How to Face Challenges in Life

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Are you feeling down in a middle of a crisis but you just had to go through it somehow?

Some people run away from challenges but according to research (My biology teacher), going through that challenge will open up your mind and instill confidence when you get through it in the end no matter the hardship.

There is a famous saying for this, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” which actually refers to the challenges that we go through and what better person we will become when we get through.

Sure it’s easy to make phrases and sure everyone wants to go through that challenge but sometimes we just don’t have the courage or will to do so.

So here’s some great tips that I personally use and so should you:

1) Don’t be surprised with challenging environments

Try to embrace that challenge no matter how hard it is.

Challenges will not just come once, but will come very often from time to time to knock you down.

Weak people will fall down after a few hits because they did not expect that problems will keep coming non-stop.

Just when you thought everything is coming according to plan, something bad happens and you get extremely down because your plan was disrupted badly.

A similar thing happened to me 5 years ago that just after going through a tough family crisis, my grandfather died and the crisis went on continuing.

After a few months when my family’s okay, my in-laws started accusing for those little things that nobody cares and so my family was in frustration again.

After that, I decided to not care at all about those problems and finally had some piece of mind no matter what problems I keep facing.

So always remember that although some people may look like they are the happiest people on earth, everyone has problems and those people, well they are just better at going through them then you do.

2) Remember your goal

When things seem like falling apart, always remember your mission because that will be your beacon of hope.

Take my sister’s case for example.

She was going through exams after exams after exams the whole year and although exams are normal, you were a student yourself so you know how hard things can be.

If you miss a day or two of your schedule, you would have to compensate by studying 3 times as hard the next day.

Because of that sheer work pressure, most students either just give up on that “A” grade and just aim to pass, or just decided to fail.

My sister was one of them until I reminded her of her mission that if she stopped studying, she won’t get Dean’s list and her scholarship will be revoked hence forcing our parents and me to work harder.

I can take that pressure of working but mother and father are old so the pressure might be too much on them.

She remembered that and suddenly regained her will to study again so she went through that for the whole year and finally managed to pass with flying colours!

So when things get rough, just remember what you’re fighting for, you’ll be amazed with the results!

3) Action speaks louder than words

One of the most common things people do when facing challenges in life is struggle to maintain their will.

Sure, surviving is important but if you try to survive without getting any results, your problem will never go away.

I have this roommate (She’s beside me as I’m writing), she keeps reading motivational blogs and constantly reminding herself “You are strong! You can get through this!”

But she’s never actually doing anything to match those big words of hers.

Our exam is tomorrow but she’s watching television and when I asked her, she said “We need to calm down and relax before doing anything”.

This is totally wrong.

Did you know that when you are motivated even just by something simple like a picture, your motivation will go on for 72 hours? (My biology teacher’s lectures)

You don’t necessarily have to spend hours and hours getting that positive feeling, it should be sharp and inspirational with an aim to jolt your senses.

Watching inspirational talks too long would end up in slowly draining away all those pumped up energy so therefore it is imperative to quickly take action when you’re realizing it!



Challenges will always haunt you, they are designed to be that way in order to make us stronger so unless we learn how to get through it, we will never be a better person that we were before.


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