Can You Block Someone in Facebook?

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Have you ever had that annoying friend in Facebook that you just didn’t like to be around with?

Sometimes it makes you wonder how you even managed to become friends with that random person in the first place.

Well lucky you!

A lot of people feel exactly the same and the answer to that is just simply blocking him! Or her!

How to block

finding the block button in Facebook1) Click on that person’s name!

Just head over to his or her profile.

You can do so by clicking on the person name, search through the FB search bar or whichever way you feel comfortable with.

2) Click on report/block.

blocking someone on Facebook

When you’re in his profile page, just click on that small “…” icon besides “Message” and it will open up a drop down with the bottom-most choice – report/block.

The power of blocking

How blocking works is really neat which is why it is so very effective against stalkers.

When you click on “block”, your Facebook profile instantly becomes invisible to your enemy’s account and vice versa.

Meaning that you can’t search his profile in Facebook nor can he search for yours.

He can’t even message you which can give you a good peace of mind!

I would advise you on blocking as opposed to clicking on “unfriend” because when you unfriend someone, that person can always add you back.

Worse still, that person might even continue adding you back and harass you as though nothing happened so if that’s the case, I strongly urge you to just go ahead and block that person.

You are literally just a click away from peace and tranquility!

Last minute blocking doubts

Sometimes our heart tends to become so soft that we just feel like not clicking that block button because the punishment seems harsh (I was afraid to click on that too!).

Here’s how to help you destroy that doubt:

1) You need to stand for your right

To be honest, it’s just Facebook nothing much and plus, you have the right to have your account not disturbed by cyber bullies.

Maybe you’re bullied at school or maybe that crazy stalker person just can’t stop bothering you.

In that case, you need to let them know that when you said No, you mean No by simply blocking them from your online life.

They will get the message and 83% of the time, they won’t even bother you in real life because they feel embarrassed.

2) You have better things to do

Isn’t it annoying that when you’re doing work on Facebook, those annoying spammers won’t stop bother you?

I feel the exact same thing.

You obviously have better things to do like discussing work in Facebook, catching up with your friends and family so you don’t need another one of those annoying disturbances.

People today barely have time for themselves because of work so you should take that little time you have left into your own hands.

3) You help stop cyber bullying

If that stalker or spammer is disturbing you, it is likely that those people can do the same to others.

If we take action and block those misusers from our Facebook, we will help reduce the rate of cyber bullies because they will come to notice that people are too strong for them to target.



Cyber bullies are getting more common today which is why we need to know these simple no-so-hidden tricks when using social media, particularly Facebook.

If we all take interest in learning about managing Facebook better, not only can we help make our Facebook community a better place, we can also enjoy a cyber-bully-less world there too (more or less).

For more tips on leveraging social media for business, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Do feel free to share your cyber bully experience, I’d be more than happy to hear them out!


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  1. I never actually blocked someone even though I hate that person because I’ve always believed that it will make me look bad. But now I feel like there’s nothing to worry about if I did block someone thanks for clearing that up Riaz!

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