How do You Earn at Wealthy Affiliate? –Secrets Exposed.

how do you earn at WA coverWhen it comes to making money online, several names come up and one of them, Wealthy Affiliate.

You click on the link, you check the program out for yourself, you see the vast resource, the long tutorial and you can’t wait to get started.

All but one thing worries you – Does this thing work and if so, how do you earn?

Read on to know more because for today’s post, I’ll be touching more on the mechanics of earning…


What is Wealthy Affiliate and How Does it Work? 

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Before I explain further, let me just refresh through on what Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is about.

Basically, it’s a platform to teach beginners and experts alike the proper way on how to make money online through Affiliate Marketing.

If you’ve never heard of Affiliate Marketing before, basically it’s a way to earn money online by selling other people’s stuff which in terms will make us revenue through commissions.

I’ll explain further but coming back to Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a whole entire Online Business platform to get started making money online.

I used to call it a course but today, WA has upgraded so much that the lessons are just part of the package of a much bigger thing.

Today, WA has not only the evergreen lessons but also an internal keyword research tool, live video lessons every Friday, a beautiful community of friendly people from all walks of life, high-speed dedicated hosting, and the two most recently added features introduced – Their own internal domain registrar, and free SSL for every member!

wealthy affiliate features

WA is a platform that has everything you need to succeed online from buying domains, hosting it, to using WordPress and setting up SEO.

You don’t need to go out anymore to get separate services from another site because everything is here.

I used to use Hostgator but after finding out that their share server is making my site slow, I moved my site to WA’s hosting instead and my site load speed ramped up from 8 seconds to 3 seconds… Amazing speed!

The best part is that I had no idea that WA’s hosting is actually a dedicated Webhosting which means that your site is on a server on its own without having to share with other sites which is why it loads faster and why it’s more secure.

So now that we know of what it is from an overview, let’s touch more on how members get paid through…


Affiliate Marketing – Where Your Money Comes From.

how wealthy affiliate works

Did you know that over 80% of brands worldwide practice Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the main method of earning which is also covered within Wealthy Affiliate’s lessons.

I do it, the members within the community do it, and big multimillion-dollar conglomerates like Walmart, Amazon and Click bank do it so it’s completely legal.

It’s, easy and fun but still, nobody can get it right without proper guidance which is why you need to learn how to get more visibility ethically because if you blindly promote your affiliate link, you’ll get flagged by Google.

So how does Affiliate Marketing work exactly?

Think of a salesman whereby if someone pays, you get commissions.

The same concept, only one difference – You don’t need to sell.

Instead, you only need to share information about something to get people to happy enough to spend on your offer and the way we do that, is by writing about it online.

You see, we live in an era of information and if you want to find answers, you Google it right?

As you look for answers online, you come across a website which answers your curiosity perfectly and then you decided to spend your money there to buy something.

Whether it’s an eBook, a membership, or games, as long as it’s from someone else’s site, the owner earns through Affiliate Marketing (Unless he created the product himself which not many people have the time to do).

Now that you know the concept of Affiliate Marketing, let’s get deeper and find out more on…


How does Wealthy Affiliate Pay You?

amazon associates home page

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to make money in two ways – By earning Affiliate commissions from Amazon as an Amazon Affiliate, or by earning commissions through WA itself if you promote its program.

Generally, the majority of the members choose to promote their own niches of interest and it’s much better and more fun to make money out of things that you like.

I have friends within the community who excels in their own unique niches like video games, archery, beer brewing, even hiking and many more!

For choosing your own niche, WA will teach you how to earn money by selling products through Amazon and it’s very simple and easy to do.

Personally for me, I’m more interested in learning more about SEO and blogging so I created this very blog My Internet Quest that you’re looking at instead and since it’s within the blogging niche, I promote WA.

But for good reasons though, because I actually review many programs and out of all of them, WA has the best bang for the buck as you get so many features under one price.

As for the methods of payment, they go through PayPal so it’s definitely safe and secure.

If you didn’t know already, Paypal chooses which businesses allow their services to be used because they have to uphold their image.

Many scams couldn’t use Paypal as their method of payment and I often stay away from these programs.

