who have achieved Consultant status.
  4. Make 400,000 group sales from your teams.

Level 12 – Crown Ambassador

The top-most level you can ever achieve in this pyramid game looks pretty impossible to achieve though as the criteria includes…

  1. Make at least 200 sales a month.
  2. Generate team volume of 5,000,000 (Yes, that’s five million you’re making for Organo Gold!) a month from their unilevel team with no more than 30% of this coming from any one lineage leg.
  3. Get 10 down lines who have achieved Consultant status.
  4. Make 1,000,000 group sales from your teams.

Don’t Like All those Hierarchy and Complicated Titles? Me too! Read More About My Top Rated Program Here!


Red Flags

Red Flag #1 – Massive complaints everywhere.

If you Google out Organo Gold articles anywhere, you will notice that there are plenty of bad remarks about this particular pyramid scheme everywhere… Even from the members themselves.

Here are some complaints I picked up from a few websites for you to ponder on…

organo gold complaint 1

This one is from an ex-member. He cancelled after finding out that their support is terrible and online platform not up to date.

organo gold complaint 2

Apparently, becoming a millionaire isn’t as easy as how they told you…

organo gold complaint 3

Those events are meant to entice you into joining and nothing else.

organo gold complaint 4

In MLM, the bottom-most referrals (You) are the main victims.

organo gold complaint 5

Organo Gold never provided you with samples, they want you to buy from them.

organo gold complaint 6

Okay this isn’t a complaint but getting a free Mercedez? Seriously? In MLM, sellers tend to exaggerate what they earn in order to hook you into joining which you will definitely regret later on.

MLM is not an easy thing to do and as you can see, many people are struggling to get by, even the members.

With Coffee being sold somewhere between $20 – $30 a box, it is definitely very hard to sell since you can get better coffee elsewhere for a cheaper price.

Some people find it hard to believe that Organo Gold is a scam but with that many complaints being made all over the web, wouldn’t you feel otherwise?

Red Flag #2 – Not BBB accredited.

BBB Organo gold

Where Organo stands in BBB.

Doesn’t it bother you that a company as established as Organo Gold isn’t even listed in the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

For those of you who don’t know BBB, it’s an organization that helps protect consumers by giving legitimacy rating to companies.

This means that how companies are rated depends on how consumers like them – If many people send complaints regarding that particular company, BBB will rate them bad and this will affect the image of that particular company.

According to research, about 79% of consumers say that they would likely contact BBB for a company’s legitimacy – That’s how much trust the people have in them.

Organo Gold initially had an A- rate when it first started back in 2008 but over the years as the company downgrades and complaints started pouring in, BBB took back that accreditation, leaving Organo Gold with bad mark.

According to CBS News, Organo Gold had over 55 complaints in early 2014 alone. Imagine how many complaints they have accumulated until today when it’s almost 2016 already.

I’ve seen several companies rated F in BBB but Organo Gold didn’t even pass F, that’s how messed up they are.

Red Flag #3 – A lot of controversies and bad reviews

Besides the normal every day complaints, there are people who went to great lengths to expose this pyramid scheme by sending reviews on websites…

organo gold on ripoff report

Organo gold appeared in Ripoff Report.

Ripoff Report is where consumers share their bad experiences with scams in hopes exposing them for good and warning others so that they might not fall in the same trap as they did.

Having Organo Gold in Ripoff Report is bad for their reputation and if you go to the website, you’d be surprised to check out how these MLM people tries to back their beloved company up by swearing and cursing.

organo gold came out in CBS money watch

They even appeared in CBS!

CBS News is a news site so naturally when things come out in news, we just know that it’s a HUGE matter that people nationwide if not globally would take notice of.

According to the news, Organo Gold wanted to join a Direct Selling Association (DSA) but was rejected as they have too many complaints especially on the fact that many of the distributors were told that they can earn unrealistic income potential before joining in.

The DSA is an independent association which regulates professional and established Multi-Level Marketing companies to make sure that they are doing it professionally and ethically to protect their interests.

Big Shots in the MLM world like Herbalife and Amway are all in DSA, so why isn’t Organo Gold accepted? Go figure.

organo gold bad reputation in Guyana

They even stirred up trouble in Guyana!

Guyana is a tropical country situated in South America and believe it or not, Organo Gold even managed to stir up trouble there!

In hopes of expanding their territories worldwide, Organo Gold is quickly reaching out to different countries and one of them is Guyana.

The Guyanese body did not approve Organo Gold to open up their operations within their country so long story short, here are some of the controversies that arose…

  • Organo Gold has been tricking the local Guyanese into joining their MLM as an “Investment opportunity” when they are clearly an MLM company.
  • They decided to go on and continue their operations even when they know that the government did not approve their business to be run within the country.
  • Since Organo Gold is not registered, they are also avoiding taxes as business are still operating.
  • A lawsuit was filed by a doctor to the founders of Organo Gold when he found out that the products did not contain the same ingredients as mentioned by the company.

Believe or not, Guyana isn’t the only country which did not approve of Organo Gold – Jamaica and Trinidad also did not agree on registering the company.

Red Flag #4 – Their coffee has a high risk of being hazardous to health.

ganoderma lucidum inside organo gold coffee

Ganoderma Lucidem is the mushroom they use in their coffees.

This is another huge topic that makes everyone really skeptical to even try that unique coffee of theirs – Is Organo Gold Healthy?

On the contrary.

The coffee used in Organo Gold contains a peculiar mushroom called the Ganoderma Lucidum which has dangerous blood-thinning properties.

Ganoda Lucidum used by organo gold

This is how the Ganoderma Lucidem looks like.

It is also known as Reishi mushroom or Ling Zhi (Ganoderma is the scientific name) and some of the locals in China even call it mushroom of immortality (Have to admit, that’s a pretty cool name) as it contains beta-glucans which are complex sugars that can help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Organo Gold wanted to see this as a plus point to make their coffee the most unique in the world but they did not take into account the fact that the mushroom can also cause toxicity in some cells which in simpler words means that it’s totally not safe to consume.

According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Ganoda Lucidum health concerns include…

  • Blood thinning properties which can increase the risk of bleeding, especially if you have low platelets.
  • Skin allergies due to the spores of the mushroom extract.
  • Lowering of blood pressure which may cause you dizziness and nausea.
  • Diarrhea, dryness of the mouth, throat and nose.

The use of this particular mushroom on the coffees of Organo Gold has sparked worldwide outrage, controversies and even a few lawsuits such as in the case of Marlin Johnson here.

News service court case on Organo Gold

Marlin Johnson’s lawsuit on Organo Gold.

In this case, Marlin was suing Organo Gold after he fell sick as he found out from his doctor that his hemoglobin dropped alarmingly low after the gastric bypass surgery that he underwent.

And Marlin wasn’t the only one affected by this, there are many others having health problems too…

organo health complaint 1

Sonia developed high blood pressure by drinking it and she doesn’t have a history in high blood pressure.

organo health complaint 2

Another person on the other had an upset stomach with rash all over the neck.

organo health complaint 3

This guy is even worse, he’s spitting up blood and he’s having constipation because of it.

organo health complaint 4

Someone even developed Bell’s Palsy.

Bell’s palsy is a condition where your nerve is impaired causing your face muscles to be paralyzed and this is pretty serious.

These complaints are only the tip of the iceberg, there are tons of people inflicted with various kinds of health dangers all over the internet, you need only to look… starting from Organo Gold.

Although the mushroom has some pretty good cancer prevention benefits, it comes with a lot of side effects and it is definitely something to think about in the long-run.

There are of course many people who are okay with drinking Ganoderma Lucidem-infused coffee but not everyone is born with strong immune system and with that many reports of people getting adverse effects when consuming the coffee, would you risk drinking it too?

Red Flag #5 – Members are Bullies

I’ve been in several MLM companies in Malaysia in my early days – Herbalife, Score A, Amway and One Community Worldwide to name a few and one thing these MLM companies all share in common is the bullying tactic being taught to the members.

MLM is a psychology game because since it involves direct selling, everyone is taught guerilla sales techniques which I absolutely despise – Never let a prospect walk away with peace, never let them say no, learn how to twist words, never let a prospect room to talk away his doubt.

