5 Reasons for Starting a Business from Scratch

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Many of us want money but don’t want to go through the hassle of starting a business.

They are afraid of taking that leap of faith and wanting some convincing before deciding to take on the challenge.

Well here’s some reasoning for ya’:

1)  You control your employment

Don’t you ever get scared that your boss might fire you any day if the company faces problems?

Well when you start your own company, you are your own boss which means you control when you want to work WITHOUT the risk of getting fired.

Plus you can fire anyone if you want to but that would make you no different than your previous employer.

2)  You create jobs

If you have the heart to help people, what better way to do that than creating jobs for them?

In these troubled times, unemployment rates are getting seriously high whereby a Master’s degree may only get you a taxi driver job in certain countries so imagine what good it will do when people find that that you’re starting a business?

Besides, who doesn’t like feeling like a boss every time you drop by the office?

3)  You are the lifeblood of the economy

When starting a business, there is an amazing and powerful word that can only be used for people like you – an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are people who create things and not just any things at that, they create businesses and ideas that will help boost the economy and make money too.

Some famous entrepreneurs include owner of Virgin Airlines Richard Branson, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Warren Buffet.

4)  Financial independence

Don’t you just hate seeing how much money you make for your boss but not getting back even 1% of that amount?

People working in huge corporations earn millions per project but employees are paid only a few thousand bucks which is very little and very depressing too for those who really work hard and needed the money.

But when you start your own business, all those money can be yours!

Well, after you deduct the necessary payments that is.

5)  You become a legend

When starting a business, you are branding yourself to the world and saving an archive for people to remember you better.

The further you progress and make a name for yourself, the more people you’ll impress which is way better than working for other people.

You will also inspire others to follow their dreams because you are a living proof that dreams do come true if you chase after it.

You whole family will be proud of you that someone actually took the risk and succeed and they’ll be telling everyone about you.


Unlike 10 years ago, there are not many challenges that we need to face today in work and business.

But there are also many advancements today too which aims at encouraging you to pick up your sword and charge into the unknown and be victorious at it.

The world is shaping to help you make better decisions in business and life, all that’s left is for you to take that chance.

As a wise man once said, “It’s better to try something and regret a short while rather than not trying it at all and regret your whole life”.

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Riaz Shah

Riaz 88kb

4 comments to “5 Reasons for Starting a Business from Scratch”
  1. Thanks for the insight, Riaz.

    There are a number of reasons for starting a business and you’ve highlighted some of the main ones I like best 🙂

    I for one, can’t wait to fire my boss, achieve financial independence and become a legend at the same time 😉


  2. This is the thought that has triggered me to start my business; I could work very hard and contribute to the success of other people’s business OR I could work twice as hard and create a future wealth for myself, which my current job can’t even guarantee me.

    It doesn’t take me too long to realize where I am truly loosing out, and what I am actually capable of.

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