3 Pinterest Marketing Ideas Entrepreneurs Should Know

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As you may know, Pinterest is rising in ranks amazingly high and because of this, many more people are joining in ranks.

Normal people join Pinterest because they don’t want to look outdated but entrepreneurs join Pinterest because that’s where all the people are gathering.

And the number one rule for any business, is to follow where the people go because without them, your business is nothing.

Here’s some ideas for you to optimize your Pinterest:

1)  Never leave a pin board unfinished

Unfinished pin board

Look at the picture above and compare.

Now look back here.

Isn’t the finished pin board waaay better than the unfinished one?

Pinterest is all about nice and pretty stuff that you can find and pin so you can bet my Granny’s wig that everyone there DOES care about appearance.

And if you have an unfinished pin board, chances are nobody is going to check that out let alone follow that board.

Plus, obsessive compulsive people would even find it offensive because they are the type of people who are concerned about little details the most.

So the next time you create a board, have at least 5 pictures or websites to pin in order to fill that folder up.

2)  NO direct marketing allowed

If you’ve noticed, Pinterest isn’t as promotion-friendly as Facebook or Twitter.

It’s basically a bookmarking social media where you just collect all those pretty little things that you’ve come across in your travels.

The only type of promotion I can say is the type of description you can put on your pictures AND the pictures themselves.

So how do you market then?

You can’t market directly but you can market your product indirectly.

Instead of putting Pins of your products and promoting them blatantly (which seems too corporate), pin people USING your product.

Do you see the twist?

For example, if you’re selling shoes, don’t tell people that you are selling them.

Instead, show people wearing those shoes.

It’s a sort of an indirect approach but works wonders as it appears more personal.

3)  Pinning videos

Not many know or implement this but videos are the way to go!

If you pin pictures like any other people on Pinterest, you are going to have a tough competition but if you do something out of the ordinary, you will stand a better chance to be recognized.

People love videos.

In fact, YouTube is the still the 3rd most visited website in the World and will be staying in that position for a very long time, possibly generations to come.

Fill your board with as many interesting videos as you can like Power Rangers or funny videos you came across online people find that really attractive.


Pinterest is still a new social media platform and there’s many ideas everywhere that you can implement but one thing to bear in mind when pinning is to always try to be personal as people will relate to you better that way.

Besides, did you know that the reason most people who join Pinterest is because they don’t like advertisements bugging them?

For more information on leveraging social media for business, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

If you have more Pinterest ideas of your own, feel free to share them here. I’d be more than happy to hear your ideas.


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