Truth About Melaleuca Wellness Company Revealed – 30 Years of MLM.

malaleuca reviewed by my internet questBusiness name: Melaleuca


Type of business: Home products MLM

Price: $29 + $50 monthly autoship.

Owner: Frank L. Vandersloot

My rating: 16 out of 100 (SCAM)

When I write reviews, I usually choose a company to research on based on complaints that I keep hearing from the news but today, this review is based on a request from one of my readers, Luis who wanted to know more on Melaleuca.

a request to research on malaleuca by Luis

This particular company is growing very rapidly but they are being very secretive at the same time. People know that their name is everywhere now, on banner ads, on car windshields, on a home party of your neighbor, but what is it about exactly?

If you’re one of those people who’ve been to one of those talks where the reps there desperately want you to join, then you definitely need to read my full Melaleuca business review down below.


Pros and Cons


  • They have a ton of products under one roof.
  • Unique form of MLM where home and wellness are used as products.
  • A+ rating in BBB.


  • They test on animals!!
  • You are forced into autoship to buy products every month for at least $50 in order to maintain your membership.
  • Members manipulate people into joining through network marketing rather than focusing on the product.
  • Tons of complaints online.
  • With that many products which you need to buy every month, you will have too many stocks, even if you don’t need them.
  • In order to sell their products, you actually need to buy them yourself, it’s not provided by the company.
  • They are an obvious MLM company but they still deny that to the public.
  • They have 244 complaints within BBB!
  • Compensation plan is extremely long and hard to understand.
  • You can’t buy their products if you don’t have a sponsor. Talk about typical recruitment scheme.
  • Very hard to cancel your membership once you give you card, they will keep deducting money even when you’ve already quit.

Jeepers, that’s a lot of cons! Better check out my #1 recommended program here instead!


What is Melaleuca? – Home and Wellness Products Under One Roof.

Frank vandersloot is the ceo and founder of Melaleuca

That’s the guy who owns the company.

Created by Frank L. Vandersloot in 1985, Melaleuca is one of the oldest MLM companies there are today.

And like every MLM company out there no matter how established they are, there must be some kind of products involved to mask their network marketing intentions so, what might Melaleuca’s be?

Their main niche is hard to put a finger on to because it covers homes products and wellness but their products are actually pretty numerous as you can fit a whole store with them.

Think of Cosway and Amway, they have retail store franchises for their members filled with all sorts of items and Melaleuca is no different.

Melaleuca products

As for the products, Malaleuca focuses on a variety of household items which includes…

  • Nutrition – Vitamins, supplements, food, weight loss, hot beverages.
  • Medicines – Cold, allergy etc.
  • Beauty – Skin care, nails etc.
  • Household – Cleaning detergents and pet care.
  • Bath & Body – Facial, skin care, dental care, hair care.
  • Essentials oils

A bit too wide in my opinion, even supermarkets are having a hard time trying to create products of their own brand in multiple niches.

Personally, I believe that a company should focus on only one niche and push to be the best, but to each their own I guess.


Let’s Have a Look at Their Compensation Plan.

Melaleuca compensation plan

A page I took from the booklet.

A lot of people are asking on the updated Melaleuca compensation plan as the company tries its best to hide it since they don’t want to be seen as an MLM (Even though they are).

Being the nosy consumer that I am, I eventually found out from the website that they do have one here and believe it or not, it’s 11 pages long!

That’s one of the longest MLM compensation plans that I’ve ever come across and personally for me, it’s a huge turn off to see that – It’s like reading a manual booklet, nobody reads them but eventually, that will be your own undoing.

I think it’s high time we get to my Malaleuca business opportunity review so that you can have a clearer picture on whether or not this company is for you.

There are overall 11 methods of earning but fret not, here’s a summarized version for you to understand the whole situation better…

Method #1 – Product Introduction Commission

You earn 27% commission off your customer’s first 150 points when they shop on their first month.

If your downline’s downline buys, then you earn 20%.

You see, In MLM when you recruit someone into your scheme, your downline will be put under you and when he recruits as well, his one will be under him and so one hence a pyramid structure.

If you’re fuzzy on all these downlines thing, take a look at this…a typical Unilevel structure in MLM

Method #2 – The quality customer bonus

This one is like a recruitment bonus for the month.

To activate, you need to recruit your first downline for the month and only after that will you get $25 bonus from all your next newly-recruited downlines.

Method #3 – Personal enrolled customer commission

You get commissions from people that you personally recruit and the more people you recruit, the more commissions you’ll get…

  • 1-7 downlines – You’ll get 7% from their purchases
  • 8-19 downlines – You’ll get 14% from their purchases
  • At least 20 downlines – You’ll get 20% from their purchases

Method #4 – Organization commissions

You’ll get 7% monthly commissions for the first 150 points purchased by your downline.

