Tips to Reducing Stress

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Everybody has to go through extreme amounts of stress some time in their life.

And often times, those stress will come back haunting you again and again unless you do something about it because if you don’t, you will start to release all that ball of anger to someone else unintentionally.

Here’s some great ways on how to reduce stress:

1)  Listening to music

The recommended music to listen to is soothing music which like those classical songs you hear.

This is very effective because according to research (my biology class), the sound can actually have positive effects on your mind and body as well as reducing cortisol which is the hormone for stress.

I usually work long hours so listening to classical music is a bit hard for me to stay up to (soothing sounds make me sleep) so I listen to my own favourite mix from Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

And to my experience, that does also help reduce your stress but at a lower level compared to soothing songs.

So it’s your choice to what music you would like to listen to and how much stress you would like to reduce.

2)  Getting a lending ear

If you’ve watched “How I met Your Mother”, you probably would have noticed that most of the times, Ted, Robin and Marshall like to complain about their lives to random strangers.

Well actually, a lot of other shows have characters showing that they complain to random strangers about a problem that they are really upset about.

Have you ever thought of why they did that?

It’s because getting a lending ear so you can talk away all your problems that’s bothering you can really help you reduce stress.

One time, I was at school and my teacher scolded me for something I didn’t do.

I did not like it because it wasn’t fair so I went out of class and complained to the first random person I found, which was the janitor.

At first I was scared because it might be awkward but after confessing all those problems, it felt good especially when they agree with you and make you laugh.

So getting someone to talk to does help reduce stress by a long shot.

Perhaps that is why girls like to talk non-stop to us guys hrmmm…

3)  Short exercise

Doesn’t necessarily mean working out at the gym.

Any short exercise like walking or even running for 1 minute is enough to clear your toxins and keep your heart pumping blood which helps make your body fresh.

According to Ms. Lee (My biology teacher), getting your heart to pump blood releases endorphins which is the stress hormone, leading to an almost instantaneous relieve of stress.

That is why those people at the gym never get stressed as their heart constantly pumps blood throughout their time at the gym.

And that my friend, is also why gym instructors are the most stress-free occupation on earth (my own assumption) as they can have a choice to work out whenever they feel like it as they are already in a gym.



Stress can be a very painful and annoying feeling to have, especially when you’re having an important occasion such as exams or interview.

Therefore, it is also great to try and have a few minutes of free time so you can reduce your stress by listening to music, by doing a short sprint, or simply by having a time to talk away all your worries so that you can do work better with a clearer mind.


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