I work in sales before and there is a fine line between ethical and unethical but in MLM, you are trained to sell to families which I absolutely disagree unless they offer first.

Want to know how Organo Gold members react when consumers are unhappy? Read away…

rude organo gold member 1

Is that how you would react to an unsatisfied customer?

rude organo gold member 2

This guy literally made fun of consumers who fell sick after drinking the coffee.

rude organo gold member 3

This person is ventilating his anger by typing everything in caps.

If you’ve been involved in the pyramid scheme before, you will know that there are plenty of people with corrupted mindset such as them.


Do I Recommend Organo Gold?

organo gold products

Some of the products Organo has

Absolutely not.

Organo Gold is just like any other MLM schemes, they use a pyramid system and have a catalyst to shield their MLM intentions and in this case, coffee.

Like any other pyramid schemes, the down line (You) is the one that will be losing money the most as you are basically their main customer because by joining, you are actually paying for those coffees yourself like or not.

The company doesn’t even give you their products to give away as testers just like other typical MLM companies I’ve come across such as One Community Wordwide so you will need to buy from them yourself and every month you will need to do an auto-lock whereby you will always be spending more and more on coffee alone.

When you first joined the program, everyone will have their own websites to market their coffee online and these websites all look the same as the main Organo Gold website.

organo gold website affiliate

How the members’ websites look like if you join.

The only difference? Your name and link.

This is definitely not enough if you want to expand your business because in the end, you will have to go out and personally meet people instead because the website they gave you isn’t going to market itself.

There are NO trainings on how to operate it, SEO is totally out since all the members have a duplicated website, and you wouldn’t know how to create quality content yourself to make it unique unless you already have a basic knowledge of Online Marketing.

If you wouldn’t want a business solely on meeting people alone, there is a program I can recommend you to check out called Wealthy Affiliate which can help expand your business even further.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Business platform which provides you with everything you need to have a full-fledged Online Business – They give you proper training, they provide you with high speed web hosting, top notch website builder, tools and a great and friendly community with people who are sharing the same vision as you.

Since I started my website, most of my pages end up looking like this…

totally free stock photos google search

Google search results for “Totally Free Stock Photos”

It appeared on the first page of Google and that is how an Online Business should look like because when your site is up there, it will remain there forever and you will get endless clicks even when you’re not working on it.

You are practically doing Affiliate Marketing with your Organo Gold website as it is since you sell other people’s product in exchange for commission and compared to my top ranked program, the feature comparison between these two programs look something like this…



Every MLM is only a system – It’s the people inside that controls whether or not it’s a good opportunity to join.

However with so many complaints being made everywhere on the internet, with so many controversies brewing up that it even came out in news in different countries, the rude members who bully the weak, as well as the health dangers that their coffee product might bring to people, Organo Gold is definitely a SCAM and receives my rating of only 4 out of 100.

If you would like to find a better business opportunity online away from any pyramid schemes, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Phew, that is over 3,900 words! Thanks for reading my review thus far and if you have any feedback at all that you’d like to share, do drop them down below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

Together we expose scams.


Riaz Shah

172 comments to “What is Organo Gold About? – Masking MLM Through Coffee.”
  1. I love this product because Organo Gold contains extract from Ganoderma Lucidum, you will end up with a cup of coffee that can be good for your health as well. Since Organo Gold products are USDA approved as 100% Organic Ganoderma Lucid, it is very safe medically I assume and with this recommendation is assured. Great article, thanks for putting this up. 

  2. Hi Riaz,

    It’s a shame to learn that unethical schemes are operated daily in today’s world. $49.95-$1245 and it is not even BBB certified? Wow! I’m totally lost for words for their “Ganoderma Lucidum” mushrooms. This case study is definitely an eye-opener for me in better understanding on the behind scenes of MLM scams. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your share, I was a little surprised to find that Organo Gold is pretty well known because personally I have never even heard of them and I am a coffee drinker, oh well! I feel bad for the guy who thinks he is getting a Mercedes Benz for selling coffee, I had to laugh when I read that.

    Organo Gold sounds like a pretty nasty place to get involved with, first of all I can’t imagine working for a place that taught me to take part in some shady MLM sales tactics and the customer service is bad, inconsistent payments and so on and so forth, I am glad I have never drank the coffee much less hearing about it if it is going to thin your blood, lower your blood pressure and cause diarrhea, thanks for the heads up.

    I believe you have done a very thorough job giving a report on what this company truly is, keep up the great work.

    • They won’t like it if they’re labeled as shady or nasty but when fact’s on the table we can’t argue with that, now can we?

  4. I have never tried coffee before..but I find organo gold very interesting.even the name spakes gold.this unique brand of coffee was founded by bernado and Shane. The name organo gold means, the or means gold while the gano means mushrooms..the addition of mushrooms make this product very unique not only that,someone can make money through networking with this very product.another uniqueness of this product is making through recruitment.ranging from various stages. 

  5. Hi Riaz. You really did great effort to prove that Organo Gold is a scam. As well as every better MLM they have a super-elaborated reward system, I know Herbalife.

    The fact is that in some MLM some people succeed, as is the case in everything. However, they seem to be dangerous to health, so it makes me the most important contra reason. I’m surprised that they can even legally work with such a product.

    Btw, did your friend change opinion?

  6. Good review of yours, I admire the way you review companies. I’d like to add, I am a former leader in Organo Gold and the reason I left the company forever is their recent announcement by Shane Morand saying they are now entering the cryptocurrency space and introducing their own “coin”. Upon learning, I realized this company has gone into a money-making scheme now and is no longer the coffee company that I admired. They are now like those money games out there, and I really don’t like that. So, I call it “quits” now. Bye Organo Gold!

    • Wow I didn’t know that Gomer, thanks for sharing. I guess when they’re heading to that direction, they would end up focusing more on making money rather than improving quality.

  7. Hi Riaz, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I already heard about organo gold and you just confirmed my suspicions. I think that MLM is one of the worst things one can choose to earn money online as you really need to know what you do. Thanks for the warning about this company.

  8. Thanks for writing this review on organo gold and all it entails. I must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this review. Am sure this review is going to help many to make sound decision on taking part in organo gold mlm plan or taking there coffee.the fact that their products has alot of complain from consumer makes it not OK for me to participate so other red flag you point out about this program. I see this review as an eye opener 

  9. Thanks for taking the time to write a very detailed article on this organo gold. For me personally,I really do not in any way like Multiple level marketing and it’s because I have tried a few before and I eventually got burn because of the sub standard product they sell and now in this case it’s coffee. One of the things that gave them away is the fact that people are complaining about the product. Seriously, that is bad. Good thing is , with the help of your review people can be fully aware what they are dealing with. Thanks

  10. Multitude of MLMs like Organo Gold are springing up everywhere and trying to rope naive people into their webs. 

    I and my family members have been members of such schemes and it has always ended up in losses. 

    You buy products, get people to buy too and also get them to join under you. You keep going in circles until you end up no where. 

    I wouldn’t advice anybody to join Organo Gold, because it is another disaster waiting to happen. 

    • It’s a neverending circle Peace, and more and more innocent people end up wasting their time and money on this kinds of scheme.

  11. Hi Riaz, I fully agree with your writeup and your final assessment on whether this MLM business is worth participating. I too was a victim of another MLM business many years ago, and it was the selling of over prized numismatic gold coins and to participate in the scheme, you have to buy the gold coins first which costs thousands of dollars. My take is the same as you, all MLM scheme are scam and only the early adopters stands to benefit from this pyramid model. Glad that you gave a very clear explanation to expose this scam. 

    • I’m sorry to hear that Jeffrey, if it helps I too fell prey to many more MLM scheme and burned thousands of dollars being cheated before I moved on.

  12. Thanks for exposing this site in your unbiased review. Few months ago my cousins complained about Organo gold, its been a whole since she has paid the entry subscription fee. 

    Not able to sell a product and also told to bring in more marketers she realised its all a pyramid scam . Honestly I did not buy into this program , I had initially warmed her not to. 

    There are many more like organo gold. Iwouod not recommend this product to anyone.