Most of them however, are MLM companies and Paypal are totally against them…

paypal doesnt accept mlm

They are so strict in fact that even transactions that resemble MLM are terminated like this guy over here…

random guy got his paypal account terminated becasue of MLM

If you’re curious on what’s the difference between the two, not to worry!

I guess it’s high time I touch more on…


Affiliate Marketing vs MLM – Knowing Your Facts.

If you’re looking for a Wealthy Affiliate Compensation plan, don’t bother.

Only Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Schemes have this and the reason for the plan is that they earn the majority of their income through recruitment.

If you’re new to the online world, many people often get confused between Affiliate Marketing and MLM.

These two are similar because both earn money through commissions.

The difference is that Affiliate Marketing lets you earn commissions one time through one method only – Either if someone buys a product, or if someone joins a membership program.

MLM on the other hand, earns commissions by recruiting people to join and their scheme is backed by a pyramid plan which they call a marketing plan or what most of us know of as the compensation plan.

Long story short, if you recruit someone, and your down line recruits someone, and he too recruits another, what will it look like from an overview, eh?

It’ll look like this…

a typical Unilevel structure in MLM

Looks like a pyramid, doesn’t it? (Hence the pyramid scheme).

And in a scheme like this, the person on top is always making more money than everyone down your system which is why it is not fair for everyone and which is why it is illegal.

Pyramid Schemes started long ago and back then, you earn money solely by recruiting more people to join.

However after being banned by the government, pyramid schemes started masking themselves with a product and call themselves MLM because if you sell products, then it is legal.

However, even with a product, these MLM companies still operate mainly by recruiting instead of retailing because it is hard to make sales with their overpriced, low-quality products.

I do reviews regularly on my blog and if you look at my list of scam reviews here, you will notice that a majority of the programs there are all MLMs.

In fact, check out what the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said about MLMs…

Basically if an MLM company sells products only, it’s legal.

But if they try to pull you in and recruit you, then that’s illegal.


How Much Money Can you Make at Wealthy Affiliate?

This is a very sensitive question but I think it’s high time I share it out.

Supposing you go all out with your blog growth and create content regularly every week as taught by the lessons within the course, you should be making…

  • Between $30 – $80 on the 2nd month
  • Between $80 – $150 on the 3rd month
  • Between $200 – $500 on the 4th month
  • Between $500 – $1,000 on the 5th month

After 6 months, it is possible to reach the one thousand dollar bar and this is because Google started to noticed your website already as a real owner so it’s much easier for you to get ranked in search engines.

In fact, some members earn up to $2000 on just one weekend when you take advantage of promotions like my mentor Scott…

scott dog

Kings is also one of the many people I look up to within the community and this is how much he earns…

king shopper

When you’re stable enough, earning a thousand a day is no problem…

As for me, I do not make as much compared to them because this blog is only part-time and I do not focus much here.

I write only in my free time which is about twice a month so on average, I earn $2,000 in 5 months (I keep track of my site progress through my monthly blog report here).

Instead, I focus more on my startup events company called Kamira Event Management which, a majority of the project calls I get comes from the website and that too I created thanks to the knowledge I learned here at WA 🙂

The site makes my business look established in a way and the knowledge I learned about PPC ads, social media marketing as well as content creation, helps me get visibility easier.

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you’re expecting millions on your first week but it just doesn’t happen that way.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is an Online Business and if you can put in effort, you’ll definitely succeed.


My Final Word

Building an online business may be slow, but it’s very rewarding and quite fun too.

You’ll get very little revenue in the first month but if you put in effort, it’ll grow every month and if you keep consistent on creating content, your site is going to get a sudden explode in visitors as Google recognizes and you’ll make sales every day.

If you’re interested to check out Wealthy Affiliate, click here.

Have any questions about WA you’d like answered? Leave them down below and I’ll be more than happy to reply!


Riaz Shah

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  1. Wealth affiliate program sounds interesting. This is my first time of hearing about it and it looks like a good affiliate program to work with. I can’t wait to promote its products on my blog

  2. Nice of you to share this article, Riaz!
    An extraordinary and deep post you’ve written here, wholly well worth the read! That’s it, I’m giving WA a go, it’s now or never!