Method #5 – Value/Career Pack Commission

In the first 2 months, if your customer purchases the value pack, you get $30 and if they were to buy the career pack, you get $50.

Method #6 – One-Time Advancement Bonuses

When you gain up ranking to Director Level or above, you get $100 for the first time.

As you gain more levels higher than that, you earn more – Think of it as a congratulations gift for reaching that stage.

Method #7 – Advancement Bonus Payout

This works just the same as the One-Time Advancement Bonuses, just that the bonus comes if you maintain your high retention rate of at least 90% and keep on fighting.

The bonus will be paid 1/3 in the same month of your advancement, another 1/3 the next month, and the rest on the month after that.

Method #8 – Pacesetter Director Bonuses

This is a bonus chased by time.

In a certain time period given, you’ll need to recruit a new downline who purchases a Value or Career pack AND becomes a director within the first 2 months of his or her joining.

Method #9 – The Leadership Development Bonus

Ahh, this one’s a classic – Very normal in all MLM company.

By helping your downline reach the Director status or higher, you’ll get 50% of the One-time Advancement bonus.

Method #10 – Director Development Incentive

You don’t really get any cash from here though, just that you can save yourself some money in maintaining your Leadership status as the requirements will be waived… As long as you develop your personal Director.

Method #11 – Monthly Car Bonus

When you reach the Senior Director level, you can get monthly payments for a car that you’ve been eyeing on.

Of course this goes without saying that the higher your rank, the more money you’ll get for those monthlies.

All of these ranks on the compensation plan may sound sweet with its promising rewards but before you delve into the MLM world, think again – Are you really that much of a soft talker that’s able to convince people into joining as easy as the other leaders do?

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Red Flags – Things to Look Out For.

Now that you’ve seen the good side of Maleuca which I guess is making you pretty hyped up about joining, it’s time for me to lay you in on the negative sides which you must also know before making your decision…

Red Flag #1 – They test on animals

consumer complaint on Animal Testing

A comment by a fellow member on animal testing done by Melaleuca.

Part of the thing that makes Malaleuca interesting is that their products cover all household item ranges at one stop so you won’t have to think of which brand suit what and all that but one thing that really bothers me to find the answer to is that, Is Malaleuca really all natural?

I have had my doubts about the company’s integrity but what would you think if you find out that the internet is flooded with comments like this…

consumer complaint on animal testing 2

Another member raged over Melaleuca’s testing on rats and dogs. Its a cruel world we live in.

I’m sure a lot of questions might have run through your head, one in particular I just know that you’re dying to find out is, does Malaleuca test on animals?

I was thinking of the exact same thing so I did my own research and look what I found out…

Malaleuca animal testing PETA

An excerpt from PETA that Melaleuca once agreed NOT to test on animals.

The answer to that is definitely yes because according to PETA, Malaleuca signed a statement of assurance that they will never test on animals for the gain of the company.

After that, they crossed the line and started experimenting with rats and dogs, resulting in horrible and painful death of those animals.

The public found out, and finally, Malaleuca confessed that they are indeed doing those tests for the betterment of their products.

Not everyone cares about animals though, I myself am neutral for that matter but personally, no living being should die a painful death. They deserve better wouldn’t you agree?

Red Flag #2 – Products aren’t that good either.

You’d think that Malaleuca has awesome products but in truth, there’s nothing really special about them.

In fact, many actually complain on the quality of those products…

melaleuca product complaint 1

Complaint made by a consumer who doesn’t agree with the ingredients used in Melaleuca’s products.

And here’s another…

melaleuca product complaint 2

This consumer admits that the products aren’t as affordable as advertised.

Although the cleaning products and detergents may have some good effects, the nutrition vitamins on the other hand, got me quite doubtful as there are elements used which are deemed unhealthy…

melaleuca products very harmful

Just so you know, carcinogenic means that that particular ingredient has a high probability of causing cancer.

Typical complaints that often many MLM companies face include the products being of low quality, potentially harmful or very pricey.

The reason for that is that MLM companies focus more network marketing or more commonly known as recruiting because that’s where the real money is.

In terms of products, well I’ll explain it here…

Red Flag #3 – You are Forced into Autoshipping!

malaleuca monthly points needed

This is how they force you into buying from them online each month.

In order to maintain your membership within the company, you will need to spend at least 35 Malaleuca points per month.

Just to be clear, 35 points isn’t just a mere $35.

