The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing For Beginners

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Have you ever wanted to start a business but have no idea what you should do?

Why not do internet marketing!

It’s all the rage today and you can search almost anything you want on the internet now.

But because of its popularity, there are millions every month who decides to start their internet marketing career too which means the market will surely be a competitive one.


So what is internet marketing all about then?

Have you seen or Craiglist?

Also known as online marketing, internet marketing is a sort of business that you can control online.

It is like a business in real life but instead, you do your business over the internet so can be sure that the capital is much lower compared to a brick and mortar business.

The idea is to start your very own website and keep building it so that your website will appear in Google search better.

After that, you’ll get endless amounts of visitors over the internet which and of all those visitors, you’ll surely have a percentage of them who WILL buy your product.


Important tips for every beginner

When starting up an internet business, you will need to stay on top of the game in order to set yourself apart from millions of other internet marketers because believe it or not, many people who are too eager to start will delve into the water without learning how to swim.

So here’s 3 very important guidelines that you will need follow in order to better equip yourself for what lies ahead:

1)   Be laser specific on your niche

A niche is basically a market that you have chosen to tap into.

For example, if you decided to start a dating site, then your niche is obviously on dating.

If you want to start a dieting business, then you know your niche is the lose weight market.

So why do you want to be specific then?

Because of the HUGE market there are Millions of other people just like you who are also interested in tapping into this huge source.

Because of this, they use a broad niche such as Losing Weight.

But if your online business is about Losing Weight as well, chances are you’ll have a hard time getting your website to appear in search engines and plus, you’ll be competing with millions of other businesses too who would no doubt have already been in the market for long.

BUT if you were to make your nice even more specific for example, Losing Weight through Capsicum, you’ll definitely get ranked easier because there won’t be as many competitors.

2)   Story telling

There are millions of companies promoting stuff on the internet every day so how do you set yourself apart from all the rest?

Through story telling of course!

Nowadays people are clever and they won’t fall prey to corporate advertisements which means you have a higher chance of getting those people to buy from you instead.

And the only and best way to do that is of course, by telling your story of why you do what you do.

Was it because you were fed up with your employer? Or was it because you were left by your girlfriend for someone else?

Either way, telling your story won’t just make your business really exciting, it’ll portray trust as well because you are not hiding behind a computer screen.

3)   SEO optimization

If you’re a complete newbie, you’d probably wondering what on earth an SEO is.

Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which just refers to the probability of how your website is ranked.

The better your SEO, there higher your rankings in Google.

After you’ve set up your website and prepare all there is to prepare, your next mission is to regularly tweak your website to suit Google because Google is what gives you your money.

Google keeps updating every now and then and if you don’t update your website to have a higher SEO, you are going to have problems in the long run.



Internet Marketing is a fast-paced business whereby your customers are the entire users of the internet but if you don’t take necessary steps to gain an edge before delving into the water, you are going to have a hard time achieving your objectives and be successful.

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