    • Sorry to hear about your cousin Olanike, you could show her this review to help her understand better why she needs to move on from it.

  13. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.organo gold is a scam and their products happens to be dangerous and hazardous to health. This is an eye opener to stay free from scam everywhere. To make money online requires enough of research. Thanks for the information. Good write

  14. So lucky to have found your review about organo gold, I was planning on buying for my mom this summer. I got to know about the organo coffee few weeks ago at one of the local health food store. I decided to make some research about it because of the way my friends were talking about it just decided to be more skeptical not until I saw this post. I am lucky I did.

  15. Hi thanks for the heads up I have not heard about organo gold and I’m glad I red this post before I did that is alot of cons and i would not like to promote this as it would give you a bad name and sounds like a big scam to me aswell

  16. Hey there

    I accidentally come across your article about Organo Gold. Your article is very informative and useful I really liked the way you put the evidence before your verdict.

    I am not a fan of the multilevel marketing schemes and thanks for confirming Organo Gold is one of those. Then, when it comes to any consumable (e.g. Coffee) I want to make sure people are 100% safe and satisfied, and unfortunately that is not the case either.

    Best wishes.

  17. What a great review on Organo gold. This is really an informative article and a well presented and structured article as well. I have never come across this one at all, this would be the first time. I wouldn’t say is a shock or a surprise that there is yet another scheme out there that is making profit off of a low quality product. It is kind of frightening that this set are allowed to sell coffee with such a kind of toxic ingredient without in any way giving warning to people about the danger it poses to health. That’s really very bad to have even occur in the first place.  For some people taking certain medications, blood thinners are dangerous. This article is really informative and helpful. This must be shared on all platforms. Good job. 

  18. So I finally went to this Organo presentation in Milan after this girl in my university class asked me multiple times over the course of maybe four weeks to come and I was finally out of excuses of why I couldn’t and she said “please it means a lot to me” …. Her “friends” were nice enough but once the presentation started four people blabbed on and on about what a great environment it was and money dreams bla bla bla. And asking who drinks coffee? Who thinks being healthy is a good thing? Are dietary supplements a good idea? (I wanted to say it depends but these seemed like yes or no questions so I just watched). And we had to clap for everyone like they had changed social policy for the better or something. Only the fifth guy, I’m guessing the head honcho of the area finally even mentioned the product itself, after spitting out rapid fire figures (probably so we missed them) and going on for what felt like ten minutes about how this wasn’t a scam, con or ponzy scheme. “Could a company that exists in so many countries for so many years be a scam?” The mostly 20 yrold audience responds “no way!” This one was good: “who knows better, your parents or some guy from Harvard with a business degree?” (Obviously not present and no certificates). Then he asks me to pretend to be his friend “just five minutes” to demonstrate how to sell. I use the opportunity to ask where the coffee is from, if it’s fair trade and some dude says “it’s fair trade for us”. Honcho says I really just need the favor this month. I ask how much? 35 euro. For instant coffee with some weird fungus you can’t miss with aspirin. They gave me a sample, so gross. Worst “coffee” I’ve ever had. I voiced concerns about consuming a medicinal herb everyday for more than a month. I guess it was this girl’s sponsor asked me if I had low blood pressure, which I do so he said not to overdo it. I made some excuses and left before they could continue (I mean having a meeting until 11 at night, a weeknight? Are they kidding?!) I have almost never felt so uncomfortable in my life. Now reading this I worried about the one cup of “kool-aid” I felt pressured into drinking. One sample won’t cause lasting nerve damage will it? These Organo people are creepy AF. Thanks for the extra ammo (aka info)!

    • Hey Tanya,
      Typical trick used by countless multi level marketers, they will try to bait you in by inviting you to some talk or presentation and from there, try to push you into joining. 35 euros for coffee is way too expensive, if you want to spend that much Starbucks tastes much better wouldn’t you agree. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences here, I’m really sorry that you had to go through all that but at least your story will let others know of what kind of a scheme Organo Gold really is. Stay strong!

  19. This is an eye opening review and it was really smart to display what actual customers of Organo Gold had to say. As I continue with learner about being an affiliate, I also continue to hear a lot about MLMs. Some people praise it and other through it under the bus. Thanks for the Pros and Cons list (there was a lot of Cons). Listing the pros and cons brought to light their credibility, great review!

    • Hey Emonne,

      Most companies have a list of Pros more than Cons but from what I experience, MLM companies tend to have more cons than pros. They defend their beloved company to the death but doesn’t it make you wonder than not just Organo, but other MLM companies are experiencing this issue?

      When something’s not right with a company, we can turn a blind eye but if it happens to most of them in the industry, well that’s something to think about. Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  20. I am so happy to have found your review about organo gold. In fact, I was planning to buy their coffee for my dad when I go to visit my parents this summer…
    I got to know about organo gold coffee for the first time few months ago at my favorite local health food store. The owners son who I have always liked presented me his friend who was his sponsor. They both spoke so well about organ gold coffees’ that I almost bought it there even though I don’t drink any coffee. I also wanted to do my research because even though I trusted the owners son I have learned to be skeptical. I am lucky I did.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Maria,

      Wow that was a close call, nothing is perfect in this world and it’s always good to be a little skeptical about something because then, you’ll have the urgency to better research something before committing to it. Thank you for sharing that here, I really appreciate that. Hope you have a good day!

  21. Great review. I have been looking at organo gold for a while and was really unsure whether it was a good idea to sign up. It looks like they are not worth my time.

    Anyone who sells coffee that makes people ill and is not accredited should not be trusted and I will not be investing.

    It is really disappointing as I was looking for ways to make money online. Do you have any other ideas?

    • If you’d like to make money online, the best way to start is through Affiliate Marketing and I wrote a review on my recommended course about that here. It’s much easier, you can start for free and you can do any passion you like at all! I’m planning to build a gaming blog when I can find the time 🙂

  22. No matter what flavor it comes in….MLM is a crock. I mean, its a pyramid, a ponzi, a scam.
    Is Organo Gold seriously still available? It’s been doing the circuit for such a long time I had expected it would have rolled over and died by now…. Lost on the big coffee grounds scrap heap in the sky!
    It just goes to show the wide reach of the internet and the never ending stream of gullible/ hopeful/ desperate people who want to make a living online.
    Keep up the good work dude, in providing reliable info about crooks and also letting us watch you on your journey to a healthy online business.
    Cheers, Janelle

    • Thanks Janelle! Oh it’s still there alright and they would continue growing until at one point it goes flat and die once the owners are content with the money in their pockets. Appreciate the feedback, hope you have a great day 😀

  23. Wow! You really did your research! I have just recently joined an MLM company. I both use and plan to sell their product. If I didn’t honestly believe in this product, I wouldn’t get involved. Their system is VERY similar to what you describe above: left leg, right leg, upline, etc,etc. It actually made me have a small doubt for a minute. But then I remembered all the reasons their product is so amazing and I know people can benefit. I will be happy if I make some money doing this but for the first time I’ve found a product that I am so happy to promote to help others! That’s the main thing for me. I REALLY appreciated this line of yours near the end: “Every MLM is only a system – It’s the people inside that controls whether or not it’s a good opportunity to join.” I believe this is true and I appreciate you not lumping all MLM’s into the scam category without a fair shake. Great post! Thanks for writing it!

    • Hey Pat,
      Thank you for reading, you’re actually one of the very few people who reads through and understands before blatantly bashing someone like the other typical MLM junkies.

      I used to join MLM myself until I had to quit because my uplines were envious of my success. I used to bring in many prospects in a discussion room back in college, and I would ask one of the senior members to give a closing talk and from there, make sales. Every week I got around 10 to 20 members and so my upline couldn’t stand me bringing in more people than him, he backstabbed me and spread rumors about me until the whole community flagged me.

      The system works but those closed minded people are the ones who spoils everything and it happens on all the MLMS I join because I was the youngest. Keep up the good work Pat, best wishes in your future endeavor and hope you have a good day!