It depends on how you spend but on average, most members spend around $50 a month buying things they didn’t need just to fill the quota.

See the game there?

The Malaleuca monthly minimum is quite pricey and quite the commitment you must make which is another factor as to why many members quit.

The system itself is also very problematic, once you give them your card details, it can be somewhat difficult to completely cancel your membership.

I’ve had many people complaining to me about problems that they face such as this…

unauthorized payment complaint

This member experienced an unauthorized deduction every month.

And this…

Another Malaleuca unathorized deduction

Yet another member experienced being billed when he clearly does not permit it.

Don’t be alarmed, this is quite normal in an MLM company to make the best of people’s money and make quitting a hell of a difficult choice for you.

Trust me, I’ve been in many MLM firms to experience this myself but I was a bit surprised to see that quitting Malaleuca is so huge of a problem that even Wiki How posted the steps on their site here…

Malaleuca on wiki answers

Wiki How showing you how to cancel the annoying Melaleuca membership.

I guess even the Wiki workers were duped into joining and couldn’t get out 😉 .

That being said, I wasn’t surprised to find out about the Malaleuca monthly commitment that members have to bear.

That’s completely normal in every MLM company as it’s one of the ways the uplines earn money from the downlines.

Red Flag #4 – Complaints are off the chart!

It’s not pyramid scheme without countless of people angry frustrated about what their uplines lie to them about.

Are you ready? Here’s a sneak peek…

Malaleuca complaint 1

I guess the Melaleuca rep must have been plotting this all along, don’t you think?

This is a case of an abusive sales rep and there’s more where that came from…

Malaleuca complaint 2

Melaleuca employing bullying tactic by sending harassing emails when clearly eBay has backed the guy up.

Harassing email even when ebay has already backed the consumer up. And here’s another..

Malaleuca complaint 3

Ahh, the typical manipulative MLM style we all come to know of.

In this case, the rep manipulated the customer into coming to the party and while there, he wrongly used the product on the consumer.

There are loads more where that came from, you just read any website page dedicated to Malaleuca and you’ll see a battle between the consumers and the MLM representatives themselves trying to defend their beloved company’s innocence.

Red Flag #4 – Difficulty in purchasing

You need to be a customer in order to buy products at malaleuca

When I write reviews, I like to try the products for myself for a certain period of time to see if it’s okay with me, whether it has any side effects or whether the claims are as said or not.

Review writing would be so much easier as I can write based on experience – In other words, a confession from a consumer.

But to my surprise, I couldn’t even buy their products online ON their very own website!

I had to contact the person who referred to the site in order to buy but the problem is, nobody referred me in the first place.

In the end I had to try the products from sellers I found on eBay instead, how ironic.

Red Flag #5 – 244 complaints within BBB

BBB for melaleuca with 244 complaints

Melaleuca on the BBB.

For those of you who didn’t know the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it is one of the top websites consumers worldwide go to in order to know whether or not a certain company is a fraud.

Its an organization of its own which rates companies on whether they are a scam or not and last year alone, about 6.4 million consumers refer to the BBB prior to making decisions.

Malaleuca has a total of 244 complaints reported but what I am surprised to find out is that their rating is still an A+.

I’ve seen however, companies with only 3 complaints but received a B grade but a company with over two hundred complaints PLUS an A+ grade?

Something’s definitely not right here but either way, those surprisingly high amount of complaints is not something we can turn a blind eye to.

Red Flag #6 – $35.6k reported loss on Pissed Consumer

malaleuca on pissed consumer

That’s a lot of complaints on Pissed consumer.

Yup, you’ve read it right.

An alternative to BBB is Pissed Consumer which, as its counterpart aims to do, helps consumers worldwide avoid scams.

I love Pissed Consumer more though because there are loads more reviews written by consumers in a more detailed way and instead of the website itself calculating and grading an organization, consumers can do a better job here as they can report the amount of money they lost and people can communicate with each other through the comments section.

I was surprised to see a whopping $35.6k reported loss on Malaleuca though, because this a whole lot more compared to the ones Mary Kay got, and that’s a name almost everyone knows.

Red Flag #7 – Most members earn an average of only $84 a month.

how much malaleuca reps earn per year

Income statement for how much Melaleuca members earn in a year.

One thing that I like about Malaleuca is that they are in a way transparent in showing how much their members earn as you can find their income statement on their website.

However one thing I find disturbing is the fact that most of their members (About 86.7%) actually only earn an average of $2,111 a year, which is about $84 a month!

Now, it’s okay to have a small revenue when you first start out, perhaps up to 6 months’ grace period even if we’re talking about entrepreenruship, but a year?

