How to Make Money on My Computer? Learn How to Leverage the Internet.

With the living costs getting higher every year, everyone could use an extra side income and the best way?

Through internet marketing.

The internet has become so amazing today that there are many ways to make people buy your product (Hence giving you money) but the most promising way of them all, is by building your own website and that is what we will be covering today.



Why do an internet business?

I can’t stress enough why it is important to make extra income for this year and the next coming years.

Living costs are getting higher than ever especially education so I decided to look for ways to generate income to support my family but time after time it all leads me back to doing business online.

An internet business is the most legitimate way of earning money online because you merely build your own website and make some sales from that.

Sadly, a lot of people think this is a chore so they resort to black hat tricks like building fake websites to attract people, selling scam products for money and worse, give empty promises of riches so that people will buy their products but in the end, those people won’t be getting what they paid for.

I have come across so many scams before finally making my own money so after building this website, I took up the initiative to make reviews of those scams so that many other people would avoid those pitfalls I that I went through.

Doing an internet business is fun because of the many benefits that you’ll be getting:

  1. The extremely LOW cost for maintenance – Really, it can go from $0 to $15 a month depending on how big your business gets which is cheaper than starting a brick and mortar business.
  2. Your business will only grow – One thing about the internet is that the bigger your company, the easier it is for people to find you which means, the more conversions you will get hence your income.
  3. You save more time – Who wants to work 8 hours a day in a dead-end job anyway?
  4. Work anywhere – All you need is an internet connection and you can basically work from your toilet for all I care. Let me correct that…For all YOU care!
  5. Job security – You are your own boss and since your business is making you money, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting fired for no reason.
  6. Global recognition – When your website has reached thousands of visitors a day, that’s when you will start becoming a somebody because everyone all over the world will know who you are.
  7. You can Automate your business – When your website is set up and you managed to get it up on the first page of Google, people are going to find your website easier so rest assured that you will have visitors (Also known as traffic) coming to your site even when you sleep. The greatest feeling of success I would say, is waking up the next morning and realizing you’ve made some sales.


Let’s Make Money – How to Start Your Internet Business

Starting an internet business is easier than you think because you don’t need any prior experience.

Sure 10 years ago you would need to know coding but with WordPress, you can literally build a fully functioning site in a few minutes!

I should know because I’m actually still studying hotel management and not at all computer science.

Still, I managed to learn and set up my own internet business (this website you’re looking at is mine 😉 ) so here are a few steps that I personally use and so should you:

1) Pick a niche, any niche!

Sure you can build your own website and monetize, but have you ever thought of what website will it be?

It’s going to be a website blog because according to research, 61% of US consumers purchase from blogs mainly because they are more personal than corporate sites.

You can either choose to make your site more on motivation, on dating, even on gardening!

And don’t worry about whether or not the niche is profitable because ANY niche is a profitable niche as there are over 600 million internet users all over the World and of course a percentage of that will go to your site.


2) Build a website

Now for the best part, it is time for you to build your own fully functional website.

I remember my first time having a site, I was extremely happy that I showed it to everyone and they supported me.

There are many platforms for building free websites but the one that has the best website performance to date is called SiteRubix because it is made by Wealthy Affiliate, the World #1 online business classroom.

Here’s a video on how to build a fully functional website within 30 seconds…

how to build a website in 30 seconds


3) Pick a product and promote!

Sure making your own product is the best way to make money online but that takes time and energy so what is the shortest way to start earning you ask?

By doing something called Affiliate Marketing!

Don’t worry about the fancy name, it’s just basically selling other people’s products in exchange for some sweet commission.

To do that, you need to go to platforms that has products for you to promote and the 2 best sites I would recommend are and

ClickBank has higher commission but it’s only for digital eBooks whereas is an all-rounder which sells basically anything from real “physical” books to cupboards.

Here’s a tutorial on how to become an affiliate for Amazon…

How to add an Amazon link to your website

And here’s a video on how to become an affiliate for ClickBank…

Clickbank product search


Become and Online Entrepreneur! – Learn How to Bring Your Business to the Next Level.

Wealthy Affiliate website

As I have mentioned before, you don’t need any prior knowledge on how to build a website.

BUT, there will come a point where you will need help if you’re stuck, find like-minded individuals or even learn how to propel your website business even further because you want to earn more and the solution to that?

Is by joining an online marketing community!

To date, the best program so far is Wealthy Affiliate as it is an online classroom which teaches you how to build a website from scratch and propel it to become one of the best websites on the internet.

It is free-to-join and the lessons are always updated because they are meant to teach you how to master the art of SEO (If you don’t know what’s that, here’s my blog post on that!).

I’ve been a member there for close to a year and when it gets a bit boring, I like to do a little healthy competition with the members to see which one of our websites is better ranking at Google.

Take a look at this…

Quicksprout review first page

Google search results for “Quicksprout review”

As you can see, one of the Wealthy Affiliate members called Jay just beat me by getting his website number one (Darn it Jay!).

The main point that I want you to know is that the secret to getting your website endless traffic is by getting it on the first page of Google because once you get it there, that’s when your website gives you passive income.



The internet is so vast today that you can do literally anything there, EVEN making money.

So if you’re wanting to earn some cash that will eventually become your main source of income, start your own internet business and soon money will start pouring in even when you sleep!

If you’re interested in learning more on how to propel your internet business, check out my #1 recommended program here.

Thanks for reading, do share your thoughts and I’ll be more than happy to reply 🙂


Riaz 88kb




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