  24. Hi, Until I came across your blog article, I knew nothing about Organo Gold coffee. I always err on the side of caution when I hear of a product that’s sold through MLM. For me to buy a product from an MLM company, it has to be extra special.
    Thank you for the warning, for many of us, we may buy into it thinking it’s extra special or better than regular coffee. It is quite concerning that people are falling ill after drinking it, and Bell’s palsy that’s a permanent disfigurement to one’s face is a big alarm bell. Praise God for people taking a stand and reviewing their own experiences to warn others.

    • Thanks for the article. I had a friend of mine ask me to go to a “work event” with him a few years ago and I agreed without asking anything further. I got there and felt totally uncomfortable, almost like if I didn’t join I would be harassed. Very cult-ish feeling. I’m epileptic, and I can honestly say that is the only time I was glad I had a seizure so I had a legitimate excuse to leave, instead of going to dinner with all the big shots. Would not ever in a million years drink, buy, sell, or recommend Organo Gold. If you want to make money, work hard.

      • Right on Emily!
        Totally expected on the cult part, it happens not just in Organo Gold but almost all MLM companies because that’s how they push people into joining believing in them. I remember when I experienced something similar. My friend asked me to join their “product testing” session and suddenly, they all surrounded me like 20 people in a huge circle while sitting down. They asked me my opinions which took very long until 12am because it started at 8pm! Some product test. And afterward, they asked me to “pray” with them and finally, they asked me $2,200 to join their scam.

        I can totally relate to what you’re feeling and by leaving, you’ve made the right choice. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, I really appreciate it and I hope you have a great Tuesday!

  25. Hey Riaz,
    I’m genuinely grateful that you decided to expose the ugly truth about Organo Gold. I was “coerced” and hyped into MLMs before and like you put it, I have always been “the main customer”. That was the only level I ever achieved and ironically even my “sponsors” realized this in the end.
    Suffice it to say, I’m never joining any MLM scheme again – no matter how stable or appealing their system may sound. I enjoyed your article top to bottom, especially the “Members are Bullies” part.
    I experienced some of the similar comments directed at me when I decided to leave or say the “wrong” thing about the system. You kept it real thought the whole article.
    Thanks & Keep up the good work,

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback with JT, I write based on experience and I’m glad you liked me review. Cheers

  26. Hi Riaz,

    I have heard of this company before. Thank goodness I was not curious enough to want to try the coffee.

    The health complaints alone are enough to keep me away. Yikes!

    Your review points out what this company is really about. At least those researching the company and products will have a good heads up as to what to expect.

  27. Wow. I haven’t heard of this brand before but based on your review, I know to stay away. Headaches and other things are not something I want as a side effect of my coffee. Typically it is a red flag when a business is not registered by the BBB so I am glad to see you checked that.

  28. I’ve been forced by my friends into two different MLM programs, both were Cosmetic Companies. Though I didn’t join any of them but I did spend $15 to attend a stupid 7 hours long event. I could have used that money to purchase another domain. Nevertheless, I have to say that what I’ve found in the environment of these 2 MLMs and also in people who joined MLMs is that they are way too pushy. A friend of mine who didn’t contact me for like 1.5 years, suddenly contacted me one day and the reason was, he wanted to promote products lol.

    About this review, it’s a shock to even read that the coffee contains some blood thinning element. How can they play with people’s health and why people don’t even bother to search about the products that they are promoting. Isn’t it just so unethical? Like you can’t even give unawareness as an excuse because there are some moral responsibilities of a human.

    Anyway though, Thanks a lot for this truthful review.

    • Hey Smart Prince,

      I can totally relate to you on that one, people change when they join MLM because they are brainwashed into selling to their own families and friends. I got into a fight with all of my uplines when I was in the MLM industry back then because they all wanted me to push my products to them. My point was that if you can’t convince strangers to buy your product, then what make you family want to buy from you. And supposing you managed to sell to your family and exhausted your contacts, what then?

      They all said said then only you should go after people that you don’t know. Ridiculous mindset these MLM junkies, pushing to people even after we’ve said no countless times. Its definitely unethical pushing products that have health endangering properties but consumers today believe almost everything they see on the marketing which is why its so powerful. Appreciate your feedback man, thanks for dropping by!

  29. Wow, I don’t think that I would join this company or buy their coffee. I find that most mlms make their money from their affiliates instead of letting their products speak for themselves. If this coffee is making people sick than it is a lose lose in my book. I would rather invest my time and effort into a business model that works for everyone involved and provides real value.

    • Hey Michael,

      Definitely true on that one. According to the FTC, MLM companies who focus more on recruitment than the product i considered an illegal pyramid scheme which means that their product is only a mask to their true intentions. Thanks for dropping by though, have a great Tuesday!

  30. This could be a successful company if they just use a different ingredient. I was interested in it too. And found this post doing research on the company. But I can’t sell something that I can’t drink myself due to health consequences. And wouldn’t want to sell it to family for the same reasons.

    • Agreed Dee, who in the right mind would want to purposely make their families fall ill? If they have made some tweaks here and there, things would definitely be a little more different. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great weekend!

  31. Hey there,

    I had a friend who use to do Organo. I have lost contact to her so I don’t know how she is doing now, but I remember that in order to do MLM related business, you have to be able to talk VERY WELL. I personally don’t like it though since all I hear is “buy, buy, buy, buy” Some are so good that they even convince someone to buy it even though they don’t want it and I have witnessed it myself. It’s UNFAIR.

    Marketing should be about HELPING people and not thinking about yourself to make money.

    Thank you for sharing the information with us 🙂

    Keep it up!

    • You’re totally right on that one Winny,

      Marketing is about finding a solution to a problem and making that public and in the MLM industry, the only form of marketing that we’ll end up doing is persuading close people to buy. If you have a flair for soft skills, you can definitely persuade people into buying anything even if they don’t want it which is what you experienced.

      It’s a very tough industry to go into and if you don’t have thick skin and good persuasion techniques, it will be very difficult for you to survive let alone break even. Appreciate your feedback Winny, hope you have a great Tuesday!

  32. Hi, Riaz!
    Very good review! I have a friend who sells oragano gold and had offered me to get into it and I had to say no. I didn’t have $200 up front! Expensive to get going and I don’t like coffee at all. I didn’t have any experience and I would have been alone and I can’t handle that, not knowing what the heck I am doing! Wealthy Affiliate is awesome because I didn’t have to spend all of the money up front. $30 for 30 packets are way to expensive! I love my friend, but I couldn’t join because it didn’t feel right! I’m right behind you on this one!!! Keep up the great work!
    Warm Regards,

    • Hey there Krissy,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, I really appreciate that. MLM companies are known to overprice a products for their own benefit of pushing their members to opt for network marketing as another source of income because that’s where the money is and Organo is no different. Hope you have a great Monday!

  33. Hey I think you had as a pro: their coffee tastes ok…if that is a pro then I don’t think I would want to join. I really don’t know what is up with those people that get persuaded to get into this stuff, based on your review it really doesn’t look like they were going anywhere far in success terms, but they make millions of dollars every year, someone please explain to my why…

    Plus this stuff is hazardous to my health and so many bad review and complains? wow thanks for the review bro, I am definitely not getting into this.

    I think this was the most extensive review I have ever read on a MLM company, I really appreciate the review and also the opportunity at the end, it looks legit and trying it out now. wish me luck 🙂

    • They’re making millions of dollars every year because they still have many people joining their organisation, Benedetto. Glad you liked my review, I really appreciate your feedback though, Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  34. I was on Organo gold like 4 months and finally left, i didnt lose any money (guess I was fortunate) managed to form a 12 downlines network but didnt get paid because i had 10 of those 12 downlines on my left side, the next month most of my downlines didn’t reconsumesni because they could not sell their coffee like i did, or they could not recruit ppl because of the high price of their products, ive bought the bronce pack and then upgraded to siver and i was congratulated and cheered by my “leader” but onve i told them i wasnt interested un the gold pack (which contains like 60 boxes of coffee) then i got called to be affraid of success and risk, and started being ignored and calld a failure lol i tried to get a friend Out of there (hes has like a year un órgano and had no more success than i at 4 months) but he says that he is in the best company, yet he hasnt earned Sh*t, as I said I didnt lose my money as I managed to sell All of my productos but the como plan is very tricky and didnt get a dime from the so called binary plan

    One last thing, could you please make a review about Melaleuca wellness company? They sell a lot of products at competitive prices but havent seen much good nor bad info about them

    • Hey Luis,
      That’s the true nature of MLM. The art of pressuring people has been taught down generation to generation, from uplines to downlines and in almost every MLM company I was ever involved with, it is actually the norm. I wasn’t surprised that they couldn’t sell the coffee, the MLM system was actually made in a way so that their members have trouble selling their products because they want their members to focus on recruiting instead. I was involved in creating the compensation plan for MLM companies before and this is one of the main elements inside.

