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Wondering on how to write WordPress articles easier?

You’re in luck! Because at the very basic, they are still articles which means that the most important part of the article writing, is the content.

It is easy to get confused when using Content Management Systems (CMS) because there are many popular choices such as Joomla and WordPress.

So in order to make a great article on WordPress, here’s some steps that every casual and veteran WordPress bloggers alike practices:

1)   Eye-catching title

Did you know that 41.7 million new posts are made every month solely from WordPress?

The market is huge but so is the competition so that’s where titles come in!

When you post an article, you will be competing against other sites on Google so what makes readers click on your article instead is the catchy title.

For example, if your website is about dating tips, you wouldn’t want your article title to be “Ways to get a girl” because besides being a bland title, this means all your competitors will also be doing the same thing which means tighter competition.

But how does “7 Most Effective Tactics to Getting a Girl to Like You” sound?

Not only does it sound better, it is also very fresh and attractive which means that you will also stand out among all other dating websites better.

Social Ocean has made a list of clever title templates that are proven to convert much better:

Clever Blog Post Titles


2)   The content guide

After hooking your readers enough to make them click on your title, you now have their attention to the main body – The Content.

Content is your chance to finally make a good impression of yourself and your site to try and get the readers’ trust in you.

It is very easy to do, all you need is to write to you heart’s content and try to make it less formal and more person-like.

The reason for this is that readers like to read something they can relate to so make sure you give valuable information for free because they will really appreciate you for that which means that they will be more than likely to drop by your site again.

Click here to see a sample of my previous article that you could get an idea from.


3)   Image optimization

image optimization

Images are important as a means to attract your readers by appearance.

Bear in mind that images are NOT your main attraction, it is merely an optional addition but it can help boost traffic to your website.

Your main attraction is of course, the content and title.

Still, there is also a way to properly make use of images in order to optimize readership.

A rule of thumb to bear in mind is to use an additional image as a “Feature” image which will represent your article.

Get what I mean?

A feature image is the picture that you will be showing FIRST on your blog post.
It is the picture that you will use to attract people to come to your website where they will be able to see all your other main pictures and content.

Meaning that if your article is about a boring topic like mathematical formulas, would you use the calculations as you picture, or would you use an extra picture of an attractive teacher writing on a board?

Definitely the teacher picture right?

This is because it is proven to increase traffic leads to your website as it looks more fun and attractive compared to all other site articles.

Therefore Images are also a great tool if used right.

But even better if you make them small on your article, enough for readers to get a glimpse of the title and part of the content as well which would make them even more curious to keep on reading.



Creating a title, content and image are essential steps that casual bloggers do when writing an artice.

Optimizing what titles should you use, how your content should be written, and how your images should be placed on the other hand, is what differentiates a veteran and professional blogger, from a casual blogger.

For more information of WordPress articles optimization, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


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