  3. Hi, Brother Shah, what a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I thought I knew everything about this affiliate marketing but you have informed me that WA SitRubix is dedicated hosting. This allows me almost full control over what I do on my server, plus give me that extra speed.
    I liked learning about the difference between affiliate marketing and MLM. MLM I steer away from had a bad experience myself.
    You are doing good at WA keep it up, if you ever want to connect and work on a project together, my WA profile is seconds2work

  4. Thanks for sharing this article on how to earn on wealthy affiliate. There is nothing sweeter thank sitting at comfort if your home either on bed or on the sofa and just pushing the bottom on your fone and earn money. Wealthy affiliate gave the assurance that it is possible and succeeding in it takes a training and courses and patience before it starts paying off. Thus platform has set me on the path of financial freedom. I thought it’s impossible but am already seeing the green light. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  5. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Wealthy affiliate has thought me how to make money online and even how people around me can succeed. Giving out tutorials and RI pols is another ways WA teaches us and how to find a niche and building up a free website. WA pays commission to its member monthly, I prefer affiliates marketing than MLM, WA is real not a scam. 

    Good write, excellent content. thanks for the review 

  6. I appreciate this. Thanks for taking the time to provide this exhaustive information on how to earn at Wealthy Affiliate.This information no doubt would be helpful for many people contemplating on whether to join wealthy affiliates.  based on your post, I have a better understanding of Wealthy Affiliates. It differs totally from multi-level marketing. I have been involved as an affiliate marketer before but was discouraged because of my high expectations with little commitment. I have realised my errors. As a member of wealthy affiliate, do you earn only when a visitor to your site click on a link? 

    • Nope, I earn when someone makes a purchase. I don’t earn when it’s free but I love the program regardless which is why I’m sharing it with everybody 😀

  7. Another amazing post Riaz.  It’s very important to remember that any get rich quick service is probably not real, but with hard work, great tools like the ones in wealthy affiliate and dedication you, me and anyone can make a living out of affiliate marketing.

    I wish of the day I can see even a $1000 from my website and with this post of yours I can see that I might be closer than I ever thought!

  8. I actually enjoyed this article. Making money in the internet is one of the best best of making money. Wealthy Affiliates has thought me that I can succeed online and even make others succeed as well. I used to think that making money in Affiliate marketing can take good years but this article has just given me hope that I can even succeed in my first six months.

  9. Hi Eiaz,

    Thanks for tackling this FAQ on wealthy affiliate. This is a very important aspect of introducing people to the community. Most people do not take the time to explain to people how they can expect to make money when they join Wealthy affiliate, they leave to these newbies  who already have a certain expectation to figure it out by themselves.

    I’m glad people like you are writing and answering these questions,hence with a little research online,anyone can have an idea of what to expect.

  10. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for several months and I can attest to the fact that this is the greatest decision I have ever made. This is the best training platform I have seen online and the process of building your own website is pretty easy and affordable

     The best part is that if you stick with ithe olatform,  you can make some great money as you have shown in the examples that you have included in your review.This is a platform where you learn and earn

  11. Hey there.  Just wanted to tell you that this is a great article.  I got involved in MLM many years ago and it was the worst thing I ever did.  I guess it did teach me to stay away from MLM forever.The smartest thing I have ever done is join Wealthy Affiliate and Im sure you feel the same way.This was a great article and thank you for putting all the effort in.  Im sure we will both go a long way.DALE

  12. I have been researching about Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time now. I think I have found the right article. This article had everything I needed to know about Wealthy Affiliate and also learned the strategy to earn revenue here. This article also explains how we get money at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  13. I seen some pretty shady programs online, but based on your review of wealthy affiliate. It’s seem to be one of the best choices for beginners to make money online. Thanks for a super great article.

  14. Wao!! Riaz I’m looking for making money online, cause I’m broken and this is the Best Explanation I have Read about making Money Online, Thanks a Lot!!

    You are very good at teaching!!

