June 2015 Monthly Report – I Lost My Momentum

june 2015 monthly report

June was a hectic month for me (And so is July) so unlike the previous months which I have a lot to update on, I don’t have much to update on for last month.

The reason being is that my events company KAMIRA Event Management is starting to grow and I have gotten loads of inquiries hence a lot of my time spent on meetings all around the state.

Not only that, I’m sure you’ve noticed the rising heat wave which swept across the world? It’s around 40°C in Malaysia and across Europe, it reached an all-time high temperature of 34°C! It is so hot that one can have trouble trying to even focus on the job at hand.

Last month was also the month where I have written the least amount of posts in my entire lifetime of maintaining this very blog.

However, I was still surprised that my blog is getting me more sales at all before because I actually made the most income in a month so far compared to the previous months.

Curious on what’s happening and how my blog survives? I am too so…


Let’s Have a Look at the Stats

my internet quest June 2015 google analyticsIf you look at my previous monthly report, I actually left a good momentum at the end of May 2015 because things were really looking good and the graph shot up just when the month was ending.

All I needed to do was to keep my momentum and my blog will really shoot up because that’s the way a blog works – you just have to keep your momentum and consistently write and promote.

However I got so busy at the moment that I completely forgot about my blog as I had an event running on the first week so I just left everything without even thinking twice.

It was the first time I left my blog for a long while because normally, I can’t even sleep one day without Googling my blog to see how it is doing before going to bed so I can gauge everything better.

As you can see from my graph, my blog hit an all-time low traffic because although I still get visitors, they are really dropping in number and I didn’t even manage to go above the 200 sessions mark.

In fact, my sessions were even lower than 100 which was worse than last month.

But I’m glad that I promised to myself that I’d keep writing these monthly reports because although not many want to read about me talking about myself, I actually get to evaluate my progress which sometimes gave the scare I needed to keep pushing.

At the time of writing this very monthly report, it is July 10th which means 10 days from July without publishing anything!

But after so long not writing my regular posts, I have to say – It feels good on the fingers to type out content as it gives me time to reflect and this is one of the best perks of being a blogger as you can write away anything at all that you want.

But enough of my ramblings, here’s a quick look at my website’s stats compared to last month…

Judging from the quick social media stats, a majority of my followers went down. I mean just look at my Facebook page – 31 followers unliked!

traffic according to channels for june 2015

Organic search is always the first!

Organic search remains my number one form of traffic out of all the other channels which are Direct (Traffic from internal links), Referral, Social and Others.

Which means that if my organic search results drop, the majority of my traffic will drop as well and the only way to maintain and increase organic search, is through SEO.

As blogs grow with content, this means that the more content you publish the faster it grows but unfortunately, I only wrote 3 posts for the whole month…

Just last month I was aiming to write at least 2 posts per week to increase my blog growth but this month, I actually went even slower and wrote 1 post after 10 days! Oh the irony…

Google will rank blogs much better if we are consistent at blogging and at the very least, once a week of posting is the slowest you can go for if you are strapped of time like me because it doesn’t hinder your growth.


To the Part You’ve Been Waiting For, Sales!

Even when I had no time for my blog, I managed to boost it enough to let the momentum take care of the growth in my absence and I was actually surprised to have made a total of $159!

Wealthy Affiliate June 2015 income

Slow growth but at least its growing!

Just so you know, I make my income by promoting an Online Business program called Wealthy Affiliate.

There are many programs out there that can give me a higher return with their upsells and down sells but I stayed with Wealthy Affiliate instead is because out of all the programs I’ve reviewed, I find WA as the best one on the internet as you get so much with only $47 membership.

Sure, there are no upsells at Wealthy Affiliate to make you more money out of each sale but it is much better if I promote an ethical program rather than those MLM schemes which aim at draining money out of your pockets rather than giving you true value.

But being honest has its own reward – people will love the value and they tend to stay longer which is why the community inside is very friendly and vibrant.

From the $159 I earned, a majority of it are actually recurring sales instead of a new one which further shows that the program has great customer retention.

I for one, have been a member for over a year and when it comes to the date when I have to renew, I go for yearly to save money because I trust the program, the tools and the community as without those features, my website wouldn’t even exist.

However I haven’t made any sales on my other affiliate program Jaaxy yet this month as I haven’t started promoting it let alone even mentioning its name.

Still, I actually managed to get several referrals from Jaaxy and that is enough to give me hope for the next month.


