What is a Keyword Search Tool?

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If you’re into website creation, you should be used to be familiar with the term “keyword”.

If you’ve been within the online business world but have not bothered to learn about keywords, now is a great time to learn about them.

There is a reason why keywords are famous and that is because they can boost any websites easily even with all that high competition.

To understand what a keyword is, let’s have a closer look at…

What is a keyword?

To avoid complications, just think of keyword as a key-word which is like the strong and highly searched word.

Keyword doesn’t have to be just one word though, it can be a few words like “Losing Weight” or “How to kiss a boyfriend”.

Basically it’s a word or words that people are really looking for when searching online whether it’s through Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Few of the hot keywords today are “Losing weight, “How to date a girl” and “How to make money online”.

Now that we know what keywords are, let’s have a look at…

What is a keyword search tool?

Now that you know what keywords are, I’m sure you’re hyped up to use that in your blog post or websites to boost traffic.

But you’ll definitely start to wonder, what keywords should I use? How do I search them?

THAT is why you need a keyword research tool!

As the name implies, a keyword research tool is a tool that you can use in order to find the best possible keyword that you can use.

By saying ‘Best” keyword, I mean those that are most highly searched by people but with lower competition, which means that not many of your competitors have used them yet.

The best possible keyword tool so far that I know of is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy helps greatly in grabbing tons of words equipped with competition, traffic and other factors that we could use.

For example, take a look at a keyword search I did through Jaaxy…

Jaaxy search results

As you can see, the results for “Get your ex girlfriend back” is much lower than that of “Get your girlfriend back”.

Just by removing one word from that sentence, I’ve reduced my competition by 50 websites competitors!

Playing with keywords are fun and it’s amazing how adjusting a few words could mean your determining factor.

Have a go at it here…

An advice to getting more powerful words with lots of search that I like to use is to type in words that people usually look for within Google search like “Can I drive a minibus?” instead of “100 techniques of driving a minibus in a unitard”.

So the next time you want to search something in Google, be sure to note that and save it somewhere because if you’re searching for that certain thing, there are definitely others who are also looking for it as well!

Advantages of understanding how to use keywords

Keywords are a really powerful too that can turn the tide of a war easily.

By understanding how to leverage keywords, we get achieve a lot of things such as:

1) Getting more traffic than your competitors

Of course there will always be other competitor websites who are doing the exact same thing as you’re doing whether it’s a losing weight website, or a dating advice website.

And these competitors will undoubtedly get more traffic than you because they have been in the market longer which makes it hard for small new websites (Your website) to survive.

But when you learn how to leverage keywords, you can slip through those competition and grab all those golden traffic like how Indian Jones get through the Temple of Doom!

2) Increase your Google rankings faster

Have you noticed how your posts or even your website ranks very far back in page 78 or above in Google?

New websites will often find it very hard to get ranked in Google because they are still new and hence isn’t recognized by Google yet.

It will take about 3 months for Google to know you exist so by using keywords in your articles, you can gobble up massive amounts of traffic fast which will then attract Google’s attention.

Google will go “Oh this new kid on the block looks like he’s got potential! Let me have a look at his site” which will help index your site faster hence the increase in rankings.

3) Save more money

A lot of internet marketers want their site to get traffic fast without doing hard work so they will opt to use paid advertising just to find out that people aren’t loving their site.

They will spend a few hundreds for an ongoing ad but if those ads don’t break even, they lose money and they won’t get any more traffic.

But what they didn’t know is that there is actually a way to work less and get more in order for a continuous traffic and that is by leveraging keywords.

Just by adding some powerful highly-searched words in your content, you are able to greatly boost your site and get visitors without spending a few hundreds for artificial traffic!

4) Your traffic will come forever and ever and ever

Your website is meant to last forever unless you don’t want it anymore (Give your website to me if you don’t want it!).

So if you write articles with powerful keywords, all those traffic will be coming continuously every day, every month and every year!

And the best thing to that, is the fact that the more the amount of people visiting your website, the more rankings you get.

And the more rankings you get in Google, the MORE people who will start to notice your site first and hence increasing your click through rates just like that!

Isn’t that awesome!



There are tons of benefits you can get by leveraging the power of keywords and it’s very surprising to know that not many people know this yet because believe it or not, only 27% of internet marketers worldwide actually implements proper keywords on their articles.

So if you want an easy way to get loads amount of continuous traffic coming to your website for free, just look for keywords to use and you’re good to go!

For more tips and tricks on driving traffic to your website, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


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