  15. I think wealthy affiliate is basically the best platform if you want to create a successful business online. Everything you need is right there. No experience needed, nothing. Some hard work and dedication will definitely provide results no matter who you are or what you do! I love how the support and the community are always there for you if you need any kind of help!

  16. Hi bro,
    My english is very bad and I am not used to writing contents or artcles. I am from India and Here it is not free to join. I am afraid if not able to create my own niche which is the most firststep of this business since I am a family man with full responsibility alone. Therefore I cannot spend more than $47 every month if I dont earn from it as sooner as possible. I dont want to earn much. I am happy with $400 a month if possible and if this happens I promise to give it a full time job because I am jobless and I have fedup doing business locally due to too much of competitions everywhere. Please elaborate everything in details before I join. Thanks!

    • Hey Ngain,
      Yes, I understand and I apologize that we cannot give your free account but only with a premium account will you get access to the the secrets of earning online. I’m from Malaysia and over here, I have to pay 4 times more in order to convert my Malaysia Ringgit to the USD so I can totally understand the pain that you have to go through from Indian Rupee. Most of us Asians have to go through this but the best part is that once you start earning, your potential is so much more when you convert your USD to your rupees.

      The program works and with it, I have build 3 blogs which are earning money for me, one event company and a shop of my own. It has allowed me to chase after my dreams and the best part? Is that I can cut through all of my competitors due to my knowledge in SEO and Online Marketing. You can check out my other business Kamira Events to know what I mean.

      After I joined WA, I did not earn for the first 2 months. On the 3rd month, I finally started earning money and from there, I was able to keep growing my income day by day and until my earnings finally manage to cover costs and give me profit. English is not my mother tongue and reading from your comment, you are definitely good to go.

      Hope that helps, do let me know if you need more tips!

  17. Hi there Riaz,

    Thanks for creating and sharing this excellent and very informative article with us. It is appreciated.

    Wealthy affiliate does seem to be pretty complete but I have to ask as I have come across a similar product with what appears to be great training also.

    Does WA, at premium membership give us all the tools that we need to succeed?

    What are the hidden extras that we may need to succeed?

    • Hey Derek!

      Great question. There’s no hidden costs to start because all you need is the membership price that is shown to you upfront. It’s a little pricey but it does give you everything you need, all the features from hosting to keyword tool and support. It’s a one stop centre for starting an online business.

  18. Awesome article. This is extremely informative and answers alot of fears for some people.

    I love how honest Wealthy Affiliate is in the amount that you may earn over time. They let you know frankly that if you want to earn alot you’ll have to work for it.

    Well said though. You just have to build and build and build and you’ll get rewarded in time.

    • Thanks Garth, Online Business is still a business at the end of the day so there’s no shortcuts to it -You just need keep working on it and let it build over time. Appreciate the feedback, hope you have a great day!

  19. Great information. Wealthy Affiliate truly is a working and high quality program, the best I’ve been involved with and the best way of making money online.

    Affiliate marketing is genius. I’ve done ecommerce and built mediocre brands and products but nothing compares to your ability, with just a computer and wealthy affiliate, to create a dominant online business in just a few years.

    Keep inspiring and keep educating as this is the only way individuals will be able to find a path to success online.

  20. This is a very comprehensive post on how one can earn money from wealthy affiliate because every new member or person considering becoming a member is confused about this particular thing.
    Honestly, when I started I really had no idea if it was going to work or not but I stayed consistent with the work and also I kept learning from the tutorials. Fortunately, I have a successful online business now.
    You are right many people are confused between MLM and affiliate marketing, and you have explained the difference nicely. Being an affiliate marketer is really awesome because you know that the commission will directly come to you if you are selling something in which you believe, unlike other stuff that you don’t trust.
    WA’s affiliate program is also one of the best a person can get because you are helping people to be their own boss and work from home; you make a make money doing that.
    Great work buddy!

    • Hey Hari,

      I’m glad you liked my article, I too was thinking of the same thing when I first started. I didn’t know the difference between the two and naively, I joined MLM and wasted 2 years of my life getting bullied because I wasn’t making enough sales as the team goal. Would never recommend that to anyone, Affiliate Marketing is definitely the best way for anyone to earn online.