2 Minor Setbacks I Wish Like to Share On…

I was hoping June would be the month that I wouldn’t be having any setbacks as I didn’t even put much effort to grow my blog but I did ran across some problems worth mentioning…

1) Problems With Qlucase

qlucase altimet

My phone cover… in a wrapper’s hands!

If you followed my progress on June last month, you might have read about the part where I wanted to sell my own mobile phone covers which were coated with enhanced epoxy to give it a lasting stick which is an awesome feature.

I wanted to sweep over the nation quickly and make it a trend in Malaysia as the market is still fresh so I made agreements with a local wrapper called Altimet which was more than happy to help me out.

In fact, he even offered to sell my product under his company at Zalora!

However somewhere along middle of the month, Altimet’s partner went sour on the deal. He put us off and made fun of my company too which was totally not cool.

It was totally unprofessional of him to release his personal problems on his clients and after doing some digging, I found out that he even kicked some of his staff and mocked them when one of them asked for a leave to go to his sister’s wedding.

Altimet was okay with me though, and he was agitated with his partner’s annoying mood swings but he could not go along with the deal because he needed to uphold to the agreement that he had with his partner and manger.

qlucase at Benua Quill City

Hey they’re selling my phone covers!

I actually went to one of their branches in Quill City Mall, KL and I found out that they are still selling my mobile phone covers in their shop!

I’m not the type to hold on grudges so I just let it slip by because at least I know now that my product actually has value.

I wasted all my money on the investments for the stocks but on the bright side, they didn’t sue me nor tarnish my image so I can still sell off the stocks… All I need to do now is to think of how.

2) Guest Posting Postponal

Another mission I had last month was to have a go at guest blogging.

Everything was great in my head at the time of planning because initially, I thought that I’ll have all the time in the world after my previous event gig.

Turns out that it was worse because after I pulled off that particular event, I managed to get even more calls from random people and companies wanting me to do more events.

As a startup, I had no capital and very few staff which even those are my friends so I can only accept so many at a time but I attended meetings anyway to bond with them as those connections are going to bring me business in the future.

I’ve always known that life as a sales exec is hectic – There was never a day when I had no meetings back then while I was working for The May Fair hotel.

But after getting back into the game after a long hiatus, I remembered exactly why I started blogging and that is because I can have more time for myself.

Still, I will bear in mind to get a day or two in a week to focus on guest posting because if I don’t, my progress will remain a slow growth.


My Plans for July 2015

Tengah Raya Ada Bazaar promotion

I’m organizing a local bazaar!

July seems like a bright month for my events company but as for My Internet Quest, it will still experience a slow growth as I still need to learn how to dedicate my time.

My blog growth was doing fine and is growing steadily but after I decided to start my local events business, the only time I’m home to start blogging is at night and often times, I get too tired to do anything.

I’ll be extremely busy the whole month because I’m taking a leap of faith to host my very own bazaar in a small town called Bangi – An event called Tengah Raya Ada Bazaar!

Literally, it means “There’s a bazaar in the middle of Eid!” because as many of you might have known, Muslims everywhere are fastin and since Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country, it is a great idea to cater to that market since its their month. But although the name sounds funny, I’ve been receiving calls for booth bookings already.

The event itself is on August 1-2. I know it’s a little rushing but I hope I can manage to get 30 booths to join as that is just enough for me to break even and get the required experience to host another one.

Once the bazaar is a success, I’ll be creating a new website so that I can handle everything online and create an eBook containing the event details for people who are interested.

You can say that the bazaar is a trial for a bigger online business-to-be and if everything goes well, I’ll have another fully-functional website that I monetize from.

fariz and azizi mascot

Would you like to buy some cookies!?

If you’ve joined a bazaar as a vendor before, you’ll know how tiring it can get.

Well, planning one is just the same thing but in order to make sure I fully understand what vendors are facing in reality, I put myself in their shoes and joined another bazaar selling cookies.

It was devastatingly exhausting, you have to be there at 9am and can only leave at 11pm so it’s roughly 14 hours of work!

I used up all my selling tactics and I even put a box on my face to look like a mascot so that I can attract people enough to make them look twice and surprisingly, I managed to sell off my stocks and I had only 3 jars left.

Those extra jars do not mean much to me so I gave them to the other vendors instead as a sign of good gesture and I managed to bring them to join my bazaar too.

Planning a bazar is fun and I’m halfway to reaching my goals so stay tuned to next month to know how it goes!