      I’m glad you finally left Organo Gold, breaking even and selling your stocks is a smart move indeed. Most people who leave never see a profit, they only experience loss. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us man, helps us consumers be informed by helping each other and I really appreciate that. I hope you have a good Wednesday!

  35. Your scathing review of OG was like driving passed an accident. I couldn’t look away. I read the entire thing. I cannot believe that a business like that is able to exist, for so many years. And, with such a dangerous product! I will absolutely stay away from them and other MLM operations. There have to be more honest and lucrative ways of working independently and making a living.

    • Wow that meant a lot to me Brad, thank you for reading! Coffee is great as it is but some sellers want to up their level by putting ‘secret ingredients’ like in the case of Organo Gold with little regard to people’s reactions to it. Its great to know that you don;t fancy the MLM life, thanks for sharing your feedback! I hope you have a great Thursday

  36. MLM companies such as Organo Gold will go very far to take part in the network marketing industry. I must say that selling coffee makes it more unique than those companies that are in the health industry.

    I think that the coffee that I will get from my local shop will cost less than the coffee of Organo Gold so I think that I will skip this one.

    • I think buying normal coffee just about anywhere would be much cheaper than buying those sold by MLM companies, Viljoen. These companies always increase their selling price which makes it very expensive for something so normal because they want the profit.

  37. As I’m not a big coffee fan my self I would never be interested in something like this but wow, a coffee capable of blood thinning?!, that’s outrageous. And reading all the complaints and negative comments as well as the poor customer service, It’s really hard to believe they are actually selling so many. Thanks for the review if anyone I know starts talking about Organo gold I’ll tell them to steer clear straight away.

    • I would appreciate that Dezenn,

      That blood thinning part is a real killer and until now it made me wonder too. Glad we’re on the same boat, thanks for dropping by!

  38. As I’m not a big coffee fan my self I would never be interested in something like this but wow, a coffee capable of blood thinning?!, that’s outrageous. And reading all the complaints and negative comments as well as the poor customer service, It’s really hard to believe they are actually selling so many. Thanks for the review if anyone I know starts talking about Organo gold I’ll tell them to steer clear straight away.

  39. I have never heard of Organo Gold, and I have to say I am glad. It sounds awful. I am really not a fan of MLM programs. There is nothing in it for the newbies and its those that have been around since the beginning that profit, they are the ones with the cars and houses.

    The compensation plan, WOW! How to make it SO complicated you don’t ask!

    But to also add the fact that they are highly unethical AND the product is bad for you! This truly is an awful MLM. Thank you for alerting us to this!

    • Awesome to know that we’re on the same boat Ruth, the compensation plan is meant to motivate you, glad you didn’t fall for it! The way the carry out their practice is highly unethical, you’re totally right about that.

  40. Wow, what an extensive and comprehensive review! I fell victim to a MLM marketing scheme not too long ago, and I wish I had come across a website like this warning me of the potential devious ways of MLM scammers! Thanks for the great info and keep up the great work!

    • Oh my Trevon,

      Hope everything’s alright! Glad I could help give you a better insight on MLM through this review, do let me know if you come across any suspicious programs. I might be able to shed some light and write a review about it. Cheers!

  41. Another MLM company. Thank you for providing us with this valuable information about Organo Gold. If we are informed about these companies, then we can make the most informative decision. I know lots of people out there who fall for this type of scams.

    I wish these type of companies will try to make money by creating a valuable product or service instead of taking it from people who work hard everyday. Keep writing this because it helps people like me stay away from these type of scams. Thank you.

    • Hey Juan,

      That’s awesome, thank you so much! I really appreciate those kind words. I write reviews such as these regularly because I’ve fallen for these sort of scams before and I didn’t want others to experience the same things I did as they can really bring you down. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a lovely Thursday!

  42. I didn’t hear about them. This is the first time that i encounter with it.
    There are quite a few MLM’s around now. I don’t know if it works. Appearently they are getting a lot of attention.

    The pyramid system is something that i’m a little curious about. I think it doesn’t have any end. The guy at top of you always eaerns more than you do and you also want too get more referals to be that guy. Maybe not my thing.
    Thank you for the good content!

    • Hey Tyler,

      You’re right on that one, in MLM your up line always earn more than you do because a percentage of your profit will actually go to him. Great to know my review gave you an insigt, cheers!

  43. Hey there

    You have laid out a great article relating to online scams. To a curious online user like me who’s always on the lookout for new discovery, its of much help.

    It is really amazing how a simple product these days can easily turn into a MLM scheme. I’m always on 100% skeptic mode until someone lets me try it for free, for e.g Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for the Info!
    Zhi Wei

  44. Personally I don’t have anything against MLM system to generate income. I believe MLM system is fair and good way to establish a long term business; but the problem is the quality and cost of the products and services that are offered in MLM programs.

    I’m sure that there are some decent MLM products and services still available online; but with so many scam offers around it is not easy any more to find those good programs. What do you think?

    Very nice article, it’s clear that you worked hard in it.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    • I think the same Daria,

      but the system today is so flawed to draining as much money from you as possible and focus less on the products which is why I would not recommend it to anyone. Thanks for the feedback, great to hear it from your point of view.

  45. Hi Riaz,

    Thanks for the great investigation of Organo Gold – your pages are always so much in depth, I love them by the way.

    Organo Gold doesn’t sound good at all to me after reading your review. Their coffee that contains chemical from mushroom that can cause blood thinning, I was thinking, what!? Why??? That reason on its own, I’d stay away and wouldn’t even want to promote it to anyone. Plus all the bad reviews that you’ve found.

    Thanks again for such a great informative review.

    • Hello again there Ray,

      You’re not the first one to ask me that lol. These people they want their coffee to have something unique that no other coffee sellers have so that they can use that as a plus point to sell it for a much higher price. They thought that they can get a way with it but unfortunately for them, word travels fast and now they’re in a dilemma.

      Its great meeting you here again though, thanks for dropping by and for the kind words. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  46. Hey Riaz

    I think these days, people are trying to turn all sorts of products in to MLM opportunities.

    I am a big coffee drinker, but I couldn’t justify paying such high costs to be involved in a pyramid scam like Organo Gold.

    MLM’s are a big turn off for me, and this program is certainly one to stay away from, after studying your review.

    I think I’m just gonna stick to dinking normal coffee instead 🙂


    • Glad you liked my review Neil. As regular coffee drinkers, price do mean a lot to us since we’re drinking 2 to 3 cups a day so we definitely won’t go for expensive ones unless its on occasions. Thanks for dropping by, wishing you a Happy New year ahead!

  47. Hi Riaz

    I am not such a big fan of mlm companies and the compensation plan that Organo Gold offers is just too complicated to make sense off.

    Affiliate marketing is much more straightforward and the way you earn money is very simple. I can also get coffee for so much cheaper at my local store than Organo Gold.

    • The complicated plan is made so that people get attracted to the money hence forgetting about the coffee price altogether Viljoen. And you’re totally right about Affiliate marketing. I love how we don’t have to pay anything to market other people’s products and when you become an affiliate, the product owner themselves will take care of you and give free products for you to try. Now that’s a proper way of doing business.

  48. WOW! Organo Gold certainly sounds like a company to run, not walk away from. The MLM’s are such bad news. How could you make any money if your downline (doesn’t that term sound awful?) is all getting sick on your product? Your other recommendation sounds much better and I might look into that. Thank you for writing such a through review of Organo Gold. Companies like this deserve to be exposed.

    • Glad we share the same view Michael, down lines do sound bad. I never refer to people as down lines, I treat everyone the same regardless of who they are.