If there’s no significant growth in your profit if you’ve been working hard for a year, then that’s definitely a sign that it’s not for you.


There’s a Better Way.

MLM isn’t how they used to be.

More and more people are getting skeptical as people realize there are better options out there to focus on, real businesses that you can earn money from rather than “recruiting” people for money like most MLM companies do today.

If you’re feeling like you’re not getting much luck trying to recruit people into your MLM organization, then probably this line is not for you.

There are countless more people who are feeling the same way as you do because not everyone is a smooth talker, not everyone have thick skin, and not everyone can be manipulative enough to find random people to join you as your downline.

Take a look at this…

percentage of people failing in MLM and succeeding

Percentage of people failing in MLM.

Did you know that less than 1% of people do well in MLM? You’re not alone.

That is because 99% of people are downlines who make money for those on top of the pyramid – In other words, the founders on top are the ones who are earning money the most out of the efforts of the people below hence the term pyramid scheme.

This case not just for Malaleuca, but for all other MLM companies who mask their system with some products to “show” that they are not a recruitment scheme when clearly they are.

There is a much better way to take control of your life and that is by following your passion and starting your own Online Business and the best place for that, is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

WA is an Online Business program with everything you need to succeed – Its updated lessons, its keyword tool, its domain registrar, the complimentary high speed dedicated hosting and the wonderful community is actually all that you need to give you success.

I joined to learn how to create a website and monetize my passion through this blog that you’re reading but now, I have my own local company here in Malaysia and I’m using the knowledge learned to boost my growth.

Believe me when I say that it feels great to be in control of your own life – Your decisions, your ideas and how you want to grow your business depends on how much effort you want to put in.

You don’t have to worry about meeting people and trying to persuade them to join you, you don’t need to buy products monthly in order to maintain your membership, and you definitely won’t need to hardsell because everything is done online.

We live in an era where the internet can make or break your business so it’s a valuable skill every entrepreneur should not miss out on. Here’ a quick comparison between the two programs to help you see better…





Despite its slightly expensive price, Malaleuca overall has some very interesting products that are out of the ordinary.

However due to the huge amounts of complaints all over the media, the difficulty of members trying to cancel their membership as well as the fact that they do tests on animals, Malaleuca is definitely a SCAM and receives my rating of only 16 out of 100.

Phew, 3,300 words! I have got to write shorter reviews.

If you’re interested in starting your Online Business as I did, don’t forget to check out my top ranked program here.

Any experiences as a Malaleuca member you’d like to share? Write them down below and I’d be more than happy to reply!


Riaz Shah

68 comments on “Truth About Melaleuca Wellness Company Revealed – 30 Years of MLM.
  1. Hi,
    Well I am not a fan of MLM and throughout my course of my life, I have been approached by many of my friends who are in this field. I absolutely find it irritating when they show me a list of the products. Yes, it may be cheaper than what we can find in the marts. But how do we know if their products are properly certified? Especially, when it is something like food or facial products. I think we still need to think twice before getting products at a cheaper price somehow. I have never heard of Melaleuca Wellness but now that you have reviewed, I have learnt something about this program.

    • They make claims like the products being organic when they clearly aren’t Jacob, so I’m not surprised if they are capable of masking more things from the public. Appreciate the feedback, hope you have a great Sunday!

  2. Hard to believe that a company that has been in business for 30 years and has sales over $1 billion years would be considered a pyramid scheme. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission provides a definition of pyramid schemes at their website. Multi-level marketing or network marketing is a viable business model. A number of MLM companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. I don’t think the Securities Exchange Commission would allow pyramid schemes to listed on the NYSE.
    Melaleuca obviously has image problems as does many other MLM companies. The fact that they have management problems as well as process problems should not automatically make them bad. But there are definitely better choices for those who are interested in having an MLM business.

    • Hey Glen,

      As much as they try to hide it from the public, they are clearly an MLM company. The difference between an MLM company and a pyramid scheme is that MLM companies has products to mask their network marketing intentions whereas pyramid schemes focus solely on finding people.

      However when recruiting people is more important than the quality of the products itself and members are desperately trying to get more downlines, what difference is that than of a pyramid scheme?

  3. Riaz, First off great site. You really seemed to do your homework on Melaleuca Wellness. When you have to test drugs on innocent animals, that’s a red flag right there. Also I agree, the only one making money off of this product are the manufacturers. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Hi Riaz. 🙂
    I have heard about melaluca, but heard the name through an essential oils company. I didn’t realize there was an actual company until I started to research the oil itself.
    When I started to research the company I kept getting mixed reviews, but nothing was really definitive. I am grateful to have stumbled across your article because I was having a debate with myself about this company. Are there any of the wellness companies you do like?