  21. Great review of what wealthy affiliate teaches Riaz, and you’re right there’s no secret sauce.

    Just good training, Smart choices, Good research and hard work. And there’s also lots that you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate that can help you earn good P too!

    I used the skills I learned way back in WA 8 yrs ago to build an offer that quite frankly anyone can do… It’s the that’s an inkling of what happens at wealthy affiliate. #ptjob

  22. Hi there, I really enjoyed reading your article as it gave me such a clear overview + details on what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Is it really possible to earn $1k by 6 months? How much work do I really need to put in? I have a full time job and family commitments so it might be difficult to spend a lot of time on this. Would like more enlightenment on this please, thanks!

    • Hey Moon Moon,

      It’s definitely possible, I’ve seen people earning $2,000 within 6 months but you’ll need to work everyday for at least 3-5 hours writing and publishing content with at least 1,500 words on it. It’s a real challenge but its the fastest way to grow because Google will put your site or every new websites for that matter on probation for 3 months. If they see that you have good content, you’ll get visibility much faster.

      But after that, you’ll grow much faster with lessor effort because your website has aged and is starting to become an authority site where loads more people are going to come.

  23. Its really that simple to earn at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been with them for sometime and I have never had a bad experience. Once you stick to the courses, ask for help when you need it, and stay determined you will eventually find online success. And the easy website building that they have is just unbelievably. But word of mouth is one thing, check it out for yourself!

  24. Hi, Riaz, very well detailed review on wealthy affiliates, with so many scams out here getting a genuine opinion on a product that cost money is always needed thanks for doing this. Personally, i love how you gave a realistic figure on how much you can earn, how soon to expect these earnings and how much time you need to put into your website.

    • Thanks Brandon, its because even I was asking those questions myself so I thought that its best if I just put it out for everyone to see. You’re totally right, if I were to have to spend money on something that is supposed to make me money, I’d like to know the most detailed part of it and how much I can get back. Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  25. Hi really nice and in-depth review about WA! I, personally have tried WA and was really wowed by the amount of detail and tutorials there are! However, in the beginning, I thought majority of the lessons were free but it turns out only 1 out the 5 courses were and thus it was a little dissapointing. You were also required to pay for your domain and other things? So what are your views on this? Thanks!!

    • The starter account is only for trial Fernglow, you’re not meant to get the full member’s features unless you join as a premium. And as for the full dot com domains, everyone needs to pay for this even me because it is not created by us. It is regulated by ICANN which is an international associate which controls all the domains in the internet as a domain is an intellectual property. That’s why WA has SiteRubix, which helps you to build a website for free using their own subdomain. That is the free domain

  26. Great article Riaz, except for the MLM part of it. You should research it bit more. But I do agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate. I found it by mistake a couple years ago and it was the best mistake I ever made. Like most, I joined for free, but after a few lessons I went premium. Like you said, it has everything you need to start a business.

    • Andres,

      I’ve been in the MLM industry for 2 years before starting in Affiliate Marketing so please be more specific on what you mean by researching a bit more.

  27. Hey Riaz,

    Great article. And very true indeed. I joined Wealthy Affiliate myself a few years back and like most I was excited to learn how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

    Foolishly though, I started out with several websites – later down the line I knew this was a mistake and ditched all but my main site.

    I was scammed several times down the road to finding WA, and I wrote about these scams on my blog and from then on started focussing on busting them wide open.

    Like you, I never put 100% into my site as I have other things going on, but I imagine that if I did from the start, I would be in a much better place today!

    It is very demanding running an Affiliate Marketing website, not everyone realises this, myself included at first. But once you realise this fact and knuckle down, you start seeing better results.

    Anyway, enough rambling, all the best in your pursuits!


    • Hey Dave,

      Definitely, if I would have put in all my focus on my blog, it would have grown tenfold but because I have so many things to handle, my focus on my site wasn’t a 100%. I can totally relate to you on that as I too was scammed before I turned the situation and made reviews of those scam programs instead. Appreciate you sharing your feedback here man, good luck on your site and hope you have a great Thursday!