  49. HI Riaz!

    I haven’t heard of this Organo Gold before until you write about it. It’s very funny how all this pyramiding companies can think of “brilliant” ways to market their products. lol. I am a coffee drinker and have actually tried some other brands that I liked the taste I just kept buying but other than that, that’s it. Thanks for pointing out the health hazards they contain. Now I need to Google the brand my mom is drinking and tell her to stop buying! Thanks again!

    • There are many brands out there with awesome taste and affordable prices. MLM is a brilliant way to market the product because that’s the thing – you don’t sell it to customers, you make your own people buy them from you. Its unethical but they do make a ton of money from it is which is why I’m totally against it. Thanks for sharing your fedback with us, cheers!

  50. Coffee – certainly a new one one me! I always get super surprised by the price range involved with these MLM systems ( I can see this one it no different! ). $49.95 – $1245, who in their right mind is gonna fork out over a grand to get started on something they are not sure about? Shame a lot of people end up taking that risk!

    • Like many others, they signed up because they were promised riches beyond comprehension Chris. Very high risk to take, I couldn’t believe I was part of it too last time. Merry Christmas!

  51. Hi Riaz,

    An elaborate review of another MLM scheme.
    The bully cultlike attitude of it’s members is definitely a red flag, I’ve seen it before.
    The whole recruit to be successful part doesn’t appeal to me in the MLM industry.
    But the most disturbing part to me are the possible side effects of the mushroom they are using, it seems to offer a real risk to people’s health.

    Great review and good food for thought for people actually interested in joining this business!

    • Great to hear your feedback, Tom. The bullying tactic is very disturbing and because of the motivation talk they always give to their down lines, they aren’t able to quit even if they wanted to. In the end, they lose more and more money too. Sad people, I feel pity for those who couldn’t voice out. Thanks for dropping by, Merry Christmas!

  52. Hi Riaz,

    Such a low score best to avoid. Multi level marketing systems, not all are scams but perhaps this one is.

    I do have a tendency to avoid them due to not really wishing to manage a team and have my income dependent upon the skills and sales talents of others. I’d rather be self reliant.

    • That’s a very good point of view Derek, managing a team is hard work and I’ve met a lot of people who didn’t even want to meet their down lines anymore. In the end they just leave it be and those down lines become lost without direction and in the end they hate MLM even more. Thanks for the feedback Derek, Merry Christmas to you!

  53. Really appreciate the details you listed to help readers understand what an MLM is, how they’re organized, how they train people to sell products.

    It’s interesting that they’re able to spread the scheme globally. Organo started in the US and went to Malaysia. How did they do that?

    Coffee is already a stimulant, so why add an ingredient like a blood thinner? Does Organo Gold have a contract with that manufacturer?

    There are so many questions one can ask because you have made us educated consumers. We can also identify MLMs and avoid getting involved in them.

    • MLM spreads really fast, one thing I like about them is their determination of getting money no matter what the consequences are. Even with the blood thinner effect, they still go ahead with the plan anyway. I didn’t agree with most of the things planned out in the MLM world especially the fact that they ignore ethical barriers but even after I left, I still hold dearly those motivation spirit they have. Thanks for the feedback, Merry Christmas to you!

  54. Hi Riaz
    This is certainly an opportunity that I will definitely stay away from.

    I am not a fan of any MLM company, even the likes of Amway or Herbalife which are the legit ones.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know they work, but I tried and talking to people, setting up meetings and buying the products were too taxing on me. And I never even covered up my initial investment.

    Now, coming back to OrganoGold, the side effects of this product alone sends me loud warning bells. The ethics of this company is transparent by just looking at the feedback from previous customers.

    I am looking for a serious opportunity, I am willing to work hard, and I am tired of wasting any more of my money.
    Can you help me?

    • MLM is not as easy as it seems roopesh, they tell you all about what you can achieve but they never tell you that getting your first sale is extremely hard. More and more people are getting skeptical of it and its high time we stay away from it. There is a better way to earn income Online and that is through Affiliate Marketing and I happen to have the perfect program to recommend you called Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member myself and if you do check it out, I’m always there to give you hand. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  55. Hello,

    I wanted to congratulate you for doing such an thorough review of this company. I have read many product and company reviews over time and I must say yours is far more comprehensive than most. You have obviously done your homework and research in order to write this article. So often I will read a review and wonder if the person actually knows anything about the company at all other than what they read in a 5 minute search on Google. That is obviously not the case with your review. Well done.

    I think someone I know tried to give me a sample, but we don’t drink coffee, so I had declined. So, thanks for providing this warning.



    • Wow thanks so much for that compliment Xin Zhang, it did take me about a week to compile everything. I read a lot of papers, asked a lot of my contacts who are still in MLM and tried their coffee myself too in the Organo Gold office here in KL. Glad you decided to stay away from their coffee!

  56. I didn’t know about this one, but it’s not shocking that there is yet another scheme out there profiting off of a low quality product. It is kind of scary that they are allowed to sell coffee with such a toxic ingredient without warning people of what it can do. Blood thinners are dangerous for some people taking certain medications. Thanks for informing me about this one.

    • Hey Theresa,

      It surprises me too knowing that they still sell their coffee with the the mushroom when they know its giving the company a bad image. I guess they needed an edge that they can use to promote their company and sell their coffee at unbelievably high prices. Glad I was able to inform you on the dangers, cheers!

  57. Thanks for this review about Organo Gold, great job!
    I actually can’t believe that people are running MLM scams about coffee.
    I love my coffee, and I feel a bit uneasy about it!
    Judging from your review, Organo Gold is definitely something to stay away from!
    I will enjoy my coffee scam free thanks!! 🙂
    Great review!

    • Thanks John, I too enjoy my coffee scam-free and would not like to connected to some scheme if I were to buy it in bulk. I wouldn’t feel like buying and drinking if I know the money goes to an organisation that I do not like. Hope you have a lovely day!

  58. Riaz,
    Well said about Organo Gold that promotes MLM via selling coffee. I was also llke you when I joined Nuskin back in 2001/2. There are lessons learnt and certainly MLM has an issue where I wonder will bottom line ever gets benefit. I see that Organo Gold has too many layers and certainly it is another sign that bottom line will be even tougher to earn decent incomes. Thanks for sharing.

    • Totally true Stanley,

      Nuskin is another MLM very strong in Malaysia besides Elken, Amway, Score A and several others. Good to know you decided to leave before your boat sinks, in MLM the down lines always lose the most money. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, cheers!

  59. Hello there,

    What a great post and very detailed explanation, I like the way of reviewing the product and recommending a legit program at the end of the article, I Hate pyramid marketing & the idea is so spammy for me, thanks for sharing & sure I will visit your website again,

  60. Awesome review, not only they aren’t trustworthy it is a pyramid scheme which in order to earn income you have to basically sell poison to other people?

    I’ve learnt not to trust these kind of money making schemes but this one is over the top so much that it even looks like a joke.

    Im glad you made a review warning others of what kind of garbage Organo Gold is.
    Keep it up.

  61. Hey there whats up?

    I have heard of Organo Gold about and there was actually another coffee MLM in my area recently. They have very compelling arguments such as the coffee industry is a umpty ump billion dollar industry and people who drink their coffee want it bad and are addicted. It also sucks people in because of the idea of making money off of other people and getting rich over night. As far as I can tell from your review the coffee isn’t all that great either and for me it would be impossible to sell a product I didn’t full believe in. Thanks for the warning on this one man! Doing the community a service here.


    • Hey there Anthony,

      Have you found out what coffee MLM is that? It might be Organo or a newer version, its great knowing that people are starting to be aware of these things. There is no way of becoming a millionaire overnight, these people feed off on other’s hopes and dreams just so that they can fill in their own pockets.

      I got duped into it before and now I’m helping others to avoid making the same mistake as I did. Glad you liked my review Anthony, thanks for the feedback!

  62. Hi Riaz:

    I do not like MLM companies to begin with. I have always been skeptical of them due to the fact you have to recruit your friends and family members.

    I agree with you, it sounds like Organo Gold is indeed a pyramid scheme and in the USA, pyramid schemes are outlawed. I am glad you have written this review to help prevent others from making the same mistakes as those before them. I like all of your red flags to include not giving free samples of the coffee to potential investors to see how it tastes.

