What is Google Plus Used For?

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Google+ has been around for a while and has been rapidly increasing in terms of popularity with people.

However there are still not many people who actually knows what it’s about or whether they should create an account or not.

Google+ overview

In simpler words, Google Plus is just like Facebook whereby its main focus is as social media (Not very effective at that).

But this is Google we’re talking about so they know they what they’re doing.

Have you ever used the Google search bar to look for anything?

What am I talking about, of course you have!

So Google takes advantage of this by synchronizing Google plus WITH the Google search bar.

That means if you have a Google Plus account your Google search experience would be much better.

The same goes to YouTube because after Google bought over, anything you in YouTube such as liking and commenting, CAN be linked to Google+.

So in a nutshell, Google+ is not just any social media, it’s a social media you should use if you want a great user experience online.

Google Plus not popular in Asia

In Asia, , most people have never heard of Google Plus because technology is not as updated and that most countries are still developing which means that unless you live in the capital cities, you will only find out about advancements such as these a while later when the time comes.

Personally for myself for example, I have a lot of Facebook friends but after creating Google+, I realized that less than 5% of those Facebook friends actually added me back compared to when I created my Twitter account.

So I took the initiative of finding all my friends in Google Plus and to my surprise, I only managed to find 8 of my friends!

This shows that in Asia, Google Plus is not as popular however the trend is increasing slowly as people are starting to realize it’s potential.

Oh and I’m from Malaysia if you’re wondering by the way.

Who is Google Plus For?


But more specifically entrepreneurs because the features within Google+ is designed to boost any business that you do online such as your website rankings.

There are millions of companies being created every month and all those companies must need a website to create their online thumbprint.

So because they can’t target normal users because Facebook has dominated that market, Google makes use of this fresh and evolving entrepreneur and small medium enterprise markets because not only do they need an online thumbprint, they also help keep the cash flow going in a smooth cycle.

Bloggers can take the most advantage out of this because they use Google search engine the most as everything they do for their blog is online.



Google+ is a great platform that anyone who’s into business should go into as it is designed to boost anything that you do online.

Therefore if you’re into online business, do not miss an opportunity for an additional boost of traffic by linking your business with Google+.

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