  28. Hi Riaz

    Your article is very informative and it’s great to read about Wealthy Affiliate being so successful and is listed as the #1 Training platform for online marketers.

    I also loved reading your monthly earning report and it’s great to know that it is possible to earn at WA.

    The only thing I would recommend, and it’s in know way a bad comment towards your site, is using Grammarly . com as I did find some grammar and spelling mistakes. I use this on all my sites and it’s a god sent.

    All the best…


  29. Very well thought out review of this great business – I have only been with them for about 4-5 months and so I am at the overwhelmed stage at the mo.

    There is just so much to learn. But it is getting better every day, looking forward to my boosting my payment.

    • There’s definitely a lot to learn Siobhan, but after you start churning on your content creation, things will get better I promise you. You won’t even have to look at the lessons anymore as you’ll tend to learn more than what they offer. Good luck and if you need anymore help, do let me know 🙂

  30. Great review of WA. I’ve been with WA for more than 3 years now. It’s a great platform for learning how to build a business online. There are also many great new features every year. The free website for the free starter membership and the website hosting of up to 25 websites included with the paid membership are both great benefits of WA.

    The greatest benefit of WA is the community. There are so many helpful people that will assist you with any roadblocks that you may run into with your business. Unlike most other platforms, the owners Kyle and Carson are active participants in the community.

  31. I’ve been with wealthy affiliate for over 5 years and I really like its current platform with a growing and helpful community that will definitely help you and your website success. Follow your passion and be inspirational, eventually the money will come to you as your hard work pays off.

  32. Hi Riaz,

    What a great post! I think anyone seeking out more information about how to earn income with Wealthy Affiliate will learn a lot here. You’ve also reminded me of what is possible with consistent effort and hard work. I checked out your monthly blog reports. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your progress!

    • So awesome to know I could inspire you Eartha, consistency and hardwork will definitely pay off in the long run. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  33. Great article talking about Wealthy Affiliate. Makes me want to work harder to get to an earning level. Do you have any suggestions for people just starting out? Thank you for the informative post informing us about Wealthy Affiliate. It is really impressive some of the stories you share of other success stories on Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hey Rick,

      For those who are just starting out, understand that you are in it to earn money and that you are building a real business so please make time for your work, be consistent, follow the lessons and never give up. Before you know it, you’ll start earning money just when you’re about to quit. Glad you liked the article, good luck!

  34. Hey Riaz

    I believe that chosen niche does matter when it comes to earnings. You will not start earning in second or third month in all niches – there are niches you will start earning just maybe after 7-8 months depending on how saturated the niche is. And for sure time spent on your website is important – by spending several hours per week it is less likely you will start earning in 2-3 months.
    So it is important to do thorough niche analysis and be willing to spend a lot of time to succeed, isn’t it?

    • Hey Arta,

      Not entirely true, if you need to wait 7-8 months then that’s not right. The number one rule still applies whereby content is king. Any niche at all, if your page is up on the first page of Google, than you’ll have very high chance of conversion and it wouldn’t take 7-8 months for people to decide when the answer’s right in front of them. Appreciate the feedback Arta, cheers

  35. Hello Riaz,

    Thanks for the great article, I always wanted to know how to earn through these kind of affiliate programs. Your article made this very clear for me.

    I’m gonna start right away, if I ever need some help, can I ask you then? Or do I need to ask the guys from the program?

    Kind regards,


    • You can ask me or the rest o the people here at WA Levi, everyone is friendly and we’re also helping each other with tips that we share among members on how to succeed. Glad to know you liked the article, thanks for dropping by!

  36. Riaz, I couldn’t agree more about Wealthy Affiliate. I researched many online programs with no success. There always seems to be some “catch” with a program. Joining Wealthy Affiliate myself just recently, I finally found the place to be as far as earning money online and helping others succeed as well..
    It took me years to find WA.
    The training is far superior to any other out there. Not to mention the community and the support.
    I’m here to stay and help others!

    • Great to hear that Rob,

      Many internet marketing gurus scam people because its so easy for them to take advantage of you and there’s very few legitimate online business platforms left. Appreciate the feedback, awesome to hear your positive spirit!