    The ingredient Reishi mushroom or Ganoderma is widely known to cause problems for many people and can do much harm to your health. I agree with you on what the Chinese call it – mushroom of immortality – pretty cool name as you said.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hey there Stephanie,

      Organo gold makes it through a lot of countries because they promote themselves as more of a retail business instead of a pyramid scheme. They were brilliant in masking their scheme too, because every member are forced to buy the coffee whether they like it or not as it is already in the membership package.

      The real money Organo is getting is from the recruitment of referrals because the more referrals they have, the more money they get and the more products they get to sell to their own referrals through their autopilot product charge. Eventually, the members do not focus on selling their expensive coffee anymore and instead, they focus on recruiting referrals now by using the coffee as bait to recoup their lost money.

      The steps are brilliantly planned so as to not go overboard as a plain pyramid scheme because they have coffee as a product but in reality, those coffee do not receive a high response rate because of the price and health dangers. Awesome to know you decided to stay away from MLM companies, thanks for sharing your feedback. Hope you have a great day!

  63. This is a really good website and I like the information that you present. Also, it looks really professional and easy to navigate.

    I’m always weary when I see a MLM. It just seems like it is too hard to actually make a profit and I don;t want to bother my friends and family to buy. I’m really glad that you uncovered this to be a scam and to help people out their avoid losing their money.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Hey Dylan,

      Family members are there to help you out and give you encouragement, not to sell our stuff to like any common people out there. I feel grateful for my family and i buy stuff for them to show that I care. There is a fine line between ethical and unethical sale and MLM is more towards the unethical side of things which is why I can never recommend it to anyone.

  64. Hi Riaz
    Thanks for the review of Organo Gold, I have never heard of this kind of scheme with coffee before and your review was very enlightening. I will definitely steer clear of this company. I did join a program like this before selling Aloe juice and it was not as bad as this one sounds.
    Thank you for the advice

    • There are a lot of MLM schemes nowadays Angelblade, and Aloe Juice is definitely an MLM from Forever Juice. I’m gonna need to have a look into their company, thanks for informing me of it. Cheers.

  65. I have to say, organo gold isn’t an MLM I was aware of until now. I’m glad you provided information on this pyramid scheme scam, because after being sucked into something similar (if you’re aware of Vector Marketing or saladmaster or kirby vacuums, I fell for each of those), they are very similar to how you described organo gold.

    I know it’s possible to make money using their very flawed, shady system, but I also know that it’s possible to win the Olympics, and both of those things have about the same chance of happening.

    Thanks again for the warning!

    • Hey Goff,

      Organo started in 208 but its still a fairly new MLM scheme that is trying to breach the worldwide barrier. A lot of countries are being skeptical of the, but they are hesitant and they push their company even when others do not like it. Glad I was able to give insight on this particular company, thanks for sharing your feedback!

  66. Hey Riaz,

    Thanks so much for reviewing Oragano Gold.
    I heard about it recently and searched about it and I must say that you have the most thorough review of all.
    I am exposed to other MLM companies, but I think that after reading your review, this is one company that I will not go anywhere near.
    Once again, thank you so much for helping to enlighten everyone on this company.

    • Glad you liked my review Seany, I make it a habit to do thorough research on all companies before making a review on them so that I don’t have anything left out. Cheers!

  67. Well they seem to have gone to great lengths to cover this particular system up – well the truth behind the system anyway! I struggle to get my head around the ideas of pyramid schemes and why they are even allowed online – even wikipedia labels them as illegal! It’s also a little worrying that the coffee itself contains a blood thinning agent!

    • Tell me about it Chris, people are getting skeptical of MLM these days so they prey on innocent newbies to join their scheme instead. Thanks for dropping by, great seeing you here again old friend. Hope you have a lovely Thursday!

  68. Hi Riaz,

    Loving your in depth review dude nice work! I am skeptical of mlm’s to begin with, let alone ones that are actually hazardous to your health… that is actually a serious concern and I think many people should be aware of this. I’m sure they are not making the health risks known in their sales presentations.

    This is a scheme, plain and simple. Your recommendation is something people will really get value from. Thanks for sharing another great post.

    • Hello there Tim,

      You are right to be skeptical with MLM companies. They are a very risky business to get into and i wouldn’t recommend anyone to get involved with them unless they have very thick skin and a whole lot of money in their wallet to spare. Thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated. Cheers!

  69. Great honest scam busting review! Thanks for that.

    MLM’s do work, and can be effective but it does depend on the company and the product behind it. Personally I do tend to avoid MLM’s myself. Quite simply I don’t wish to manage a team, you ability to earn money becomes dependent on that ability to motivate and inspire others to sell a product, and of course your ability as a recruiter.

    • Quite true Derek,

      MLM is only a system, its the community and the way they implement is what’s making it a scam. With so many controversies, the rude members and health concerns organo has, I couldn’t possible recommend this to my readers in a any way. Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated!

  70. This reminds me of Thrive drink MLM company. I think one of my associates got duped into it and he’s going everywhere desperately trying to make sales. It just makes me cringe that he has to go through all that trouble. And I had a few people trying to recruit me into those type of programs and I’m glad I stayed away from those.

    • Hey Joon,

      Thrive by Le-vel right? That is definitely an MLM and a lot of people hated. There are a lot of controversies as usual and I would most definitely have to look into that as well thanks for informing me of it. MLM turns people into desperate sellers, they talk like they have a lot of money but the truth is they cannot survive without you, not everyone is a seller. Glad you decided to stay away from it, cheers!

  71. Hi Riaz,
    I tried a few MLM companies in my younger days.
    It wasn’t a pleasant experience I remember having to push crappy products on my friends and family, being harassed by people in my ‘upline’ and not making much money at all for the massive hassle!
    Sounds like not much has changed 15 years on, I’m glad you’re exposed scams like this well done! And they dont even make a decent cup of coffee…
    Thanks for your work!

    • Hey Luke,

      Definitely the experience I had with MLM as well, those uplines and communities force you to sell to your family members too with an excuse of ‘they will understand’. Despicable bunch of people, they have a cult mindset and do not know how to respect other people. Thanks for dropping by!

  72. Hi,
    Wow what a review. I can definitely see that you are not just talking about what you hear other people say, you were a part of it. On the inside. Seeing exactly what Organo Gold is really about – and that’s allot of scary stuff you shared here.
    Thank you for sharing, won’t’ want to run into that one.
    While I was reading this, I realize that GNLD (Golden Products) is actually also a MLM, am I right?

    • Most definitely Linda,

      GNLD is Neolife and its well-known MLM as well. I’ll be doing a more thorough research on them pretty soon too, thanks for reminding me of it. I’m glad I managed to give you a better insight on avoiding this scheme, hope you have a lovely day!

  73. Hi Riaz, well this is an MLM I have never heard of before. As with all MLM opportunities I have encountered it looks just plain terrible.
    I laughed about your comment about their membership names and how they are so often called Diamond. Spot on!
    So many different levels, so many different ways of earning with different rules coming in.
    It makes me dizzy just trying to figure out how it all works. It makes me think they probably do that on purpose.

    • Hello again Lynne,

      Almost all MLM companies have the word ‘diamond’ within their ranks to show power and wealth. Those confusing membership ladders is actually a turn-off for most people but for some, they see it as a challenge. I guess it comes down to what we think of it. Its great seeing you here again Lynne, thanks for dropping by!

  74. Hi Riaz:
    I thought your review of Organo Gold was very thorough and easy to read. Which is interesting considering the amount of information that you cover here. Well done.

    Also thought it was targetting me as I am from Guyana, so that was coincidental.

    With so many signs of a scam, it is amazing that people are not doing their due diligence and research this company first. Thank you for bring this to my attention. WA is definitely a safer way to go.


    • Hey Pat,

      Wow what a coincidence! I hope I managed to steer you away from Organo before they spread through the rst of Guyana and reach you. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

  75. Hi Riaz,

    I quiver every time someone tells me about a new MLM product. Having spent a short period of time testing this type of business model, I know how things work behind the scene and better yet, the kind of consequences it would bring if you forge ahead with ‘this money making opportunity’.

