Can Pinterest Help My Business?

Up to now, not many people actually use Pinterest much.

But if you’re searching for ways to boost your business, Pinterest can be a very helpful tool to bring in more traffic to your site.

But to understand that, let’s take a closer at…

What Pinterest is all about?

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, it is a form of social media but that is where the similarity stops.

Pinterest’s style of being a type of social media is much different than anything you can find in this world because the interaction starts with a picture that you “Pin”

Basically, when you surf the web and you find something nice and you really like, what would you usually do?

Either bookmark it or save the link on a notepad right?

With Pinterest, you can just click on it the picture and save it on your account which you can go back to and see anytime.

But in order to pin a page, you need to pin the picture as a representation which I would say is a pretty good way to remember when you want to refer back to it.


How does Pinterest help boost your business?

Although Pinterest is mainly about bookmarking your favourite sites, you can actually use it to indirectly boost your business too:

In Pinterest, just think of a board as a folder.

When you pin a lot of sites which are about similar things, you would want to categorize all those pins under one category right?

You can do so by creating a board and name it in a way to represent your pins stored there.

If your pins are about games, then name your board “Games”.

It helps to be more specific so instead of just naming it as games, name it “Guild Wars 2” which is also a very huge game and is advisable to have a folder of its own. (World of Warcraft is also another example of a huge game)

So how does this help your business?


People will wander around Pinterest and search for random boards to pin back into their own boards.

They want to find something that they can pin back to make their boards nicer so they start looking around and when they come across your board, they will look through your nice pins that you’ve collected.

It doesn’t matter if they pin back or not because when they reached your board and start searching, they are already spending time looking and reading through which is already a form of marketing for you.

They more pins you have in your folder, the more people you attract and of course, the longer they will spend time going through your pins so do make sure to make full use of that opportunity!

The power of Pinterest

More and more people are realizing the true potential of Pinterest but admittedly, there are still not many people who use Pinterest yet.

Sure Pinterest is growing fast but only to city dwellers because they are the first bunch of people who gets technology advancements compared to the rest of the other folks living in other parts of the county.

And did you know that Asian countries usually get news a bit slower compared to western countries?

I’m living in Malaysia and when I first created my Pinterest account, only 3% of my Facebook friends actually use Pinterest.

And I know this because my Pinterest account is connected to Facebook so I can invite all my Facebook friends with just one click of a button.

So take this opportunity and market your business before Pinterest gets too crowded and competition gets high because that’s the very nature of business – doing something that nobody has done yet!




Pinterest is a very fun social media to use and they have come a long way from just another website to having iPhone and android apps but surprisingly, there aren’t as many people as you thought who are using it yet.

So if you want another source of marketing for your business, just open up another marketing stream through Pinterest!

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  1. Hey, that is actually very interesting! I have always wondered whether pinterest and instagram can help my business or not! Thanks for sharing about pinterest. Do you have one on instagram up already? hehehe

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