How to Start a Website for a Business? – Allow me to Shed Some Light

Many startups today need and want a website of which they could call their own.

However there’s always this one thing that stands as a barrier for all great achievements – capital.

Hiring a web developer is always expensive and the prices range about $5,000 to $8,000 which is a huge sum of money for normal startups.

But why hire a web developer when you can actually build one yourself?

Read on as I show you how I build a website for my own startup for free

Why do you need a website for your business?

Some people want a website just for fun but they don’t really know that there is way a lot more to a website than many of us actually know of.

If these benefits are what you’re looking for, then you’re definitely on the right track on that website thing!

1) You want to tap into the Global customer base (Greater reach)

That’s right, when you have a website, the whole internet can see what your business is like.

Did you know that there are over 2.8 billion internet users starting from 2014 onwards?

That is a HUGE amount of people, much more than the amount of people who will drop by your shop in the real physical world!

 2) You can monetize your website and earn side income

Did you know that some people make more money from their website than their own physical store?

Sure having a physical store is good but you still have to pay expensive rent not to mention your staff and that alone would cost you thousands.

Speaking of staff and rents…

 3) Higher profit margin compared to your physical store!

Perhaps the most attractive side of having a website is the profit to capital ratio.

When building a physical shop, you have to spend huge amounts of money every month on the staff, the rent, and the essentials and so on.

However when you’re online, you have nothing to pay if you build your website for free!

Sooner or later when your website content is growing at a huge pace, you might want to opt for paid services such as hosting and auto responders but all of those would cost less than $50 a month!

And at the amount of money you earn from your website sales, you might even consider closing your physical store and save yourself the worry!

 4) You want your business to be taken seriously (business reputation)

Having a website will be a huge reputation boost for your company because everyone knows the hassle and money it takes to build one… or at least the think they know ;).

Unless you try to build a website by yourself, the public’s perception of website building is always something scary.

People think that you need to learn coding and study computer science in a college JUST to be able to create a website (You can actually build in less than 30 minutes!).

So when they see you having a website of your own, they will definitely have this perception that you are taking your business seriously.

 5) You want to be closer to your customers (break the communication barrier)

Every customer wants to feel like they have their backs covered.

Although they don’t expect it to, they want to know that your company is dedicated enough to serve them, even online.

For example, how would you feel if you are a customer of Subway but when you’re online, you can still ask them anything with ease instead of going all the way to the shop?

You WANT your customers to have the ease in communicating with you wherever they are!

Like if you bought a guitar from Japan but by the time you reached home in Germany, it seems to be malfunctioning, would you want to go back all the way there, or would you want to just check with their customer support online?

Or maybe you want to surprise your girlfriend in a restaurant but you don’t want her to find out, so how do you plan your date night with her?

Wouldn’t you want to book a romantic dinner request through the restaurant’s website service?

Even if you just want to make a call to that restaurant, you need to go to their website to get their number first don’t you?

Whatever the requests may be, every customer wants a business to have a website so that they may have the ease of communicating with you anytime.

Building your own website

Site rubix new update

New update released for Site Rubix as of November 2014

Now for the good part, website building!

Before you start building, bear in mind that there are various website services on the net such as Weebly and Web.

However the BEST platform for website building so far, is WordPress.

But even WordPress alone may be confusing if you don’t have the direction and support to maximize it so because of that, I would recommend you to go for

Site Rubix is a free website builder made by Wealthy Affiliate to help newbies build a WordPress website by providing guidelines and support.

It has a community that constantly updates and shares advices on how to propel your website further for free which is something I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a fully-functional website.

Read more about their new release update here.

Through its Site Rubix branch, Wealthy Affiliate shows you tips and tricks on how to bring your business forward, such as this video that I’m sharing with you on how to build a website under 30 seconds!

Create a website under 30 seconds



Website can be a bit scary if you don’t have help on how to set it up but it can be really fun once you give it a try.

But as long as you have the will, that’s enough to help you make a successful money making website because truly, success is just a click away!

For more information on building a website for business, check out my #1 recommended program here.


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