    It’s interesting to read about an MLM that sells coffee. Most of them revolve around health products and skin care – good factors for customer persuasion I would say.

    The cons that you pointed out clearly shows that this is a shaddy business that’s only keen in making money from people instead of creating a valuable product. I would certainly avoid them at all cost.

    • Glad to know you’re against MLMs Cathy, they do seem somewhat dodgy with that many controversies brewing up. It’s best we avoid them. Thanks for sharing with us your feedback, hope you have a great day!

  76. Ever since I got involved with a MLM (MOBE) I have been very wary of everything now. Needless to say I got out before I got stung for $1000’s. This looks like another one that is going to cost A LOT before being able to make any decent income; assuming you can? And sooooo many levels!!!


    • Hey Carl,

      I know right, it is hard to succeed in MLM than what people tell you. The membership and maintenance cost is what’s going to eat you up alive and if you don’t make enough money in time, you are done for. Good to know you got out of MOBE as soon as you noticed, they do drain a huge amount of money from you and I actually wasted thousands before deciding to quit. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  77. Hey Raz, will you please stop putting OG down! Just kidding bro. 😀

    I totally agree with you man. I have been to some MLMs before and I haven’t made a dime from it. I haven’t joined organo gold even though tons of people are recruiting me to it. I just promised myself not to join another Pyramiding company again coz I don’t really like endorsing product that I don’t completely trust. I’m an honest man and I would not want to put my name on the line just to have a couple of bucks.

    And the cult they were saying. OMG! I totally related on it., HAHAHAHA! Seriously I have this one friend who joined UNO, I forgot what it stands for and he completely changed. He turned really annoying, rattling about the company that can earn millions and how he would be super rich in just one month. But unfortunately for him until now he’s still remains a poor guy. Worst we kicked him out from the circle of friends.

    I also recalled this one friend of mine in FB that I unfriended because all she posts about is her MLM group named ROYALE. She’s like preaching the 10 commandments of her company every single day. I bet she has a monument of her ROYALE God inside her room. LOL!

    Very nice review. Really detailed. I rank it 105/100. LOL!
    I could write another novel in here about my experience from MLMs but I’ll leave some space from other poeple. 😀 Best of luck.


    • Whoa Norstad,

      You almost had me there! MLM changes people and its sad to know that some people are not strong enough to withstand their mind control. I too have had friends who changed after joining MLM, they become like a cult worshipping their glorious leader and MLM all the time. They couldn’t differentiate between work and home, even when hanging out we started feeling annoyed when my friend was trying to push to us his products. In the end we had no choice but to push him away from us.

      Glad you liked my review, it took me several days to write and research all of those. ROYALE sounds like another terrible MLM, I would definitely need to take a closer look at it. Thanks again for the feedback, hope you have a great day!

  78. Hi Riaz,
    I was reading your article and I think I encountered person trying to sell me with guerilla technique too.
    Thanks for reviewing the product and I too once was asked to join Amway in Malaysia. The upline was also using some guerilla techniques. It was a terrible experience indeed and I felt bad selling stuffs oor recommending memberships to people using this technique so I didn’t start selling with Amway.

    • Hey Adrian,

      Awesome to meet a fellow Malaysian here! Amway is strong in Malaysia and they are quite established with a lot of networks all over the nation and people are also pasting their stickers on their cars as though Amway owns them.

      Its great to hear that you decided not to go with Amway, its actually more to recruiting people rather than trying to sell their products which is why I never really liked their methods as there are a lot of lies involved. Thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it. Hope you have a great Monday!

  79. Great site, love it!

    I love your honest review. I’ve seen similar coffee based MLM’s out there but this one has a heck of a lot of complaints about it. And to be honest who really needs to get involved with a coffee MLM – freaking coffee is available everywhere are people normally are not all that fussed about the coffee they drink, making it a dificult to sell product.

    Love coffee? have a look online for Lao organic mountain coffee..love it! Everytime I have to renew my visa I head off to Laos and buy a few kilos! by far the best I have tried and in all probability you’ll find it on Amazon

    • That’s a great suggestion Derek,

      I might just try out this mountain coffee from Laos. These people they know that there are many coffee drinkers around the world which is why they wanted to take advantage of that market and do something they can get money from. They’re halfway to reaching there and along the way there are thousands of unhappy people they took money from. Thanks for dropping by, cheers man

  80. Hi Riaz
    Thanks for an amazing review of Organo Gold.

    I must confess that I have not heard about this company before. I guess they have not stepped into my country as yet. Needless to say, I am armed with all the info, thanks to your article to reject this company and inform others as well.

    I too have being member of Amway and can tell you that this kind of business is tough. MLM is hard work and the cost outlay is something to seriously consider before even jumping into it.

    It’s just so sad to see that there are a lot of scams out there and people are ready to just take from you what you have worked so hard for. In this case, they have gone to the lengths of interfering with one’s health. I have a few family members whom are taking blood thinners. Can you imagine what would happen to them if they had to consume this product?

    To top it all, there is no regulatory health authority to keep tabs on these products. So we are left to fend for ourselves.

    Once again, thanks for exposing an unethical company to us.


    • Hey Roopesh,

      Awesome to get feedback from an ex network marketer, you’re definitely right on MLM being a very tough business to survive in, everyone’s in it for the money that they completely left out the value of the product.

      Organo is quickly spreading to different countries and even though they are barred from entering certain countries, they still push through and do business under the table. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, hope you have a lovely day.

  81. Thank you for saving me! I was actually about to try this coffe my self :o) I am not so thirsty any more if you know what I mean :o) To be honest the name sounds like a really good coffe but I guess the good old saying comes in hand here. Don´t judge a book from the cover, right?

    Thanks again!

    • Definitely John, they are in fact visually appealing – Their packages look pretty elegant and you’ll have this urge to try it out since its free anyway. Little doses of the coffee should be fine but if you drink a lot of it then you’re in for a treat. Cheers

  82. Hi Riaz,
    First thing I noticed is that the sumome social buttons down the side cover the edge of your content. If they have smaller buttons maybe try that. I know they can be dismissed but I’ll bet lots of people don’t know how.
    Other than that you’ve created a great site. This is one of the best WA sales pages I’ve seen. You’re Rockin’ Dude!
    Keep up the awesome work and success will be sure to follow.

    • Hey Arvin,
      Thanks for informing on the Sumo Share buttons, I totally forgot to minimize it. I’ve fixed it already. Likewise, I wish you all the best in your online endeavours as well.

  83. It’s pretty sad that these MLM schemes still exist. Really? Coffee? they’re ruining coffee? Why would someone want to go through so much hassle all…what was it??? Ten levels, for scammy coffee? Very nice post Please keep finding and reporting these scams, because I may be dumb enough to join one lol thank you for the post.

    • I too was naiive enough to join MLM companies before Trevor, now I’m exposing their schemes to help people avoid them better. Glad you liked my review, thanks for sharing your feedback!

  84. I just read the reviews of Organo Gold Coffee on Amazon and learned that most of the reviews are from salesmen. Many negative reviews are also saying that the salesmen are incredibly pushy. Almost everything about this coffee is a lie. It is not organic and has almost no benefits. They say it is healthy when it’s actually very bad for you and has very cheap ingredients.

    • All MLM companies are pushy Max,

      its the nature of their business since they are doing direct marketing. Their only source of revenue is through word of mouth so when they managed to hook a person, they won’t let go even after being rejected. They are trained not to take no as an answer and this is one of the many reasons why I do not like these types of people.

  85. Hi Riaz,
    I had a co-worker some years back that was trying to sell this coffee to us at work. He would all kinds of boxes in the break room as a “sample” for us. I never tried it, since I don’t like coffee, but I agree that I found the warning for blood thinning patients to be a bit unnerving. Why would they create coffee that can’t even be consumed by some people? Shouldn’t this be universal?

    • Hey there Jessica,

      That’s a great question and yes, they do plan to make it universal since coffee is the second most consumed drink after water in the world. However they didn’t take into account the health dangers as being too serious so they went with the idea anyway. That ex co-worker of yours was definitely trying to hook all of you into joining Organo Gold, glad it didn’t work! Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great day.

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