  37. I think you have hit on all the important points of what makes WA a great place to build a business.
    MLMs are not businesses because what you end up selling is an idea to someone. Your goal is to recruit them into the scheme like you have been recruited.
    Thanks for explaining how money is earned at WA because this can be confusing to lot of people.
    What would you say is the first step someone needs to take?
    Thanks for this, really enjoyed it.

    • The first step is of course to join by taking the free starter package and take the opportunity to have a view from the inside to see if it suits you or not. Glad to know that we’re on the same boat, cheers

  38. Hi Riaz,
    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate! Lots of information. Having had a website on the Weebly platform for a while I agree with you about the wonderful loading speed on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for websites. So much quicker!
    The community factor is one of the main reasons apart from all of the training, that I love Wealthy Affiliate too! You can ask any question and someone in the community will always have an answer to help you out. It really is great!
    Best of luck to you. Brilliant article!

    • Sounds like you have an awesome experience there Susan and yes, the community is very powerful. You can buy advertisement, you can buy people to spread good news but all of those are temporary. Real community builds easily when quality is ensured. Appreciate the feedback, hope you have a great Friday!

  39. Hey there!
    Your projections seem to be in line with my experience so far 🙂 I’m coming up on 1 month as a WA member and have earned a total of $31 from my site 🙂 I’m not the best with technology but Wealthy Affiliate has a training program that is so complete, even I can understand it. Thank you for sharing this with the world and I’ll let you know if your projections continue to line up with my earnings in six months 😉

    • Wow congratulations on the sale Ashley!

      Very happy to hear that and yes, you’ll grow much faster if you implement fully the lessons that they teach you because there are tips there that not many people know of (Golden knowledge!). I was glad that I came across the platform so I’m simply sharing out info for those who might be interested, thanks for dropping by! Hope you have a great Tuesday )

  40. I’ve started to imagine running my business like farming because truth be told, I can see the first few signs of my harvest beginning to show.
    Just like growing crops, you sew the seeds and take care of them before eventually, the hard work pays off and you reap the benefits.
    Traffic increases weekly for me and it’s those kinds of results that motivate you to continue but you have to put in the effort first to get there am I right?

    • Definitely Ryan, glad to know we’re on the same boat and so awesome to know you’ve got traffic increasing every week! Good luck on your site and thanks for the feedback 😀

  41. Great article on Wealthy Affiliate! It is good that you give a comparison between affiliate marketing and MLM.

    When I first get to know about affiliate marketing, I thought it is similar to MLM. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, I finally understand the difference between both of them.

    Thanks for sharing your monthly report. Profit differs from time to time and this gives readers credibility. Keep up the good job!

    • Anytime Kevin, MLM and affiliate Marketing are two different things and many get confused easily. Thanks for dropping by, have a great Thursday!

  42. Wow. This wealthy affiliate is amazing. $1000 within six months? That seems very promising. I’m running my third blog and a passive income style business that will allow me to travel the world is an irresistible thought. How long have you been with WA? Is it possible to make more than $1000 a month by your 6th month?

    • Its definitely possible Dan, after you reached your thousand mark things will be much easier for you as you have your momentum already and by then you would be more motivated to keep that coming.

  43. Hi Riaz,
    Thank you for such an informative article about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a site that I am seeing more and more when I google things about Affiliate Marketing.
    I must admit, I was skeptical at first as I have been burnt many times on my quest to make money online, but in the end I decided to give it a go.
    I am so glad that I did and can confirm that Wealthy Affiliate is everything you say it is. It is certainly one of the best programs I have come across and I am here for the long haul.
    Thanks again for this article.

    • Glad to know you liked my article Kerry, its my goal to be as transparent and help out other bloggers succeed too. Appreciate the awesome feedback 😀

  44. Hi really cool website. I am personally from WA and I found it to be extremely useful from the support to the lessons they provided. I was also fascinated :0 from your writeup about how much affiliate marketing plays a part in the economy. I just started on this journey throughout the past week.

    Any tips on your part?


