Why do people read blogs?

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The number of people creating blogs today are amazingly high.

Even though they have no idea what blogs are, what to write about on blogs, or how to even maintain them, deep inside every one of us wants our own blog.

Besides, who doesn’t want your whole journey of success archived on the internet?

To start a blog, you need to understand why people read them in the first place so here’s a few reasons to help you get an insight:

1)  Real unbiased opinion

The “Truth” as they call it, is hard to detect as companies today make stories to hide their defects and make themselves look interesting and perfect.

In truth, nobody’s perfect and everybody has flaws.

For example, McDonald’s released a new burger called the Malaysian Mountain (Don’t ask me why, it was the first thing that came through my mind) and in the news and on their website, they have testimonials of people saying that the burger is the best in the world.

But as a smart consumer, you are skeptical and so you decided to check out blogs of other people who are making reviews and suddenly you found out that actually, many people doesn’t seem to like the burger.

The burger is soggy and tastes like sand which is totally different than how it is promoted.

See the benefit of having a blog now?
You get truth from a blog because it is written by a person instead of a salesman.

2)  People want to know they’re not alone

When you have a particular interest in something for example gaming, you would want to find a community which has the same passion as you.

So when you find a blog with people posting his experiences in the gaming world, wouldn’t you get excited?

The same goes to other interests such as a pregnant working mother.

You go through a lot and you start to wonder, am I doing this alone? Can I go through this or not?

But when you started Googling about pregnant working mothers and finding out that there are others just like you who are sharing their tips online to help you get through, wouldn’t you feel excited as well?

3)  A source of inspiration

People love to be inspired.

When you check out blogs, those are all results of people taking action so when you see how successful they are, wouldn’t you feel inspired by them?

Blogs are after all, more to a personal approach rather than a corporate approach which means they have a more “human” look compared to company websites.

Blog owners also tend to share information about themselves right down from when they were nothing and had nothing all the way up to how opportunity came knocking on their door and they seized it.

Learning about how these bloggers who are ordinary people just like you and I managed to gain success and beat down challenges is always very thrilling and inspiring.


There are plenty of reasons as to why people read blogs but the main point that really interests most people is the part where the bloggers share their personal side of things.

It is so effective because you can relate his or her situation back to yourself which gives you an insight and motivation to be just like them because if ordinary people like them can get success, why can’t you?

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So why do you read blogs? Share your thought below, I’d love to know!


Riaz Shah

Riaz 88kb

4 comments to “Why do people read blogs?”
  1. Personally, I read blogs as a form of ‘knowledge entertainment’. The mainstream media is good but they are sometimes serious and bland. I found bloggers to be more creative and quirky, although they can sometimes be controversial and bold. But that’s what makes general topics more interesting.

  2. Hi Riaz,
    You are right. When I start reading your post, I immediately wondered myself: why do I read a blog. There are blogs that I read just because I liked one article, the way that person was telling things. Maybe its fairness or sense of humor.
    I read them because I relate myself to those people. I like to hear them. It’s a passive way of socializing. I like that more than FB or other nets.


    • Passive way of socializing, that’s the word! Totally true, blogs are actually better in FB, more informative and plus they are the main source of info that people share always in fb too

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