Work Habits of Successful People

Successful people are successful because they have a weird way of doing things that not many of us would like to follow.

For many of us, these people are too quick and fast for anyone to follow from behind which ends up in making us think that we’ll never be like them but always remember – they are still humans.

We can be successful too as long as we change our way of doing things for the better such as these few:


1) Progress is better than perfection

A lot of people like to spend unnecessary time trying to make sure things are prepared.

It’s not wrong to do this but if you don’t focus on moving forward, you’ll never reach there.

Successful people will go into the unknown even if they don’t know what to expect because they know that progress is key.

Sure you can prepare 101 things before going into action but you’d be surprised to know that only 1 or 2 of those important things are what is helping you the most.

For example, building a website.

A lot of people tend to spend hours trying to make their website look pretty and attractive.

However what they don’t know is that no matter how beautiful the website is, that is ONLY something extra because the reason people go to a website is for the main content.

Craiglist isn’t such a pretty website but why it’s so famous is because of the awesome content that it has.


 2) Act, not think

Similar as the one above, we have to bear in mind that successful people care more about results than anything.

Ever felt scared or worry too much that you just don’t know what to do?

Successful people feel that too but instead of drowning in their sorrows, they do something about it.

Sure you won’t know what to do or have no idea on where to go but research shows that as long as you move around and search for that answer, you will find it.

And plus… doing something is always better than doing nothing.


3) Wake up early!

Did you know that Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and even Steve jobs wake up early every day, even on holidays? (Sick days doesn’t count)

It’s something very hard and difficult to even comprehend the thought but when you have a huge aim in life, waking up early every day is nothing.

Successful people control their sleep to having 6-8 hours a day because according to research (My biology teacher), the human mind and body works at peak condition with that amount of rest.

This is because if you were to sleep more than that, your body will become weaker and thus making you feel lazy and tired the whole day.

If you sleep shorter hours on the other hand, you’ll be even sleepier in the long run and that would make you lose focus and will.


4) Consistency beats perfection

Now this is something we all tend to go through.

A lot of people have this perception that working all out on one day is better than working bit by bit in a span of few days.

An example?

Simple, exams!

Remember your school time when even though the lecturers tell you to study early, you study the night before instead because you believe that you can still score A that way?

And at the day of the exam, you start to panic because although you managed to study everything the night before, you can’t remember all of it.

Makes sense?

Our brain works in mysterious ways and to use the full capacity, we need to regulate instead of going all out and that is why study smart is always better than study hard.

You need to enjoy, relax, and do your work as little as an hour a day because trust me, you’d be amazed at the end result!


5) Always plan your day

Have you ever woken up and not have anything to do?

Or when you saw a kid on TV playing violin and you thought to yourself “I should have learned to play violin when I had time last month”.

No matter the reason, time is of the essence and should not be wasted on being idle because all those lost time can never be gotten back (unless you have a time machine).

Did you know that business minded people will try to cover as many things as possible within a day?

They would usually finish work by morning, go out and meet clients or do research in the afternoon, and in the night try to finish the remaining task so that they can have a timely rest.

Always plan your day ahead because if you do, you’ll wake up feeling more energized than ever as you have a target to achieve.

Try it, you’ll definitely be amazed at what you can achieve!



Everyboday wants to be successful in life but when it comes to the effort we need to put in, many loathe at the very idea.

But by the time we’re older and wiser, we’ll start to regret not making use of our time to achieve more because life only comes once.

So do start to plan your life better and make more time for yourself because when you learn to achieve multiple things at once, you will start to have more time to not only achieve higher goals, but also to learn and appreciate life better.

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