    • There are many wellness companies that I like Jennifer, but none of them are MLM-based. Essential oils are in fact one of the products sold by Melaleuca and also another company I think you know called Doterra. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great Tuesday!

  5. You’re review of this MLM is about as good as it gets! Thanks for all of the answer to this. Honestly, I’ve never heard of this company but I get bombarded with MLM schemes all of the time. I can’t believe that their compensation plan is 11 pages long!!! What craziness… Also, I’m glad that you pointed to Wealthy Affiliate. They are a great, reputable company!!

    • Thanks Brenna, appreciate you sharing your feedback. It is a great company and I’ve been with it for quite some time now. Cheers!

  6. Hi,

    It’s interesting that they deny the fact that they are an MLM when they so obviously are.

    I do see the appeal to companies like this because they claim to be an easy way to make a living from your home without any experience. There are so many people looking to make extra money so it’s no surprise that this company is drawing people in.

    My problem is the fact that they aren’t focusing on the products. It’s not a good sign if a company is equally interested in recruited sales people as they are in promoting the products themselves.

    Anyone who has a good or great product doesn’t have to worry about recruiting sales people because the products sell themselves.


    • Totally agree with you on that one Robert, good service or products sell themselves and when you pull your focus into recruiting more than giving the best that you have to offer just for the sake of money, then its definitely not a good company to be in for the long run. Appreciate your feedback man, thanks for dropping by!

  7. Thanks for a thorough review of Melaleuca.
    I would never have the company score would be so low in your ranking but after your revelations, they are lucky to have scored that much
    I was approached about joining this a few months ago but the alarm bells of Amway was ringing so I had to decline. Not that Amway is bad but it a hard sell.
    The idea of a ‘forced purchase’ on things I don’t need every month left a bad taste.
    I’ll re visit to check out some more reviews.

    • That forced purchase is actually the one thing that pushes most of the members to quit as they couldn’t commit though. But don’t worry, there are much better things at more reasonable prices elsewhere. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great Thursday!

  8. Hi Riaz, you did a good job reviewing Melaleuca. One of my cousins in the USA, a physical therapist, is involved in Melaleuca’s MLM.

    I’d like to ask, how did you came up with that score of 16 out of 100 that’s in red color? Do you use something like an app to exactly determine that score?

    • Very good question there Gomer, I actually have a sheet I refer to in order to evaluate reviews. Like how many mark should I minus when there are certain number of complaints, any money tricks, any MLMs and a lot more. But I think its high time I write about it here. Will definitely let you know once I’ve written a post about it, thanks for the idea suggestion!

  9. I am not a huge fan of MLM’s, I think that their products are overpriced. I have used melaleuca products before, I used to use their tea tree oil face wash when I was a teenager and it worked well. I don’t think that they are a bad company, I am just not a fan of MLM’s. I would rather buy from a direct to consumer company. You have done a very thorough review of this company, so thank you 🙂

  10. I first heard about this company when doing research for a membership club called Moms Making Six Figures. They apparently target stay-at-home moms and try to get them to join Melaleuca. But the Moms Making Six Figures website is very secretive about it all, there is no real information available on the site.

    What you have unearthed here is shocking, though! The compensation plan alone is so complicated it just makes me want to run in the other direction. It really looks like this is not worthwhile at all.

    I am going to link to this from my Moms Making Six Figures Review.

    • Thanks for the link Marcus,

      I’ve checked your Moms making six figures review and I’d like to congratulate you on getting ranked first page man, your efforts paid off. The compensation plan itself is pretty confusing isn’t it? It will definitely take some time to do the presentation alone. Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  11. I salute to you for this article. I think you have spend lot more time to do all this analysis. I do not know about this MLM company but i knew few MLM companies which runs by recruiting people but not promoting product,may be all those companies are scam? Do you have any idea about QNET Company? I appreciate you have mentioned Wealthy affiliate which is wonderful affiliate program.

    • Hello Brahma,

      If that particular company has products or service but they do not focus on those things themselves, then there’s something definitely not right happening there. If they are using their products/service as a mask, then that particular company is most definitely scamming you into trying to make you get in just because of the money they get out of network marketing.

      I haven’t heard of QNET yet, its actually pretty new and from what I can tell, its an obvious MLM company trying to grow through sports and by using football players as their ambassadors. I’m not really a sports fan so its going to take me a while to learn the who and whats of the company. Thanks for your feedback man, hope you have a great Friday.

