Benefits of Blogging for Students

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As students, it is very hard to add up more “to-do” things in your list because we all know that student life is already as hectic as it is.

Trust me, I’ve been there (And still am).

Youth is when we are supposed to experience life the most because we need that experience to better discover ourselves.

However sometimes you can only discover yourself if you attempt to try something rather than sitting and relaxing doing nothing.

If you attempt to fix cars and you like it, then that’s a sign that you’re meant to be an automotive engineer.

So if you like to learn, discover and share with the rest of the world your finding as well as letting them know who you are, then that’s a sign that you should have a blog.

Having a blog doesn’t mean that you need to spend massive amounts of hours on it every day though, you just update it every once in a while because in the long run, those efforts are going to pay off in a number of ways:

1) Your online thumbprint

The most difficult challenge students face today after graduating is securing a good job.

Having a bachelor degree is good, yes, but as the number of degree holders keeps increasing, employers want something higher than a degree which is Masters.

And believe it or not, even if you have Masters, it is often very hard to get a job without experience (Crazy huh?).

As a student myself, I was very furious when employers want experience because how in the world can we get experience if we just freshly graduate from college?

That’s why you need a blog to up your game.

When you have a blog, you are portraying yourself to the world that you are someone very responsible, someone who takes work seriously and someone who is consistent because having a blog is not just a one-time thing.

You have to update it consistently and employers will see that you are also a person they would want to have in their arsenal.

Employers always want something that can boost their company and having an employee who has a blog is an indirect marketing strategy for the company.

Who knows, you’ll even get a raise because the company couldn’t afford losing you!

 2) Your aura will make people look up to you

Bloggers have a distinctive aura that people often adore.

Have you ever seen famous blogs that appear in television like the Huff Post?

Do you remember what you feel when watching bloggers appear in TV?

Jealous and envious, I know.

Even if yours aren’t that famous, people would still admire you because it takes guts to learn how to catalogue everything online.

People like to read those nice things online but when it comes to creating their own presence online, they are afraid because they do not know how to set up a website and stuff (it’s actually easy once you tried).

That’s why when they finally meet someone doing something out of the ordinary, they’ll be proud to have known that contact.

For example, if you were to meet the CEO of Shell at some event, would you keep his business card and number or would you just throw it all away?

You may never know what benefit you’ll get meeting these sort of special people but part of you just know that something about that person is very important.

That’s the effect bloggers have on normal people so be proud to have started a blog yourself!

 2) You can make money while studying

Being a student can be pretty dull when you don’t have money to spend on.

You want to bring your girlfriend on a date but you just don’t have enough money to pay for her meal or even to bring her out on shopping.

Some people (like myself) even feel discourage to get a soul mate because I feel really embarrassed knowing that my girlfriend will be having the same if not more money than me (Talk about ego!).

So what is the best way to earn extra cash safely only without spending loads of money to start up like in Forex?

By having an online business of course!

When having a blog, your number of visitors will keep growing and growing the longer you maintain your blog.

With that many visitors, did you know that you can convert them to buyers which will give you an extra side income?

There are various courses that teach you how to monetize your blog but one that I personally find the best is Wealthy Affiliate because you can literally start for free and the lessons are always updated.



Having a blog can be extremely fun as you literally have your own business that you can control any way you want not to mention having some nice perks that can help you out career-wise after you graduate.

Really, there is no reason for you to NOT have a blog so if you’re interested in boosting your image and making some side income at the same time, take up the initiative and start a blog today.

For more information on building and monetizing a blog, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.


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