Is Pinterest a Social Media?

Question mark to represent PinterestSimilar to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Pinterest is the new kid on the block that is rising ever so rapidly in that market.

But is it a social media?

Yes it is.

However, Pinterest has unique twist that makes it more different than the rest of the Social Medias out there, even more different than Facebook, Twitter and Google+ combined.

To understand that, let’s look at what Pinterest is from an overview…

What is Pinterest?

Have you ever stumbled upon a beautiful page or two while surfing on the web and you just simply hate to lose sight of that page?

Sometimes while surfing you found a lot more pages maybe about 50 of them and a traditional method to save those specific pages is to either save as favorites or save the links in a notepad.

But that is ever so troublesome because bookmarking on your browser only has that many space and copy and pasting on your notepad is even more troublesome.

That’s where Pinterest comes in!

Pinterest basically eliminates that hassle by letting you bookmark all of those nice pages that you like as a “pin” on your profile.

Some people likes to find hundreds and thousands of pages on specific topics as either a hobby or a way to improve their knowledge and with Pinterest, they are able to do that with no hassle.

You can categorize you pins in folders called a “Board” which I would say, looks very clean and fun.

Oh yeah when bookmarking a page, Pinterest only lets you save a picture to represent that page which is one of the main reasons why I like Pinterest in the first place because pictures are of course better than plain ole links right?

I personally have over 600 pins collected and I only joined for 2 months!

Go ahead and give Pinterest a try, you’ll easily be addicted on your first try.

Pinterest started out as just a website…

Believe it or not, Pinterest didn’t exactly start as a social media.

Pinterest was just a website where you can collect (or bookmark as some might call it) pages so there wasn’t much interaction between the users besides through the pins itself.

For example, you can’t actually send messages or chat with your friend there unless you comment on his or her pin.

So in other words, the only way for you to communicate was by commenting on pins and usually, that ends up with something like “What a beautiful picture!”

But after Pinterest started growing, it has become a social media whereby you can start chatting with people with the messenger chat tool.

What should I pin?

Anything you want!

The great thing about Pinterest is that you have the flexibility to collect just about anything you like from the lamest of topics like “How to touch a wall” to even inappropriate ones like porn.

Few of the most famous pins collected are about home crafts, cooking, and architectural designs because some people like to learn all of these whereas some as a hobby.

Some people even use Pinterest to market their products but since Pinterest is a new concept, it is an entirely different challenge for those companies to adapt to so not many of them actually use Pinterest yet.

I personally like to pin anything I find about business, entrepreneurship and website creation because saving those sites I come across will make it easier to go through those blogs from time to time.

Go ahead and create your Pinterest account now, it’s free!



Pinterest is a fast developing social media that not many people are aware of yet, at least not in Asia.

Currently, only people dedicated on searching the web for information are using it but it is predicted that Pinterest will be the next big thing after Facebook so don’t miss out on that wave while it’s still fresh!

For more information on social media for business, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


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