  12. A very interesting read, thank you.
    Malaleuca is not a company I had heard about before, but I’m glad it has been exposed. I find the fact it tests on dogs disgusting (rats too, but dogs are generally better loved and I’ve just adopted one). I liked your screenshots of customer reviews, there’s no arguing against solid evidence. How this company is allowed to function is beyond me.
    Thanks again,
    – TBonki

    • I’m glad that you see my point of view TBonki, its sad to see how animals are abused just to satisfy human cravings. Appreciate the comment, cheers!

  13. Great review! I personally joined over a dozen of MLM programs in the past, and had similar experiences. I’m not a big fan of the standard MLM structure where your revenue is based on your shorter leg. I’ve also wondered why companies with hundreds of complaints still have A+ ratings?

    • That bothered me as well Faustinus, so many complaints yet they still maintain an A+. Don’t you think that something’s a little off? Thanks for dropping by nevertheless, always a pleasure to have you here. Enjoy your weekends!

  14. It is a great review, with a lot of information to take into account. Definitely a product I will not be looking into. I appreciate your thoroughness with it all. Oftentimes you find reviews of products that are lackluster. This one definitely delivers. I wish you all the best and wonderful success in your endeavors. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Elliott, words like yours are what fuels me to write! I spent quite some time trying to write the review. Thanks for dropping by, cheers!

  15. I like the concept of MLM, but the problem I have is that there are no MLM companies that have products I would want to market.

    Melaleuca and others like just seem to have products that are more expensive than what you could purchase at your local store. Plus you have to buy your monthly quota. Another thing I don’t like about MLM.

    • Yes, doing an MLM is pretty much a terrible idea if you end up spending your time and money for something you never like. The monthly quota is also another setback that many members face, especially if its so early within their joining. Appreciate your feedback Chris, cheers!

  16. Hey Riaz, thanks for bringing this MLM review to light. I have had friends who tried to build businesses around Melaleuca and it just was not sustainable. That said, there were persons who were exceptional “salespersons”, who had some success but in the end I believe they risked their reputation and integrity more than anything else. Melaleuca suffers in the end from poor leadership and strategy–no one has the time for that sort of deception and chicanery. There are definitely better ways to make money online. Be blessed!

    • Hey Joshua,

      Most members actually sacrifice their reputation and dignity in order to become one with the MLM which is why so many of them lose their friends and families because to them, everyone is a customer. Personally, I would never have the people I love spend for me, I spend for them mostly. Appreciate the comment, hope you’re having a great Monday!

  17. Hi, thanks for this eye oppener, there are a lot of scamers right now, and I people fall in these schemes even when they are warned beforehand,
    Maybe it is human nature and all the this they promise, work can not be avoided , I see a lot of place where it is offer a get rich over night secret.
    My personal opinion, the secret is to work in one self.
    Thanks again for the warning

    • Exactly Javier, effort will always bring you forward much faster as how productive you wanna get, equals to how successful you want your venture to grow. Cheers.

  18. Hi Riaz,

    Throughly enjoyed reading many of your post, great information and honest reviews.

    I especially enjoyed your detailed reviews (good & bad) on many of the MLM companies. I actually wan’t aware that their are so many!

    You have a wealth of information which I do intend on reading.

    Keep up the Awesome work!

    • There are many more of those all over the world Grant, and they are popping out everywhere like mushrooms. Even my ex-schoolteacher created her own MLM just behind my house and got her school students to join in. People are becoming more creative, there are more of them than you would initially think and they’re growing by the second so we always need to have extra set of eyes behind our heads. Appreciate the comment, hope you have a great Wednesday!

  19. Hi Riaz, although I have not heard about this MLM company before, based on what I have read your post, there are too many negative reviews on their products! Generally, many people always have a very bad impression on MLM companies. However, I have seen some of the good MLM companies in my country such as World Ventures, Riway and Best World Lifestyles. Their sales rep that I met before are not pushy and they explained in detailed about their compensation plan. True enough that their compensation plan are very attractive, but it is not suitable for a quiet person like me. That is why, I also joined WA to build my online business.

    • Hey there Peter,

      My experience with World Ventures was very bad. They gave me false hopes of easy money, asked me to spend money for them to do events and forced me to invite my own contacts to the event. I was naiive at first as I followed them blindly but after I gathered up the courage to say no, they started pressuring me and calling me names saying things like I can never be successful.

      Many more MLM companies that I’ve joined are just as bad if not worse and were I to have more time to write reviews on them, I would rat out all of them for the things they do behind the scene. Thanks for taking the time to write out your feedback, much appreciated my friend.

  20. I know Melaleuca has been around for a while, so they must have some good marketing to keep luring people into their MLM.