My Final Word

At the time of writing, it is 4am in the morning and I didn’t sleep the whole day because I just got back from work, so here’s something to get us all fired up…

Overall, I was actually impressed with the sales I got because I only spent time to write 3 posts for the whole month.

Although it was okay for a short period of time of a few weeks, I recommend to write at least one post per week because if you don’t, your blog growth rate will start to fall drastically.

I’m starting to experience it already because starting July, I had no referrals at all and my followers are leavings me already which isn’t good so when it comes to blogging, consistency is your greatest weapon.

Its 11 July today which means it’s the second week since I posted anything, hope I can keep up the momentum and spend more time on the blog!

Thanks for reading if you do read at all lol, you guys are awesome for following my progress and I hope there will be more good news for me to update next month. Happy July 2015!

21 comments to “June 2015 Monthly Report – I Lost My Momentum”
  1. Hey Riaz!

    I would like for my traffic to even touch 1,000 visitors a day! I know that it is possible because me being a blogger.

    I should have been more consistent through the years but I see my mistakes now. It is similar to why you lost momentum above.

    So both of us know what to do now and what not to do. How long have you been getting traffic like? That is if you do not mind me asking?

    • Its definitely possible Kendrick,

      Regarding my traffic, my blog is about 15 months and the traffic I get is an average of 100 per day to be safe. There are of course days when it shot up but it doesn’t stay as I wasn’t consistent enough but I hope i can start bring my traffic back up the next month. Gotta work twice as hard!

  2. Hi Riaz,

    I love to get that personal insight into your blogging world. It gives me insight into what I need to do to help my business also. And its has also made me realise that there is nothing more important than the people who come to your site just to read your content, because without them we would be nothing.

    Yours Truly,


    • Thanks Carlton,

      People who come to your site because of your content are important because you’ll have a chance to entice them to become either your loyal followers or customers, or both. Engagement is important, and I’m guessing you too must be in love with my content judging from your comment!

  3. Thanks , great article!

    It’s nice to see, even though you were busy, that your site still can work for you. Obviously your numbers would have been “up” if you had more time to blog.

    But Hey, life gets in the way sometimes and we have to tend to other needs or commitments. Again thanks, very interesting stuff and I wish you continued success.

    • Thank you for the kind words Jason, much appreciated 😀

      Blogging may have a slow growth but its fun and everytime I want to write about something, i get very thrilled and spend hours working on a piece. But time always gets in the way and you’re right about that one, if we have more time to spend we’ll have an awesome growth. Thanks for dreading, hope to see you again here soon 😀

  4. Losing your momentum is okay, as long as you know you’re ready to pick it back up! I always go through ups and downs, but in the long run- everything seems to always go up… it’s slower than other times but you will see the wonders, promise.

    Sometimes its good too when people unfollow you and such because you have the opportunity to connect with people on social media that actually care!

    Hope to see ya around brotha!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Thanks man! Might be abit harder to get back up after but one thing for sure, I’ll keep moving forward. Can’t afford to miss out on the breakthrough! You’re right about the unfollows though it keeps getting lower and lower but at least I’m having fun with the few people who are actually loyal. Thanks for the encouraging words, hope you haev a good day!

  5. Thank so much Riaz for sharing this monthly report about your website.The title of your post caught my attention.You have actual shown that it is possible to make money online by showing everybody your monthly report at Wealthy Affiliate.Sorry for all the hassles you have being through recently. Hope this get better.By the way I like the motivational video. I am all powered up to starting my own website as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Awesome to hear that Fina!

      Thanks for your concern but I’m completely fine with it, I’m a tough cookie :D. I was also powered up when I watched Shia shouting the hell out of the screen, I started thinking about my life and what I am doing to improve it over and over again. I’m glad my monthly report gave you hope Fina, it is possible to make money online and from your blog but you have to put in effort and publish regularly becasue if you don’t, your blog won’t grow as fast.

  6. Hi Riaz,
    A simply stunning site with a comprehensive explanation on all topics and pages I’ve had the pleasure of reading; of course I decided to follow your recommendation to enlist with WA.
    It would be possible that one of your pages have a connection with the first steps that a beginner can read easier? to my cost me a lot, but that does not detract from the quality of information, congratulations and thanks for sharing this real possibility of undertaking a business.

    • Hello Renan,

      Glad to know that my article interests you, you’re going to love WA and I even dropped you a hello text! Actually the first step is to build you website and that is something Wealthy Affiliate can teach you inside, it’s the first few lessons and you can utilize the tools to build one there. I do have blog posts you can read on but those are ways on how to boost your blog so if you don’t have a blog to start with, you cannot boost it yet. But after you’ve got your site up, you can always read my blog on how to boost traffic and monetize.