    • Write good content consistently and you’re good to go Fernglow, don’t give up along the way because the number one reason people fail is that they expect too see instant results but do not want to put in effort. If you’re writing content regularly, you’re good to go 😀

  45. Hello There !
    I loved your article about Wealthy Affiliate, it is a little bit different from all the reviews out there, it is interesting to read.

    To talk about how do you earn money with wealthy affiliate I believe there are way too many ways to do it through your blog but the most known as you said is niche sites. These are pretty popular (it is faster to do it with product reviews.)

    I started my online business two years ago and I was not serious about it I REGRET IT NOW!

    I am starting to be serious about my niche and I start to have some results. I hope this comment will help your readers to start their own business. It is worth it.

    • I had that problem myself Juba, niche sites are pretty fun to build and pretty powerful too. I should have started that first as my first attempt into online marketing, but at least its not too late for me to recommend others to start the right way!

  46. Hi Riaz, I have been with WA quite some times and what experience I got is just “Awesome”. I really can’t find any programs that could able help me building my online business like WA.

    I like to stick with WA as long as I can. I wish you all the best and good success in your Online Journey.

    Nice work my friend.

  47. Riaz, you have told a positive story about Wealthy Affiliate. And I agree with what you say.
    Some people don’t really experience the income as quickly as you did in your first month.
    I wondered, did you have any struggles along the way with your marketing or training? And how did you get through those issues?
    Thanks for the great info. J

    • Hey Janelle

      I had struggles from time to time, even now and most of them technical. However their support team got me through all of those with ease, couldn’t have done it without them. And yes, I know many people who aren’t satisfied with the amount they’re earning when it is them who haven’t put in effort to grow their site. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

  48. Thank you for explaining Wealthy Affiliate so well. I intend to look into blogging specifically for Wealthy Affiliate down the road once I am more established in my primary business. One thing that stands out to me is that my site is not making any money right now, although I am still not done with all the courses in Level 2 training. Do you have any experience with YouTube videos? I am also struggling in this area to earn revenue. I have been doing videos for a while and they are not getting a lot of views.

    • Hey Ririj,

      I do occasionally do YouTube videos but only those related to my blog like short tutorials on how to set up. Its actually quite fun doing it and not tiring at all as one might think. Basically you just record and show what you do and you’ll get views as easy but of course super editing works too but for me, I just share tips on how to resolve issues related to blogging. Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your weekend!

  49. Hello Riaz,

    Wonderful post & I love that you share members success that really makes me so motivated to put more hard work in my website, you are right it’s difficult in the beginning but by more writing quality helpful content you can reach a reasonable monthly income, thanks for sharing & keep up the good work.

  50. Hello Riaz
    I liked your website. Good to remind people that it is a marathon not a sprint to make money even online. People get taken advantage of when the want something for nothing!

    • Definitely agree with you on that one Alex, especially people who are in need of money. I’ve been there and in most cases, I lose money rather than earn them so we need to be really careful about this. Thanks for dropping by man, appreciate the feedback. Have a great day!

  51. Nice article on Wealthy Affiliate, Riaz! Looks like you have been around this quite a while and know the ins and outs. I didn’t realize that HostGator and the like share servers which slows down speed, but I do know that it is easier to build a website when you have a community of people ready and willing to help you at your fingertips such as you do at WA! Nice work.

    • I sure do Nathan, been around for 2 years and the community is one of the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me here. Everyone was there the moment I joined and they still are with me guiding through my journey and advising me on my website buildinh process. You rarely see that kind of dedication anywhere today.

  52. Hi Riaz

    Your article is very informative and it’s nice to know Wealthy Affiliate is a the #1 Training platform for serious online marketer.

    Thanks for showing your updated monthly earning report and it’s great to know the top earners of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Looking forward to see you in the top earners soon.

  53. Hi Riaz,

    Great article! Definitely worth pointing out that growth is not always linear it can go up and down from month to month but as long as it is going in the right direction then all is good.

    Same goes for traffic obviously that ought to be more linear as your site grows in trust and authority with search engines as well as content.

    • Agreed Derek, there is no such thing as explosive growth every day. Some days it’ll grow a bit lesser but its considered healthy as is.

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