    In the day and age it is a good idea to stay away from testing your products on animals as well. I’m suprised they would want this negative publicity.

    I also don’t believe in having to buy a certain amount of products every month. If the products were good, you would just do it on your own without mandatory purchasing.

    Not for me!

    • The reason they survived is in fact because of their marketing efforts Chris, direct marketing deals highly with the word of mouth which his the best form of marketing until today. Whether the company is good or bad, people can always say something to convince the heart of others. Appreciate your feedback, cheers.

  21. This one of the best reviews of any product I’ve read. Right up front you set the tone for the rest of the review but not so much as to drive me away. I found the remainder of the information very compelling and informative.
    Your contrast between MLM and Wealthy Associates is also laid out well. Definitely worth checking out. People are obviously making money on the internet. Your recommendation seems to be a good way to find out how.

    • Good to know your feedback Roger, I try to make my reviews as personal as i can so that people can relate better to what I’m sharing. I’m glad you did. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

  22. An excellent detailed and honest review of yet another MLM MONSTER. It took me a long to time to dig out from under my investment of time and money into this company.

    Also add, not only do these folks test on animals, their Melaleuca products (Tea Tree Oil based) are highly toxic to cats and dogs. Plus the products are INFERIOR in PERFORMANCE.

    Good job, Riaz. You fairly gave the ups and downs and let us make our own intelligent decision on our involvement with this company. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Loretta, I’m glad you found my review helpful. Its always disturbing to find companies thriving when they are doing so much harm than good. Appreciate your honest feedback, hope you have a great Thursday!

  23. I’m not even really sure what to say about this one honestly. Just stay away from it.

    After reading this I can think of about 14 reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to get involved with these guys. But instead I’ll just name 5.

    1. Needlessly expensive
    2. Scam you out of your money
    3. Cruelty to animals
    4. You will lose more than you earn
    5. There’s not many people saying a lot of good things about it, and I’ve searched beyond just this article.

    Do yourself a favor and please just don’t bother with this garbage.

    • Appreciate your feedback Jaylin, there are also many more programs similar to Melaleuca which are just as bad, we just need to know how to spot them. Cheers!

  24. Riaz,
    Nice website. There are always companies out there that try to make money by masking what they really are. It seems that maybe you have found one.
    Your website is really good, and everything is very easy to find. A very good read and very informative. Thank you for the information.
    Good luck to you.

  25. Riaz,
    Good website. Everything is easy to find. Good job.
    I knew there was companies out there that are like this, I should know because I was one that was roped into some of them.
    Your website should open some eyes on these companies and get people to thinking about what they are investing their money into.

  26. Hi Riaz,

    Thanks for this honest and concise review. I don’t know too much about MLM (although I did work for one a few years ago – thankfully I wasn’t there for too long) and I had never heard of Melaleuca till now. I find it absolutely horrifying to know that they test on animals! I hope more and more people learn the truth about this company and stop participating in it.

    • Its very cruel of them to do that on animals but they stand by what they said and they will continue doing so unless their company shut down. Thanks for dropping by Andrea, I hope many will know about what’s happening behind this company as well. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  27. Thanks for doing such a great review on Melaleuca Wellness, I think it’s sad that there are so many fraudulent companies out there that will take your money and convince you that they are providing you with a legitimate business opportunity then you discover that you have been scammed at a later time.

    I think it’s bad that they test their products on animals, and they force you to buy products every month to maintain your membership, this should raise a red flag for most people.

    • Buying those products every month means that you are giving your money for them to continue doing all those horrible tests on those poor animals. I’m glad we share the same point of view, appreciate your feedback.

  28. Hey Riaz, thank you very much for this in depth review.

    To be honest, I find myself looking into MLM’s almost every day (even the ones that say they aren’t).

    I keep thinking there must be a genuine company that offers a decent product with a simple to understand and profitable compensation plan.

    At the moment I’m researching NuSkin and now Melaleuca Wellness which is how I ended up here on your review.

    It sounded good at first but I can safely say that you’ve now put me off the idea lol.

    I’ve read through your explanation of the comp plan twice now and I’m having trouble getting my head around it (obviously not your fault). Why do these companies make it so complicated?

    Also Red flag #7 makes me want to run a mile, average member earnings $84 per month? Doesn’t quite live up to some of the claims I’ve read which again, makes me wonder.

    Top that off with the number of complaints they’ve received and the fact they test on animals, I think I will be steering well clear of Melaleuca Wellness!

    I’m beginning to think I should stop looking into MLM’s altogether as they all see complicated and basic products that are hyped up not to mention overpriced!

    Thanks again, I think I’ve had a lucky escape thanks to your review.