  7. Hello there , that was funny and interesting article.A summary of a month , this is a good idea to offer to your readers.I liked it because it gives your personal touch and shows that blogging is not only about sharing tips and solving problems.

    I have now some ideas to expand upon my blog.

    I wanna wish you good luck with the July targets you have set.You may have written only 3 posts for the month but you can not always be super productive and alerted.May be you were a little tired and the heat you deal with is not helping you at all.

    I ll be back the next month to read the next one.Fully enjoyed.

    • Hey there Tasos!

      Thanks for the kind words, appreciate that. You are completely right about blogging, it is more to just tips and problems, it is a way for you to express yourself. I’m casual person and maybe its because I don’t like to write plain things like pure numbers so I added in my story and experiences every now and then. Judging from your expression, I think I’m on the right track 😀

      Thank you for you wish too, Im gonna need that to face July’s busy schedule. Glad to know you’ve picked up some ideas for you blog too, let me know if you need help with anything, Cheers!

  8. You have a very fascinating website and I am happy for you that you have been able to gain enough momentum to be able to make money without posting for a month. Your new business Kamira Event Management sounds very interesting as well and I hope it takes off for you in August. The best of luck to you.

    • Hello Veronica,

      Thanks, it wasn’t much but that’s because I didn’t put in much effort in the first place but maybe I’ll have better luck in August, who knows 😉 . I’m seeing a steady growth in my events company already and I have a couple of events lined up for October, November and December but will reveal that in next month 😉

  9. Wow, awesome info on your site. I was thinking of getting into event planning but have no idea how to start. Some pointers would be nice. Also, leaving your website for a week or more does tend to lower your ranks, I have done that myself, then sat around scratching my head and wondering why my rankings are falling. Note to self, at least one post a week.
    You seem like a real go getter and I am very impressed with your efforts so far. I hope to achieve greatness in the future and look forward to relaxing and having fun.
    Your website is very easy to read and it is very interesting. I read every word. That’s a plus. Keep blogging the good stuff, I look forward to your next writing. Kitty Clark

    • Hey Kitty,

      Awesome to know you dig event planning too! Good news is that you don’t need any qualifications but what you do need is a list of past events that you have done because that give people confidence in choosing you. What I did was that I created a company profile booklet and I bring them whenever I have meeting with people or companies to spread the word and there you have it, a quick way to get jobs! But if you don’t want to take in jobs, creating your own events like is good too but that requires a lot of cost so it’s something to think about.

      Go-getter eh? I guess that does suit me, I’m still young, I’m single and I don’t have any other commitments so I thought it would be fun to put in all my attention and build something from scratch, like a local business. But I do focus on a good mix between blogging too to get traffic from other sources to improve growth. Glad my site has that attractiveness plus, thanks for your feedback Kitty!

  10. Great article!

    I love how you did the monthly update and income report along the lines of what Pat Flynn does, although he’s earning a ton of money you definitely seem to be heading in the right direction.

    Glad to see that you are expanding your business model to include cell phone cases, these are something everyone needs, unfortunately most of them (over here in New Zealand anyway) cost a ton of money, unless you buy the cheap Asian ones which last 5 seconds. They go for around $80 (but they will protect your phone completely). So maybe that would be a great idea to get into. Maybe a waterproof cellphone case that doesn’t interfere with the screen or the buttons like all the other ones do? Lots of people like that feature in phones such as the Galaxy S6 which I know some people have bought based on that feature alone as they thought it was “cool”.

    Food for thought.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Aiden!

      Pat Flyn is an inspiration to all of us bloggers and entrepreneurs and I hope to one day achieve as much as him but he’s been in the market for many years and as for me, my blog is only a year old. But everyone has their own ways to achieve success and while Pat specializes in full online businesses, I use websites as a means to boost local businesses.

      Totally agree with those expensive phone covers, it was very hard for me to find affordable sources especially with the high change in currency. I found a manufacturer in China and my colleague was able to speak Mandarin so we tested the material to ensure quality because just like you, we were cautious as their reputation precedes them.

      Loving the waterproof idea, Aiden! My goal is to create cases with uses which are also stylish and that is one idea to add in my arsenal and I will certainly get on to that. I have so many ideas on how to market them but to avoid making the same mistake again, I need to first sell off my remaining covers at hand first. Thanks again for your kind feedback, I really appreciate that. Hope you have a goof day!

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