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The most important part of a blog is the writing content because without it, there is no reason for people to visit it in the first place.

Can you touch a blog? Can you eat or play with it? (Beware – Rhetorical question)

No! The most important part is the writing because that’s the core thing that is bringing all those visitors from all parts of the globe.

Unless you own a photography or wedding blog, the other additions that you add like pictures and videos are only the side attractions.

Here’s some great ways on how to write a great blog content:

1)   Don’t be afraid to share everything

Having a blog means that you’ll have an endless fight of updating.

As a blogger, you will need to update your blog as often as you can to stay on top of the game and to keep your blog from getting outranked by other bloggers.

Sometimes you will be afraid to share certain stuff, especially ones that you think will benefit readers a bit too much because you’re scared that they might be better than you.


They will love you for that, especially if you put in all your efforts to help the readers.

Remember the number one reason why blogs are popular compared to corporate websites is because it is made by a “person”, not a salesman trying to drain money with lies.

2)   Consistency is king

Maintaining a blog is easy.

At the very least, for stand-alone blogs, the most that you would have to do is pay for the webhost and the domain which doesn’t cost much.

But, with that ease there is also a catch – consistency.

A blog requires content to be updated regularly to stay on top of the game.

How regular you ask?

Every week which at the very least, should have a minimum of 3 blog posts.

If you think this is hard work, did you know that real bloggers blog every day?

That’s why bloggers are well respected because they took up the initiative to fill in their free time to write despite their busy schedule which not many people would do.

Besides, Google loves fresh contents so the more new content you create, the more you attract Google to come and index your site.

There is also a study by Hubspot which shows that the more you blog, the more subscribers you tend to get.

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3)   Give it time

There are millions of blogs being created every month and not all of those blogs last for more than 3 months.

Because of that, Google ranks only blogs who are consistent for a period of time.

How long?

About 3-6 months usually, depends on how often you blog.

Obviously the more you blog, the faster you blog develops and that is why blogging is a legit business as you truly put in hard work to get results.

Your blog will get noticed slowly and afterwards it will grow (Very slowly) until a time when you’ll get the surprise of your life when you wake up one day seeing the results shoot up.



Blogging is hard work, there is no doubt about that but all those hard work is going to pay off the more you blog because if you keep feeding your blog with fresh new content regularly, your blog will get recognition fast without you realizing it.

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