    • Hey there Lee,

      MLM companies revel at their compensation plans because that’s their strongest point actually. People can easily be persuaded by money and when they see the various amounts of ways tah tthey can earn by recruiting and how far they can go, they will most probably join if they have not done any research on it.

      Glad you decided to steer away from it, I have been conned by many of these MLM companies and it saddens me to see how many others are getting tricked into joining as well by promises of quick riches. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion man, really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy your weekends!

  29. Wow, what a comprehensive review you have done here on Melaleuca Wellness Company. I can’t say I have heard of them or experienced using any of their products, but you have given consumers a lot to think on here.

    I personally don’t like selling products, as it is hard work and degrading to keep nagging people to buy from you. I would far rather stick to building out websites and doing affiliate marketing long term.

    • Not everyone prefers selling products Michel,

      its hard work and you need super thick skin. Affiliate Marketing is very powerful especially in this era because you don’t have to face rejection as all you need to do is write content and let people decide on whether they want to pursue or not. Good luck on your online business and thanks for dropping by!

  30. I am never being interested in MLM company. the structure of MLM is looking great, In a startup, it needs dedication and hard work.
    The problem with MLM company is not sustaining for a long time. Melaleuca is 30 years of past experience. People is trust on Melaleuca . who has an interest in MLM business?
    30 years of sustainability is a very strong point of Melaleuca .

    • You’re true on the sustainability part, retention rate is super low in MLM companies as not many people can commit with their monthly spending requirements. Appreciate the feedback, cheers.

  31. Riaz,

    I remember the time when MLMs are a thing. I’ve hear a couple of MLMs promotional speeches and have to admit that most of them makes me cringe.

    The worst thing about them is like Melaleuca here, where the products are sub-par. And then you are expected to sell them to your friends and family. It’s a bad model in my opinion.

    As you said, other models like affiliate marketing can prove much more powerful and ethical, when you don’t have a product to sell. What do you think about WA, how did you come across it?

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this detailed review! I just love how you put up this super detailed post with so many references. 😉


    • Hey Anh,

      MLMs are definitely overrated today as there are tons of companies out there not to mention the new ones popping out every now and then. So great to hear you agree with the facts, selling to friends and families is definitely not a good way to make money. In fact, its not called a business, its called leeching.

      I came across WA through an MLM program which I came across 2 years ago. I felt cheated so I read a review from someone who was also cheated off the program and from there, I decided to help out people avoid these MLM traps by writing reviews based on my experiences too and that’s how I joined WA.

      Its a great program and its currently my #1 recommended choice for Online Business. So good to hear from you, thanks for dropping by!

  32. It sounds like you are saying as major con, is that you have to actually buy the products yourself in order to sell those?? Well I find it hard to believe that they would need to operate that way. If you only have to spend $50 a month in quality, usable product, that would be fine, but otherwise it would obviously be a major rip-off.

    • Hey Andrew,

      it definitely is a major con to sell products that you have to buy yourself. If you’re selling other people’s products, you’re basically working as a salesmen for them and those products should be given to you by the company you work for.

      If you’re selling on behalf of a company, you can buy those products at a wholesale price which is a lot cheaper since you can buy in bulk. in MLM however, you are the customer and its why its not a fair game since not only do we have to buy from them, we have to sell it to other people. its a messed up concept wouldn’t you agree? Appreciate the feedback, thanks for dropping by!

  33. I actually was involved with this company years ago…and in fact still have a shelf full of cleaning products. To be fair, I did think the products were worthy. They have a few cleaners that I have not been able to replace. But all and all, network marketing is difficult. There are some who seem to be making money, but the majority of folks can never seem to get their business off the ground. thanks for the great post! It’s well written and informative. You did your homework!

    • Glad to hear your feedback Jackie, the products were okay I guess but the way they sell and market makes many unsatisfied. Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a great weekend!

  34. Hi Riaz!

    All these blogs are very informative and points out most of the questions I have in mind. Although it is given that most MLM uses health products for members to promote and sell. But if people we’re actually wanting to make an extra income out of these. It would be pretty hard as just by selling the products alone. Therefore, members are obliged to recruit to earn. And apart from that, if they are forcing to keep you once you join them just to benefit from you, then clearly it is a total scam!

    Thank you for this post. I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the near future.

    • Exactly what I was pointing out Bibokid,

      selling products in MLM is super hard as compared to retail, conversion is super low and this is mainly because you are supposed to focus on recruitment more but when you do that, its a pyramid scheme already. They never tell it but you can see the nature of how they work when you’ve already joined am I right? Appreciate the feedback, have a great Thursday my friend.

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